How To Pass A Drug Test With Hydrocodone In My System

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how to pass a drug test with hydrocodone in my system
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I took 5 hydro 5 Saturday and Sunday morning I took 2 Perocet 10 today. will the hyrdos be gone by Tuesday ## Normally it takes 3-5 days to clear your system depending on how much you take ...the only thing I can suggest is drink lots of water I myself would use fake urin...good luck ## I'm prescribed four 10/325 mg of oxycodone a day, i took four 10/325mg of hydrocodone on saturday from an old prescription, i have to take a urine test on Wednesday afternoon for my Dr's appointment, will the hydrocodone show up in the urine test? ...
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Sat, Aug 15 '15, 8:34 PM
How To Pass a Hydrocodone Drug Test
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Today is Monday and I have took some hydrocodone. I just found out i have a drug test Wednesday morning and I need to cleanse my system and only have oxycodone in it. Can someone please give me some advise? ## Depending on how much you took and if you have been taking them regularly or if this is a one time deal will depend on how long it's detectable. For a one time use of hydrocodone, about 60-70 hours and it will be totally our of your system. ## I was given get to 5 /325 at my office and I only took 4 in 3 days I don't usually take hydros.I have a drug test coming up on Monday will I pass? ## I took 35 mg of hydrocodone 10 days ago, and I have a drug test tomorrow. It tests for opiates and opiate metabolites. Will I pass the test? Before I took those Vicodin I hadn't tak... ...
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Wed, Sep 13 '17, 5:13 AM
How To Pass A Drug Test With Percocet In My System
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I have migraines and have to take hydrocodone regularly I am on probation for getting hydrocodone on the internet I have taken hydrocodone on Friday will it appear in a drug test on Monday? ## Percocet contains Oxycodone and Acetaminophen, it is Vicodin that would contain Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. However, either way yes, there is a chance that it could show up. Most narcotics are detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after taking them. There is no precise time frame that can be given, due to the individuating factors that come into play, such as your metabolism, overall health, activity levels and etc. Are there any other questions or comments? ## i took a 10mg percocet at 11:30 am and was given a drug test at 2:00 pm..will i fail that test? ## yes it ... ...
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Thu, Sep 21 '17, 11:06 AM
how to pass a urine test for hydrocodone
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My wife used a use the table to snoret vicodin and she clean off before I have my perocets can I test positive for the vicodine ## Sounds like you are the one who is high. You don't even make sense. ## I have chronic diarrhea medical problem, along with fibrimyalgia. I took 5 5/325 hydrocos in 2 days. Can the hydroco leave my system quicker because of the chronic diarrhea? Have a urine test for a job possibly tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning. Oh I took the last 2 hydroco on Monday night at about 8 p.m. will it show up? T ...
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Wed, Jun 14 '17, 10:22 PM
Can I Pass A Urine Drug Test Hydrocodone
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i took a 10mg norco wed and another one thurs. i NEVER take these pills it was a spurt of a moment thing. anyway i had a urine UA the following tuesday around 630pm is that enough time to have it out my system? ## I took 40mg of hydrocone on monday and never take it but i have to take a drug test thursday and i drank a bottle of gnc herbal clean and have drank lots of water and i take lasix will i be positive on my test ## Did it work I've had luck with erbal clean 20 with the creatine pills ...
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Wed, Jan 27 '16, 9:57 AM
Hydrocodone drug testing
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I stopped taking hydrocodone on Mon. I have to drop on Sat. Will it show up in the test? I was taking 12-15 a day for 5 weeks. ## How long does it take hydrocodone leave your system for a drug test to be clean? ## My brother took a 5 mg hydrocodone at 7pm on Friday. He has a urine drug screen (panel test) on Wednesday @ 2pm... Will he pass? He is 5'1 & weighs around 150 pounds... ## If I took 37.5 MG of hydrocodone Wednesday before 2pm, will I pass a 5 panel test on Friday at 3 pm? Female, 205 pounds. I'm drinking a lot of water and taking cranberry pills. ## I'm in pain management on Nucynta. I have chronic neck and lower back pain from an accident, so over time I've had to take more and I run out .... I take my husband's hydrocodone sometimes. I have random dru... ...
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Wed, Aug 23 '17, 9:21 AM
oxycodone hydrocodone drug test pass
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I have taken 20 prescribed lortabs over the past 6 days. I took 4 unprescribed 5mg oxycodone at 8am Friday and I don't go back into work until 3pm Monday... Will the oxycodone be out of my system? I workout daily and drink plenty of water daily. ## In regards to a urine drug test, the oxy takes a couple of days to get out of the system so I would say it should not be detectable by a urine drug test. ## Can I crush into very fine powder of a 20 mg oxycodone and putit directly into some urine to pass a drug test I'm wanting to know what it will do and if it will work immediately please thank you ## Putting crushed medicine in clean urine will work. You Must make sure you put the correct amount. If you put to much it will show up and they will send it to the lab for further testing... ...
