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Which Is Stronger: 30 Mg Of Morphine Sulphate Er Or 10 Methadone
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I am in a confusing debate with my ex husband: Which is stronger, 30 mg of morphine sulfate E.R or 10 mg of methadone? ## Methadone is stronger than Morphine, just as an example, if you were taking the 30mgs of Morphine, the equivalent dosage of Methadone would only be 3mgs, so it's a roughly 1mg to 10mg ratio. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I was on Methadone tablets for 13 years with a NY pain mgmt doctor who worked alongside an Orthopedic surgeon who originally diagnosed my lumbar-sacral pain from DDD (L5/S1) and nerve damage in my legs, plus osteoarthritis in hips and spine. My Methadone dose began at 30mg/day, and at it's highest 10 yrs later, was on 150mg/day. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2009, and lost 130 lbs by 2010. My Methadone dosage was able to be bro... ...
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Wed, Dec 27 '17, 3:02 PM
Need help getting off methadone
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I've been on the methadone program for abit longer then a yr and I want to get off now, I can say for sure that I'm hooked on it.. Is it possible I can quit dry turkey? Without moving down milligram at a time or could I hurt myself by doing such a thing? ## Hi Jessika! I would suggest tapering down SLOWLY or you could go through some bad withdrawals. I was on methadone and tapered down slowly and still went through withdrawals. I ended up going on Suboxone. ## You should definitely NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY, especially since you've been on Methadone for over one year! Most people take the dose down by10mg until they reach 100 mg and then 5 mg per day. I went from 160 mg all the way down to 5 mg. Believe it or not, the 5mg worked and I didn't have bad withdrawals. If you taper... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Methadone.
Tue, Feb 14 '17, 10:28 AM
methadone and garcinia cambogia
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I have been on methadone for 10 years for fibro. I take 60-100 mgs a day. I have recently begun taking garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean and raspberry ketones for weight loss. Though they have been working, (I've lost 20 lbs) I've noticed about 1-2 hrs after taking them I start to withdraw. It doesn't matter if it's been 2 hrs or 10 hrs since my last methadone dose, my body acts like it's been 14+hrs as the anxiety clamps on like a vice and the nose turns into a faucet. Does anyone know if there is a withdrawal interaction or if this is just coincidence and I got a bad batch of methadone? ## I have noticed the same thing. Two times now, after taking this supplement for 4-7 days, I have come into a debilitating withdrawal. I was searching online to see if others ha... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Methadone.
Sun, Dec 17 '17, 10:55 PM
I just started Methadone treatment.
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I have been on methadone for about 3 weeks now. I started at 30 and I a currently on 60. The problem that is bothering me is that I am tired and will nod a lot. Is this just because I just started this program or is my dose to high??? ## I have been on Methadone for over 10 years now. if I knew then what I know now I wouldn't be on such a high dose as I currently am. If you're nodding, then your dose is a little too high. My suggestion to you is to cut back 5 or 10 mg a day and see how that works. I promise you, the higher you go the harder it is to get off meth. If you are really serious about being drug free, develop a good relationship with a PCP (Personal Care Physician) and let him know what’s going on with you. That way you can strategize as to what the best detox ap... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Methadone.
Sun, Apr 06 '14, 3:53 PM
taking 135 mgs of methadone,trying to take oxycodone
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my mom has been on methadone for 13 years. She is on 135 mgs of the methadone. And she is now being prescribed 10 MG oxycodone for server pain and I told her she needed to chose either to take the methadone or take the oxys. well my question is, is if she wants to take the oxys how long would she have to go off the methadone before she would get relief from the oxycodone?? ## I used to take Oxycontin. Oxycodone is pretty much the same thing. It is a very addictive drug and very easy to abuse. I developed a resistance to it's effectiveness very quickly, requiring more and more to get the same pain relief. This drug is dangerous. It destroyed my life, and almost cost me it. I have since been on methadone for several years now, only 60 mg per day, and it works much better for my pain. ... ...
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Thu, Apr 23 '15, 4:48 PM
Methadone to ms continue conversion
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I worked with hospice for many years . If we changed pt from methadone to ms it was calculated at a 10/1 ratio. I was on 30 mg of methadone but due to prolong q wave cardiologist felt med needed changed. I was put on Ms and med tech argued that is a one to one conversion so my dose went up. When did conversion change and why am I in such withdraw and severe pain. ...
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Wed, Aug 23 '17, 4:06 PM
Subutex Vs Methadone For Pain Control
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I had an allergic reaction to a medicine that I was prescribed for migraines and on Easter of 2009 I literally died. I flat-lined 3 times and was in a coma for 18 days. Then out of the grace of god a doctor came into my room in the middle of the night and decided to try to Eckmo (sp:) machine on me. IT WORKED! Thank goodness I did wake up and although I had to learn to eat, walk, speak, etc. all over again. All of my organs are 100%. But I ended up with horrible drop foot on both feet and we don't know why, but also horrible bilateral neuropathy. I have been through so many surgeries just so that my feet would actually work so that I could walk again, however we can't seem to control the pain of the neuropathy, because we don't know how I got it. Anyway, I was on 50 mg of th... ...
