How To Break Down Oxycodone

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How To Break Down Oxycodone
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Fastest way to eliminate oxycodone from the body ## fastest method of eliminating oxycodone from the body ## The major route of oxycodone excretion is in the urine. The effects of oxycodone last up to 4 hours after use. The length of time following drug use for which a positive result may occur is dependent upon several factors including the frequency and amount of usage, metabolic rate, excretion rate, drug half-life, and the drug user’s age, weight, activity, and diet. That said, your best bet in my opinion would be to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water so you can go to the bathroom more frequently, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest at night. ...
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Thu, Jul 07 '11, 12:32 PM
breaking down 5mg oxycodone
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i just got 5mg oxycodens. e to have oxicontin. cani still break them dwn/ ## Why are you breaking them down? It is not safe to break down any tablet and snort or inject it. Tablets contain fillers, not all of which are meant to be broken down by the body. Many are just expelled in our normal waste. If you snort or inject them, you are inserting these substances directly into your body and risking blockages. ## yes. pxy codone is all the same you are able to break them im prescrbed one and a half a day and was told to break it in half ...
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Tue, Dec 14 '10, 12:58 AM
how to inject oxycodone 5 mg imm
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can you inject oxycodone 5mg imm tablets ## Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are intended to be used and broken down by the human body. Some of them are substances that are normally just expelled in your waste. When you break down a tablet and inject it, you are putting these substances directly into your body, in places where it cannot get rid of them. You run the risk of creating blockages that can lead to serious health problems, including pulmonary embolisms, stroke and death. This doesn't even go into the abuse and potential overdose factors. The new product on the market, Oxycontin OP, which is replacing the regular, will also not work in this manner. It has been specially formulated to not dissolve and to retain its time released properties, even if someone tries t... ...
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Thu, Aug 26 '10, 4:28 PM
Op 20 Pill Pink How To Break Down
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I WASwandering how to break it down, IF IT IS AT ALL POSSIBLE ## Actually, the new Oxycontin has been specially formulated to prevent someone being able to break it down. If you try to crush it or dissolve it, it turns into a gummy substance that retains its time released properties. Oxycontin contains the active ingredient Oxycodone, which is a narcotic analgesic and it may cause side effects, such as: nausea drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## So your saying there is no way of breaking one down? It must be swallowed? Or it becomes basically useless and is basically wasted? ## spot has a friend & he wants to know if anyway possible to break 20mgwants to know if it would help him get high if he took 6 20 mg ops? ops down. ...
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Mon, Dec 24 '12, 8:28 AM
Peach Oxycodone
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I was wondering if the same rules apply for IV use for these. I am familiar with the OC 20s but this is the first time I have had this pill. ## No tablets are actually intended for IV usage and it is very dangerous to try to use something that way, when it is not specially formulated for injection. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, normally they are just expelled in your waste. However, if you try to break a tablet down for injection, you are putting these products into your body in a manner in which it cannot process them out. This behavior creates the very real risk of blockages, which could lead to stroke or embolism. Are there any other questions? ...
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Wed, Aug 17 '11, 11:06 AM
oxycodone IR 15mg
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I need to know if my Oxycodne IR 15mg light green pill with M oneside-15other side, with a indent center line is extended release . I am detoxing soon and is really important as I reduce down from apx 160mg(2are60mg long release) W/5mg for breakthru pain. Dr is retiring and I had scripts for all. ## IF it is oxycodone 15mg IR hints the IR that means instant release unless you have your pills confused that narcotic is a instant release form,Oxycontin stands for continous release so if it is oxycodone then it is not extened release. ## This tablet is actually neither the immediate release, nor the extended release, it is just the regular release 15mg, generic for Roxicodone. Some of the most common side effects to this medication can include: nausea, dry mouth, constipation and drowsiness... ...
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Wed, Jul 08 '09, 7:19 PM
Oxycontin Breakdown
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When an 80 mg oxycontin breaks down in the body, what will it appear as in the urine and how many mg/liter would it show up as? ## In the urine it normally shows as Oxycodone and its metabolites, which show it has been processed through the body. As to how much it will show, I can't really answer that, because it can vary depending on how often it is taken, the persons body weight and other factors. Generally based on what has been prescribed, as well as the persons health, body weight and etc. the doctor will look for it to fall within a certain range, anything outside of that range can alert them to a problem. If the levels are too low the person may not actually be taking their medication and if the levels are too high, they may be abusing it. Are there any other questions? ...
