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how long does it take for your urine to be clean from adderall
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I have been taking adderall not prescribed to me I need to know how long does it stay in your system cuz I am on methadone and I can not take adderall I have to take a urine screen next week and I have been taking adderall for two months and I stop how long will it take to get out of my urine thank you so much ## i took one 10 mg adderall on saturday will it show up in urine drug screen on wednesday 4 days later ...
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Mon, May 04 '15, 8:05 PM
How Long Does It Take For Your System To Clear Methadone
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if i've been taking 50 mg methadone qd for 3 yrs and wonder how many days will it take to have a clean ua? what about occasional use of xanax klonopin ativan or valium? i read on this site that it only takes 2-4 days to be clean for ativan and klonopin??? ## Actually, that number, 3 to 4 days, would be more accurate for the Methadone, narcotics usually clear your system pretty fast. However, the Benzodiazepines can take anywhere from 4 to 6 days, give or take, depending on the doses you were taking and how often. If you have a prescription, however, there is no need to worry, just inform them of that, when you go in for the test. Are there any other comments or questions? ## is a benzodiazepine xanax? have to take pee test fri..took one yesterday..should i worry also took roxycodin ... ...
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Fri, Aug 04 '17, 2:56 AM
after 73hrs how much Methamphetamine is in your system
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I been clean for 3 days i have to take a pee test for my po that he is sending to a lab. do u think i still have enough Methamphetamine in me to detect after being clean for 3 days ...
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Wed, Oct 01 '14, 4:19 PM
how much water do you drink to get methamphetamine out of your system
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How much water do you drink to get methamphetamine out of your system? I used early Saturday morning, and have a U.A test Thursday. ## I have used for the pass 2 weeks what do I need to pass a ua on Wednesday? ## If I took methamphetamine at 7 pm and had drank water and been n the hot tub to sweat it out, will it be out of my body by morning? I drink water all the time and have only taken it 3 times .. Please help ## I took methamphetamine and I must test in 72 hrs. How much water must I drink to pass & what foods to eat as well? ## Will drinking a lot of water get methamphetamine out of your system? ## I took methamphetamine at 2am and i might get a urine test done tomorrow. How can I get my system clean before 11am? ## It's 130 am my drug test is between 7-9 am this morning. I... ...
Updated 17 days ago in Methamphetamine.
Sun, Oct 01 '17, 5:16 PM
how long does methylphenidate er 27 mg stay in your system
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I took methylphenidate er 27 mg on Wednesday. Have to take a urine test on monday. Will my system be clean? ## I took 5 20 mg tablets and have a urine screen on Friday will the drug be out of my system? ...
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Fri, Jul 29 '16, 5:04 PM
How Long Do Opiates Stay In Your System while on methadone?
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I am on 70mg of methadone daily. Before I was on methadone heroin would only last in my system 2 days, 3 days at the most and that's only if I barely drank water and spent those days in bed. Now that I'm on methadone it's not that easy. Unfortunately, I have used heroin again and am due for a urine screen soon. I just need to know if I need to hold off the UA for one more day or a whole week. The last time this happened I had 4 days clean before the UA with lots of water and exercise in between and it still came up hot. Is there any reason why my body doesn't metabolize opiates as quickly anymore? Please, if anybody has any answers, I'd be grateful. ## The combination of Methadone + Heroin is like a double dose of opiates. This may be why your body struggles to rid i... ...
Updated 11 days ago in Methadone.
Sat, Oct 07 '17, 11:04 PM
how long does it take to clean up from daily methamphetamine use
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I want to clean up from daily methamphetamine use... How long are we looking at here? ## I use Thursday & Friday. clean Saturday & Sunday & Monday. I dosed Tuesday night. Have a drug panel at 3:30pm. taken water pills and drinking lots of water right know work on 64 o.z cranberry then continue with water. do I need to bye flush system before UA? been up drink water one 64o.z. ## How long does it take to get off of methamphetamine? I've been using for 12 yrs. and want to stop without going to rehab. What am I looking at? Will I be sick? Can I function? Please help me. ## If someone took one quarter gram of methamphetamine a day for 2 months, how long would it take to get out of their system? ## I know this post is a few months old. Hopefully you got some help. Just in cas... ...
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Sun, Apr 23 '17, 1:25 AM
clean system of methamphetamine and urine test
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I used this drug 3 days ago (Tuesday night) I submit a urine sample tomorrow and have been drinking cranberry and took water pills and been drinking lots of water. Will my system be clean before 330pm wed? ## My boyfriend has a urine test 2morrow and he is a heavy user of methamphetamine. how can he pass it?? Help!!!! Looking at some time if he fails....any suggustions appreciated a.s.a.p.. ## I took a lot all day everyday and maybe 30 hours later I took my test and passed. My friend's friend was also a heavy user and had been abusing all night and only 10 hours later, tested negative and got off of paper by his parole officer that day. I swear by it. {edited for safety} You must do this at Least a few hours before and it tastes horrific. If you have ever had to drink the colonoscop... ...