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Wed, Sep 06 '17, 12:42 PM
Can I pass a drug test after taking Hydrocodone 5-325
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I weigh 125 lbs. and am 5.3. I took one 5-325 hydrocodone 5-7 days ago. Before that, I took 2 on Christmas Day. I have to take a randon drug test at my job (urine) and am wanting to know if the drug will show up. I did drink alcohol 4 days ago. ## I have drug test Monday at 1 pm my last Vicodin 7.5 which have done several a day for last month was fri night at 12 midnight actuall sat midnight. However do have script for Vicodin 5/325 from 6 months ago. Will I be ok on a lab urine test if sent off??? And I drink plenty water??? ## It will be okay I'm sure, if it's just a urine test opiates leave your system in three days, that little bit you took most likely was gone the next day. ...
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Sun, Mar 20 '16, 1:14 PM
how long does hydrocodone stay in your system for a hair test
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I took 6 hydrocodone within two days time. I am 5'6 and weigh 150. I have a drug test 9 days after. Will I pass? ## yes, you are fine ## I took a 10mg vic on saturday at 10am and i have a urine test on tuesday at 6:30pm will i pass? Please i need some info please help im real worried ## I hate to say it but most likely you will not. I just went through this. I took a half of one 325mg vicodin on Monday, I went to get my test done 2 Monday's later. The cup that I pee in with the paper on it that they peel off to see if anything is negative was fine. It was the following appointment I went to where he told me it was in my system. Its because they send my urine to a lab after you pee in the cup, which results don't come in for 2 weeks. So to answer your question, if your urine ... ...
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Fri, Oct 13 '17, 12:31 AM
will hydrocodone show up in my urine test
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I took a 2.5mg of hydrocodone at about 3:00pm and took a urine drug test at about 10:30am the next morning. I am not a heavy user. I hardly ever take them but I am pregnant and I was hurting. Do u think it will be in my system? ## I have a urine test for pain management i take 3 5/325 will i pass i took 2 this today and have 3 left would i be ok ## You need to answer these questions, b/c I want to ask what they asked.... ## Took a percocet 10 mg on tuesday ... passed test on Thursday/.. Hydrocodone not that potent ## I have 1 1/2 norco left I have a urine test in tuesday will it show up if I take then Monday night ## I have a dr appt on Tues. I only have one 7.5 mg. left. When should I take it? I need for it to be in my system. Please be sincere. I took too many and now stuck.... ...
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Mon, Oct 23 '17, 3:14 PM
How To Get Hydrocodone Out Of Your System
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IVE TAKEN 8 TENS IN 3 DAYS.LAST ONE LAST NIGHT. I HAVE A DRUG TEST 10 AM TOMORROW.CAN I DO ANYTHING TO FLUSH MY SYSTEM OUT BEFORE THEN?IT'S A DAY AND A HALF CLEAN ## Is it possible to take a product bought over the counter called Creatin, for flushing your system of prescription drugs? ## Did creatin flash out your system for a urine drug test ## Just start the day before drinking water. Through that day and night plus the morning of, a gallon of water or more and I always pass. It also depends on if you have a fast metabolism, and if you are over weight. Takes a bit more water when over weight. ## I took 20mg of hydrocondone around 7pm today (sunday) and I have a blood n urine test this Tuesday. Will I pass. I'm afraid. Is there anything I can do to flush this out ## What did y... ...
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Fri, Jul 21 '17, 4:16 PM
hydrocodone lab urine test
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I took a half a lortab on Tuesday at 1pm and drank lots of water.. on Thursday at 9am I took a panel test and passed. This was sent to a lab. Will it pass a lab test? I hadn't taken anything for days before that. ## What's a panel test? I know I've taken hydrocodien the night before a test and I've passed before.. It doesn't stay in your system long at all ## What's a panel test? I know I've taken hydrocodien the night before a test and I've passed many times on a UA test. Hydrocodien doesn't stay in your system long at all. ...
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How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System??
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i ate 3 500/10mg hyrdrocodone cuz i messed my back up.they were not prescribed to me but i extremely needed them. this was on tuesday and i took the last one at 8pm tuesday night. i have a drug test tomorrow which is friday, will i be good? ## If a full 72 hours had passed I would say you would be fine. It appears you will be short some hours. It is questionable if you will pass. Good Luck Ive have always passed a u/a if I waited for 72 hours give or take. ## Hydrocodone is a narcotic and, like most other narcotics, it is usually detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. The time frame will vary from person to person, depending on various individuating factors, such as your metabolism, overall health, activity level, fluid intake and etc. Lear... ...
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Sun, Jan 22 '17, 8:05 PM
how to get hydrocodone out of your system fast
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I took like 1/4 of a hydrocodone on Friday and have a urine test on Monday. I am 5'4" and 164 pounds. I drank 16 oz of water on Saturday and drinking some coffee and will drink more water today. Will I pass a urine test at 10 am tomorrow? ## My Girlfriend puts Norcos in her Ass calls it " Pluggin " is there a reason for this other than just swallowing them like normal people do. ## Why not just put it in your ass? Feel its effects quicker :) ## Why do people snort pills? ## I took 4 7.5 hydrocodones on monday and 4 on tuesday last one taken at 3 pm tues will I pass urine text on monday ## I take 15 mg oxycodone I took 4 5/325 hydrocodone how have a urine drug test tomorrow will the hydrocodone be out of my system if not what can I do? ## It takes 2 to 3 days to get out o... ...
