How To Abort One Month Pregnancy

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How To Abort One Month Pregnancy
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plase kindly advise pill names and also tellme the side effect which pills you will suggest me ## I need to abbort 1month pregnancy ## How to avoid 1month pregnancy. .. Im 29 but don't want to have baby now because of some problems so I want to abort this... please suggest me some way so that I can do it myself at home only. .. ## How to avoid 1month pregnancy. .. Im 22 but don't want to have baby now because of some problems so I want to abort this... please suggest me some way so that I can do it myself at home only. .. ## I am one week pergnent i want to abord it plz tell me how n safe ## Hi my name is Lee and i am 1 month pregnant and i dont want the baby what do i do ## I have done unprotected sex with my boyfrnd on 2nd october but i took unwanted-72 on 4th october and i ha... ...
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Wed, Sep 20 '17, 9:19 PM
how to abort 4 month pregnancy
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I'm a single mom of two and now I'm pregnant again with a irresponsible boyfriend. ## I am a 20 year old mother of two and I am currently 4 months pregnant I'm from jamaica and I've tried some home remedies to get rid of the pregnancy cause I don't have any money to go to the doctor so please if its possible can you tell me how to get it out? ## now iam prignent for 4months tell me some medicne for abort ## im honey 27 years old im pregnant 3 months tell me some medicine to abort ## Pls help me,I want to abort a four month pregnacy.which pill will I take. ## How to abort a 4 month child.... I have school crying ## Hi I'm a 20 year old girl who got pregnant of my boyfriend who later left me when he found out I'm pregnant. I'm four months pregnant have no j... ...
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Fri, Sep 15 '17, 7:02 AM
How To Abort 3 Month Pregnancy
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Please help me. I am 40 years old. I have 2 sons but by mistake i have an unwanted pregnancy of 2 months, so i want to have an abortion. What can i do? ## please, i am 40 years old. i have 2 sons but by mistake i have unwanted pregnant from 13 weeks . i want to abortion what can i do. .Please help urgently... ## i am 3 month pregnant i have already two children plese help me to abort ## plz am a mother of one, and a student I had unprotected sex that am THREE months pregnant, I have to about so plz any medicine to about plz help me. ## im 3 months pregnant im not yet ready with this bf is so irresponsible..we're both jobless and we dont know how to raise we both decided to abort this..pls help me how.. ## how can i abort a 3 months pregnancy?? ## What hap... ...
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Tue, Sep 05 '17, 7:38 AM
How To Abort 2 Month Pregnancy
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Plz help me!!!! in my country abortion is illegal nd no abortion pills!!! ill b 7 weeks pregnant 2 days later.. ## hey m diagnosed thyroid i take thyronom 25 mcg from past few moths i m getting regular period but past 2 monts i got period for more than 7 days heavy. last oct i dint get period . last month after i finished my days me and my guy tried to have sex over my pants but he was dry and i was wet but m scared i didnt get my period this month and last moth . now m having slight pain i my abdomen scared please helppppppppppp ## im 7 weeks delay and im not yet ready to have a baby... wat should i do... i dont know wat to do and im helpless... plsss help me... ## its already august so hope u had the solution. otherwise there are MT pills for for upto 3 months pregnancy .Still at time... ...
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how to abort a month pregnancy.
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I suspect that my girlfriend is pregnant and have never used any types of drugs before. pls what do I do? ## My gf has been pregnant for last 25 days so plz suggest me what I can do as we don't want to have a baby. ...
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how to abort a 4 month pregnancy
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im 4 months pregnant.. i want to abort this. how can i do this or what should i do..? pls help me i want to do it at home alone.. pls pls help me. what medicine can i use to abort this? ## i want to abort a 4 months pregnancy ## Am going to be 4 months pregnant i realy like to abort dis baby at home. How can i do it ## Hello, I am 4 months pregnant. plz help me to abort this baby at home. I am just 20 yrs old. plz i am an mbbs student. I am studying in ukraine but its ilegal here to abort a baby. plz help me. ## I am 4 months pregnant and I want to abort it since I am a graduating student. Please help me ## Hi I do have the pills which terminate unwanted pregnant it'll cost you $100 then I'll send it to with the instructions ## i am 4month pregnant how can i abort it plss ## Am ... ...
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Sat, Aug 26 '17, 2:09 PM
how to abort 6 months pregnancy
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I am 6 months pregnant. Unfortunately i need to abort this.. Because i still have 1 year old baby. I dont have a work and my boyfriend is still studying.. I dont know what to do .. Were very poor.. I cant afford to feed this baby.. So please help me to abort this.. Im living in davao ## i want to abort a five monthd pregnancy before i approach my sixth month ## Hopefully you didn't make that horrible decision. Why does that child deserve to be killed? By the way they do feel pain ## I am 6 months pregnent. But I want to go for an abortion because my mom is a cancer patient n my boyfriend is out of the country who actually is the father. And I believe I m in no mental state to have this baby. ## I am 6 months pregnant and i need to abornt this.Because i still have 1 year old baby .I ... ...
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how to abort a 5month pregnancy
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how do i abort a 5 month pregnancy. Is there any pill for that? ## No, I'm sorry, there isn't. The 'abortion pill' Cytotec, which contains the active ingredient Misoprostol is only safe to use up to the 3rd month of pregnancy. After the 3rd month, you will need to see a doctor for a medical abortion procedure. Are there any other questions? ## I got my last periods on 9th of oct. I had sexual intercourse on 12th oct after which i took i-pill immediately. Again i had 2 times protected and 1 time unprotected intercourse on 28th October. My periods are always regular since last 10 years. Now till today i have not got periods.Am i pregnant?How will i know that i m pregnant or not and if yes than how and till when can i terminate it by pill. Is this because of i-pill. Pls hel... ...
