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Fake Pills

Hey what's up my name is nick. I'm looking for the roxicodne 30mg tablets the m on the front n 30 on the bac they have to be fake but I don't want to hurt my brother...I wanna do dis because my brother is abusing his meds so I wanna take out 50 of his real ones n put 50 fake ones cause he is rele bad but they gotta look so real my email u can text if I have to buy more then 50 I will buy w.e as long as the price is rite thanks ## This is not a very good idea and you are not going to find fakes that have the same markings and description as the ones he is actually taking. If you feel he has a problem, then you should discuss it with him, or your parents to get him the proper help. Are there any other questions? ...

Fake Xanax

I have been purchasing Xanax online for years now but lately I have noticed that the drugs mailed to me are either extremely weak or plain fake. Today I received 30 2 miligram alprazolam pills that seem to have some effect but they do not seem like the ones I use to get. This is very frustrating. I had this idea today that I was hoping you guys could give me more information. Are there any drug tests I could buy at the store that could detect benzo's? I would be willing to go to a lab but I am afraid I'll have to explain myself if they find something different. Has anyone tried this before? Or has anyone ever had a blood test come back with something other than a benzo when that is what you believed you were taking? Thanks! ## Actually, the regular average urine test, such as th... ...

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Where To Buy Darvocet

my mother needs darvocet for her pain she ..can't find any thing that works as will.... ## Since Darvocet is a prescription medication, the only legal and safe way to go about getting the medication is for your mom to make an appointment with her doctor and have him/her write a prescription for Darvocet. It's really as simple as that. Ordering this medication else where is illegal and typically leads to disappointment due to receiving fake pills or not receiving anything at all. There are however some legitimate websites that require a prescription or doctors notification in order to place an order, but they can be difficult to locate amongst all of the illegal sites. Hope this info helps! ...

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how to identify a real g3722 alprazolam pill

I received a real green bar that has GG on it which I know was real, but have other ones with the G 37221 and blank on the other side and in the middle of one of the two 2's there was like a line above it, a line under it and I'm trying to figure out if it was real or not because I didn't second guess and look at them all or never imagined that I would be ripped off in any kind of way. I'm trying to make sure that I got something real and not fake. ## If you fill a prescription for Xanax from an Authorized retailer you should have no problems. You need to be aware that purchasing just one pill from any other source is a FELONY and can lead to time behind bars instead of buying bars! ## Would you be kind enough to tell me where online you got the GG's? ## First of all... ...

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Fake Watson 387 from Pakistan

Beware of buying from this overseas pharmacy that is circulating in spam mail that purports to provide Vicodin ES. They ship from Pakistan, and the pills are fake Vicodin ES generics (with a watson 387 etched in). They aren't just benign fakes--they have some sort of upper in them, maybe some speed or viagra or something. Not a pleasant experience at all. ## Watson 387 SHOULD contain 750mgs of Acetaminophen and 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone, a generic for Vicodin ES, a narcotic analgesic. However, this is one of the hazards of ordering from foreign pharmacies that may not be approved to sell products in the US, there have been a lot of complaints about them recently. Does anyone else have experience with these particular tablets? ## I've exerienced te same problems..Just picked up a bat... ...

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is there something i can buy so benzos wont show up in my urine test screen

I have been taking xanax for at least twenty days straight. Is there anything I can buy to get the xanax out of my system since i have a urine test tomorrow? ## How did you? ## CAN A BENZO/RESTORIL BE ADDED TO FAKE PEE, PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP. MY DRUG TEST IS DUE IN 5 DAYS ...

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Fake reproductions of phentermine

bogus pills.. the phentermine by qualis pharmaceuticals LTD are a fake copy of a brand made in the USA under a similar name. ## is Qualis Pharm. United still making phentermine tablets,imprinted A 159 imported from Cambridge,U.K. in June of 2009? ## As of right now, A 159 containing 37.5mgs of Phentermine, generic for Adipex, are still listed as available in the US. They are used to help with weight loss. Common side effects can include: nausea, dry mouth, headache and blurred vision. You can read more about this medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Where can I buy A 159 containing 37.5mgs of Phentermine, generic for Adipex. Can someone recommend a trusted website? ## No I got 2 batches of A159 from india bogus . Keep your money in your pocket. You may go thro... ...

