How Long Does Cocaine Show Up In A Urine Test

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how long does cocaine show up in urine test
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snorted about 4 grams of cut cocaine sunday and Monday 2 grams each day. scheduled to take urine test next Monday morning. I am 67 yrs old 5ft 10in 220 lbs. have been drinking over a gallon of diet cola a day and urinenating several times a day, Do I have a chance of passing test. also stopped taking 15 mls a day of Adderall 10 days ago. will that show up? ...
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Thu, Aug 21 '14, 7:43 PM
cocaine urine test
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Please help, my wife had just heard that she tested positive for cocaine in the metabolite form in a minute minute amount but never in her life went near that stuff. Its very odd but same month last year showed methadone in very high dose, I'm 100 percent sure she didn't take either one. Anyone have an idea of what could cause that too occur, its a lot of stress to go through that's unnecessary but I guess it happens. They said they were having some problems with some of the other tests coming in as well but the problem was something different. She goes to a place that tests every month with a test that reads levels up to 22 days they said and all her results have always been perfect. Not condoning anyone who does use as to each their own, but I'm definate that she never... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Cocaine.
Fri, Apr 11 '14, 12:08 PM
How Does Gabatentin Show Up In A Urine Test
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I have been prescribed gabatentine for back and neck pain. I am being drug tested once a week with a zero tolerance for any narcotics in my system. Will this medication show up on a 10 panel drug urinalysis drug screen ## Gabapentin is not a narcotic of any type, it is actually an anticonvulsant that has been shown to help with certain types of nerve pain. Thus, it should not show up as anything and it has also not been known to cause false positives. Learn more Gabapentin details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am on Gabapentin and Ibuprofen for knee pain and my hair folicule test came back positive for benzo's and cocaine and I haven't used any narcotics in 7 months, so I would not take the gabapentin if I was you! ## My neurontin show a an opiate on sali... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Gabapentin.
Fri, Jul 24 '15, 5:55 AM
urine test showing percocet as cocaine and opiates
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My nephew accidentally took a percocet the day before his probation visit. He thought it was his naproxen for a hand condition. He was prescribed percocet after a dental extraction months ago. Would the urine screening show as Cocaine and Opiates? He was arrested for this but it was totally unintentional. Or, is he lying about this situation? ## I haven't had coke for over 10 years. I'm on hydromorphone and dilaudid for back pain and I tested positive for cocaine. I also take marijuana but I don't know how this could have happened? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Percocet.
Thu, Feb 11 '16, 2:27 PM
Cocaine showed up in my urine test and I haven't done it in years
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I was just cut off from my dr of many years for showing positive in my urine for cocaine. This same dr has been giving me my meds for years. I take Oxycodone HCL 15 mg and xanax. I don't understand why cocaine would show up cause I haven't done it in years! If anyone knows why this would happen please let me know. He wouldn't even re test me again so I could prove to him I don't do cocaine! He did say if I could find out why it would show up he would start giving them to me again. Please help! ## Neither the Oxycodone that you mentioned, nor the Xanax should cause a false positive for Cocaine, however, there are other substances that can. Did you take anything else, even over the counter products? Learn more about Cocaine Details ## go to another doctor and tell this one... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Cocaine.
Sat, Jan 21 '17, 8:18 AM
Cocaine vs oxycodone in a urine test
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Does cocaine and oxycodone show up the same in a urinalysis? ## Two completely different chemical make up for these two drugs if you are not being tested for cocaine it will not show up as an opiated based drug such as oxycodone However there are so many different opiated drug bases and synthetic opiates certain opiate base drugs can cause a false positive for others in that same class ## Why should cocaine matter. You are prescribed oxycodone right? ## Well can it show up as cocaine? ## Not even close. Completely different drugs and each drug will test positive in its own category. ## What narcotic drug will show up positive for cocaine such as morphine, Tylenol3, and percocet? ## No opiod drug will show up positive for coke. They are two separate drug classes. OPIODS & AMPHETAMINE... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Cocaine.
Sun, May 07 '17, 6:48 AM
drug urine test for cocaine and ativan
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I take Ativan everyday-I did cocaine yesterday about 100 dollars worth. I go to my doctor in 4 days. will I be clean from the cocaine? will the Ativan show up as an opiate? please help! ## I suggest you drink plenty of fluids and keep flushing your system, as cocaine will stay in your system for over a week! ## Yes Ativan will show up as an opiate ## Sorry you blew it motabolights will show up 2 weeks ...