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Thu, Jul 28 '11, 11:06 AM
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oxycodone vs. oxycontin ## Oxycontin is a brand name of Oxycodone. Essentially the same medication. Hope that helps. Please post back with any other questions or details which you can think of. ## Oxycodone ER is generic oxycontin and both have a time release shell regular oxycodone is fast release and come in a max mg dose of 30mg ## I have been in pain MGM. For 13 yr. There are several chronic conditions that have no cure. My pain was controlled very well when I was taking 80mg OxyContin Q8hr. And oxycodone 30mg.Q4hr for break thru pain.However, when they changed the formula on the OxyContin, my system could never actually break down the pill so it was useless to me. My doctor then put me on opana ER and it worked quite well. They have now changed that formula as well. Could there pos... ...
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Wed, May 16 '12, 8:05 PM
Will oxycodone 30mg show up as an opiate
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Hi I take morphine 30mg twice a day and oxycodone 30mg every 4hrs for break through pain. I have a severe bone infection that's been going on since February it's now October they tried IV antibiotics for 8 weeks didn't work within 2 weeks it was back worse than 3 months antibiotics and it's back they are going to do a 4th surgery and try to put the antibiotics straight into the bone marrow. If this doesn't work they're going to take my arm cause its spreading upwards it was from elbow down no up past elbow. The drs here can only prescribe for 3 months now I'm going to a pm place and the dr said she can only prescribe the oxycodone 30mg but I still have some morphine 30mg left if when it rains the pain is unbearable what I want to know is I know oxycodone come... ...
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Sat, Oct 18 '14, 4:49 AM
How Does The Oxycontin Breakdown In Body
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does the oxycontin dissolve in the stomach or the bowls ## I tried searching around for information on this but haven't come across anything explaining where it's metabolized, only how it's metabolized. It's a simple question you ask, but very difficult to find reliable information on. In terms of drug testing, Oxycodone is excreted through the urinary tract. Whether or not or it broken down first by the stomach or bowels is beyond my knowledge of the drug. I would think however that it is dissolved in the stomach acid, the same way most foods and drinks are metabolized, before they are discarded as waste. Just my opinion. Does anyone else have any information to add on this subject? ## Only that this medication is not nearly as effective. I think the time release mechan... ...
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Wed, Jun 11 '14, 6:53 AM
oxymorphone related to oxycodone?
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I need to know if oxycodone is in any way related to oxymorphone. Does oxycodone break down in the system and then throw out oxymorphone chemicals like my doctor told me or is my urine test flawed like I believe it to be. There is no way I could have either one of these in my system yet my doctor (who really does not want to treat pain by medication only due to lack of payment by insurance company) tells me that the oxymorphone in my system is actually a chemical breakdown from the oxycodone. Comments or actual accurate knowledge anyone? ## Oxycodone and oxycontin are broken down into predominantly nor-oxycodone and oxymorphone which is detectable in the urine. One can detect the parent compound (oxycodone or oxycontin) and the metabolites (nor-oxycodone and oxymnorphone) in the urine o... ...
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injecting 5 mg oxycodone
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What is the most effective way to inject oxycodone 5 milligram tablets(pill imprint M 05 52) without losing to much oxycodone in the process? ## Don't do it, man. Otherwise, go to and ask about how to abuse drugs. ## It is actually not safe to try to break down any medication and inject it, which isn't intended to be used that way. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, normally they are just expelled in your waste. When you break down the tablet and inject it, you are putting these fillers into your body in a manner in which it cannot process them out. This creates the risk of blockages, which could result in stroke or embolism. Are there any other questions or comments? ## How do you break down oxycotin to inject... ...
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Mon, Nov 09 '15, 6:37 PM
Oxycodone after surgery
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A couple of days ago, I was admitted to our hospital for severe stomach pains. I knew it was my gall bladder! So in the hospital they gave me dialudid and morphine. The morphine did not seem to work so they kept me on dialudid. Now they say it is stronger but I did not feel any of it. So now they changed me to the liquid form of oxycodone 80mg's. Does anyone know about this kind? I take 30mg's and have for almost two years. ## The liquid form of Oxycodone is very similar to that which is in the tablets, the liquid form of any medication just usually works much faster, since your stomach acid doesn't have to break it down. How has it been working for you? ...
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Mon, Feb 20 '12, 2:52 PM
Oxycodone And Water Pills
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I found a baggie filled with water pills and oxycodine . What does this do ? ## From a logical point of view, I don't see why anyone would have a bag full of water-filled capsules, mixed in with some oxycodone pills. Then again, people have strange ways of abusing their pain medications. Not sure if it could have anything to do with oxycodone being water soluble or something of the sort, in order to help break down the pill. That is just my theory anyway. Whereabouts did you end up finding this bag of pills? ...