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Wed, Jan 27 '16, 2:48 PM
is methadone used for pain and our suboxons
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I had neck surgery in 2000 and was on pain pills and pain shots for 3 yrs then I lost my health ins so I went to methadone clinic and was on that for almost 5 yrs 100 mg a day then I got on off sept 2014 then by oct 2014 I was on 180 norco 10 cause I had to have neck surgery again so jan 2015 I had surgery now nothing is working for my pain well the norco 10 are butrans patch dont. what should I do get back on methadone thought a dr cause the clinic dont take ins are get on suboxne? I am in Huntsville Alabama and need a dr that give me one of these Please if some one out there can help me Please do Thank you and Have a Blessed Day ## If any one knows a Doctor in Alabama I'm in Huntsville but willing to drive. I need a doctor that will give me Methadone are suboxone I need the one th... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Methadone.
Sun, Aug 23 '15, 7:33 PM
prednesone stopping absorbtion of methadone
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My doctor will not believe me. When I take prednesone then methadone, the methadone does not seem to work at all. Now if I wait until then next day, putting up with pain all night long, the methadone does work the next day. Does anyone have any medical literature on this topic? ASAP please, she has me on 5 mg t.i.d. Down from 10 mg t.i.d. The ten barely worked, why she would think 5 mg will work is beyond me. LLS07 Old Hickory, TN. ## Hello, Larney! How are you doing? Yes, it is documented in the possible medication interactions that Prednisone can decrease the absorption and effect of Methadone. Learn more Prednisone details here. Learn more Methadone details here.* It happens, because it affects the intestinal enzyme CYP3A4 and it's stated that the effect may be significant. A goo... ...
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Tue, Feb 21 '17, 12:45 PM
Looking for methadone doctor in jacksonville fl
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Hi all. I'm really hoping someone here can help me. I suffer from a protruding disc and degenerative disc disease in my lower back. I've been in pain management programs since 2011. At one point, my oxy use got to the point where I was using 100+mg daily. Once I realized that I couldn't continue on the path that I was on, I voluntarily got myself in to a suboxone/subutex program in Jacksonville, Fl. Right away, I realized that I couldn't take the suboxone because of the headaches that it gave me, but the subutex worked amazing for withdrawls and does help to make the pain more manageable. Now that I've been on it for nearly 8 months months, I've been considering methadone as an alternative because my insurance only agreed to pay for the subs for up to one year. I... ...
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Thu, Mar 16 '17, 10:40 AM
san francisco referral for dr who will rx methadone for RLS
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I've had severe RLS for 40 years and over the years have tried everything. Sinemet worked well for years, then augmentation and rebound set in. Requip didn't help. Have tried at varying times: darvocet, fentanyl, valium, klonopin. Finally found relief about 7 years ago with Methadone 10 mg twice daily and am able to rest at night and function well at work. I am moving to San Francisco in a week and will need a doctor to prescribe. Does anyone know a doctor who understands RLS or a pain doctor that will Rx opioid longterm? Thank you. ...
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Wed, Sep 25 '13, 4:19 PM
find a doctor that prescribes methadone for pain management
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I am 43 and had a laminectomy 6 years ago. After surgery i was referred to pain management and prescribed 50mg of methadone a day / 30 mg roxicodone every 8 hrs. / and 2 mg of xanax every 12 hrs. These combinations were just written to be therapeutic and brought my pain down to a level of 4 out of 10. However this was very expensive and not being able to work I could not afford to go every month. I now have medicare and disability so I need to find a local Dr. who will accept medicare & is taking new patients. My last MRI was 4 years ago. I need to get in to a local Dr. For REFERAL of new MRI, AND TREATMENT OF PAIN MANAGEMENT. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE? IN PAIN EVERY DAY AND TIRED OF IT CONSUMING MY EVERY DAY AND THOUGHT. I STAY MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED. I NEED SOME RELIEF... ...
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Sun, Nov 19 '17, 1:29 PM
i need to find a doctor that will precribe methadone for cronic back pain and from chemotherapy west virginia
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1 have had cronic back pain for 15 yrs now, i have had 2 types of cancer, cervical, which let to hystorectomy, and fro the last year i have been fighting with stage 3 colon cancer and two back sugerys, i have been on painn meds form hydocodome to roxy 5 mg roxy15 mg and roxy 30 mg, i tryied a 10mg methadone tablet and it worked wonders i felt like my self again i had hardley no back pain and no nerve pain from the chemo, please try to help me find a dr in west virgina around the charelston area thanks ## With your medical background, it shouldn't be hard at all for you to find a doctor that'll prescribe methadone. Even the doctor you are seeing now should be able to prescribe it for you. Once a doctor sees what you are going through, they are usually pretty sympathetic and have ... ...
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Fri, Nov 25 '16, 1:50 PM
what does generic adderal look like
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adderall 111E ## It is an orange oval tablet with number of mg on one side or can be pink round tablet, ## Is methadone bad for you? ## The tablet with the E 111 marking is manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 10mgs of Mixed Amphetamine salts, which is a generic for Adderall. It is most commonly used to treat ADHD, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, nervousness, insomnia, and anorexia, Brett, what are the markings on the tablet in question? Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you! Regina, it is an opiate narcotic, so it can be bad for you, if you exceed the prescribed dosage, or take more than has been prescribed. ...
