How Long Does Dilaudid 8 Last

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how long does dilaudid 8 last
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Just switched from methadone 30mg daily for chronic neck pain. Herniated c3456. I was taking it 3x a day and it just stopped working. PM Dr switched me to dilauded 8mg 3xs a day. How ever it last about 3-4 hours. Is this normal ## You may need to speak to your doctor about adjusting the dose, so it works longer, or perhaps switching to the time released formulation to keep your pain under control longer. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. How long have you been taking it? ## 5 days now. I called my Dr he told me in the visit that it may not last ## I have been taking methadone 5 mg 3 times a day, I asked my dr to ween me off ... ...
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Tue, Apr 25 '17, 7:10 AM
how long does dilaudid take to work
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My dr lied to me and said she was giving me 2mg and .5 of oral dilaudid. When I explained .5 didn't do s*** for me last night, she said she would up the doses so cold get some sleep. I was up till after 4 am crying for the last 3 weeks. ## Hello, Heather! How are you? There is no .5mg of oral Dialudid available in the U.S. The dosing starts at 2mgs. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. What do you feel your doctor lied about? I apologize, but I'm not understanding what you're asking. ## I usually take 8 mg dilaudid every 2-3 hours. By mistake I took two 8mg at the same time. I have been on one form or another of narcotics for many years due to a... ...
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Wed, Mar 22 '17, 9:29 PM
dilaudid how long does it keep the pain away
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Hello I just had a injury took a bad fall at home Scapula and clavicle are fractured and the place between the lung and ribs there is a Excessive fluid they call it (pleural effusion) they been pumping it out the last five days looks more like blood than fluid also I have 4 broking ribs my question is on dilaudid this is my 1st time taking it I get a 4 mg shot every four hours it helps but only for the 1st couple hours then I am back in pain for the next two they are going to be releasing me from the hospital and then I will be switching to tablets which I have been told will not affect the body the same way is there anything that can be done about the situation.also I have been taking Tylenol three for years and have become kind of immune to them which I think makes my body tolerance t... ...
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Sun, Aug 27 '17, 9:30 PM
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I am curious as to how often this med. can be taken. currently I take it every 8 hours, but it doesn't last that long. ## I take 6mg diludid suppossitory (2 3mg )with 50 mg Phenegan shots every 3-4 hours for my Gastroparesis Episodes. I have build up a tolerance to the drugs and have to take high doses now. The body does seem to build up immunities to the two drugs and I have to up the doseage about every year. We are trying 75 mg Demerol now instead of diludid to try and break the cycle, but it doesn't seem to be working as well. ## The doctors i have dealt with as to using dilaudid some will let u have 1 mg every 3 hours which doeant last that long 4 me but if i ask for stronger dose they look at me like I am nuts. Or they are afraid I will become addicted to it. Its like figh... ...
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Wed, Sep 26 '12, 2:53 PM
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## used for severe pain in initial emergency visit to hospital, ## Is delodid and dilaudid the same thing? Is delodid a slang, it is listed on internet under painkillers, typically in individual testimoies. Have small, oblong light red pill, Wiith an A on one side, 9 scored 0 on the other. Told this was a 10mg delodid prescribed and bought from Walgreens pharmacy. Need to find out what this pill is...thank uou ## Yes, they are the same thing, Hydromorphone, the people typing that are just guessing at the spelling. And that pill is not Dilaudid, it is more than likely something over the counter. There are no Dilaudid pills listed in the U.S. databases with that marking. ## Well, I do know for a fact as I was at the E.R. last night and you CAN take dillaudid orally...... ## What is the st... ...
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Fri, Mar 22 '13, 7:27 PM
how to get dilaudid in er
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I'm a sickle cell disease patient and in the hospital, having pains but the pills aren't working for my pain for the last 3 days. What are my rights to receive pain meds intravenously? ## Dear Gwen, Sorry to hear about your predicament with a lack of pain relief... It seems to me that doctors will only prescribe what they see fit based on their personal/moral standards (which can be very unpredictable unless you have a good close relationship with your provider). Ethically and lawfully, they "should be" prescribing whatever is necessary for the well-being of their patients...which they took an oath for. However, it goes without saying that many doctors these days have been abusing the system and are scared to write for anything too strong (or out of the ordinary) for fea... ...
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Fri, Mar 24 '17, 9:57 AM
Dilaudid doesn't work for pain
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I am allergic to Vicodin and Percocet so for my last 2 surgical procedures have been prescribed 4mg oral Dilaudid. I understand that it is a very powerful pain reliever but I get minimal relief from it so is it possible that my pain receptors are not responsive to this type of medication? The only other pain med that I take is Lodine (NSAID) for arthritis. It seems that I get more pain relieve from 2 Tylenol but am still in alot of pain with that. Both times after surgery I have stopped taking the Dilaudid after 3 days because I'm still in pain and on top of that constipated. Has anyone had this same minimal response and any suggestions on other pain meds I could use if needed? ## Odd. I too had little relief from Dilaudid. I was in a motorcycle accident, and they gave me that after... ...
