How Long Does Stay In Your Urine

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how long does stay in your urine
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If i took a 0.5 mg ativan for the first time and i took it on friday afternoon about 1 would it be out of my system by mon about 5 pm. in a urine test ## If that is the only time you have taken it, there is a good chance it will be, but no guarantees, it has been known to linger a little longer. If you have a prescription, then you just need to inform them of this, when you go in to have the test. Have you done so? ## HOW LONG DOES PEROCET STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM ## Benzos are tricky but since it was the only time and u gave yourself 48 hrs was it? u SHOULD be fine. And if u HAD a prescription then I'm pretty sure u wouldn't be sweating it cuz I'm sure you're smart enough to know that would make it legal to take and would NOT CONSTITUTE AS A DIRTY URINE! RIGHT? RIGHT! ## i t... ...
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Tue, Jul 26 '16, 4:49 AM
how long does oxy stay in your urine
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How long does it take for oxyneo to get out of your system? I took 12 Saturday, 4 Sunday & 4 Monday. Getting a drug test so I just need to know. Thanks. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Fri, Feb 05 '16, 9:31 AM
how long does heroin stay your urine
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If I take 100mg of methadone &used monday about 1gm. Will I come out positive for heroin Thur? Also on meds that say it knocks out heroin Will I still come out positive. ## You would have been clean for heroin but not methadone. ## Daily heroine user with last use was sun. At noon. Need to take a urine mon morning. Drinkining a little bit of water with normal activities. Will i piss clean. ## No, you should be good if you drink a lot of water but let me tell you, when you do decide to come off that methadone get ready for one HELLOFA ride cuz I was on 90 mls for eight months and I physically withdrew for a month and a half and still had the sneezes for another month.. Good luck and get off that methadone cuz it's not the way I promise you that.. ## I last used H Wednesday mornin... ...
Updated 5 days ago in Methadone.
Fri, Oct 13 '17, 11:26 AM
How Long Does Soma Stay In Your Urine
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How long does Soma stay in your urine?? My dr's office has a new machine that can detect ANYTHING even o.t.c meds.. I'm not suspose to be taking the soma anymore but its the only thing that helps me with my nerves & pain!! Also..does anyone know if it is a "controled substance" now?? I know whn I WAS perscribed to Soma..they was NOT controlled!!??? ## CEEPS: As with any drug, the amount you consume depends on the time it will be in your system. I am prescribed to SOMA and know for a fact that it is now considered a controlled substance. Anything you have to show a photo ID for at the pharmacy is also. This is just a guess, but I would think it takes 3-4 days to get out of your system. The good news is that Soma, along with a few other drugs have to be specifically te... ...
Updated 7 days ago in Soma.
Wed, Oct 11 '17, 9:24 AM
how long does ural stay in your urine
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I had to do a drug&alcohol test a couple of days ago for work and have been taking ural for about 3 days leading up to the test. I had to do the test at 11:30am and I had ural at 8:00pm the night before. They are testing for ural! Do you think it would show up in my test ? I had a lot of water after I had the ural ? Thanks :) ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Sat, Mar 29 '14, 11:11 PM
how long does vicodin stay your urine
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how long do u have to take vicodin for the right amount to show up on a urine screen ## I'm 5'2 and 120lb. If i took 3, 750mg vicadin today will it be out of my system for a urinalysis on Monday the 9/15, Today is 9/11. ## took a 10 mg vicoden on sunday morning will it show up on the urine test today at two oclock? ## If I took 10 mg, two Vicodin Monday will show in my urine Friday ...
Updated 2 years ago in Vicodin.
Fri, Mar 27 '15, 7:42 PM
How Long Does Norco Stay In Your Urine
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i took 3 norcos about an hour like to know if i would pass a drug test next week wednesday is the drug test ## How long do Norco tabs stay in ur system ## I have a rx for Tylenol 3 but am in extreme pain & want to take 1 of my husbands Norco. I have a urine probation test in 8 days - will my test show the Norco? ## I have a question. I tend to drink ALOT of water. My question: Norco doesn't seem to work as well if I drink alot of water, does water push the pain releaving medication to not work? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Norco.
Mon, Apr 14 '14, 10:09 AM
how long does norco stay in your urine
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I took 1 norco 5mg for tooth pain dr, said to take as needed for pain I took it at 2:30 sunday and I have a drug test Monday at 3:30. what can I do to pass? ## How long does 10 mg/325 at 6 per day for 4 days stay in system/urine ...