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Fri, Oct 06 '17, 2:50 AM
how to abort a 1 month pregnancy
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please help me wat kind procedure or exercise to have a menstration. i dont want to take a medicine i want can help me? ## How To Abort 1 Month Pregnancy, with tablets or any.. ...
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Mon, Oct 10 '16, 12:40 AM
how to abort 4 month pregnancy bb
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i am 4month pregnat plzz.,help me how can i abort my bb. what should i do and maybe organic or pillz or some objectives so i can abort my pregnancy??? ## I am 4months pregnant, how to abort my baby? I need your help please!! ## im 5 months pregnant and i want to do an abortion in home. can you help me? please ## i am nearly 4 months pregnant so i want to do abortion at home as i have already got 1 yr baby gal so not able to tcare and have no option..plz suggest me what pills i can take to do that ## 4 months pregnant how to abort without going to Docter? ## Am three month pregnant and wud soon get to the fourth month pls tell me how to terminate it ## im 19 4 months pregnat i want to abort this plss help me,,what should i do??i want to do it at home ## IM 4 months pregnant, how can i ab... ...
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Fri, Sep 15 '17, 6:58 AM
how to abort my 1 month pregnancy
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I am 4 weeks pregnant. what medicine should I take to abort the baby? I already have 3 kids and I don't want another baby again. ## How to abort 1 month pregnant? ## Hi I want to know wish pills I can used to do abortion I'm 1 month pregnant plz help ...
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Wed, Nov 02 '16, 2:37 PM
how to abort one month pregnancy URGENTLY
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hi my name is ria ,i had sex with my partner and i am missing my period now,looks like i am 1month pregnant.Is there any way to abort this,please tell me safe pill. thanks ## I have one month 4 days over Please let me know the pill in Canada. ## I am 27.please tell me how I avoid one month preganacy at home.which pill I should take so that I aboided that pregancy .. ## Hi my name is riya i am doing sex with my bf i am one month pregnant i am 20 years old plzzz tell me pill in punjab ## I'm one month pregnant. I want to abort,because now I'm having one year kid.please help ...
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How To Abort One Month and 5 days pregnancy
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I am 25 years old,I am pregnant for about one month and 5 days,I'm already taking pills three times a day in a 3 days only,is this pills effective to abort .? And what's the best medicine for this? ## am 1m pregnant i really need ur help ## hi, i missed my period for september which i confirm positive and i used cytotec and i saw the flow only for day.i detect the next month am still positive when i did the test again ...
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how to abort four month pregnancy
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I want to know if a four month pregnancy can be aborted and also the risks involved? ## plz i want to know how a 4 months pregnancy can be aborted an the risk involved ## hi m 31year i want to abort 5month but i dont no how and wher' and ther is any risk for dat pleas help m cz iv got 6months child dats y i abort it ...
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Thu, Nov 20 '14, 7:39 PM
how to abort one month and 10 days pregnancy?
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madam my wife is 1st time pregnant from 1 month and 10 days, is there any medicine to safe abortion at home and also tell me the side effects thanks ## even if after having period.. is there a chance to get pregnant ## I want to abort a month old pregenency,as I need to focus on my carrier,and what are the possible side effects ## Dear madam. How to stop prganancy 1month 15 days. Please suggeat medicine withoght abortion. ## I was very young when I had my first son and had to put a whole lot on hold with my life. So when I got pregnant a year after and the dad was no good or help I knew what I should do, even though I'm cathlolic I thought my mom would never approve but we aren't like crazy catholic or anything. I don't even go to church but I have my beliefs. Sorry im ranti... ...
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pill to abort pregnancy of one month
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I'm one mount pregnant.. plz suggest me pill.. Where can I get it? ## im a single mom with 2 kids and have an irresponsible boyfriend now...pls help 1 month delayed now.. ## I m one month pregnant n i dont want a kid I m still doing study so plz plz help me that which medicine should I take ...
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Sun, Jan 24 '16, 1:48 AM
To Abort 2 Months Pregnancy
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She don use GYNAECOSID for last month but sill there,I need to know the right medicine to use? ## my girl friend have two month pregnancy hw to abort it please tell me right way, she did nt consult doctor ## Am 2 months pregnant and i want to abort ## I am 1 month pregent I have been 2 d doctoe she checked me n said still d heart of d baby is not formed only d spurmes r formed so I dont want d baby so what can I do ## What to do tell me plz ## PRIYANKA....Please listen...your baby is a very small baby with a beating heart! Don't let anyone tell you different. Please do not kill your baby! Let me know what country you are in and I will help you find an adoption agency that will help you out financially and will find a loving home for your precious baby. GOD bless you and your little ... ...
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How to abort pregnancy
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I want to know how to abort 2 months pregnancy? Please help, it's urgent. ...
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how to abort pregnancy
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My sis got pregnant and wants to know how to abort it after 2 months? plz urgently help ...
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Abort 1 month pregnancy
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Am 19 year old i had s-x with my bf on last month 21 and my periods of this yet not came. am worried that am pregnant, i dont want to pregnant now so please give me some suggestion. I dont have lots of money could u tell me how to get medication abortion in cheap way. ## I want to abort my 1 month pregnancy.Any help through medicine? ## sry for asking this...we have sex on dec 1 nd my gf is 2 weeks late in her period and i gave her i-pill bt till now her period didn't happen. ...
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