How To Crush An Opana

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pink 20 op ## I cannot find anything listed under the name Opanaz, however, if this is a round, pink pill from the U.S. with the marking OP on one side and 20 on the other, then these are the new 20mg Oxycontin OP, made to help prevent abuse and replace regular Oxycontin. Even if you try to crush it, it retains its time released function. Side effects still include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: Are there any other questions? ...
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Mon, Aug 30 '10, 3:01 PM
Opana 40 Mg
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I have been taking Opana er 40mg for over a year. My last refill was April 12, i was given a round pill with 40 on one side and E on the back. I am in constant pain! Any suggestions, I take 3 per day with 10/325 percocets 4x day. The pharmacy told the Dr. i must have been crushing my pills - i wasn't. I'm not crazy, these pills don't work. ## The Opana time released tablets were recently reformulated, with the intent to make them harder to abuse. Unfortunately, just as with the OxyContin reformulation, this has caused problems for some people, such as unusual side effects, or the medication not working as well as it used to. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Don't feel like you're crazy ! ! ! I'm upset with all the pain dr.Who have been giving his pat... ...
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Tue, Apr 07 '15, 9:35 PM
Opana 10mg
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a friend of mine shot up an opana 10mg. using a vein in his leg, now his leg is swollen and he is in a lost of pain. what does this mean? ## You missed fool. Go to the emergency room asap. ## I'll refrain from name calling, but Bruce is right on his needing to see a doctor. Tablets contain fillers, which help them hold their shape and not all of these are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally expelled in your waste. When you dissolve or crush a pill for snorting or injecting, you are putting these fillers in your body, in a manner in which it cannot properly dispose of them. This creates a very real risk of blockages, that can lead to stroke or embolism, just like a blood clot can. If his lef is painful and swollen, this is probably what he's done. Are the... ...
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Mon, Jan 02 '12, 10:42 PM
how can i get opana in my urine where it doesnt crush i need to add to clean
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help i need to add oxycodone and opana to cleansed urine cause i have to clean meth for pain mangementt Or is there a way to just clean out meth? stupidly did some after 14 years with so called friend help ## Can I add opana to urine to pass a much do dissolve in urine to pass I am perscriped 85mg twice a day for daily do u have to have it dilote it for any time ## Damn, that's whats up! Do you have cancer or just the chillest Dr. ever?!?! That script is worth a lot of money. Shave a VERY FINE portion of the medication into urine, heat it, shake it, that should work. I can't stress enough how finely it must be grinded. Be careful though, some opana has been reformulated to gel up if grinded, and that would be an entirely different process that involves a little bit of che... ...
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Fri, Aug 28 '15, 2:18 AM
How Can I Inject 5mg Opana
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how can i inject 5mg opana ok ## now way ## Sometimes, I get tired of typing this, but here goes.... It is actually not safe to inject medication that is not intended to be used in that manner, especially time released pills. Most of them contain fillers, which are not intended to be broken down by the human body, but are normally expelled in your waste. If you crush or dissolve a tablet to inject it, you are putting these substances directly into your body in a manner, in which, it cannot get rid of them. This creates the risk of blockages, which could lead to embolisms and strokes. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
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Wed, Dec 28 '11, 12:35 PM
opana 20mg er
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My 7 doctors agreed that I would have to be on pain meds the rest of my life after a auto accident in 1981, after more than 50 surgeries I was put on disability until I found a old doctor who help put back to the point I had a union of both bones mid shaft of Tibia & Fibula, plus 7 crushed disk, right rotator cuff that pops out & many other injuries. From 1981 until 1990 I was on just about ever form of pain meds the doctors said I needed. I was nuts by then, this was all military & VA doctors. I moved back home where I went searching for a good doctor that serve my home town as I live in the country. He sent me to many doctors & on Jan 2,2000 the team after test said no more T4, or any other medication but morphine sulfate, starting out with 15 mg er 3 x a day & as ... ...
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Sat, Feb 21 '15, 12:26 PM
How Much Morphine Is Opana 10 Mg equal to?
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My Dr prescribed opana er 10 mg for pain. I was prescribed morphine sulfate er 60 mg and at one time was prescribed as much as 130 mg before i had surgery(gastric bypass which took a lot of pressure off of my back) and allowed me to lower my dosage. But since I've changed to Opana Er its just not enough for the pain. I don't sleep and if I do doze of I wake up from the pain. I'm desperate for help and think I need to be put back on morphine sulfate. My Gastric Dr instructed me to chew, crush or break my medications but with extended release you can't do that. Many pain management is almost greeting ready to send me to another state where they can treat me more efficiently. I can't afford to be going back and fourth to another state. I want to get my gastric Dr to app... ...