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Sun, Jun 28 '15, 1:46 PM
how long does opana stay in your urine
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how long will a 40 mg opana stay in your urine? ## Opana is a narcotic pain medication containing the active ingredient Oxymorphone. For a urine test, it will be out of your body wiithin approximately 48 to 72 hours. If you are taking it by prescription, though, you shouldn't have to worry about it and should just inform them when you go to have the test done. Do you have any other questions? ## I did 3 opana 40s on a Monday and had a pee test on a wedsday will it show up clean? ## did u sniff em or eat em? if you ate em drink tons of water and you might have a chance. if you sniffed em you should be all set they're like out in a day if u sniff pills. i know from experience with pills and drug tests haha. ## I am a recovering addict who recently relapsed on opana er. I had to ta... ...
Updated 28 days ago in Opana.
Wed, Sep 20 '17, 9:59 AM
How Long Does Xanax Stay In Your Urine
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i took 5 xanax bars 6 days ago and i have a urine test on monday the 17th will i be ok ## I took a.xanax. 2 mil for four days.straight but no other time have i took.any how.long out of my system ## I took one 1mg xanax, which is prescribed. Will it show up in my urine 15 hours later at a high level. Or will the level be low enough to not show? ## Of course it will JJ. But it is "Prescribed" so there should be no problem, although it sounds like there is a hidden reason why you are worried about your urine? ## I have nothing to fear. I'm prescribed these meds for sleep related issues. I was just wondering. I asked about vicodin before and the "experts" were wrong. It's wasn't detected. And that was taken for days leading up to urine test. The truth is,... ...
Updated 26 days ago in Xanax.
Fri, Sep 22 '17, 3:07 PM
How Long Does Xanax Stay In Your Urine?
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Took 1 and a half pills of Xanax on monday afternoon. I do not have a clue how many milligrams that is though. And I never took any before that and just took my drug test on friday afternoon. It was a urine test. Should i pass? ## The half-life of Alprazolam is about 12 hours (more or less). To be safe, it should basically be out of your system within a few days after taking it, especially if you did not take any before or after Monday. So I *think* you should be in good shape, but that obviously depends on a variety of other factors, such as how sensitive the test is, the way your body metabolizes things, etc. Hope this helps. Can you do me a favor and report back what the outcome is?? ## yes ## I took a .50 milligram Xanax on Friday @ 3pm and had a drug test Wednesday should I be ok? ... ...
Updated 6 days ago in Xanax.
Thu, Oct 12 '17, 8:55 PM
How Long Does Cocain Stay In Your Urine
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I did a small amount of cocain on thursday last bump was at about 1230am. I vomitted before i went to bed at about 2oo am i did about 5 key hits and one line which is when i vomited. I had to do a drug test on monday for court and i have been so worried i will fail it? How long would this of stayed in my system? ## From the most current tests, it would have been detectable in your urine for approximately 5 days after last use. The precise time frame can always vary from person to person, depending on traits that are unique to each individual, such as your metabolism, overall health, fluid intake, activity levels and etc. but 5 days is the average for most people. Learn more Cocaine details here. When will you get the results? ## i had used cocaine on sunday around 10.30 pm and i got tes... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Cocaine.
Wed, Sep 11 '13, 11:07 AM
How Long Does Heroin Stay In Your Urine
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I used a half a gram of herion on Friday but don't use regularly. I weigh 157 and 5'7 female... If I have a ua on Monday will it show up? ## Yes, there is a chance that it will be detected. Heroin is usually detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 5 days, after last use. Are there any other comments or questions? ## i am on a methadone dose of 30 mgs and iv used 2 ten dollar doses of heroin.. I have a urine test that has to test positive for methadone but negative for .heroin. how many days before heroin shows negative on my ua? ## no there is not a chance it will show up. I test my self regularly and am always clean 4o hours last use. ## CHELIY PLEASE DON'T LISTEN TO JOE!!! PLEASE!!! Just because u take methadone (as well as I do, 100mg for 2 yrs) does NOT HAV... ...
Updated 13 days ago in Methadone.
Thu, Oct 05 '17, 6:11 AM
How Long Does Heroin Stay In Your Urine??
