How To Make Methadone

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i found in my house - a small circular pill w/an M in a square - 20 printed on the back. just want to see if my kid is using. ## its a morphine pill ## It could be oxycodone, but the sure way to tell is to take it to your pharmacist. The M is the drug company that makes the drug...I'm trying to remember what it is... ## The logo with an M in a square would be Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. This one is actually Methylphenidate 20mgs, a generic version of Ritalin. This link will show an image of the pill and manufacturer details: ## it is morphine 20 millagrams ## That is a 20mg roxicodone pill i have some myself however i would take it to a pharmacist to be sure ## go to google anytime you have this question and type in exactly what you found for this - white round pill letter M it wi... ...
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Wed, Jul 15 '15, 7:55 AM
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small white tablet, with numeral 198 and 44 seperated by scoring line on tablet ## Pill Image This pill is NOT Methadone, not any kind of pain killer at all. Tablets with the number 44 on them are over the counter products manufacturer by LNK International. They make products that are sold by stores as their generics or store brands. This pill in particular is Dimenhydrinate 50mgs, a generic for Dramamine which is used to motion sickness and nausea. ...
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Tue, Mar 14 '06, 11:22 AM
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oval shaped pill ## Sorry, you have not provided enough information. This drug is available in both name brand and generic versions. There are many generic manufacturers and each one of them will make a pill that looks different. There are no rules saying that pills with the same ingredient have to look the same! The size, color, shape and imprint will all vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The only relevant regulations from the FDA state that they must have unique imprints for identification purposes, but these will even differ by manufacturer and strength of the med. In order to identify your pill for you and tell you what it is, you need to provide the complete imprint from the pill, all letters, numbers and/or symbols that may be on it, as well as the color and shape. Then I ca... ...
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Tue, Sep 04 '12, 7:45 AM
Methadone Doctor'S
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Looking for a pain doctor that prescribes methadone/dose in south jersey 30-40 mgs a day, not clinic worthy. Also have medicaid ## The best thing you can do, actually, is to find a new doctor and when you see them, just make sure that they get a full copy of your medical records, so they can see what has and hasn't worked for you in the past. If you try to hunt up a doctor that will prescribe a certain medication, such as by calling and asking, then they will usually see that as drug seeking behavior and won't even let you in the door. Learn more Methadone details here. Any doctor can prescribe it for pain, it is only the addiction treatment that has restrictions. Does anyone have any ideas of a doctor accepting new patients in the area? ## I am looking for the same kind of doct... ...
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Wed, Dec 18 '13, 9:47 AM
Methadone Doctor Nj
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I am 60 yrs old have been in methadone clinic but have buisness trips where I'm gone 3-5 days or 2 weeks to China Need perscription for methadone while away. Any help? ## Have you tried asking them if they can make any suggestions on a doctor you could see? Methadone can be prescribed for home use, in some states, though I am not sure what the laws are in NJ. Even doing a search for clinics there doesn't really help, because even if they can, we have no way of knowing if they will prescribe it that way. Have you spoken to a regular doctor about it? ...
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Thu, Oct 27 '11, 10:39 AM
Methadone Dr.s
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Trying to find doctors near Devon and Western in N Chicago that can prescribe methadone for pain treatment. ## Any doctor can prescribe it for pain, however, you may run into problems if you're calling new doctors and asking if they'll prescribe it, since most doctors will consider that to be drug seeking behavior. You need to make sure you get an appointment and get in the door first, then discuss your options with them. Learn more Methadone details here. And if you're a chronic pain patient that requires regular treatment, then a regular general practitioner will not be able to provide you with treatment. Under the new laws, you will have to enter pain management and be treated by a physician that has been specially trained in pain control. Does anyone have a place they ca... ...
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Sat, Aug 03 '13, 10:49 PM
detox methadone 130mg
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I've been on methadone 15yrs. I need to get off. I'm in pain management for a back injury and the methadone is blocking my percocet. How can I get off methadone? ## I am on both Methadone and oxycodone for pain. As long as you take your oxycodone about 45 minutes before your dose of Methadone and eat about a half an hour after after you take your Methadone, your medication will work as it is supposed to. Follow the same pattern if you take several doses of both medications a day, like I do. Just always make sure you take the oxycodone first, because it sets the tone for the day. I alternate between both and it works amazing. Good luck. ...