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Where can i buy onax 2

where can i buy internet xanax brand name onax2 ## This brand of Xanax is manufactured by Ocean Pharmeceuticals, in Pakistan. If you're located here in the U.S. I don't think this brand will be available to you via prescription (legally), and orders from overseas usually end up as fake pills (judging from the posts of many users on these forums). Is there something that makes this brand different than Xanax or generic Alprazolam? I believe this brand contains 2mg's of Alprazolam. ## How would be the best way of getting these onax2? ...

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Where can I buy Belttix?

I bought Belttix in Nicaragua and I desperately need some more. This product does work and is great. ## How can I contact a pharmacy regarding getting belttix? ## Hi, I saw that you can send Belttix? I am looking for some and I have no luck =[ Can you PLEASE email me. ## The name is Sbelttix ..there a to many similar can see the right picture on ebay..for $40._ I tried them n they work..i told my frien to bring me some from mexico..but the name was sveltix..and they are be carefull...then i bought 1 bottle of sbelttix from VITTALIDAD and i swear. I should buy many more cuz now i need it and the web for this page is not working..was sheap..just $25._ and ebay us 40.. :( ## hi im trying to get some of those pills can u point me in the right direction as to which pharma... ...

Can You Buy Real Xanax Online

Can you buy real Xanax online? You cannot trust anyone, last time I got fake Xanax and they looked just like the name brand. But had a lot of sugar in them. ## About 15 years ago, a man broke into my home and assaulted me. I was very traumatized and could not sleep for about 2 weeks. A friend recommended a doctor and I went to see him. The NP said I should be taking xanax and when I expressed worry about addiction, she said "Look, if you have to take one of these every night for the rest of your life - so what?" She convinced me and I started taking Xanax. Now after 15 years, the doctor has decided he will no longer prescribed Xanax. There was no warning, nor no instructions as to how to get oneself off xanax. Since I have none left, I am sleeping so poorly and am having some pr... ...

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Torrent Alprax 1mg

is torrent manufactures the alprax tablets of 1mg? if yes then what is the color of the tablet? i buy 1 mg alprax for last one year manufacured by torrent in Solan area of himachal pradesh is it a fake tablet? ## If i eat 4 tablets of alprax .25 then what should happen?? ...

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cant find site for hydrocodone to order

I live in ky. and it is very hard to find a site that will ship here.Could someone please help me out. ## Do not trust ANYONE or ANY SITE that offers a controlled substance, in your case hydrocodone, without a prescription. Pretty much goes you WILL lose 100% of the time any money spent. Not to mention, it IS illegal which I know you know that. Many people have been busted from buying through the Internet. Not only this, BUT, it is very dangerous as you don't know what you are actually getting. That's another thing that is really 100% is you will get fakes. Someone just died recently from taking "HYDROCODONE" sent from another country and the MEDS were over 50% concrete. It does not pay to buy "no prescription needed" meds online....from anyone! Please be cautiou... ...

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Trying To Find Real Vicodin Online Have Been Sold Junk Three Times Now

trying to find real vics online. been sold junk three times any help. [email protected] [1] aledgedly. thanks dave [1] Editor's note - In order to protect privacy, we do not allow individuals to post their personal contact information on our discussion threads (except in some very rare cases). ## I know this isn't what you want to hear, but the ONLY secure way you can buy generic Vicodin (legally) without being scammed is to make an appointment with your local doctor. My advice, don't try to do any of those fake illegal online prescription sites. It will always be a gamble with that method of ordering and also if you get caught by customs for some odd reason it will only make it that much more miserable. There will always be an "IF", but why take the chance to save a f... ...

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I Take Percocet Ten For Cramps Unfourtanetly They Are Not Prescribed To Me Have A Drug Test My New Job And Im Scared Going Fail Get The Help What Do

I take percocet 10 for period cramps every month. I recently got hired for a new job and I have to take a urine test. The bad part here is that they are not prescribed to me. I'm scared I'm gonna miss out on a good job opputunity and I dont know what to do...can anyone help me?! ## Like most other narcotics, the Oxycodone in Percocet can be detectable in standard urine tests for approximately 4 to 5 days, after you last take it. There is no way, however, to give a precise time frame, because individuating factors will always have an effect, such as your metabolism, overall health, activity levels and fluid intake. Are there any other comments or questions? ## There is fake urine you can buy at the health good store my daughter usedit she it works great ## I have taken 10 percoce... ...

