How Long Do Side Effects Of Gabapentin Last

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how long do side effects of gabapentin last

I was prescribed gabapentin for nerve pain and my ankle feet and legs swelled really badly I changed to pregabalin but they are still swollen is this a side effect of the medication or could it be something else ## I was prescribed Gabapentin 3 x daily 300mg for severe right leg pain after back surgery. This is the worst drug ever! I had extreme shortness of breath and reported it to the FDA and my doctor. ## No - it is totally the affect of the medicine . I could write you a book on how bad the side effects of those drugs are. Gabapentin was invented yrs ago for epilepsy ! Have had a seizure problem lately ? I am very ANGERY that these drugs are being used for everything! Propping your feet up at nite on a soft incline pillow could actually help. Not having any weight on your legs but ... ...

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how long do withdrawal side effects of gabapentin last

I stopped taking a 300 mg twice a day dose of gabapentin last tues. I feel awful depressed sweaty moody irritated emotional very dizzy. How long will I keep feelin this way? My doc had me stop it right away, because I was suppose to go on lyrica. Which honestly I don't want to start taking pain or no pain. I started slurring my words on the gabapentin then felt like wherever I was, I was inside a bubble it was a terrible feeling ## If you have been on it for such a short period of time, they shouldn't last more than a few days, perhaps a week at most. but it can vary from person to person, so I can only give an average from other anecdotal reports. Lyrica is in the same class, so it may or may not cause the same type of problem for you, there's really no way to know without ... ...

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Gabapentin Side effects?

I started taking gabapentin 300mg daily 4 days ago and last night had some strange side effects. The first night I took it right before bed so had no side effects but was very groggy in the morning. The to next two nights I had this almost drunk feeling come over me, almost exactly 2 hours after taking the pill both nights. I was mentally impaired but had a kind of heavy head feeling and some slight tingling as I would if I were to drink. It passed and I was fine. Then yesterday I woke up pain free for the first time, and took the med for the fourth night and like clock work 2 hours later that feeling came over me and then I got double vision, trouble concentrating talking a ton, it makes me feel very uppity. Then I got this hot tingling down my back starting at the base of my skull dow... ...

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How long before side effects resolve from gabapentin?

My father who is 79 was started on 300 mg of gabapentin, three times a day. After the 4th dose, he was having hallucinations, tremors, and became tachycardic and arrhythmic. Although the MD prescribing would not say stop the medication, his cardiologist advised immediately stopping. He continues to be lethargic, confused and although better, still has some tremors about 36 hours after taking his last dose. His heart rate is down to around 84 now. How much longer until these side effects resolve? ## Hi Snigs, I'm very sorry to hear about your father's situation. Based on your description, it sounds to me like his cardiologist may know best. A lot of these side effects can be serious/life threatening and may require immediate medical attention if they persist. For the doctor to di... ...

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Side Effects Of Hcqs 200 Mg

My Wife is taking HCQS since last 7 / 8 years under supervision of a medical practitioner along with regular blood test and eye check up. Now small white patches are appearing on her chest.. Is it related to use of the drug? Presently her intake is -- HCQS 200 -- 1 tablet per day SAZO 500 -- 3 tablets per day FOLVITE -- 2 tablets per week FOLITRAX 10 mg - 1 tablet per week ## My Mother is taking HCQS since last 2 month years under supervision of a medical practitioner & Dr.along with regular blood test and eye check up. Now small white patches ,headche, dizziness,weak ness are appearing on her chest.. Is it related to use of the drug? Presently her intake is -- HCQS 200 -- 1 tablet Morning /1 tablet Evening per day Gabapentin 100 mg. -- 3 tablets per day FOLVITE -- 2 tablets per wee... ...

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side effects of garapentin

I just want to know what are the side effects of the drug garapentin. I also take Motrin & want to know of any known interaction between the two. I took garapentin for the first time last night and got so dizzy it was like having vertigo. thanks for any help you can give to me. ## I am taking gabapentin 300mg. three times a day. Seems that it affects my speech and I feel dizzy causing my legs to be weak. Is the dosage too much? I weigh 112lbs. I also am on amitriptyline 30mg at bedtime. Is this too much med. for me? What should I do to make me feel better? ## I seem to fall frequently. I am off balance and trip easily,but wondered if Garapentin I take may be part of the cause. I take 200mg in PM. Had to reduce from 300 which made me feel dizzy, foggy. I have lots of pain from osteoa... ...