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Tue, Feb 05 '13, 1:17 PM
Opana 40mg pill
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This orange pill is for fluids and stool softener. It's not an crushable Opana 40mg that looks some what alike. My wife is at home hospice and the crushable Opana 40mg is nothing to play with!! First of all, Opana should never be crushed. Second, it's an ER and is Oxymorphone. Twice the strength of Oxycontin 80 milligram. Don't play with these medications!! ...
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Sun, Jun 08 '14, 1:43 PM
What Is Opana Made Of
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Is opana water soluble ## Not any more. They are made so you cannot dissolve and shoot. In July of 2012 they made them tamper proof just like the oxys. It will gel up. I imagine you could still eat a gelled up one, but it may be less effective. Most ways around this just ruin your pill, so take them as directed. ## The information provided by ZanZen is correct. In an effort to curtail abuse, as well as theft and diversion, the new Opana tablets have also been altered to help make them tamper/abuse proof. If you try to crush or dissolve them, they basically turn into a gummy goo. And, of course, trying to misuse them is very dangerous, as well as illegal, so I also support the statement that they should only be taken as directed and intended. Are there any other questions? Anyone wanting... ...
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Fri, Mar 08 '13, 8:21 AM
The Opana new formula
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To all of u jacka***s out there bragging about abusing your med's out in the open, you're all sick in the head. That's why the drug companies are changing these meds to NON CRUSH meds, and I know for a fact they are not as effective. So u are all just hurting the ones who really need it. ## I was that person you speak of but have realized that it was the company I kept. Finally I realized I was the only one with a legit prescription and what was really going on. I have removed myself from this click and would have no problem narking on every last one of these junkies who would steal my meds and were selling them for $75 each and snorting them and everything else. I thought they were friends, wow was I stupid. I told them I no longer am prescribed these meds anymore and haven... ...
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Tue, Dec 02 '14, 12:22 AM
The new gel opanas suck
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The new gel opanas can not be crushed anymore which blows man. The whole microwave thing u do with the op oxys doesn't even work it will just go back to its original form f*** doctors ruin all the fun in narcotics wtf if ya want a rush now you will have to just do some heroin lol ## You are defenantly in need of help. People like you are the reason I can't get any relief from pain because I take it as directed. I can only hope and pray you and people like you either get help or are caught by the law and the book is thrown at you. You are an addict and there are many clinics that can give you help the only problem is you have to want that help in the first place. I hope you have someone who cares enough for you to do all they can to get you to that help. Will be praying for you. ... ...
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Tue, Dec 02 '14, 12:28 AM
Opana shortage was false
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Just got this months opana after having hard time finding it. No shortage just reformed crush proof! 30mg are now round. Mixed up? No recall? Didn't make sense. ## That is correct, there was no actual shortage, per se, it was really just a production delay due to the reformulation of the medication to try and prevent abuse. Are there any questions or comments? ## lol IT STILL CREATES A SHORTAGE. CALL IT REFORMULATION, ITS A SHORTAGE THERE IS NO MEDICATION. ## Read the entire Wiki article and it did not mention reformulation, perhaps I got the wrong url? Thank you for your help! ...
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Fri, Feb 14 '14, 4:32 PM
Are people smoking opana?
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so im just curious ive heard about people smoking opana and oxy cottin (not the new ones ) has any one tried smoking opana and if so what was your experience like? I havent tried it because of the cost. ## Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled in your waste. However, if you snort them, you are putting these substances directly into your sinuses and lungs, in a manner in which they cannot be processed out. This creates the risk of blockages and there have been medical cases where these blockages have results in respiratory arrest. Are there any questions or comments? ## For those of you that are smoking, crushing, and what ever other funky ways you decide to take this medication... You are the ones that ... ...
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Thu, Jun 21 '12, 4:17 PM
Opana Instant Release 2013
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Will Endo Pharmaceuticals ever Make Opana Instant Release 10mg again? Is it available now? ## I suppose the only to know for sure would be to contact Endo Pharmaceuticals directly, in order to find out what their true intentions are regarding the future of this medication. However, The American Society of Health System Pharmacists lists the following information pertaining to an Opana shortage: "Several Endo products that are manufactured at the Lincoln, Nebraska plant, are affected by this manufacturing suspension, including oxymorphone, Opana, and Opana ER." "Endo introduced new crush proof Opana ER tablets in late 2012. There are all new NDC numbers for these products. The NDC numbers for Opana ER with the older formulation have been discontinued." More specific detai... ...
