How To Inject Fentanyl Patch

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How To Inject Fentanyl Patch
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How do I boil the morphine patch to be able to inject? ## You {edited for safety}. Be careful its reeally strong. ## OK just have a ? I was wondering if I have a 50mcg fentanyl patch do I use the {edited for safety}? But I know u can do too much and it can be fatal so {edited for safety}? ## I hate this, I'm looking for answers that I can't seem to find anywhere and it's starting to piss me off.... ## I've been reading and I didn't get much of an answer. how do I take a fentanyl 50 in break it down to inject it? {edited for safety} someone please get back to me. ## Don't be crazy - fentanyl is orders of magnitude more potent than hydrocodone or morphine. So what you are trying to accomplish may very well kill you. You should seriously consider something safer lik... ...
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Sun, Jan 31 '16, 12:57 PM
fentanyl patch
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Hi, I'm on the 50mcg patch,my Dr. also has me on norco 10. I want to get off the patch so bad, but I'm fighting a staph infection for the second time in three months. Back in May I had injections in my lumbar, and four days later I was in the hospital with 104 degree fver. I ended up having emergency back surgery to clean out the infection. By the time I went to surgery (two days later, because my Dr.'s at thetime are idiots) I was septic, w/ 105 degree fever. Needless to say, I nearly died. When I finally got out of the hospital the second time, ( with NEW Dr.'s, my Pain Mngmt doc put me on Fentanyl 50, and dilaudid 2mg 3x a day, I couldn't function. So I asked my Dr to change my meds, she only changed the dilaudid to norco 10, one every 4 to six hours. Now after re... ...
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Sat, Mar 16 '13, 4:40 PM
injecting fentanyl
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Can you inject Fentanyl patches? AND are Durogesic 50 Fentanyl Transdermal system, are these GEL patches?? ## How does one inject fentanyl that comes in patch form? ...
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Fri, Jul 22 '16, 4:59 AM
Fentanyl patches sideffects and withdrawal symptom
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My husband, age 77, developed severe acute pancreatitis and has been in the hospital for the past 8 months. He has been on Fentanyl patches (the lowest dose) plus some extra fentanyl injections anytime the nurses thought he might be feeling pain. His pancratitis healed in 3 months, but by then he developed a huge back bed sore. From the beginning, even when they were giving him morphine at the beginning, before the fentanyl patches, he developed breathing and sleeping problems, with intermittent rapid panicky breathing spells. With the patch, he has had also halluciantions and was forever either totally sleepless or totally drowsy. Because of the breathing problems, he has now a tracheatomy. His immune system was also compromised and he had several severe infections, i.e. lung and blood... ...
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Wed, Dec 20 '17, 10:53 AM
Fentanyl abuse
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i have recently heard of people scraping the powder off the patch and burning it and either snorting or injecting it please tell the people that are abusing this how dangerous this can be. Or tell of an experience someone may have had due to the abuse of the patch this way.scared to death for my son. ## There are several dangers associated with abusing medications in this manner. The first, of course, is the risk of overdosage. Fentanyl is a very potent narcotic, it is so potent that it is actually over 80 times stronger than Morphine. That means even a small amount can be too much for most people. Overdosing can result in permanent injury to your organs, including the heart and, in some cases, it can be fatal. The next issue is the fact that these time released patches contain substanc... ...
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Thu, Jul 26 '12, 7:06 AM
Fentanyl 7 months off after five years of using the patch
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Just wanted to update and touch base with anyone wanting to stop using the patch or struggling through withdrawals. I was on the Fentanyl patch, ranging from 150 mcg to 25 mcg, for five years due to a rare debilitating, extremely painful disease called Dermatomyositis. This disease causes deep skin lesions and basically eats away the muscles of your upper arms and upper thighs and hips. It prevents you from doing anything requiring raising your arms above your shoulders, It also prevents you from walking up hills, stairs, etc. It eventually affects your lungs and swallowing. This disease crosses over with SLE and Fibromyalgia. I take 16 prescription drugs including a chemo injection and a med that is given to organ transplant patients to keep my body from rejecting itself plus the typic... ...
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Tue, Oct 31 '17, 10:54 PM
how can i get fentanyl shipped to me without a prescription?