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Its Monday night and i consumed herion and i have a drug test on Friday, will it show up on the test? Also I am very active and run about 5 to 8 miles a day, will that help burn it out of my system faster or at all? ## I have been clean 6 months and took two pakca wends and two packs Friday and have a three panel Monday what should I do ? ## no ## If i used about 3 grams of heroin last monday night. A week ago. will it be out and i be clean now??? ## I havnt taken heroin in 6 months. Up until last week i did it two times maybe point 3 each time. It has been 48 hours do you think i will pass my test? ## I used at 2am friday i have a urine test on monday at 2pm - PLEASE HELP!! ## Im in the same situation. I was wondering, did u pass ur test. And if so, what did u do to pass? ## I used tod... ...
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Sat, May 27 '17, 2:48 PM
How Long Does Ativan Stay In Your Urine
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I took 10 mg of ativan saturday night and have a urine drug test today tuesday at 5:30....will it be out by then? ## There is a chance that it will still be detected. Ativan contains the active ingredient Lorazepam, which is a Benzodiazepine and these can be detected for as long as 6 weeks, after taking them. However, if you have a prescription for them, there is no need to be concerned, you just have to inform them of such, when you go in for the test. Are there any other questions? ## I took ativan on September the 24th at the er and I believe it was .2mg but I'm not sure it was really small and white. My question is I took a drug test 10/11 and I'm wondering if it'll show up. Can someone please get back to me?? ## I know from past drug screen's that any benzo stay... ...
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Tue, Oct 03 '17, 6:00 PM
how long does ativan stay in your urine
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I not sure of the mg amount but I was give ativan in the er on 9-20-14 and I took a drug test on 10-07-14...I tested positive for this possible ## Would Ativan be given in a hospital to an alcoholic following a relapse? ## Yes. It is given to help withdrawals. ## No they would not its for pplz who have ADHD or anxiety etc am on it my self ## No it is not possible. There was some confusion on one of the parties involved. ...
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Tue, Oct 03 '17, 5:56 PM
how long does ativan stay in your urine?
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can a one time dose of ativan 0.5mg be dectected in urine drug screen? ## Yes but only for about 24 hours as ativan has no active metabolites that linger. Below is a link to a pdf file that synapsis NORbg research into urine detection times for benzodiazapine a. NORCHEM'S business focus is urine drug testing ,they spend a considerable amount of moneyon R&D and are the go to nationwide Urinalysis shop when high quality control is needed and or expected omnivore.protrxof ## I took .5 mg of ativan Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings. I have a UA on Friday morning...will I pass it? ...
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Thu, Dec 08 '16, 1:17 AM
how long does lortab stay in your urine
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my script is for hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10/500 but they make me sick to my stomach if i take a whole tab so i only take 1/2 tab at a time .. i took half of a 10/500 last night @9:45pm & went to bed, i missed taking my morning dose cause i was running late & the doctor gave me a urine test this morning @10:00am to make sure i was taking my pain meds, will it still show up in my urine?? ...
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Thu, Aug 22 '13, 12:30 PM
How Long Does Lyrica Stay In Your urine
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I took 3 100mg lyrical on Saturday about 3pm will it be out by Monday at 9am..this is the first time taking them ...I do not take them everyday this one time ## Was it out of your system by monday? ## No ## how long does lyrica pregabalin stay in your urine?How many days exactly?Please can anybody tell me for sure how many days exactly it stays in your system ?Thank you I appreciate it ## Lyricay lyrica lyrica stay the f@@@ away from it the reason my 3 boys have now no mum and are in care and they messed her head up soo much I am a control freak and woman beater and now my boys are without a father.... Simple ## He's one sick man For those with epilepsy it should be great then your kids should not see their father he will hurt them too get on Meds Mr wife beater maybe u kil... ...
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Thu, Oct 20 '16, 10:00 AM
How Long Does Valium Stay In Your Urine
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Valium stays around 5 - 9 days but u should not take Valium with suboxone it is not a good mix it often causes respertory failure read the info that comes with Ur subs from the pharmacy ## I am assuming you were responding to another post, if so, in the future you can do so by using the reply box that is directly under their post. Otherwise, if you post it as separate topic, they don't receive notification of the response. As to the Valium, which contains the active ingredient Diazepam, it is a Benzodiazepine and they can be detectable in a urine test for as long as 6 weeks, after last taking them. And it isn't that it should never be used with Suboxone, but since it can increase the occurrence of central nervous system depression, any person using them must be carefully monitor... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Valium.
Tue, May 17 '16, 1:52 AM

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