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Methadone 7.5mg
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I was asking if they make a 7.5 mg generic methadone pill? It is a white round pill with no markings except for a score line in the middle on one side ## Hi lois, Here in the U.S. the lowest I've seen online are only 5 and 10mg generic doses. I can argue though that there is an article on a study done here in the states, where cancer patients were randomly assigned to receive methadone 7.5 mg orally every 12 hours for 4 weeks. So I do believe it is available, but maybe only prescribed under specific circumstances. I could be wrong, but as of yet I have not come across anything stating otherwise. Did you order your pill from overseas? ## IN THE U.S there is no such thing as a 7.5 methadone tablet, only 5mg and 10mg, and of course the 40mg disk, the clinic's give out, ive been on ... ...
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Tue, Dec 29 '15, 12:10 PM
methadone {10mg?}
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white rectangular pill with rounded corners,57 imprinted on left, 71 imprinted on right, M inside a square on flipside ## Correct, what you are describing is Methadone 10 mg. Here is an image depicting various possible appearances of Methadone ... Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## I receive 10mg Methadone made by Roxane Labs... my cousin receives 10mg Methadone made by Mallinckrodt Pharm... my cousin and my sister SWEAR & keep arguing that the Mallinckrodt is stronger than the Roxane.. i've explained that they are the same exact medication & strength, just differnt makers/distributors but they keep arguing they are stronger.. can you give me some answers or explanations that they may listen to? ## ???What is the cost of ... ...
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Thu, Jan 05 '17, 6:48 AM
Methadone Doctors In Nj
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im looking for a doctor that priscribes methadone. i dont want to go the clinics. suboxone does not work for me and i really want to get off of oxycodone. my boyfriend has been clean for 4 months now. and from my car accident and i also have nerve damage, it makes it harder for me to get off, because im in so much pain. i tryed many times to stop, but i cant handle the pain. i lost everyone i loved and i dont want to lose my boyfriend to. ## I am very sorry, but if you are looking for something outside of the setting of a clinic, there is really no way to know what doctor would be willing to prescribe it. When it comes to addiction treatment, most doctors will not provide such treatment outside of a clinic, because they do have to follow certain laws and treatment protocols, in order to... ...
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how long does it take methadone to kick in
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I've been on methadone liquid now for roughly 3 years, though 60 is the highest ive ever taken, 10 being lowest and it amazes me how strong and powerful this stuff is. I swear i dropped down to 20 and was ready to switch over to subutex, but right at the last minute i bottled it despite my doctor really saying do it, best move you will ever make, but my reasons were i really was so depressed, sweating profoundly, no sleep. Also was coming off a 20 yr valium addiction take away a few yrs in detoxes and rehabs. I'm a londoner uk by the way, nice too meet ya. All good serious website help me. Anyway well instead of swapping over to subs i put my methadone up to 35 then 40 and stopped. Also still dabble with valium and klonopin once a week, stupid really. I gotta gdt off this methad... ...
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Sun, Aug 14 '16, 9:57 AM
Methadone Clinics Detox
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I've been in my clinic 5 years with no problems, then all of a sudden my insurance is cut off and they never told me and I got a lil loud n upset so they kicked me out. I've never had any issues or been in trouble for discipline. I've also been clean for 2 years. ## Hey Im sorry that happened how are things going now? Well Im also in a program st Joseph methadone clinic in nyc and I also am having major problems with my counslor Tanya who gets off making me pee in front of people. Anyway I think we should both substitute cannabis for the methadone and start tapering. Eh? ## I feel extremely paranoid and anxious and irritable during methadone withdrawal, even coffee might set off a panic attack. Marijuana would make my anxiety way worse. I don't see how racing thoughts, a... ...
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Tue, Sep 26 '17, 4:08 AM
How much sugar is in methadone?
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I REALLY need to know how much sugar is in 120mgs of the red (cherry) liquid methadone? ## Hello, John! How are you? Who manufactures it? I need more information, in order to answer your question. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is it from a clinic or pharmacy? ## The 120mg of red (cherry) liquid I get is from my clinic. The maker is Malinkrodt, and I also found out that instead of sugar it has sucralose. Can this cause headaches and any other problems? ## Oh yes, most sweeteners can do that in people that are sensitive to them. My fiancé gets dreadfully sick from anything other than just regular sugar and has been told to treat it as an allergy a... ...