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Wed, Nov 22 '17, 11:38 PM
What is the best replacement for oxycontin. High dose long time user for chronic pain. It seems like nothing else works as well.
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I was on the Oxycontin 80mg 3x a day for 16 yrs. I have been tried on alot of other things . I went on methadone w/ 2 40mg of oxy then they quit making the methadone that iI took. None of the kadian or other things in that class have worked. I am now taking ms contin 100mg. a day w/15 mg. 2x a day it is not enough and my Dr. who gave me a hard time off and on about the oxy's now refuses to do the irs that are still available with any other meds. I've took the opana and at the time it seemed fine but pricey that has been a couple of years ago just to see. They have a cap I did not take the er's though. My Dr. is funny about writing large numbers of meds. This ms contin could work but he will not for instance give 60 more mgs. He would rater write 200mgs.3x a day because of am... ...
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Fri, Aug 04 '17, 5:44 PM
I Want 20 Mg Opana Ir
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i am on methadone 5mg twice a day for long term pain. i am on 10 mg oxycodone four times a day for breakthrough pain. i hate methadone, but its a long story having to do with a stint at a clinic. i couldnt tell my doctor that. i have been taking 10 mg opana ir and they work well, i just have built a tolerance to it. i think the 20 mg twice a day along with two 15mg oxycodone for breakthrough should do me well. i cant take the opana er because they make me sick, do you guys think that what i want is a good enough substitute? any comments and suggestions would be helpful. thanks ## Was on both meds- got off both. Use Lyrica, elavil, muscle relaxant, and topic capasain for chronic pain/RSD. Have spinal cord stimulate. My life is a million times better without methadone(killed my teeth/ I u... ...
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Tue, Dec 04 '12, 9:39 AM
Does Methedone Disk Lose Potentecy If Left In Water For A Week
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i go to the methedone clinic and i am on 90 mg. a day and i go once a week and i get 6 day take outs and it seems to me that when i go on friday my orange wafers are fresh for that day i watch the nurse put them in water, as for the other 6 bottles they are alredy premixed with water so i somewhat feel my medicine on friday, as the week goes on 2-3 days later i do not feel like i have taken anything it feels less potent, does anyone know if it loses potentecy for being in water for a week or two ## my oppioion is suboxone is alot better a family dr can give it to u medicade will pay for it and u get a 30 day supply ## I'm on 50ml of methadone a day and it totally works... no cravings, for the first time in 10-12 years i truly feel in control of my body, mind and soul. I have no more... ...
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Sat, Jan 29 '11, 7:02 PM
morphine 60 mg sulphate dosage
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i have been taking 60mg.morphine sulfate with little relief i just started on methadone hcl 10mg. & found them to be stronger & more effective my wife just believes that it is the change but i am convinced the methadone is stronger who is right? ## It would take 15mgs of Methadone to equal each 60mgs dose of the Morphine, so I'd have to give the win to your wife. However, there is a caveat, it may not be just because of the change to a different medication, it could be due to the fact that the Methadone may just work better for you. Learn more Methadone details here. Sometimes the equivalency or one being stronger doesn't matter, if one just works better with your body. Everyone is different and this happens quite frequently. Are there any other questions I can help with... ...
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Wed, Jun 25 '14, 10:19 AM
what to say doctor get prescribed oxycodone 30mg
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I am one of the patients of LF MEDICAL SERVICES. DR. MARJORIE LOUIS-JACQU WAS MY PCP DOCTOR. I TAKE 30mg OF OXYCODONE AND CAN'T FIND A NEW PCP. I'VE BEEN GOING BACK & FORTH TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM FOR A MONTH NOW. CAN U PLEASE HELP ME TO FIND A DOCTOR WHO WILL WRITE MY PRESCRIPTIONS FOR ME? I HAVE TWO HIP REPLACEMENTS, LUPUS, AND JUST WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT ON 9/4/2016 WITH A BAD BODY & BACK PAIN. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME? ## OMG, I feel SO bad for you. I've also been cut completely off my methadone but the Oxycodone they replaced it with just isn't working for me, and I'm on 30 mg of Oxycodone 4 times a day! Unfortunately, I just turned 71 and had been taking eleven 10 mg of methadone with close supervision by my PCP for over 15 years with absolutely no side effe... ...
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Fri, Sep 08 '17, 3:30 PM
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the pill is the same size as a methadone 10 mg with a line in the middle on one side, and it has asc then 116 ## This imprint actually IS identified as a 10mg Methadone Hydrochloride tablet, so your thoughts were right on target! Methadone is a synthetic opioid, used medically as an analgesic and a maintenance anti-addictive for use in patients with opioid dependency. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... Did you have any other questions or concerns about this drug? Please post back if you do. ## For some reason the asc116 methadone are not working like the mbox 54122 whats that about?Isnt it supposed to work the same? ...
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Mon, Jun 22 '15, 11:58 AM

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