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I'm wanting to fill my fentanyl prescription online. Does anyone know about a website that's legitimate were i can have my rx filled? ## Looking for injectable fentynal or 100mcg patches depending on the pharmacy's refill cost. Can they be filled and shipped to me? ## This site does not manufacture, nor sell any medications or products, it is an information only website. And as to a legitimate place to get Fentanyl without a prescription, such a place does not exist. If they were legitimate, they'd require a prescription. If you order somewhere without one, then you would have to take the associated risks. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Hi, I live here in the Philippines and have level four prostate cancer which has metastasized to my bones. The bone pain ... ...
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Sun, Jan 11 '15, 1:30 PM
Pain Management Doc utilizing Fentanyl?
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Can anyone advise me on a pain management physician somewhere in or around Virginia that is willing to treat with Fentanyl Patch for pain control? I have severe lordosis, pinched nerve (inoperable) and have received multiple steroid injections at both L5 and L2. The Lumbar pain has only worsened with severe Sciatica down my left leg to my left foot. I was actually discharged from the Marine Corps at age 19 for severe back pain, which over the years has responded to oral steroids, but no longer. I am being prescribed Vicodin for pain 2 tabs every 4 hours. However, the pain control is not consistent due to sleep, and I also fear taking 5 Grams/Tylenol every day. I just feel that being placed on a fentanyl patch makes more sense than constant refills of Vicodin and having to stop to take t... ...
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Wed, Jul 04 '12, 12:11 PM
i don't understand why I tested positive for morphine hydro codeine when do not use either but am on a fentanyl patch
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Why did a urine test show up positive for morphine and hydro codeine when I don't use either but I am on a fentanyl patch ## I had an urine test and it tested positive for morphine is this possible if I had an injection of Fentanyl? ## need to find a doctor in either Suffolk or Chesapeake va. who will up my dose of morphine,or change to duragesic patches. Am an established patient at a pain clinic now, but need a doc who is closer to my home. My daughter had been driving me, since my eyesight is bad, and she just got a new job. ...
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Mon, Sep 07 '15, 8:58 AM
side effects of dilaudid and fentanyl 150 mg
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My brother has Stage IV lung/bone cancer and the new pain cocktail is 8 mg. dilaudid and 150 fetanyl patch plus IV dilaudid every 2 hours. He will probably be released from the hospital today or tomorrow so they have been easing off the injectable dosage and administering it oralls. The increased dosage of the oral dilaudid is causing him to vomit, which will lead to dehydration etc. What is the next best solution to solving this insidious problem of keeping his pain under control without these side effects? Thank you. ## Hello, Law! How is he doing? There is really no way to avoid the side effects, if they're going to happen, they're going to happen. Sometimes, taking the medication with food can help to minimize the nausea. The doctors may also be able to prescribe a medicatio... ...
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Tue, Feb 18 '14, 12:51 PM
Can You Inject Fentynal Gel
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I was prescribed 25mcg fentanyl patches, and i was wondering if there was any way of taking them intravenously for better pain relief? ## It is not safe to try and inject any medication that has not been specially formulated to be used in such a manner. These patches contains special substances that help control the time release of the medication and these are not intended to be taken internally and broken down by the human body. Trying to inject them could result in blockages, that could cause embolism, or stroke. That is, of course, on top of the risk of overdose, which is a very great possibility, since Fentanyl is over 80 time stronger than Morphine. Are there any comments or questions? ## thanx!!!!! :) ## My friend abused them and died Instantly. The funeral was devastating... it w... ...
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Thu, Feb 26 '15, 10:00 AM
need to find new pain DR, asap
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I have been on fentanyl patch for 10 yrs, and Roxicodone for break thru pain. I was in a car accident in 1998 and have had more issues since. My pain Dr. has decided that he will be following CDC guidelines for PCP's even tho it is a Pain clinic. Actually I think it's because I stopped lining their pockets, having useless procedures, facet injections, etc. I NEED to find a pain clinic,near Rockford Il, Naperville, Aurora. I live over an hour from these but in my small town there is none. I have been driving hrs. every mth., My daughter who has had Brain surgery is also a patient & is being cut also. We have Insurance ## Try Dr. SCOTT GLASER OF THE CHICAGO PAIN INSTITUTE. HES IN HINSDALE, IL & I SAW HIM, ALTHO IT WAS ALMOST 10 YEARS AGO, HE WAS NICE HE HELPED ME & AS ... ...