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Fri, Mar 29 '13, 9:42 PM
doctors in nj that prescribe oxycodone
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Help, Seeking new Doc in NJ (Middlesex/Monmouth County areas) I have been going to a pain mgmt. doctor who was giving me oxycontin ER 40mg twice a day and 10mg Percocet 4 times a day for breakthrough pain. They have cut my meds in half in the last 2 months, I have always taken meds correctly and never had a dirty UA. My levels were always good. I have bulging and herniated discs and am in a lot of pain. They are cutting everyone down on meds because of over medicating some patient etc.. (and now everyone pays). I want to find new pain doctor who will give me what I was originally taking does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks for the help. please get back to me with suggestions. Thanks Again. want to find new doc before my next appointment ## Hello, AC! How are you? I am sorry about th... ...
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Tue, Oct 17 '17, 1:24 PM
10 mg oxycodone can you half
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I just realized my painkillers are not scored down the middle,they are small yellow round tablets with an fancy V on one side and 230 on other.It it okay to break them? I've never seen these before. ## Hello, Dee Dee! How are you? That's actually meant to be an oriental C, it is logo used by Alvogen and yes, they list them as containing 10mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen in a regular release formulation, so they can be cut or broken, if your doctor approves. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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can oxycodone ever show up as morphine in a drug test
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Oxy can show up as Morphine, but I would like to know if it ever goes the other way?.... Will Morphine ever show up as Oxy? Or is anyone aware of any false positives? Or does anyone know of any other related possibilities that would/could make Morphine may show up as Oxy? ## I just was tested I am on oxycodone and oxycotin. I comes up specifically for each drug now. Oxycodone breaks down to morphone, not morphine, not misspelled!!! It also shows as norophone. I have the paper in front of me. Morphine was NOT detected!! They are very drug specific. It even has different types of every individual opiate out there. Even benzo's are specific and muscle relaxers, like soma, flexerill etc.. Hope I helped ...
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Thu, Jun 12 '14, 4:55 AM
nucynta / oxycodone urine test
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I take nucynta but took one oxycodone. Are they the same in a urine test? ## NO NUCYNTA AND OXYCODONE COME UP AS THE SAME BECAUSE NOW THEY BREAK DOWN TO EXACTLY WHATS IN YOUR SYSTEM, I WAS IN PAIN MNGMNT FOR YRS SO I KNOW THAT MUCH ANYWAY ## veganon 1 (# 1) - So its OK to take the Nucynta? My pain mgmt doc won't see that I took something else. ## veganon 1 (# 1) - so you're saying its OK to take the Nucynta too that it will show up as oxycodone? Hurting and the oxycodone isn't touching it but can't lose long term treatment. ...
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Wed, Sep 13 '17, 2:08 PM
Codeine/Oxycodone comparison
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Is a tec 30 stronger than a percocet 5? Is taking a tec 30 the same as taking a percocet 30? ## If I am not mistaken TEC 30 contains 30 mg of Codeine, whereas a Percocet 5 contains 5 mg of Oxycodone. As far as comparisons go I had a look at the Equianalgesic table and it's showing that Codeine is 1/10th the relative strength of Morphine, where as Oxycodone is 1.5 times stronger than Morphine. So to break that down ... 30 mg of Codeine ≅ 3 mg of Morphine ... 5 mg of Oxycodone ≅ 7.5 mg of Morphine. In other words, a Percocet 5 is over twice as strong as 30 mg of Codeine. ...
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best substitute 30 mg Oxycodone
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Have been prescribed Oxycotin 80 mg. two times daily and Oxycodone 30 mg for breakthrough pain - 5-7 daily. Will see Dr. tomorrow. Please tell me what is best substitute for the Oxycodone (have Oxycontine). Am in much pain post op and back, my son is gong to have to go to doctor and I need to tell him what an expert with the recall/shortage, knowing what's available as substitute, etc. recommended. NOTE: Operations on intestines so combination opiates with Tylenol and esp. any Nsaids (aleve) would be a VERY last resort,i.e. 6 Vicodin=I Oxycodone 30mg and that's 500 mg. Tylenol minimum 5 times/day and my lver will shut down quick. 56 years old with 18 year old son. Please advise, please don't refer me to other links, I've seen almost all on the net. Many thanks, as soon a... ...
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Sat, Mar 24 '12, 3:27 PM

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