How Long Does Dilaudid Show Up In Urine

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how long does dilaudid show up in urine
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IF U GET 120 OF D8s and i got jumped and they took them and i only got 7 left and i am supposed to take 4aday. can they tell the level on what i took? plus i want to know will i show up for the sign of me taking my pills? what i want to know now is will i show positive, cause i need too? ## I would like to no if Dilaudid will show up in doctor drug text went to ER on Tuesday Im on 10 mg of Lotab they gave me a 1 mg of Dilaudid through a shot went to doctors on Thursday they did a drug text for my medication I show them the paper what the ER doctor gave me but it was like they wouldn't listen to me please tell me what it will show up as thank u ## Straight up inform your doctor That you have the paperwork And don't sweat it. You will be fine ...
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Wed, Feb 03 '16, 3:43 AM
How long will dilaudid show up in a urine test?
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I have used dilaudid for 3 years now. Last year I have been using it as a Iv drug. If I used an hour ago as a Iv and took 2 mg of it. Will it show up tomorrow on a urine test? Before I used 5 days straight and passed. I have heard different answers. I have heard no it don't show up to yes. Fr it only takes a few hours to be out to 3 to 5 days. Iv actually injected dilaudid Monday though Thursday this week. One 2 mg pill a day. Last dose an hour ago. If I test tomorrow around 10 am will it show up? If so what can I do not to show up and it can't be a diluted urine test. It's for drug court. ## I need to know this same thing. Please someone help us ! ## Did u pass the drug test for dilaudid? Just wondering... ...
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Sun, Dec 27 '15, 9:44 PM
how will dilaudid show up in urine
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I'm supposed to take one 4mg dilaudid a day. I only have a half to take the day of my test. Will it show up? ...
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Fri, May 29 '15, 5:27 AM
How Long Does Dilaudid Stay In Your Urine
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How long does a 8mg dilaudid pill stay in your urine stream? If the pill was taken approximately 8 days before a urine drugs screen will it show up on the test? I had only taken one or two pills. ## After 8 days, in theory, you should be fine. Like most other narcotics, the Hydromorphone in Dilaudid is usually detectable in a urine screen for approximately 4 to 5 days, after use. However, there is no precise time frame, because individuating factors are always going to play a role, such as your metabolism, overall health, activity levels and etc. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I took a d 8 on friday eve will I pass a ur 2day please ## If your not a heavy frequent user you should have passed. Let me know if you did I'm wonder if I just dif one just now will I pass a t... ...
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Sun, Oct 08 '17, 7:33 AM
does dilaudid show up as percocet on a urine test
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I need percocet to show up in my urine for a urine test 3 days away. Will dilaudid show up as oxycodone or percocet? What will? ## I get Dilaudid at my pain clinic. I ran low so I took some Percocet. Will they show up the same in a urine test? ## I was looking for answers for the 2 questions regarding if taking a urine test, if Percocet and Dilaudid would show up as the same? ## Usually the type of test administered at a pain clinic can differentiate between the different types of opiates. Percocet contains the active ingredient oxycodone and dillaudid is hydromorphone. Percocet and dillaudid will not show up as the same thing and you could get in hot water with your doc. Sorry, I'm sure that's not the answer you were hoping for but just want you to be prepared. ## Thank you Jas... ...
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Sun, Aug 13 '17, 3:58 PM
how fast will dilaudid show up in my urine
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I have to take a urine test and took a dilaudid how fast will it appear in my urine ## If I shot a 4 mg dilaudid how long before it would be in my urine ...
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Wed, Sep 17 '14, 7:34 PM
how long does 1 4mg dilaudid tablet stay in urine
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I have an appointment with my pain clinic Friday at 4pm. I've been seeing pain drs for many yrs due to several severely painful immune related diseases & rarely get uaed, but this will be the 1st time I'll see this particular dr so am not sure if I will this time. I am currently on 3 15mg mscontin extended release tabs/day. IF I took 1 4mg dilaudid at approximately 1pm on Wednesday, will it be likely to show up in a urine screen on Friday?! Thanks for any help! :-) ## I forgot to mention that the mscontin is what I'm actually prescribed right now. I am also wondering if the mscontin & dilaudid may just show up the same in a ua? ## How long does a 2mg dilaudid stay in your system? if I took one tonight would it show up in test weds afternoon? ## U can flush by drinkin... ...
