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Atorvastatin 20mg uses

Is Atorvastatin 20mg used to treat calcium as well as cholesterol levels? ## I'm a 43 year old man and boy i started to have all kinds of issues when i turned 40. I tell you it gets worse as the years go by. Can someone/anyone please help? There are days that i dont even want to get out bed, sometimes weeks. ## What problem are you having with calcium? Atorvastatin is used to help lower cholesterol. Learn more Lipitor details here. And I'll gladly help, if I can, but you need to be more specific. What types of problems are you having? ## My mom has been taking Atorvastatin, 40mg, and recently has become confused, forgetful, severe muscle aches/cramps, cannot walk well, numb and tingling in feet, depressed, etc. etc. We sent her to another doctor and he took her off of Atorvastat... ...

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Testim users

I just started Testim today after being diagnosed with Low-T. Not sure what my tested levels were at the moment, but have a call into my Dr to get this info. My wife is very concerned with this drug. She has read that it is dangerous to her and my 6 year old daughter. My first dose (1%) was this morning and I followed the instructions for application. I have noted a strong smell on my hands and I am afraid to touch anything much less my daughter. I am wearing a shirt, but my wife is still nervous about it. What can I tell my wife that would ease her concerns? I want to give this treatment a chance. I have weak erections, I have been gaining weight in which I thought was normal, decrease in muscle mass, trouble concentrating at work, etc…. At first I thought I was ADD or something ... ...

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how can i use sohia pills im a 1stimer

i wanted to use sophia pills tonight but i cannot understand the intruction for i just have my last menstration last april 7.. ## Hello, Jezza! How are you? I'm happy to help with this. The FDA prescribing instructions state that if you are not on your period, when you start taking it, you will need to take it for a full 7 days, before it will become effective at preventing pregnancy. So, if you want to engage in intercourse during that first 7 days, you will have to use some other form of protection against pregnancy, such as condoms. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, spotting and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi good pm! just call me mommy rhovz! tanong ko lang po, daphne pills po yong gamit ko no... ...

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T levels after stopping use

How long (days/weeks) does it take for one's T-level to drop back down to a "low" level once you completely stop taking Axiron? ## One idea to help determine a ball park figure may be to calculate Axiron's half life in relationship to the timing of your last dose. I think the general rule of thumb for many medications is to allow 5 half-lives to go by to ensure that you're clean of a certain substance. However, in this case there are so many other factors that can affect one's hormone levels from moment to moment that I would be hard pressed to even bother measuring it without going in for blood work on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis for a specific period of time to accurately read your T-levels and see what direction they're headed at specific points a... ...

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momentory fast beating of Heart

My age is 73 years and I had been operated (By-Pass) in 2005, with some Diabetic effect. Since my surgery i am quite stable with every thing and had some regular check-ups and medicines. From few days i have been observing that my heart beat suddenly increases for a minute or so. sometime 2-3 times a days. Some times it happens while sleeping at night but after 5-10 mins gets normal. I consult one MD and has prescribed me RANOZEX and PANTADAC DSR. Now I feel weakness after i take medicine and cannot judge the problem Can I get some suggestion and help to understand the prescription. thanks ## Ranozex contains the active ingredient Ranolazine, it is used to treat Angina, which is a condition involving irregular heartbeats. You can learn more about the medication here: And Angina here: Th... ...

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MYRA E for the moms who stop breastfeeding

1week ago na akong hindi nagpapa breastfeed, ask ko lang kung safe ba na gumamit ng myra e?? isang beses pa lang ako nag take pag gising ko sa umaga medyo matigas yung breast ko parang namumuo yung gatas?? normal lang ba ito?? sana may magreply pls i want to know ...

how can take pantocid

how we can take pantocid medicine,i give my mom in evening.tell me ## Pantocid contains the active ingredient Pantoprazole, this is a proton pump inhibitor used to help reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach. I'm not sure exactly what you want to know. It should be taken by mouth, following your doctor or pharmacist's instructions. It is usually taken once a day. Have you tried discussing your concerns with them? Can you provide more details on what exactly you want to know? Learn more here: ...