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methadone doctors in ohio
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I had a dr in Toledo prescribing me Methadone for chronic pain & he just retired & gave me my records & referred me to pain management. I went back to my family Dr with this & he also in turn is sending me 2 pain management. But I've been waiting for them to find me a dr now for almost a week. I'm almost out of my medicine & it makes u so very sick if u don't take them. I've been looking online & asking & can't seem to find a place anywhere near me. I'm between Castalia & Sandusky Ohio. I c the Cuyahoga Dr on 1of the latest posts but that is over 2 hours away. Please let me know if any places near me, thank u. ## Hi- wondering if youve found any help- yet. I suffer from fibromyalgia & now have shingles @ 43 years old. My GP in ... ...
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how to neutralize side effect of methadone
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I have to take 80 milligrams of methadone a day it makes me drowsy and I Drive a lot how can i neutralize the drowsy effect or can i at all ## Hello, JB! How are you? You really can't. How long have you been on it? Side effects, such as this, usually wear off and go away, after about 4 to 5 weeks, once your body gets used to a medication. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## They say that just a mouthful of wine and hour before can help, i know that sounds crazy but also the best way ive found to stop the effects is simply to take half a valium the night before, this causes the liver to burn off the methadone much faster... ...
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liquid methadone
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PLEASE, I NEED TO KNOW IF LIQUID METHADONE COMES IN PINK OR IS IT WATERED DOWN because i have always got cherry red and never saw pink methadone until i got to this clinic and i take 150 mil. and with in 15 hours i need another dose. When i got cherry red i was able to take it every other day and i was fine. So can you PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON? THANK YOU. P.S. I TAKE IT FOR PAIN ## in my country methadone is dark green, however that is when it comes ready made, the chemist can get methadone crystals,speical water,and colourant to make themselves wich costs less aprently and that 99% of the time will taste less strong and be of a lighter colour, the chemist stands strong,oviously, and sais they make it right each time but if i were u i wud ask them if u can watch them make it ... ...
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Thu, Oct 12 '17, 11:18 PM
Valium , Methadone
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Is it OK to take these together not at same time. I have been prescribed methadone for my pain for several years but I have needed Valium for my spasms and I also have anxiety fairly bad plus it calms my brain down at night so I can relax and sleep and that makes me feel better anyway I have discussed this with my primary dr. And my pain dr. And they both don't really want me taking it with my pain medication. Does anybody else have this problem. Because my life would truly benefit from taking them. Thanks in advance for any input ## The main issue is due to the aggravation of the side effects, taking them together can cause depression of the central nervous system, which could cause more sedation, drowsiness, and dizziness than usual. In some cases, it could result in your blood pr... ...
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Fri, Aug 25 '17, 4:15 AM
methadone clinic
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new to area need methadone location ## I'm sorry, but you didn't post your location and without knowing that, all we can do is guess. Have you tried contacting a local hospital? They usually keep the names and phone numbers for nearby clinics, so they can provide the information to anyone in need. You may also want to consider looking into treatment with Suboxone, since rather than requiring a lifetime maintenance dose, it has enabled many people to become completely drug free. Learn more: Can you post back with at least your general location? That way it will be easier for people to make suggestions! ## Verwon. can you help. My mom is ill and I'm on MMT for past 30 years. Are there medicaid accepting clinics around Boynton Beach Florida. ## There is an organization in Flori... ...
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who makes the rectangle methadone 10mg
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My Dr put me on 10mg methadone one. 6× a day and oxycodone 30mg 4× a day for chronic pain the methadone doesn't help my pain a bit and takes away the little relief I get for a couple hours from the oxycodone.I told her the methadone doesn't help my pain a bit but she doesn't believe me. ## Hello, Smokedawg! How are you? I'm sorry, but I can't provide you with any information just based on the shape of the pill. Can you please post back with the markings that are on it? This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ...
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finding methadone
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i am a 23 year old four time cancer survivor with chronic pain. i take methadone but was dropped cold turkey from my clinic and have serious withdrawal if theres anyone in the pittsburgh area that can help please do. FED UP ## Why were you dropped so abruptly from the clinic? That's very unusual, since they know how dangerous Methadone withdrawals can be. Learn more Methadone details here. The best suggestion I can make is that if your withdrawals get really bad, go to a nearby emergency room, where they will have to help you, at least until you are stable. ## for failing to report that i was given a shot of pain med in the er ## im from NH, and they cant do that at our clinics. there are laws the prohibit it. They have to atleast slowly downdose you! ## Did u ever find ur methadone... ...
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Wed, Jan 14 '15, 3:39 PM

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