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Femimore Availability

makes your butt bigger. ## I would like to know how can i purchase femimore and the cost. ## There are a few places but avoid ebay because it can be fake pills. There is a forum for people using it, you can find places to buy from them . The forum is called femimoregirls and is at yahoo groups I think ## Femimore is an over the counter supplement and as such, is not proven to help with anything. ## Femimore is not over the counter, it has a Medical Division at back of it and is manufactured by the Amamzonas BioTech Labs in Japan. They have a long standing status there and are certified . It is not a supplement either it is a programme that includes pills, instructions for work outs, diet advice and you can get consultation with their medical division if necessary. Often people don't... ...

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"Roche" 2mg from Libya

Are these real, weak or fake? ## Can post back with the full markings on them and the details, such as shape, color and etc.? If so, I will gladly check for you, to see what they tablets contain. Clonazepam details here. ## White pills with Roche 2mg imprint on them with 4 score on back. My question is can they be fake for low dose? They come from Asia. ## Yes they are real. Did you buy them in Libya? ## They came from Libya. I didn't buy them there. ## How do you know they are from Libya? ## The postal code started or ended in the code for Libya. ## Susan, were those pills weak or the real deal? From what I have seen on the net, the same pills come from India and the UK as well... ## As I said, they are white with an R and 2 on one side and criss cross markings on the back. I bough... ...

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US pharmacy vicodin percs

Just a FYI for anyone out there that's looking to buy vicodin/percs from a US pharmacy. I just spent $280 for 30 vicodin from a so called pharmacy named ordermeds. They sent me 3 blister packs of unmarked pills, which made me so sick. Of course they don't say u are getting blister packs, they are a fake/scam!! ## Hey frustrated, sorry to hear about your experience with ordermeds... But if you're going that route without a valid script, the nature of it is illegal, meaning that they aren't necessarily obligated as a business to stand by their word. I wouldn't recommend trusting any discreet web-based pharmacies for that reason, unless they are verified to be VIPPS-accredited by The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). ...

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I HAVE LAXITY & DPPRESSION CAN ANYBODY TELL ME WHERE TO BUY APART FROM GOINGTO THE DOCTOR AS THEY PUT YOU ON ANTIKNOCK/THAT RELLY MESS WITH YOUR HEAD PILLS ## If your intent is to order medications that require a prescription, then there is no guaranteed safe and legal way to do so outside of the standard "doctor-visit" procedures. The only problems I see with ordering online from a 'discrete or foreign site' (even here in the US), is that their not required under any law or jurisdiction to actually give you what you pay for. That's just the nature of these fake pharmacies and distributors. Some people do luck out and get their meds, but I see so many people here in the forums ordering from sites like these and they cannot even confirm if the pills they got are r... ...

combitic global caplet pvt ltd part 2

Bought some clomid 100mg and received furtile 100 tablets and it says it has the same ingredients as clomid. Are they fake or real? I don't want to take them and they are something else. Anyone who has taken this pill, please speak up. Thanks ## If you're not buying these from a legitimate source then there's really no honest way of knowing what they are outside of having their contents analyzed by a lab or drug panel. However, it would seem that other individuals here also share this predicament in the following discussion thread: Discuss/furtile-50-mg-273015_s2.htm There are just over 100 comments in that thread and I haven't read them all yet. But I do see some cases where people didn't find the "furtile" pills effective at all and that makes me a little m... ...

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tramazol tramadol b p 50 green capsule

Hi I just received these pills and I am unsure if they are safe? They are in a foil package and they say made in India neutralcode no. MH/DRUGS/KD-375 called tramzol 50 capsules or tramadol hydrochloride capsule B.P 50 mgno markings on the green shell of thecapsule ## I would never buy any drug on the internet. You got a good chance of getting fake / counterfeit medication or some of the medication can be 3 times the recommended dosage. ## @Lindsay, I can't confirm if your pills are real or not based on how you acquired them... but apparently there is a manufacturer by the name of Hauz Pharma who is known to make Tramazole out of India. So the brand name itself isn't one that's necessarily "made up", but we still have no idea who truly made your pills? One of the oth... ...

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