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Sun, May 17 '15, 4:21 AM
How Can I Get Methamphetamine Out Of My System In 3 Days
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I took Methamphetamine 3 days ago but i drink sterilized milk in the 3 days that i used Methamphetamine.. Will it be out of my system?..because i have a drugtest tomorow... ## Just don't take any of the drug for 3 days and u will urinate clean. As long as you don't have lots of fat on your body methamphetamine leaves your system in 3 days max maybe 4. Most meth users are very skinny and have no fat on their body so meth leaves your system very fast cuz it has nothing to stick too. I have always been very skinny and low body fat, im 6 feet tall and weight a lowly 150 pounds when im using drugs and I have found drugs are always out of my system within 3 days of use because my low body fat and sweating. even for me weed only takes at most 2 weeks and its gone from my system. The be... ...
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Thu, Aug 29 '13, 4:58 PM
how long does ip 110 stay in your system
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I took 3 ip 110 generic Norco 10/325 pills last Friday. 3 again Saturday. 2 Sunday and 1 Monday. I have a drug test on Friday 5/29/2015 @ 9:00am. I may have to do a drug test that day. I want to be clean for the test because the position is for operating heavy machinery and I dont want them to know im taking a script for painkillers. Will I be clean by then? I am 5'10 225 lbs btw. Thank you for answering my question. ## First off, you shouldn't be operating Heavy Equipment while on pain meds, it is highly dangerous. Second, you should have a prescription for such a potent drug. Third, it stays in your system for a while depending on abuse or strength. I am also a heavy equipment operator too, and never took anything or even methamphetamine, like 90% of workers do in this field. ... ...
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Wed, Sep 27 '17, 1:33 PM
how long does it take for pills to get in your system
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I have to see my p.o. thursday. My last dose was monday night when I took diazepam. I weigh 140lbs and am very active. How long will it take to get out of urine? ## Valium can stay for 30 days or more, depending on metabolism. The bars, or Xanax, can take up to 7-8 days. Klonopin is similar, usually out in 4, but can take up to 7-8 days. This depends if u r an everyday user, how much u use, and metabolism. Opiates are a different situation, hell swims taken heroin and passed a urine test the next morning. Also too oxymorphone one day and was clean the next. This isn't a rule, most opiates besides methadone take 3-5 days to clear your system. But again, its weird. Methadone can stay in you for a while, it builds in your fat cells and stays. Hope this helps. ## I'm on pain meds on... ...
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Sat, Jul 29 '17, 1:02 PM
I need the fastest way to clean out my system from Meth while 34 weeks pregnant
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Im 34 weeks pregnant and regretfully smoked some meth. Now I'm afraid I might be going into labor soon. I don't want my baby taken away, need to clean out my system ASAP and try to avoid my baby being born positive. Please spare me the well deserved negative comments....I'm already full of regret and disgusted with the irresponsible and stupid choice i made....PLEASE HELP ## I just used meth within the last 4 hours and im due for a c cection on tuesday i dont want my baby tookn ## Hey I read ur post about being 34weeks pregnant and had smoked methamphetamine. I just want to know what happened did u or the bby cum out positive did u get to take bby home or got tooken up. I was doin methamphetamine before my pregnancy I did so good in stayin away from methamphetamine but in 34... ...
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Sun, Mar 27 '16, 8:02 AM
how to get methadone out of my system fast
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What can u use to get 49 mg methadone out of my system asap? I have a ua in two days. ## Dear Just a druggie , I would suggest getting a clean urine at the store and drink tons of water. Also, what's really good at flushing out your bladder and kidneys, Cranberry juice. U may not like it, but, it's a good thing 2 drink. GOOD LUCK! ## Usually it's out of your system in 3 days. However, companies cannot hold methadone against you as long as it's prescribed. ...
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Sat, Oct 15 '16, 6:46 AM
how long does ritalin stay in your system
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How long will ritalin show in a urine test? I belong to d180 methadone clinic and get tested weekly so I did some 2 days ago and had to submit a urine today. ## What ever happen? I took 30mlg mon and also Sunday. I have a drug test Friday. I'm not sure if I'll be clean or dirty by then. pls help? ...