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Sat, Jul 23 '16, 12:36 PM
Will Lortab Show Up As Dilaudid In Your Urine
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will lortab after being asborbed and processed in your body show up as didaudid? I was told lortab will be broke down and excreted as didaudid ## Technically, it should be detected as Hydrocodone, which is the active narcotic ingredient in it, however, the quality of the test used may cause problems. It may not necessarily show up as Dilaudid, but on the less expensive, non-certified tests, it may cause false a positive for other narcotic opiates. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Wed, Feb 22 '12, 7:05 PM
how long does it take for one dilaudid 8 to show positive on a urine test?
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I have a urine test at my pain mgnt, if i took a hydromorphone 8 pill how long until it shows up in the urine test? ...
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Tue, Oct 01 '13, 8:22 AM
Dilaudid in urine
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I had dilaudid IV for several days after my c-section because of some problems with the surgery. I saw a specialist about 25 days later and still tested positive. It was not an issue but surprised to hear it could show so long. All of you people trying to beat tests need to just do it the right way. There are never guarantees. ...
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Sun, Nov 22 '15, 10:51 AM
what causes dilaudid to not show up on a urine test?
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I have been taking Excalgo, 12 mg, every morning. Also, dilaudid 4 mg, 3 times a day for break through pain. Most of my doctors appt. are in the morning. I take the Excalgo about 1hour or so before my appt. For the past 2 months, my doctor is telling me that it is not in my urine test. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? My appt. last week, he completely had taken my pain meds away, leaving me to deal with severe pain and withdrawal from the meds. I have been on pain meds, for over 20 years, my dose goes up, goes down, or meds get changed. I have scoliosis, and was fused when I was younger. Over the years, and after giving childbirth, it progressively gotten worse. I had to leave my job as a secretary/stenographer for 18 years, because I could not sit for any period of time. I was seen by a surgeon i... ...
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Tue, May 17 '16, 12:36 PM
does dilaudid show up as morphine on a drug test
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Dilauded DOES NOT show up on a urine test. I've passed EVERY time. It does not break down into morphine. ## It shows up if they are testing for hydromorphone. ## Does it show up on a 10 panel? I've heard that the hydrocodones I take every so often could create a + result? Mine was a send out. Flipped out this could happen to me! ## So if I took dilaudid but have a script for hydrocodone will I pass my mouth swab ## I took bunch of dilaudid and i did not give a dirty urine for opiates, so I don't know why people are saying it shows up when it does not... ## Because they're not testing for it specifically ## dilaudid is hydromorphone in the morphone or morphine family , Hydrocodone is viccodin or codone from the codine family . they are all metabolized differently in your ... ...
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Wed, May 17 '17, 12:11 PM
dilaudid urine test
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I'm suppose to take 8 mg of dilaudid four times daily but I really only take 2 1/2 daily. Will the amount that I'm really taking show up in my urine test? ...
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Fri, Apr 24 '15, 4:09 AM
Does dilaudid & heroin show up the same on drug test?
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I take 4~8mg of prescribed dilaudid. Got several stolen from family at TG! Ygh! Now im out of dilaudid & in pain. Was told heroin would test the same as dilaudid. Appt on monday for doc. Pls answer asap pls! Thx! ## I got tested at concordia, and H came up as basically; non specified... so the job, couldnt fire me that day, because my test needed to be sent to a different lab, for a more specific answer. But as soon as the lab got my results, it came up as morphine A. So they knew exactly that I had done,, (H). Basically, a rapid test cannot tell what it was. But a legitimate lab, will pop your ass forsure. ## If their just doing a standard urine test inhouse your will show up the SAME since dilaudid AND heroin are the SAME DRUG PHARMACEUTICALLY...HYDROMORPHONE but....if th... ...