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Fri, May 27 '16, 7:30 PM
will Norco show up as an opiate in a urine drug test
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I went to the dentist and had an abscessed tooth and was prescribed Norco pain pills and I am on parole. Is Norco a opiate and will it come up as a opiate on the drug test ## will i be denied employment if i test positive for norco?will it show as an opiate?I also have a legit script ## it doesnt matter if you were prescribed it then it doesnt matter if you fail the test, but to answer your question norco is hydrocodone which most probation/parole tests for. It depends on what panel test they use however. Hydrocodone is a widely abused substance so they will most likely be testing for it. Most PO's have 10 panel tests which test for oxycodone, opaites, methadone, hydrocodone, LSD, cocaine and I cant remember the rest of the top of my head but I am sure you can google ten panel test ... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Norco.
Sat, Jan 14 '17, 9:04 PM
Xanax Urine Test
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I took 10 4 milligram bars and have a drug test in 4 days. My question is, can i beat it if i run a lot and drink tons of water and juice? And yes i already know the risk and that it's stupid taking them knowing i had a test, but give me some straight answers on milligrams in the body, the more the less you take, etc. Thank you for your time. ## I have been on prescription Xanax before and I know that it stays in your system for at least 2 weeks after you take it. It's not like cocaine and is out of your system in 3-5 days. I used to work for a prison and had random drug testing. If you have no script, your gonna be in trouble :( ## That is a crazy amount of xanax to be taking and you will show positive on a drug test if you take that much. any thing that you do to try to detox ... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Xanax.
Mon, Jul 31 '17, 11:09 AM
Postive test for cocaine
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I recently have had 4 urine test and tested positive for cocaine each time. I dont do cocaine. They only thing I take is cymbalta. Can the cymbalta make a positive test for cocaine? I dont understand why it keeps showing up positive. ## No, the Duloxetine in Cymbalta isn't known to cause false positives for anything. Have you taken anything else? Even over the counter products? ## My boyfriend has history of oxycodone abuse. He has been to rehab twice. Swears he has not used coke in years. We don't live together full time. I test him at home randomly with a 10 test urine test strip and he has been clean for about 6 months. Last week he tested positive for cocaine. I wanted to retest before I made a big deal out of it, but was out of kits. I tested his urine a few days later and ... ...
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Sat, Jun 17 '17, 6:36 AM
What Does Concerta Show Up As On A Drug Test
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I take Concerts 36mg daily, for ADHD, and am subject to random drug tests . U have heard that Concerta will show up as Methamphetamine on a urine test . Is this true ??? ## Concerta contains the active ingredient Methylphenidate, it is a stimulant medication that is similar to Amphetamines and Cocaine, so yes, it has been known to cause false positives, but usually for Amphetamines. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I just took concert yesterday and had a dipstick drug test that I spit on it and blow the saliva down the tube what would it show up as on that drug test ## No. It contains ZERO amphetamines. It is a time released version of methylphenidate which is the active carbon in Ritalin. ## ok, So I need some help here. I had a surprise drug and alcohol test.. The night b... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Concerta.
Tue, Aug 29 '17, 4:35 PM
will lidocaine show up in drug test
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I was having really sharp pains in my hip so I used a 5% lidocaine patch. I left it on for about 10 hours will it show up a positive urine test for cocaine? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Lidocaine.
Sat, Jan 11 '14, 9:29 AM
how long does xanax valium norco stay in your urine
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I took one Valium 3 weeks ago. I took xanax several days in a row 3 weeks ago. I took a norco 3 days ago. I drank 3 days ago. I did 3 lines of cocaine 3 days ago. Will I pass a urine test in 2 days? ## How can anyone take a urine drug test without showing some type of false positive? Everything under the sun seems to register for false positives: poppy seeds, Zantac OTC, melatonin, SSRIs, tricyclics, Wellbutrin, ibuprofen, certain vitamins and minerals. Just seems like a very broad wand that captures innocents and abusers alike. I hate to think how many good citizens that are taking routine prescriptions are disqualified because of inaccurate results. ## I take Verapamil for my migraines (my Neuro doc prescribed) and my pain doc asked me why I was taking methadone. Uh...what??? LOL. I... ...