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Moving out of state, how to fill script of subutex

I get 60, 8mg subutex from my Dr. He also gives me a refill, because ive been with him so long. Im moving out of state this week, and will be about 10 days ahead of my refill date, and pharmacy is local mom n pops. Have no Dr or pharmacy, how can I get my scrip filled before I leave? ## Chauncey, 10 days is something I don't think any legit rph would be willing to risk there licenses for.your best bet would be set up an appointment as soon as you get to your new location and explain your predicament to your new provider. Best wishes... ...

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glycomet in stool

Dr.,My Mom (aged 78yrs) is a diabetic patient since 20 yrs. She takes Glycigon-M after food and Glycomet before food. Total 13 medicines per day. But, she complained that Glycomet is present in her stool/water. Treating Doctor has not said anything about it when asked. Is it concluded as serious or normal???? ...

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proper way to take excluton pill for breastfeeding mom

I started to take my exluton pill last night without reading the instruction i bought it last night and i thought it was the same exluton that was given in health center.i start it in the lower part of the pill.when i read the instruction it said that it should start on the upper part of the pill..and it have a TT and O what does it mean?what should i do?its all white color pill.i didnt notice theres a TT and O on the pill.what should i do now?i started on the lower part instead on the higher part of the pill?can i just continue it and follow the arrow?help me please later is my 2nd day taking this exluton that i bought in drugstore. ## how to use pills a exluton.,before my means.,.or after.,.?this is my first time to take a pill exluton., ## HOW TO USE PILL A EXLUTON ## i take my first... ...

how to find a doctor that prescribes xanax in west virginia

As I age, 40 now, I have increasingly worsening panic moments and more and more terrifying dreams. I have been on and off Xanax multiple times. Two one mg tabs a day; one in AM and one before bedtime. I kept stopping cause I thought the problem was going away. Turned out it was the meds stopping the problems, not that I was simply growing out of the problem. I have Ptsd after being shot and was in a terrible car accident in the early 2000's. How can I find a doctor that prescribes xanax in weirton, wv? ## Hello, Chad! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, you'll need to see a specialist if you require such a medication on a long-term ongoing basis. Do you currently have a PCP that co... ...

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anxol and ketrol injection for chest pain to 62 year old mom

My mom is 62 year old, she takes diabities and blood pressure tablets every day. today morning she went for walk empty stomach without taking blood pressure medicine. when she came back, she complained about chest pain. we rushed to hospital and doctors did ecg, blood pressure was 90/160, and she was given ketrol and anxol injections. They also prescribed ecosprin 150. i am concerned what caused chest pain and what should be my action.. please advise ## Well, the chest pain and the elevated blood pressure could have been caused by her not taking her blood pressure medication. If she on one or more, she needs to take them regularly, every day and not skip doses. Doing so can cause this type of thing to happen due a dangerous rebound effect. Learn more Hypertension details here. Anxol con... ...

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Testosterone shots

Hello doc, I am 28 years old. Male. My test results came back as follows: DHT – 468 pg/ml Testosterone – 523 ng/dl TSH – 1.530 A month later, I got these tests done: Testosterone – 683 ng/dl Estradiol – 33 pg/ml My issue is less facial hair. I have a good mustache and good hair growth on my chin and a thin line along my jawline. But I don’t have hair on my cheeks. The doctor I consulted suggested I go for testosterone injections for a few months or go for a DHT cream. Are my tests alright? Is my estradiol a little high? I am afraid I have started developing small breasts. Also, I feel I get irritated quite easily sometimes and am OK the next moment(Mood Swings). Can high estradiol be the reason for my beard not growing? Please advice. ## Hello, Based ... ...