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Getting off Gabapentin

Have been on Gabapentin for a year. Built up to 3200 a day for osteoarthritis in my feet. Decided to get off as it wasn't doing much for pain. My doctor brought me down to fast from 3200 to 1600 to 800 in 10 days. Now having stomach issues, anxiety, trouble sleeping, tightness in my chest. Been off of it for 8 days now. Does anyone know how long withdrawal lasts? Been told the higher the dose and time on it that it takes a while to feel better again. ## Hello, Sandy! How are you feeling? Have things improved, yet? There is really no precise time frame that can be given, because it can vary from person to person, it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to over a month. As listed by the FDA, other withdrawal effects may also include rebound pain, fever, chills, and diarrhea. ## No... ...

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Gabapentin and baclofen

I take 30 mgs of baclofen per day and was recently prescribed gabapentin 300mgs 3 x daily. The other day after taking my last dose of gabapentin, I became extremely lethargic and went to sleep. I awoke to my body slamming on the floor as I had rolled out of bed. This has never happened before. Is it the combination of the two meds that caused this? ## Hello, Zim! How are you? The lethargy may be due to the combination of the two. However, I've not heard reports of falling out of bed. It could've been due to very vivid dreaming, which the Gabapentin can sometimes cause. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings and weight changes. Has it happened, again, or just that once? ## Just the one time so far. Thanks... ...

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Gabapentin 300mg

epilepsy ## Gabapentin was originally developed for the treatment of epilepsy, and is currently widely used to relieve neuropathic pain. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any questions or concerns about this pill, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## Just started this drug last week and it definitely seems to help with pain/numbness from nerve damage to forehead from auto/pedestrian accident a few years ago, but it's giving me pretty severe lightheadness and dizziness - well my system adjust to this drug? 300mg 3 times daily ## Hi Steve, Gabapentin's most common side effects in adult patients include dizziness, drowsiness, and peripheral edema (swelling of extremities); these mainly occur at higher doses in the el... ...

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neurontin side effects

if i take 1 pill how long will it take to get out of my system if i have restless or mania effects ## Gabapentin's (Neurontin) elimination half-life is 5 to 7 hours. From what I've heard, most medical experts agree that it can take roughly 5 half lives for a drug to be completely out of your system. For Gabapentin, this can mean that it may remain in your system for up to or around 35 hours after your last dose, which is relatively short compared to many other drugs. Gabapentin's most common side effects in adult patients include dizziness, drowsiness,fatigue, weight gain, and peripheral edema (swelling of extremities); these mainly occur at higher doses, in the elderly. Other side effects such as insomnia, restlessness, agitation, anxiety, disorientation, confusion, light s... ...

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Wellbutrin side effects

Prescribed for depression ## For years on wellbutrin I've complained of chronic adult acne, insomnia, and tons of anxiety and uncontrollable carb eating problems. Many many doctors. Off the wellbutrin for 4 weeks - on my own, no anxiety, beautiful skin, weight loss, controllable eating and at last good sleep. I found this out on my own ## I took a ua and it came back positive for methamphetamine and I don't do any kind of drugs. can any of my meds cause this? I take wellbutrin bupropion 75mg and morph 30, nexium 40, gabapentin 400 ## The FDA lists this medication as containing the active ingredient Bupropion. Its side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, nervousness, and insomnia. Erinfaith, are you on any other medications? How long were you tak... ...

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Gabantin 300 Side Effects

I have been taking Gabantin 300 3 times daily for the past two months. Single last two days, I have reduced the quantity to 2. I have started feeling dizziness. Is this a common symptom when the dosage is reduced. ## Yes, the active ingredient Gapentin is an anticonvulsant that can also help with certain types of nerve pain and as a mood stabilizer. What all that means is that it's having an effect on your brain chemicals, so whenever you cut the dosage, or try to stop taking it, you will most likely experience some withdrawal and/or rebound effects. Learn more Gabapentin details here. How are you doing now? ## how to reduce its dosage??? ...

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gabapentin, norco and trazodone

I take norco and trazodone at bedtime for back pain & insomnia. Now my doctor prescribed gabapentin for the nerve pain in my feet. Can I take them all at the same? ## Generally, it is advised that Gabapentin and Norco not be taken together, according to the NIH, because Gabapentin can increase the toxicity of the Hydrocodone in Norco. Otherwise, for you safety, it is said that your doctor should reduce your dose of Hydrocodone by 20 to 30%. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Gabapentin as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings, and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have been on norco 10-325 2-3x/day for about 3 yrs and gabapentin 800 4x/day (gradual dose increase over past 2 yrs). Last year, my insomnia got way out of control an... ...