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Sat, Sep 30 '17, 7:54 PM
hydrocodone / ibuprofen how long in system
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I was just curious how long this is in my system for a urine test. Oh and because I am with a pain clinic, this has to be in my system, as opposed to people who are trying to hide it. ## I've taken two norcods two weeks ago, two tens. I took 42.5 mg of generic loratab last Saturday at the latest 7pm. I had a drug test today at 7pm witch is thursday. It is getting sent to the lab. Is there anyway I will pass?? ## I am curious if hydrocodone will stay in your system longer if you are going through withdrawal from it. I have a test tomorrow and at the time of my test it will be over 72 hours since my last dose. I weigh about 175 and i am 5'7. I am in pretty good shape. My metabolism is pretty fast. ## Will hydromet and hydrocodone show as the same thing on a urine drug screen? ...
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How long does it take hydrocodone to get out of your system for a urine test?
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I was wondering how long hydrocodone stays in your system for a urine test? I took three on Sunday before 2 and have a drug test Tuesday at 2. If I drink alot of water will it help. I have a prescription for ocycodone so that's all I want to show up. Thanks. ## I go to the methadone clinic and took 5 lortabs 3 days before my urinalysis and 5 two days before and then got tested. I am 5 foot and at 110 pounds and im active. Did I pass? I've been 8 months clean and im very disappointed in myself. Please help me, im worried. ## I took two hydro codons yesterday morning and need to it to still be in my Sytom this morning for a urine test will it still show up ## Dear Iee, it should show up positive. They usually last in you system for 2-3 days. So, you should b all set. Let us know h... ...
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Sun, Oct 22 '17, 3:25 PM
Drug test: Cleanse Days Hydrocodone
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Hi, I have a drug test scheduled for Mon or Tuesday. Need to know if this is long enough to cleanse the system. It takes 2-4 days to leave the body. Took about 4-7 7.50 hydrocodones a day for past month. Last pill was Wed at 2pm (took total 4 that day) Should I count Thursday as a clean day? Or Friday? Thur-Mon = 5 days OR Fri-Tue= 5 days ## I did take a home test on Sunday (2,000 cut off) and passed. Well I found out the test I took today was a lab one. The cut-off levels can go all the way down to 300. DOT regulations went from 300 to 2000, but non-dot test can go below the 2000. To get down to 300 ng, would this still be in the 2-4 days or longer? ...
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took 5mg hydrocodone - will it show in my test tomorrow
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Need info asap. I have a test tomorrow and I have to have hydrocodone in my system. Will 5mg show up on the test? ## I need to take a urine test this morning and I need for it to show that I take hydrocodone. I took three 5/325 within a 10 hour period. Will it show that I have it in my system? ## I have chronic migraines. Pain level can vary Day to day. Suppose to take 2x hydrocone daily. This month I screwed up. Vacation. I have 7 tabs left. If I start taking meds 48 prior to dr. Appt, Will there be enough in my system to pass Pee test. Plus I have the 2 extra I need for count on the following day. If it hadn't been for pain meds. I would already be dead. Thanks for your help. Very worried because I'm on disability and if they say I'm seeking I could lose my ss? No more f* ... ...
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how long does hydrocodone 10mg stay in your system
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i took 2 Hydrocodon acetominophen 5-325 pills at about 2 pm in the afternoon, and was suprised by a mouth swab drug test the next day at about 1 pm. do i have any chance ov passing the test. I drank alot of coffee (highly creamed and sugared) and ate a fairly large meal the night i took the pills. ## I also havent taken any other pills for ever.... ## I took 2 hydro 10s and that's it haven't taken any before or after that and I took a drug test for my doctor today which was 8 days later yall think I'm alright? ## How Long Does Hydrocodone 10-32 stay In Your Ssystem ...
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how long does hydrocodone 10 325 stay in your system
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If i took a 10/325 hydrocodone today sept.4 will it show up in a urine test on monday sept.9. ## how long does hydrocodone 10 325 stay in your system i took 2 on friday october 17 2013 and i gotta drug test october 21 2013 will i pass.. ## I took 3 hydrocodone in 2days. I have a drug test Monday at 9;00. I am a 5'1 female and weigh 97lbs. Will I pass my drug test? ## How long dose hydrocodone stay in urine I took twenty 10 325 five a day the past three days. Have drug test on april twenty nine will I pass test urine ## No you won't. Sorry but that's the truth ## I need to know how long hydrocdone stays in system have a urine on the 26th of this month. If I take a few days before will it show up? 10 325 Lee. ...
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Wed, Jul 12 '17, 7:06 AM

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