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Fri, Jul 01 '16, 4:24 PM
opiate drug test and cocaine
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I am a methadone patient who has been clean from all other drugs for at least 4 when I went for regular urine testing it testedositive for morphine and coke.they re tested and it showed ( faintly though) is this possible? They are sending it to a lab ( my request) because I am pissed off and mostly is this possible and will the lab squash any suspicions that they may have that I am lying? I also have to do a hair test and am worried if there can be errors there too ...
Updated 3 years ago in Cocaine.
Mon, Feb 03 '14, 11:29 AM
cocaine false positive urine test 12 days after dosing
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I am in the process of getting clean and after 12 days clean my home urine test was positive. The only over the counter stuff I take are sleeping pills and aleve. I am devastated as my husband and I are doing this together and his was negative. He thinks I'm lying. Please anyone out there shed some info. ## Depending upon how heavy of a user u were and how your body metabolized it could be the reason. ## It's possible because my ex was a long term methamphetamine user and he showed up positive for a month... I can't remember the exact time but it was way longer than you'd think. You've got to drink plenty of water, but at this point I'd ask them if you can take a test like a GCMS that can measure more accurately the levels of metabolites and say you'll pay fo... ...
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Mon, Oct 23 '17, 2:36 PM
Would sibutramine show up in a drug test?
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If my company would give me a drug test for: marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine (“PCP”), barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, methaqualudes, and propoxiphine??? ## Sibutramine is used as an appetite suppressant to aid in weight loss. That said, it is related to Amphetamines. However, if you have a prescription for it, all you need to do is tell to alter them to that fact when you go in to have the test done. Do you have any other questions? ## How long after it is last taken could sibutramine show in a urine drug test? How long before it is not detectable? ...
Updated 7 years ago in Sibutramine.
Thu, Jul 08 '10, 7:30 PM
what would show up as opiate in drug test
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I have a drug test through probation and I'm taking a drug test tommorrow and about to try heroin for the first time will it show up the same? ## YES herion will show up. ## A 12 Panel Drug Test Strip can detect the following drugs: - THC - Cocaine - Opiates - Amphetamines - Methamphetamines - Phencyclidine - Barbiturates - Benzodiazepines - Methadone - MDMA - Oxycodone - Propoxyphene ## What does heroin show up as on an employee drug screen? I'm not sure if it's a 5,10, or 12 panel test. It's urine and I have a script for norco. What do you for see happening? Thank you. ## Sir/mam: first and foremost did you eat paint chips that contain lead when you were a child? I am not saying this to be ignorant or mean. I say this because you were posting that you were about to try... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Norco.
Mon, Jan 16 '17, 6:36 PM
10 panel urine test, Opana and hydrocodone show as the same?
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I am taking a standard 10 panel urine test tomorrow and have been taking hydrocodone for stitches for the past 4-5 days which I was prescribed. I did take an opana 30 last night and my question is will they both show up as opiates or are they seperate? On a standard 10 panel at a clinic, is oxy seperated from opiates or are they both opiates? I cannot fail for anything that I am not prescribed to so I need to know asap. 10 panel includes: meth, amphet, thc, barbs, benzos, cocaine and the rest seems to change from what Ive seen online. ...Please help! ## does opana show up as an opiate on a 10 panel drug test ...
Updated 3 years ago in Opana.
Mon, Jan 27 '14, 4:54 PM
will keppra show up on a drug test
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Would keppra for epilepsy show up on a urine drug test? My partner has only been diagnosed with Epilepsy but had to do a urine drug test for a job and it came back positive for benzos, THC and Cocaine. ## Does keppra show up on urine tests? I don't want it to show up on my employment urine test. ...
Updated 3 months ago in Keppra.
Sat, Jul 15 '17, 11:45 PM
Cocaine False Positive Test cps
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ive been taking prednisone steroids for allergic reactions for a month now. can that show up as a false positive for cocaine? ## Can i have a dirty urine drop for prednisone 10 mg and cyclobenzaprine? ## No, but kidney disease/infection or liver problems can give a false positive for cocaine. ## I had a cortisone shot and a flu shot & I came up positive for cocaine. These are the meds I am on: vicodin 7.5/325mg + cetirizine 10mg + cyclobenzaprine 5mg + ibuprofen 800mg. ...
Updated 12 days ago in Cocaine.
Wed, Oct 11 '17, 9:51 AM

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