How Long Does Oxycontin Show Up Urine

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Does Percocet And Oxycontin Show Up The Same On A Urine Test
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I am rx'ed ms-contin 30mg & percocet 10mg by my pain dr. My question is, since percocet and oxycontin have the same main ingredient in them except the apap that is in the percocet, will it show up the same on a u/a for the pain clinic? ## Yes, since they both contain Oxycodone, a test that checks for the specific opiate and its metabolites will show them both as being the same thing. What you could run into, however, is a problem if you have been taking more than the amount prescribed. Most pain management clinics use tests that also show the level of the opiate(s) in your body, to make sure you are using them as prescribed. They will expect the levels to be in a certain range, so if they are higher than the expected amounts, it could cause you a problem. Are there any other que... ...
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Sun, Aug 13 '17, 12:47 PM
does oxycontin show up the same as vicodin
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Does 120 mg of oxycontin show up the same as vicodin 7.5/325mg in a urine drug screen? ...
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Mon, Nov 18 '13, 8:37 AM
Does Morphine Oxycontin And Oxycodone Show Up The Same In A Urine Test
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Does morphine, oxycontin and oxycodone show up the same in a urine test? If not, what shows up as what? ## Any info please.. ## It depends on the type of test being used. There are some that just check for the presence of opiates, but there are also tests that can check for the specific opiate. If they use a test that checks for the specific ones, then Oxycontin and Oxycodone would both be detected as Oxycodone and Morphine would be detected as Morphine. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Learn more Morphine details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Does methadone show up on a drug screen as hydrocone ?BKHEQEW ## Morphine is a higher opiated. So the levels of morph will be way different and higher then oxys be careful. Becaue if it shows up your completly cut ioff from al... ...
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Wed, Oct 18 '17, 12:07 PM
How Long Does It Take For Opiates To Show Up In Urine
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If I took 60 mg of.oxycontin approximately 45 min before iron test will it show up??? How long does it usually take? ## Generally if you aren't getting drug tested it won't show up, because they aren't looking for that. If for some reason they do find it, just tell them you are taking it because you were prescribed it for pain (or whatever the case may be). Essentially it's none of their business if they are testing you for iron levels and not for drugs. Aside from that if they were to drug test you it most likely will show up. It also depends largely on whether or not you took it on a full stomach. if you did, it may take a little while longer than normal to digest through your system. Logically though, if you feel the effects of drug after you took it, then it is in yo... ...
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Tue, Mar 28 '17, 5:08 PM
How Long Does Oxycontin Stay In Your System
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If I have been taking oxycontin everyday for about a month, how long will it take to get out of my system? I have a drug test next Friday afternoon, and it's a ten panel test. What are the chances of it showing up if I stop taking them today? ## I go 5 days without and my urine tests clean. Now I'm in Canada so I dunno if the tests r different. I know people who go 3 days and come out clean but the longer the better I'd say 5-7 days to b safe. Good luck :) ## Does anyone have jerk like seizures while sleeping after a month of stopping zanax? I do and I don't know why, I'm perfectly healthy mentally,kinda scary ## Zantax is one of the most dangerous drugs to come off of.. Sezuires are absolutely a number one side effect of zantax withdrawal. Be careful. ## I take just... ...
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Thu, Jun 22 '17, 4:57 AM
how long does oxycontin stay in your system will oxy show up on my drug test
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I do not take oxy's often but I took one today, tues, 10mg tablet by mouth, i am 31 and about 160lbs and 5'9. I may have a drug test mon the 26 for court will it show up in my urine? I am also taking depakote, will this effect the test in any way? ## I think your saying you took oxy on tues, and have a test nearly a full week away, on mon. If this is correct, your in the clear. Oxycodone doesnt hang around Long. Im bout the same build and have passed a piss test in a little over 24hrs. fter having used roxys. The extended release(OP) tablets May stay a bit longer than instants cause they are made to hang around while the pill breaks down. Oxy is out in 3 days, MAX. ## I go to pain management and I am prescribed methadone and oxycodone . I took 3 oxycontin 40's 3 days ago. I ... ...
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Tue, Jan 03 '17, 3:13 PM
Does Opana and OxyContin show up as the same thing on a test
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Would Opana and OxyContin show up as the same thing (opiates) on a urine drug test for pain management? I think it's a 5 panel drug test. Thanks. ...