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Sun, Oct 08 '17, 7:15 AM
16mg dilaudid
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and fentanyl 150 mcg for spinal stenosis. Cronic pain for years but the last 2 is are finally getting to me. 8 surgeries, 4 major cancer and more, and 4 for hernias and so on. Always wear patch but sometimes 3,4 days mostly pain free don't take deludide.Then the pain hits. 16mg every 4 hrs bearly touches it. You would think not taking for days I would get knocked for a loop. This moring woke up from pain, it was like I woke up in recovery room. Took 24 mg dl and didn't touch it. Whats going on. How long can a person put up with the pain without going loony. Having pain like I have for the past 2 years is really mentally fatiguing ## You are building a very strong tolerance to opioids you have to go on a long acting pain killer like methadone. If you continue to increase your dos... ...
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Sat, Jun 18 '16, 7:51 PM
fill dilaudid fl 8mg #120
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I've moved here to Palm Harbor Fl in July from Mi. I've been with Walgreens for yrs with this. In Oldsmar, Fl the walgreens on tampa rd always filled them. I moved over to palm harbor, trying to stay in the laws. I used a walgreens here, big mistake. The guy came out from the counter yelling saying I shouldn't be on 4 a day 8mg dilaudid and blocked me from all walgreens. I'm trying cigna home delivery pharmacy. If this don't work. I'm fully insured with medicare a, b, d/medicaid... where can I get #120 of 8mg of dilaudid filled in pinellas county? ## Hello, Gary! How are you? I'm very sorry about what happened. According to the new directives set forth by the DEA last year, doctor's are supposed to lower the amounts that someone is taking to get them on t... ...
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Tue, Dec 29 '15, 4:22 PM
Increasing Dilaudid
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Right now I am on 8mg every 4 hours. Is it okay to increase that to 12 mg every 4 hours. ## Are you having a problem with the 8mg, is it no longer working? How long have you been taking it? Learn more Dilaudid details here. This is a very potent narcotic, so any titration up must be done very carefully. Have you talked to your doctor? ## I have only been on the total 4 mg for just a few months. My GP is away right now and I will certainlly discuss a increase in mg. with her when she returns. I am in pain because of a shoulder pain. I had a replacement done 3 yrs ago and always have had a bit of discomfort. Within the last year the pain has increase immensely - that is why the morphine. I am now waiting for an U/S to see if I have ripped the tendon. Sometiime the lower dose helps, but al... ...
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Sun, Sep 23 '12, 1:16 PM
Weaning off Dilaudid
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I have been taking 8 mgs. of Dilaudid 4 times a day for the last 6 months for a chronic illness. 3 months ago I had surgery to give some relief to my illness, and I have since found some stabilization to my symptoms. As such, my doctors want to wean me off of the Dilaudid. I am very nervous about the idea because I have noticed in the mornings (after not having the Dilaudid for 12 hours), I feel a bit anxious and I have joint and muscle aches and pains. Therefore, the first thing I do is take my Dilaudid. Currently to wean me off my doctor is suggesting that I taper back one pill a day (around lunchtime) each week so that I go from taking 8 4mg. tablets a day to taking one 4 mg. tablet a day. This process should take about one month to complete, and it truly frightens me. Do you have an... ...
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Thu, Oct 05 '17, 8:10 AM
Way too much dilaudid
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Hello everyone, Currently i am prescribed 16mg orally of dilaudid every 3-4 hours. I have just begun my 1st day of weaning myself off by cutting down to 14 mg for this next whole week, with the help of valium. I will continue to cut down like this until the last dose. Now i understand that this is an extremely high dose but im focusing on getting off of it and not worrying about how i got on it. The reason it got so high was because i have this chronic severe chest pain that after 4 1/2 months they have been unable to find a reason for the pain. Last week in the hospital i was in so much pain and and didnt know why until i found out that some idiot dr. cut my dilaudid dose in half, so i was screaming and pain and going through severe withdrawl. I know i have a long tough road ahead of m... ...
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Mon, Nov 28 '11, 1:31 PM
dilaudid for chest pain
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i went to the er the other day and was given dilaudid for pain. when they gave it to me it felt like i was having a heart attack. i was not given a prerscription for any just antibiodics and norco 5 mg. but now whenever i get active my chest begins to hurt like it did that nioght and its beginning to freak me out. how long will this last or do i need to have my heart checked out? ## Hello, Bill! How are you? Has there been any change? What symptoms do you equate to feeling like you were having a heart attack? Why were you given Dilaudid? The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Are you on any other medications? ...