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Tue, Nov 10 '15, 12:26 AM
What Does Dilaudid Show Up On A Drug Screen
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I am a 32 yr. old female who is on methadone maitnance. I did 8 dilaudid yesterday and had a drug test today. Someone told me that dilaudid shows up as methadone on a drug screen, is that true or will I loose my take home status for being dirty? ## what happened? ## She likely tested positive for hydromorphone. No other drug shows up as Methadone because they test specifically for Methadone and the metabolite of Methadone. ## No it doesn't show up as methadone. It shows up as an opiate. Methadone has to be specifically tested for and is expensive. The methadone clinics of course always test you for methadone to make sure it is in your system. Don't assume you can use someone elses urine and put in a drop of methadone. Most clinics now test to make sure the methadone was metaboli... ...
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Mon, Jun 19 '17, 5:12 AM
does methadone show up the same as dilaudid
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If I'm taking dilaudid, but I have one methadone in my system, will it show in my iron test? And if so, how can I fix it? ## Will dilaidid show up as methadone on a panel urine test ...
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Fri, Sep 16 '16, 10:23 AM
why isn't my dilaudid showing up in ua
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I go to a pain clinic and I am given dilaudid 2mg 3 times a day. I took my 3 through out the day yesterday the last one being around 1am. I took my UA at 9:10am. yet for the second month in a row it didn't show up in my urine. could u please tell me how that's possible. ## Dilaudid is a man made drug,there are no Opioid's in Dilaudid. That is why you don't have a positve UA. ...
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Mon, Jul 21 '14, 12:29 PM
does dilaudid show up as opiates on a drugtest?
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so she couldnt find the hydros and found a 30 mg oxycodone and did two using iv. than the next day did two hydros 8's using the same method as before. she also had not been using the oxycodone bc she had the hydros and only used the 30's bc that is all she could find. she went and bought a home drug test the kind in the cup that you turn on it's side. and it showed up positive for oxycodone and positive for opiates. it's understandable why the oxy showed up but why would it show positive for opi? all she did that week was suboxene oxycodone and hydromorphine. also she did some reseaarch and it said that dilaudid does show up as an opiaite so this is very confusing. ## Usually a home urine drug test is not going to show dilaudid (hydromorphone). The opiate that most home ... ...
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Mon, Apr 25 '16, 5:48 AM
how long does heroin stay in urine
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How many days would it take for heroin not to show up in a persons urine? Also how does methadone read on a urine test? Would it read as an opiate? ## I dosed 4 days ago. Will I be clean by monday? ## I took a cap of heroin on Sunday night more like 1am and I have to take a test Friday by 5 o'clock. I've been drinking water and just my normal prescribed medication which is dilaudid and xanax. ## Methadone doesn't read as an opiate on a drug screen, it reads an methadone. On panel drug screens methadone has its own section, if it's included in the drug screen. You will never test positive for opiates because of methadone being as its a synthetic drug. If you are a light h user and need your system clean for a UA drink tons of water and the day before and day of be sure to... ...
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Wed, Apr 26 '17, 3:29 PM
Does Dilaudid Show Up As Morphine Or Opista On A Drug Test
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Does Dilaudid Show Up As Morphine or an opiate on a 5-Test SAMHSA Drug Test ## Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, it is a narcotic opiate and will be detected as exactly that in drug tests. Learn more Dilaudid details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I need help as I'm confused about all this. I've never heard of hydromorphone until a week ago! My husband takes morphine sulfate, tramadol, trazadone and hydrocodone. Yes alot of medication, I know, however he has alot of problems and needs surgery but has been putting it off so he wouldn't have to take a medical leave of absence from work. Now they did a random urine drug test which has never been a problem so we never anticipated a phone call advising my husband he has been fired because hy... ...
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Sun, May 22 '16, 3:13 PM

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