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Wed, Apr 17 '13, 11:09 PM
If I Snort An Opana Er How Quick Will It Show Up On Urine Test
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How quick will opana er show on urine test if i snort it, will it show up quicker than swallowing it. Test tomorrow. Take half tonight and half in am? Or all tonight, or all in am? Please help! ## Well, first it is not safe to snort any medication that has not been specially formulated to be used nasally. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled as waste. If you crush and snort them, you are putting these substances into your sinuses and lungs in a manner, in which, your body cannot process them out and this creates the risk of blockages. Such blockages can lead to respiratory arrest. Additionally, what you may run into here is not having the proper amounts in your system. If you have been prescribed a cer... ...
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Wed, Aug 16 '17, 11:25 AM
Is The New 40mg Opanas Out Yet
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are the crush proof 40mg opanas out yet ## are the crush proof 40mg opanas out yetorbne ## Yes, they do appear to have been recently made available in the new formulation. However, some pharmacies may still be experiencing a backlog, due to the fact that the supply was short for awhile and many people were waiting to get their prescriptions filled. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I noticed the label on my last refill for opana 40mg for the 1st time stated "the color & shape of this medication may be different from what you have been getting, but still works the same as your previous med." Upon checking, some pills were the same hexigonal shaped yellow pills i had been getting and the remaining pills were the same color but were round and were almost like rubber... ...
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Wed, Jun 27 '12, 5:28 PM
are Oxycontin 20mg Op the same as opanas
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i want to know if the new oxy op20s are the same as opanas ## No, the active ingredient in Oxycontin is a time released formulation of Oxycodone and Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone. Learn more Oxycontin details here. Learn more Opana details here. However, if you're referring to the new formulations that are intended to help prevent abuse, then yes, they are very similarly done. Is there anything else I can help with? ## yes the new oxy that has an op is not crusable and any way they did the same thing to oxy way back to stop people from crushing them a 20 mg oxy op isn't really all that. i take 4 40 mg opanas a day. but i"m in california and thing are getting strict at the pharmacies so you can imagine how high it is on the streets ## if someone could actuc... ...
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Wed, Aug 21 '13, 10:42 PM
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i would like more information on the ADF TIMERX in the opana er 40 A.D.F. abuse deterrent features and the side effects of the gell and silicone.that are in this opana er 40. ## Hi Jeffrey, From what I could gather, this formulation of Opana ER 40mg made by Endo Pharma is said to use what's called Grünenthal Group’s INTAC Technology - "which reportedly preserves the extended release characteristics of the medication while at the same time, imparting crush-resistant properties." Ref: However, upon approval, the FDA also verified that the addition of this INTAC Technology does not significantly impact the rate of absorption from the actual active ingredient. Though you can find more specific details pertaining to the abuse-de... ...
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Wed, Oct 29 '14, 3:44 PM
about the 20 the crush resistance one milligram opana er this medicine does not work it is not worth taking and it is not selling fda betrayers
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My pain management doctor has felt me last year 2012 I didn't get any strong control medicine for 2 straight months June and July 2012, His secretary Fail. Medicaid said that they did not pay for the MS pill in a tablet form, only in a capsule form, my pharmacist even had a talk with the secretary, the pharmacist told the secretary about the changes and medicate policy not to pay for that pill and a tablet but a capsule form and the secretary got mad, so the secretary at ortho Indy lied to my pain management doctor and for straight months I did not receive any medicine for my chronic pain,I have DDD, Spinal problem. when I got back to the clinic in August, this pain doctor, literally went off on me, telling me that his workers will never get fired from their job, and that he will al... ...
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Tue, Sep 16 '14, 2:04 AM
Generic Opana For 2012 2013-New News-Group against Pain Relieve
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Here is a piece about a group trying to stop pain medicines from being made generic unless its the way they want it made. By StopOxy A national organization that fights prescription drug abuse is sounding the alarm about the possibility of pain pills without safety features being released to pharmacies across the nation. The nonprofit Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence (CLAAD) is urging the FDA to prevent the return of crushable versions of OxyContin and Opana. This Org is Raising the Alarm about Abusable Painkillers Under government pressure, the makers of these powerful opioid drugs reformulated their products to prevent abuse. The new versions of the drugs are resistant to crushing, making it impossible to smoke, snort or inject the drugs in order to circumvent their time-... ...
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Tue, Feb 21 '17, 1:53 PM

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