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Thu, Mar 23 '17, 9:25 PM
dilaudid manufacturer
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I live in Orlando, FL and have had trouble filling my script any advise! ## I also live in Orlando and spent the last 2 days looking for pharmacies to refill my prescription for 4mg tabs. I have chronic pancreatitis and take it daily. Please help!!! ## Dear Jules, Sorry to hear about your trouble trying to fill that prescription. No matter your location, I would just encourage you to talk with your doctor about this problem filling medication he/she writes for. Perhaps your doctor can call-in the prescription to ensure that the script is verified and accounted for, putting the pharmacy in check-mode for getting it filled. If for some odd reason they refuse to fill such prescriptions, I think it would then be your doctor's duty/responsibility to write for something else that can be f... ...
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Fri, Jan 22 '16, 3:30 PM
Getting of 4 mg Dilaudid
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I just had My Tonsils out and Uvula Trimmed. It is a very painful recovery so far. I was given 5mg of ocycodone to take 2 pills every 6 hours. one of my friends gave me 75 4 mg dialaudid. I have been taking 1 4mg every 6 hours sometimes every 4 hours. i found the oxycodone 5mg did not work well so i switched over after the 2nd day. I have a bit of an addictive personality and i do not want to get addicted to this. the acute pain should last about another week from what i was told. What is the best way to start getting off the dilaudid ? i tried taking less of the dilaudid, ie extending times between doses or skipping but the pain is unbearable for me. Im 30 years old and the tonsils were the biggest the surgeon has told me he has seen. I lost over a litre of blood during the procedure w... ...
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Sat, Sep 14 '13, 5:37 PM
Fentanyl Does Not Last 48 Hours
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I am currently on a Mylan Fentanyl patch 50mcg/hr. I was on 75mcg patch which worked well with my pain but the patches dont last 48 hours. After about 30-36 hours I start having major withdrawel symptoms and pain. I had these withdrawels with both doses of the fentanyl patches. My dr dropped my down to 50mcg to see if it would help but it does'nt. I have some Dilaudid for breakthrough pain but it does'nt work at all for pain or withdrawel syptoms. The dilaudid is basically useless to me. Has anyone had a Mylan Fentanyl patch thats doing this?? I saw my dr today and he's considering taking me off the patches and back to the pills again. This really sucks. The patches have worked well for about 10 months now. ## Very sorry for what you are going through. It is possible that yo... ...
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Wed, Oct 11 '17, 2:10 PM
Withdrawal from dilaudid
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Hey everyone, im recently cutting down from 16mg of dilaudid every 3-4 hrs to im at 4mg every 4 hrs now. Ive been on dilaudid for 10 months for a tumor that went undiagnosed for 8 months. Most doctors thought i was just drug seeking because they couldnt find out what was causing my pain, so im relieved they finally found something and i had it removed and i feel so much better. Now all my other problems are solved except for the dilaudid dependance. Any tips on getting off this stuff. It gets extremely unbearable after just 5 hours from the last dose. I know i dont need it for pain anymore, i just want to be off everything and back to normal. Any help would be appreciated. ## Hey, that's all normal. I'm in the same boat but w/oxycodone. Anyone who's not an opiate user (and e... ...
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Tue, Sep 19 '17, 4:17 PM
Dilaudid 1mg/5ml cough syr
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Dilaudid cough syrup in the USA and Canada is a scheduled II controlled drug as it has 1 mg of hydromorohone per 5ml of cough solution .. It never was over the counter in the last 50+ yrs... You may be confused with some Meds like robitussin AC which has only 10mg of CODIENE in it per 30ml of syrup and thus is a controlled 5 script and you can sign for it at some states pharmacy counter!! ## I'm not sure who suggested otherwise to you, but Dilaudid Cough Syrup (guaifenesin + hydromorphone) is definitely regarded as a controlled substance - available by prescription-only. Perhaps other countries are more liberal about its presence over the counter, due to the guaifenesin, but at least here in the US it requires a doctor's script (probably because of dilaudid's high potential ... ...
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Sun, Jun 23 '13, 7:08 PM
dilaudid 2mg prescriptions
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I have an RX for dilaudid and for the last few months by the end of the month, some of my tablets look like they have been dropped in water and taken out to dry. They are smaller and the marks are not readable. How and why does this happen! Thank you for your help ## Hello, Julia! How are you? Do they still work for you? Some pharmacies use automated counters and sorters, which unfortunately may result in some peoples being slightly damaged, or broken. I've had it happen, before, so I know prefer to use pharmacies that still do hand counts to fill prescriptions. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. ...
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Sat, Nov 19 '16, 7:34 PM
dilaudid perscribers inb nyc
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i need to get my script filed.. i literally got it filed 3 days ago and lost the whole bottle.. my dr wont write another one and I am running really low from last month.. need to see dr tomorrow.. please any help would be greatly appreciated.. i have been on for 12 years and i have a new2 job.. i will not make it thru this month w xmas and the kids... thanks in advance! ## any help greatly appreciated located in New York City lost my prescription for the Loudoun for milligrams if anyone can help me out with a referral do a good pain mgmt doctor for roxicodone or Dilaudin immediate release I will be greatly appreciative. you can get back to me at {edited for privacy} ...
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Mon, Dec 09 '13, 8:56 AM

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