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mosegor 5 mg

i am taking daily mosegor,,.5 mg tablet,,,,if any harful this tablet?,,,,,,,,if any usage,,,i am very thin body shape,,,,,it will helps to gain wieght? ## Hi I would like to ask, when is the right time to take Mosegor? Is it before meal? Of after meal? Thank you. ## Hi i am 25 year old and after 3month I get I want to gain weight does mosegor syrup work for this purpose...plz reply... ## Hello Jijenth, According to the National Institute of Health and the FDA this medication contains the active ingredient Pizotyline which is actually used for the treatment of migraines and pain management through the suppression of serotonin and tryptamine. One of the side effects of this drug is weight gain but that is only seen in less than 5% of the patients who administer this medicatio...

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Dose Mosegor Capsul Help To Gain Wieght

i am thin boy aged 28years and wieght of 45kg. i am planning to start taking mosegor capsul of 0.5 mg. could it help me to gain weight? ## This is listed as being a multivitamin nutritional supplement, so the only way it will help with weight gain is if you're underweight because of a deficiency in one or more of the vital nutrients it contains. Learn more dietary supplement details here. Have you consulted a doctor for advice? ## I AM 28 YEARS BOY. I HAVE 45KG WEIGHT. I NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT. SINCE MY FAMILY WAS POOR I WAS BROUGHT UP WORKING SINCE I WAS 12 YEARS OLD. THEN I HAVE ALMOST CONSTANT WEIGHT FOR ABOUT 3-5YEARS. I HAVE NOT COME CROSS SIRIUS SICK YET. SO WHAT IS UP FOR ME NOT TO GAIN WEIGHT. COULD MOSEGOR CAPSULES HELP ME TO GAIN WEIGHT?

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where can i buy mosegpor tablets to gain weight pls ? ## Mosegor (pizotifen) is a prescription medication for treatment of "migraines". Increased appetite and weight gain are only potential adverse reactions to this medication and therefore probably won't be as beneficial or cost effective as simply changing your diet to promote weight gain. Dizziness, sedation, dry mouth, constipation, and nervousness are more potential adverse reactions that might accompany weight gain or increased appetite. Have you considered trying to get in touch with a nutritionist or registered dietician for this purpose? I realize this doesn't answer your initial question of where to obtain the medication, but I have to wonder why someone would take migraine medication to gain weight?

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Mosegor vitamin

My daughter is in the recovery period from leukemia. Do you have any medicine or vitamin to recommend to help her fully recover? Please advise. ## I'm sorry, this site is not medical professionals, so we cannot possibly suggest a treatment or medication. this is an information only website. Mosegor is a multi-vitamin. Has her doctor suggested she use them? ## my daughter is three years and 5 month old and she hardly eats anything. i wanted to start mosegor- V. So she would eat and be healthy and gain weight. Is it recommended for her age? what are the side effects? please respond asap. Thank you. ## daughter is 3 y/o without appetite. She is a slacker but doesn't contribute to gaining weight. She was prescribed mosegor vita once a day which improved her food craving. She...

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mosegor vita capsule

Sold in the Philippines for weight gain. The syrup and tablets contain pizotifen and vitamins B1,2,3, and 6. Small capsule is orange and yellow and comes in a 2X5 10 capsule foil pack. No markings on capsule but foil pack has a red Rx and inside a red rectangle it says Pizotifen Vitamin B Complex, and below the box it says Mosegor Vita Capsule. My fiance INSISTS that the Mosegor tablets don't work for her but the capsules do. ## Sorry, since this is not something available in the US, I have no information on it. ## mosegor tablet don't work for me, What can i do? ## Where i can buy this mosegor vita in Singapore? is the name mosegor vita is the same name/brand they used in Singapore? thank you ## i want to know the action of drugs. ## Be carefull with this drug and ordering it. ...

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Mosegor Syrup for kids

I have difficulty in feeding my son, he is 2 years and 5 months now. I am about to give him mosegor vita many ml should i be giving him? Please give me a specific answer because i am afraid of the side effects of pizotifen..thank u. ## This product contains a Vitamin B complex, with the Pizotifen, which is used to treat migraines and stimulate appetite and weight gain. However, I do not have any information regarding the appropriate amount for children. So, you may wish to check with your doctor or pharmacist, before using it. The Pizotifen is an antihistamine, so it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness and dry mouth. Has his doctor recommended this? ## my daughter is 1 years old and quite skinny .........please cn you tell what syrup will be the best to use fo...

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mosegor vita is for what

My father is diagnosed with spinal comoression fracture, the mass possibly metastasized from prostate cancer. His doctor prescribed mosegor for something like sleeping or pain relief. Because he is suffering from pain and sleeplessness he is constantly requesting to take a capsule even after he had taken them. We refuse to give him outside the doctor's dosage of one capsule a day. Can we allow him to take say 2 to 3 capsules a day? Please reply... ## Mosegor Vita contains Pizotifen and a complex of B vitamins, it is most commonly used to treat or prevent migraines. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, drowsiness, and weight gain. No, his dosage should not be changed, without the approval of his medical provider. He may need to try a different medicati...

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Mosegor Pizotifen Syrup

Is mosegor pizotifen syrup safe for children age 2 years? ## i hve my 1yr and 8months old daughter,if im going to use mosegor vitamins for her wat will be the out come?i always having a hard time kc everytime pinapakain ko xa! how much? ## This product contains a Vitamin B complex, with the Pizotifen, which is used to treat migraines and stimulate appetite and weight gain. However, I do not have any information regarding the appropriate amount for children. So, you may wish to check with your doctor or pharmacist, before using it. The Pizotifen is an antihistamine, so it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness and dry mouth. Are there any other questions? ## is it true that mosegor can cause infertility? I want to know because my friend is taken this tablet for quite sometim...