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Mometasone, also known as mometasone furoate, is a steroid medication used to treat certain skin conditions, hay fever, and asthma.[3][4][5] Specifically it is used to prevent rather than treat asthma attacks.[3] It can be applied to the skin, inhaled, or used in the nose.[3][4][5] Common side effects when used for asthma include headache, sore throat, and thrush.[3]...
how long for iv morphine to wear off

They gave my mom 4mg of morphine in her iv. How long do the effects last, ## Hi jen, According to, morphine is said to have a short half-life of 1.5 to 7 hours. They go on to note that close to ninety percent of a single morphine dose is excreted through urine within 72 hours. However, on the contrary, a different report coming from states that morphine has a "plasma" (blood) half-life of 2.5 to 3.0 hours. So when it comes to IV administration, this is probably the half-life I'd refer to for a more accurate estimate. Though this is mostly speculative, it's been thought that after 3 half-life's, a medication like this is typically out of your body / no longer working to relieve pain. There are also other important factors that can determine how long ... ...

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If A Peron Took 4 Vicodin 5 500 In a Dose How Long Would The Effects Last

If a person took 4 vicodin 5/500 how long would the side effects last because my grandmas dr. told my mom she could when she's in severe pain only once in 48hrs. ## It isn't going to last 48 hours, even if she takes that many, it is only going to last for maybe 6 to 8 hours, she may be lucky and get 10 hours of some pain relief, if her body processes it slowly. The main issue with these and taking so many of them, at once, is the Acetaminophen, it can be toxic in amounts of over 4 grams or 4,000mgs in a day and by taking 4 of these, she would be taking 2grams of it, at once. Most elderly people also process medications much slower than younger people, so it can stay in her body longer, so using that much too often could create serious ill health effects. If she is suffering from... ...

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How long for side effects to wear off?

I have been on mirtazapine at 15mg for two weeks, I feel like a walking zombie and my moods are vile! I am agitated and hot tapered with my husband and children making me a nightmare to live with. Today the doctor has prescribed me 30mg as I have always been on such a high dose of Citalopram before we tapered off, that she thinks my side effects may be because I need more antidepressant in the system but agreed it might be because they don't suit me but we won't know until we've tried them for 5-6weeks. My question is will I always be tired and zombie like?...and also will I always be hot tempered and agitated? Or will these symptoms wear off as at the moment I just feel like stopping the damn things! Would really appreciate the opinions of those who have experienced this dr... ...

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mom on jakafi

My mom was recently (two weeks ago) put on Jakafi, 10 mg twice daily. Her red blood cells went from 10.5 to 9.9...something like that. I am concerned it's the jakafi as i know that was something we were told to possibly expect. Just wondering if anyone has been on this long term (from the study) or even short term and how they are feeling? ## My dad went on the drug December 20,2011. All levels are dropping, but he feels so much better. Eating great, less night sweats and more energy. Transfusions have increased and the cost per month is outrageous. ## Yes, these types of side effects are listed as being very common when using this medication, which contains Ruxolitinib as the active ingredient. Some other side effects may include dizziness, hematoma, weight gain and herpes zoster. ... ...

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How can I lower my blood pressure fast

I take amlodipine besylate 10mg + lisinopril 40mg + metoprolol 25mg, but because it is a holiday, of course, my blood pressure is sky high, 197/101 at the lowest. How can I lower it fast? I need help. ## Hi Babs, Sorry to hear about your condition. I think from an outside perspective, the most I can suggest is to simply find ways to remain calm and stress-free throughout the day. It's always easier said than done, but if it were me, I may consider practicing meditation, taking a moment to stop whatever I'm doing & giving myself a break from reality (or other relaxing strategies you come up with). Some deep breathing exercises may be beneficial as well. Also, from a dietary standpoint, I'd find ways to cut back on sodium, heavily processed foods and any artificial ingredi... ...

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83 year old mom addicted to oxycodone

My mom is addicted to oxycodone. Her doctor prescribes her 30 mg - 6/pills a day. She has done this for years due to back and hip pain. Surgery is not an option. I have taken over her meds and only give her what the doctor prescribes because she would take more than 6 a day and then run out before she could get any more. She also takes aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen, advil etc. Her doctor has told her not to take other pain meds as it will destroy her internal organs over time. She will not listen to anyone! She complains constantly of hurting from her chest to stomach area and feel sure it is from the many pain meds she takes. What can be done? ## Hi Lisa, Sorry to hear about your mom's situation. It really sounds like her tolerance has peaked with the medications she's been takin... ...

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