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Mon, Jun 20 '16, 1:30 AM
Oxycontin and percocets showing negative in Urine Analysis
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I Have Been On Oxycontin For Over Ten Years Take 3 Twenty Mg Tabs A Day Also 30 10mg Percocets at night. My Doctor Gave Me Ua And I came up negative for opiates. These are Op oxycontins, was wondering why or how I could come up negative. My Dr. took pills away but After Assuring Her There Had To Be Mistake She Represcribed them. Im Just Worried About Any Other Possible Scenarios Of The Same Results Does Anybody Know why these pills dont show any opiates. ## Have there been any changes in your diet or lifestyle recently? There are many things that could affect whether or not they'd be detectable, such as a huge increase in exercise, an increase in your fluid intake, being sick and vomiting, or having diarrhea and etc. Additionally, you may want to ask her was it an actual negative, o... ...
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Fri, Sep 01 '17, 7:25 AM
What does hydrocodone show up as on a urine test
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I am prescribed 10 mg Norco's 4x per day, 10 mg Valium 3 x daily, topical lidocaine and benzocaine, 50 mg of duloxetine per day, 50 mg of amitriptyline per day, 2 mg estradiol per day, I use a pro air inhaler which has albuterol, Ibuprofen as needed, melatonin as needed, and an iron pill. The problem is I just took a drug screen for work and they did a dip test which showed up positive for morphine, Oxy, and benzodiazepines. I have never taken OxyContin or oxycodone before. I have never taken morphine before with the exception of a post surgical drip three years ago. I know the Valium shows up as a benzo but why would my hydrocodone or whatever show up as morphine and Oxy? I am not a recreational drug user and have never taken anything that is not prescribed to me. ## Norco is hydro... ...
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Tue, Jun 27 '17, 9:45 AM
im taking oxycodone and opana - does oxycontin show the same?
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I have a script for opana and oxycodone. My doctor uses a really expensive lab to send the tests too and they take at least a week... So i know they are intense. If i took an Op 80 (oxycontin) how likely is it that my doc would catch it? ## Oxycontin is Oxycodone. On a urine drug screen, Oxycontin will show up as Oxycodone. Also, Opana's are Oxymorphone, which is Oxycodone and Morphine so the Opana's will also show up as Oxycodone and Morphine. I am not a Dr or a nurse yet but I am in nursing school so I know that if you took an Oxycontin OP 80mg, it will only show up as Oxycodone which you are prescribed. I hope this information was helpful. ## I am prescribed Roxicodone 30mg qid I had an old rx for op80 I took 2 of them I am a CCRN and I am aware that op 80 have hydromorhoone ... ...
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Mon, Jan 25 '16, 3:22 PM
Will percocet show up in a drug test as OxyContin.
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I get 3 30 mg OxyContin per day or 90 per month. Some months I'm short and last month I took 2 5mg of percaset the day before a urine test. What should I expect when I return. ...
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Fri, Aug 08 '14, 9:47 AM
urine drug test for oxycontin
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will oxycontin 15 mg show up in a drug test ## Unless they are testing for it NO. Oxy is a man-made med and won't show as morphine or opiates unless testing specifically for that drug ...
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Wed, Feb 24 '16, 9:08 AM
Oxycontin Prescription Urine
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My boyfriend takes high dosage of oxycontin and oxycodone through pain management doctor. He had to get his prescription early because he took too many the first 3 weeks. His doctor gave him a urine test today when he picked up his prescription early. He told the doctor he was going out of town so he could get them. He was only able to take a small dosage last where near his normal prescription but up until yesterday was taking very close to his normal dosage. I am wondering what kind of test they would be running. If they run a level type test and since he was only a day of taking a smaller dose will the level show up as what he is supposed to be taken? He started to go into a withdrawal state last night. If it shows up as too low will he be kicked off pain management? I am ... ...
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Wed, Aug 23 '17, 10:39 AM
Will Oxycontin Show Up In A Ua 4 Hours After Taking It
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my doctor is going to do a UA to see if I am taking my oxycontin as prescribed. How long after taking a 30mg oxycontin will it show in my UA? ## I am not certain of the exact time frame for this and what you may actually run into, if you haven't been taking them as prescribed is not having the right levels in your body, if it is detected. Generally, when you are prescribed a certain dosage to be taken at certain intervals, they will expect the amount of it in your urine to fall within a certain range and anything outside of that range can alert them to a problem. Are there any other questions? ## It honestly depends on the type of test he's having done add well. If he does a strip you will show up soon...soon as in the same day I'd assume. Even when I didn't want it to..... ...