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Mon, Jan 11 '16, 4:15 PM
How Long Do Opiates Stay In Your System For
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i only tried one of my friend's 5mg oxycodone pills for pain. How long will that stay in my urine? I drink lots of water. ## Oxycodone can reportedly be detected in your urine for up to 3-4 days after your last dose. Although, I have heard of some patients getting it out of there urinary system in 2 days time for a drug test, by drinking plenty of water (as oxycodone is excreted through urine). I hope this info helps! ## I'm freaking out. I have been on the methodone program and because I have been clean from everything for so long I have my once a week privledges. I worked so hard to get them I don't want to lose them. I wasn't thinking and did something so stupid. I have been having great pain in my tooth so without thinking my friend gave me one oxycodone 5 mil. I hav... ...
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Mon, Jun 05 '17, 10:24 PM
Hydrocodone and Methamphetamine how long stay in your system i did both 2 days ago have to drop in 10 days
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If i did Hydrocodone and Methamphetamine how long stay in your system i did both 2 days ago have to drop in 10 days first time doing meth can anyone tell me how long for both to get out ? ## If I took Methamphetamine on Sun and have to drug test on Mon would it show? ## 10 days u should be good...but i would drink a lot of cranberry juice, or gatorade, even beer to piss all you can ..pissing is the key...and sweating it out dont hurt get up, get busy and stay away from that deadly mix ## You are probably already clean. Drink about a 1/2gallon to gallon if h2o before the test. Be surento drink a dark soda after that so you dont pee clear ...
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Wed, Oct 12 '16, 12:55 PM
how to quickly get valium out of your system
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My Methadone will be reduced at 10ml/mg weekly. I am on 95mg/mls at the moment, my urine sample shows I have taken, even though 3 times in one week, it's still going down at that rate. What can I do. eg:- drink, vitamins, anything to speed the process of getting theses valium out of my system? ## Took 4-5mg valium need to take a urine test in 3our days how can i clean my system as quick as possible 5ft tall 160 lbs i sweat alot at work very active at work and drink alot of fluids ## Is there any thing I can buy or do to get diazepam out of my system ## How or what aides in cleaning volume out system fast and effective ## train a lot and hard and drink plenty of water hopefully your urine whill by then be so diluted they cannot find it no guarantee do ## I am going to loose my daught... ...
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Thu, Jan 26 '17, 11:59 PM
how can i clean my system for a drug test
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Took one and vicotin and i have a urine test tm what can i do very urgent my daughter is on the line plz help me ## They have a plant that only grows down here in Texas called Palo Azul. If you boil it into a tea and drink it the day before your drug test you'll pass!! Trust me! My boyfriend is a pothead and uses it every month... ## I've taken a LOT of different drugs like methamphetamine, oxy, xanax, ect. I have a test tomorrow at 2pm. I went real hard over the past week ..please don't judge, I have my reasons why I did. My son died. I'm also on felony probation. I'll go to prison for 4yrs. So help me plz. ## So did u find something that worked? And how fast ## Drink acerta or certa idk from wallmart drink 70 oz of water n a gaterrade n mdew pee three times fourth ... ...
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Wed, Jun 07 '17, 1:49 PM
Is it possible to pass/ clean your system for childbirth drug screening
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My girl is going into labor any day and worried about testing positive for opiates. Is there any way to speed up the process of cleaning her system. I'm just trying to ease her mind so please any factual info helps ## My friend is due to have her baby next week and trying to clean her and baby system from crystal meth before she goes in2 labor is there anyway to help her cause she's not a heavy user and don't want her baby tooking from her cause the baby has drug in their system please tell me what she can do or use ## Piggey did u ever find out if your friend came out dirty or not. I am 34 weeks and I am not a heavy user neither. But I did slip up and did a little bit yesterday. Can u help me out with any info ## Is it possible to cleanse my unborn babies system before birt... ...
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Fri, Nov 04 '16, 6:58 PM
I Have To Take A Urine Test Today and Would Like Some Advice On How I Can Cleanse My System
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I had methamphetamine on june 30th at 8:00 pm and consumed marijuana just 3 hours ago... I need an immediate flush cleanse detox. Just checked my voicemail and my p.o. asked me to come in for a random test... ## How did your test go? For future reference, you should know that there's really no guaranteed way to clean yourself out, so you get a clean test. The only sure fire ways are time, or not doing the drugs to begin with, when you know you may need to take such tests. Learn more drug testing details here. ## That was the last we heard of Eddie. Went back to prison. ## I am going to pain mgmt Dr. Tmara and have meth and weed n system. If I get clean urine and crush Roxy up real fine can I pass test? They always send to lab. Help. ## I have to take a urine test at 8:00 in da morni... ...
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Fri, Feb 17 '17, 3:15 AM

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