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gabapentin 300 mg day 2

i started taking this pill yesterday and i woke up today and have had the worst mood swings and panic attacks, horrible thoughts in my head, constant crying i only took two pills and its been about 6 hours since i took the last one should i go to the e.r. ? ## Hello, Smokie! How are you doing? Have things gotten any better? This medication can cause those types of issues as side effects, when you first start taking it, but unless you are suicidal they usually don't require an ER trip. But what happened? Did you continue taking it? Because if they were that bad, this might not be the right medication to help you. Have you consulted your doctor? ...

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green pill gabapentin

I have been taking Gabapentin 600mg. in a light green oval tablet for 6 mo. for neuro pain. Each morning with no side effects. My last prescription was a white oval tablet with APO on one side and Gab.600 on the other side. I quickly brought this to my pharmacists attention. He reassured me it was the same thing. Since Iv been taking it 1 week I feel bad. Im weak, poor balance,sleep around the clock, and cant remember common words. Any idea would really help.Thank you. ## Hello, Ann! How are you feeling? Sorry about the problem that you're having. There is a chance that it's due to side effects from the medication, or these symptoms could be entirely unrelated. Some of these anticonvulsants that affect brain chemicals can cause such issues with long-term use. Have you consulted ... ...

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gabapentin withdraws?

I have been taking gabapentin for almost 2 months now. My doctor gave it to me for migrain head aches, restless leg syndrome and anxiety. I take 300 mg at bedtime every night. About an hour after I wake up in the morning I'm very sick to my stomach which sometimes lasts all day long. I also can not keep my legs still. I bounce them all day. About 3 hours before I go to bed I get very irritated. Once I take my night dose it all goes away. Could this be from the gabapentin? I do also take sertraline 50 mg every morning for my anxiety. ## Hello, Sharrie! How are you feeling? I'm sorry about the problems you're having. It could actually be due to either medication, they've both been known to cause such side effects, as reported by the FDA. However, the restless legs is more ... ...

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gabapentin doses and weight gain

I take 800 mg 3x a day of Gabapentin for my diabetic neuropathy. Pain management is considering raising it to 900 mg 3x a day. In the past 3 months I have gained 26 lbs. My feet are also still burning and prickly. What is the highest dose I can be prescribed and could this be causing some of my weight gain? ## The highest dose a person can get prescribed is 2800mg.It's one awful drug to come off.I was on pregabalin and gabapentin for nearly 10yrs.The withdrawls are terrible x ## Thank you for the heads up. I will talk to my doctor about coming off now. ## Hi Monica, Just wanted to add that in response to your last question about weight gain, does list what they describe as "rapid weight gain" on gabapentin's list of side effects here: ...

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Gabaneuron Tablets Side Effects

taking Gaba nuron Sr-600 for last one and half months. OD. What is side effect of taking it for a longer period? ## Gabaneuron contains Gabapentin and Methylcobalamin, it is commonly used to treat certain types of nerve pain. The normal side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and dizziness. Learn more: How long has your doctor advised you to use it for? ## Doctor has advised for another one month. I was suffering from Prolapsed Disc Inverson problem. Now I am finding great relief. ## Is it harmful to take 2 tablets daily of gabaneuron 300 daily for years ...

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Gaba Neuron Uses And Side Effects

gabaneuron was prescribed for severe pain at the last vertibrate ## Gabeneuron contains the active ingredients Gabapentin and Methylcobalamin and is used to treat certain types of nerve pain. However, this is not a conventional analgesic, so it will not work as fast as regular pain relievers, such as narcotics do. It will take a month or so to reach its full effectiveness in the body and see if it helps you. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and weight changes. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## Is Gabaneuron helpful to diabetic patients? My doctor one tablet daily after dinner. ## i have pain in lower back. I am advised by a doctor to take Gabapentin Tabs. for 60 days. I use sildenafil gel once in a week. Is it advisable to take it when the t... ...

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Cold turkey with Gabapentin

How long do the withdrawals last coming off Gabapentin? I've been taking 3600 mgs. per day for about two years. I have cold sweats and itching. I'm changing over to Lyrica, this is my second day. Is it going to be a problem quitting Gabapentin? I want to quiet cold turkey. I just need to know will it be a problem and how long it takes. Thanks ## Talk to your doctor. He (or she) will probably titrate your dose down fairly quickly. What do you take gabapentin for? I take 2700 mg a day for nerve pain. I have cervical spinal stenosis, but have no side effects. Lyrica is a controlled substance and is rather expensive. It's also addictive. Just do what your doctor says and you'll be Ok. ## Took me 4 weeks to withdraw from gabapentin. Hot, cold, dizziness, no appetite, headache... ...

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