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Sun, Jan 31 '16, 10:21 PM
how long after taking oxycodone will it show up in urine
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I have been without my OxyContin for about 2weeks - I have one 10mg tab left- my dr appt is tomorrow morning at 7:20am and am due for urine test. how long before my appointment should I take the pill for it to show up the most in urine? I am 5'1, 150lbs. would appreciate any info. ## I have heard 4 days at most. So two weeks for sure this should and will be out of your system so noworries. ...
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Thu, Dec 24 '15, 2:42 AM
I take 30mg oxycontin + 30mg oxycodone + 600mg gabapentin. So why is hydrocodone showing up in urine test
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can you tell me why hydrocodone is showing up in my urine test and I haven't took any? All I take is 30mg Oxycontin and oxycodone and 600mg gabapentin ## Wow. Wish I had a Dr. Like you. Be grateful you can get pain meds. Who cares what the test results say. Those who take that kind of meds are addicted. Pain is no joke. Take what ever you can. Why live in pain? Just live with a " name calling syndrome " ## I was prescribed 2 60 mg oxycontin & 3 30 mg oxycodone a day. My UA test would show positive for Lortab twice this happened. My Dr. Knows Im always honest with him . He said because of the high dose of oxycodone & oxycontin I was on it bleads over showing positive for lortab. ## What?? I didnt think it is possible to show up as hydrocodone when you say ne... ...
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Sun, Jun 11 '17, 2:39 AM
Oxycontin 30 Mg Brown How Long Does It Stay In Your System For Drug Screen Purposes
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if one oxycontin 30 was snift or taken orally how long would it show up in a urine test ## It can vary a little, depending on how long and how often you were taking it, but narcotics generally clear out of your system in 24 to 48 hours. However, if you have a prescription, then you only need to inform them of that, when you go in for testing. Though, they may want proof from your doctor. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I swallow the OPs and they dont work. ive never misused them as they can cause the foolowing;OxyContin consists of a dual-polymer matrix, intended for oral use only. Abuse of the crushed tablet poses a hazard of overdose and death. With parenteral abuse-IV, the tablet excipients, especially talc, can be expected to result in local tissue necrosis (death), in... ...
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Mon, Jun 26 '17, 2:14 AM
Oxycontin Does It Have Morphine In
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Will oxycontin show up as morphine on a drug screen ## Hi Sherry, Both Oxycodone (oxycontin) and Morphine can test positive for opiates; so depending on the quality of the test given, there's always a chance for a false-positive discrepancy between the two. Furthermore, many of the standardized drug tests typically used for screenings lack the sensitivity to distinguish beyond the basic structures of the drug class vs. the drug name; making the odds of a false-positive even greater. I hope this info helps to answer your question! ## I was taken 40mg Oxycontin 2x daily for my chronic daily headaches. I was called in for a urine test & immediately stopped my meds cuz they said I tested positive for Morphine when I never touched it. Then 6 mos later I was taking 20mg Oxycontin ... ...
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Sat, Aug 01 '15, 1:58 AM
Oxycontin And Oxycodone Urine Drug Test
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When taking a urine drug test, does oxycontin and oxycodone come up as the same drug? I took a 40mg oxycontin on a monday and was drug tested on thurs. I am tested once a month from my pain mangement dr. to make sure my oxycodone's are in my system. So will the 2 drugs show up as one or is there a differance in them with the drug test? ## No, there is not difference between them for a drug test, Oxycocodone is the active ingredient in both, so they will show up as the same thing. However, what you may run into is having a different level of it in your body than what they would expect if you were taking the exact amount prescribed. Some of the pain management clinics use tests that show the level in your body, so they can tell if someone is not taking their medications, at all, or if... ...
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Fri, Sep 29 '17, 8:33 AM
Morphine showing up in instant urine test
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I just took a urine test for probation. It was an instant test with the panel right on the cup. I take oxycodone 30 and oxycontin 20mg but I also tested positive for morphine. I have only taken my prescribed meds. She is sending it out to a lab for verification but I dont understand why morphine showed up which she said usually means heroin which I have never used. Does anyone know if this is common for the instant test to come up positive for things u dont take? ## I took a test came up positive for heroin which I have never taken,they sent it out came back false positive. If you eat a bun that have those little seeds on them they will give you a false positive and blood pressure medication can give you a false methadone results. Just my 2cents in what I have experience. ...
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Sun, Jul 10 '16, 11:18 PM

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