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Thu, Dec 22 '16, 7:51 AM
Treatment options for severe lower back and leg pain
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I've had surgery and pain block injections for damage to nerves in my lower spine from a 'spur' - neither helped. Been on painkillers daily for 35 yrs, tried everything and now at best left with 80% pain. Had 100mcg fentanyl patches and their effect lessened so now I'm on 62.5 mcg fentanyl + 3x 300 mg gabapentin + 3x 50 mg tramadol combined daily. Still in agony. Any suggestions to help me please? What is the maximum mcg strength of combined fentanyl patches that can be used together every 72 hours? Thanks. ...
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Thu, Jul 06 '17, 3:21 AM
Valium helping pain?
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This may sound strange. I have been fighting middle back pain for 5 yrs. I see a pain mgmt. dr. and we have gotten all the way to Fentanyl patches. I take 175 Mcgm hrs. Nothing has helped. I have had Nuclear bone scans, Multiple MRI's, Nuerologists, Rhumotologists, EMG's Chiropractors, Been on Vicodin, Soma, Lyrica, Spinal Injections, Nerve blocks, Facet joint blocks, You name it!!! I saw a new nuerologist, and he wanted new MRI's with contrast this time. I told him that if it had to be closed MRI, then I would need sedation, cause I am chlostrophobic. So I did 3 MRI's with contrast, on 3 successive days. Upper, Middle, and then lower. They sedated me with a 10mg Valium each day before the MRI's. All of the sudden, after 5 yrs of nothing but pain in my middle back. I... ...
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Fri, Aug 25 '17, 10:23 AM
List of available narcotic drugs like diacetylmorphine,hydromorphone in India.
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Is hydromorphone and fentanyl buccal soluble film(bema) available in India? If not, is there any chance of these drugs coming to India in near future? Is dicetylmorphine available in India as wrriten in the DD-7 number prescription form for dispencing morphine sulphate, fentanyl transdermal patches and injections , pethidine injections? ## Need hydromorphone 16 mg. ## Rajinderr, since we are based in the U.S. I don't have a complete list of what is available in India and, when trying to research the specific ones you've mentioned, the information I am finding is conflicting. Have you tried asking a doctor or pharmacist? They would be better equipped to know such details on what can be prescribed there. And Vette, I'm sorry, but this site doesn't manufacture, prescribe, n... ...
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Thu, Jun 23 '11, 12:25 PM
morphine lolipop,s
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names,s of cronic pain reliver,s lolilpop,s narcotic or morphine i think the one im looking for start,s wit f . it als come,s in patches .thank you ## I think u r talking about a Fentanyl lollipop. Article Stub: 'Actiq, a powerful synthetic opioid, became a Cephalon product in July 2000, when the company acquired Salt Lake City's Anesta Corp. in a $444 million stock exchange deal. Also known as Fentanyl, it is typically prescribed as an anesthetic for cancer-related pain; it is delivered in berry-flavored, lollipop-type lozenges - usually used by child patients - as well as transdermal patches and by injection.' Source: The Salt Lake Tribune Date: 11 November 2004 ...
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Wed, Feb 01 '06, 1:29 PM
opana 40 mg and oxycodone 30
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I am on both of these meds do to severe medical issues. I take 40 Mg of opana 4 x daily and 30 Mg of oxycodone 5 x daily as well as Nortriptyline 150 Mg twice daily and neurontin 600 Mg 3 x daily. Needless to say a few different stomach medication due to chronic nausea. Oh and also phenergan pills and injectable. My question is has anyone found anything other than multiple medications to relieve severe chronic pain. ## I also have severe medical problems and nothing works. For two years was on 3Mg iv dilaudid every three hours and 120 percocet 10/325 every month. Zofran for nausea. Overdosed a couple months ago (imagine that) and been dropped four 5/325 percocet a day and now in constant pain... Not sure how to adjust. ## Have either of you ever tried the Fentanyl patch? It's a very... ...
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Mon, Nov 14 '16, 9:17 AM

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