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mosegor vita for infants

I am looking to find more information about this and whether it is safe for infants to take as a supplement? ## any supplements given to an infant should be discussed with your health practicioner. What you think may be helpful can have serious toxicity due to their immature liver and kidneys. ## is mosegor vita good for my son? he is 3 years old now. ## Have your doctors prescribed this for your children at all? According to a related discussion thread (Mosegor Vita Capsule) this is a nutritional supplement (and MIMS states that it is an appetite enhancer for helping with weight gain). I agree with mcrn that any supplement or medication given to an infant or child should be done under a doctor's supervision. What I would recommend is for you to visit the related discussion that I j...

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mosegor and its side effect

I have been taking Mosegor to gain weight. I havwe also realised that though am gaining water my stomach is also becoming quite big. Scondly I want to know if there is any side effect associated for taking mosegor. Thank you. ## I want to know more about mosegor and please bear with me. ## Mosegor, from what I can find out online, is a multivitamin supplement, thus it is not really proven to help you gain weight, though some doctors and users do swear by it. Has anyone shown any results from using this? ## It did work for my brother. He gained weight. ## I am taking mosegor as a cure to my on set insomnia. The side effects occurs during the day,drowsiness in the office and yes my appetite increased. I don't think that it is curing my onset insomnia. Maybe anybody of you out there kn...

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side effect mosegor tablet

I am 24. I Nid to gain weight bt after takin mesegor I have been goin 2 d I stop it? ## I am 24.need 2 add weight bt after usei mosegor I have being visitin the toilet ## @jukkym From what I've researched, Mosegor (pizotifen) is most commonly used to treat and prevent migraines, with weight gain being a mere "possible" side effect (i.e. not its primary indication). And I would say if its other side effects (such as loose bowel movements) are contradicting to your goal and its intended purpose, then you may want to ask your doctor or a registered dietician/nutritionist about other alternative ways to put on weight. In my understanding, weight gain/loss is simply a matter of calories consumed vs calories burned throughout the day. So making adjustments to your eating...

mosegor vita syrup for 1 year old

my baby is 2 years old now and and he so skinny and i gave him mosegor for one week now and i want to know how much should i continue giving it to him?although i didn't notice any change in his appetit till now, will it be any harmful side effect on him? ## Hello, Koki! How are you and your son? Young children tend to go through growth phases, so if he's in a normal phase, then he doesn't necessarily need anything to try to boost his appetite and make him gain weight. Many children fluctuate between being heavier and skinner, depending on what phase they are in. You may suddenly see him gaining weight very soon, then it'll stop and he'll grow more and become skinny again. It's the bodies way of being efficient. If you are really concerned, then please take him to...

Pizotifen Vitamin B Complex Mosegor Vita Capsule

is it safe for me to take mosegor although i have been diagnose for gastro esophageal reflux desease ## Hi! How are you? I'd suggest checking with your doctor, before taking it. Some of the high potency B vitamins can cause stomach irritation in some people, so it may not be good for you to take them. Are you currently taking anything for your GERD? Your doctor may be able to help you find one that you can take that won't be so irritating to your stomach. ## What do pizotifen vitamin b complex mosegor vita capsule do? Can I gain weight with it same time as a sleeping pill? ## My son was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome? Can these vitamins cure my son? ## Pwede bang uminom ng mosegor ang may liver cirrhosis? Thanks! ## My doctor of gastroenerology prescribed this supplemen...

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Pizotifine vitamin B Complex mosegor vita capsule

I have hyperthyriodism and said even I take vit.I‘ll not get fat,I like to be fat but not too fat,it just I want to be meaty my face,Can I take mosegor vita cap.I‘m 58yrs.old and everybody said I look like 40 yrs.old but this time I think I look old coz I‘m thin,I like to be fat really,I‘m 93lbs.only compare before of me I want to gain weight as before coz I look young if I‘m fat. ## i would like to know more about this as well.

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I am diabetic & hepatitis c patient can I use mosegor table?

I am a diabetic and hepatitis c patients also skiny can I use mosegor tables? ## Can i take mosigor vita at night time to have a good night sleep? And i am a diabetic can i take this mosigor vita to gain weight bgec a im so thin

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mosegor v syrup pizotifen vitamin b complex information

My daughter is 13yeasr old and she is only 78 lbs and 5'&7" tall and she is picky eater. where can i get this pizotifen??? ## Hello, Uzma! How are you? This is not available in the U.S. What has her doctor said about her weight? How much food does she eat and what type? There could be some health issue at play that needs addressed. Otherwise, it would be best not to try to force her to gain weight, her body should be allowed to follow its natural growth process. ## hi.. anong oras po ba pinapainom ung mosegor syrup? sa gabi po ba o sa umaga? anong oras po masmabisa painomin? salamat po

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a drug for apetite stimulant ## I'm breastfeeding to my 5 month old baby and drastically lost weight when I gave birth. I used to take this chinese herbal medicine ling zhi which is very effective but I can't now because I'm breastfeeding. So I want to know more about appetens. tnks! ## please tell me more about lingzhi its sideeffect if have and how long would i expect its efficacy on gaining weight ## Before taking anything while pregnant, please speak to your doctor. Information on supplements is very sketchy at best. ## Why are mosegor and appetens not available in california?

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Propan vitamins with iron replacement in Dubai

Hi., can you please help me. I cant find Propan with iron vitamins here in dubai, I badly need to take that medicine because it helped me gain wieght, and my problem now is I can find this vitamins here in dubai. Can you please tell me what would be the better vitamins can I take besides from propan which is available in dubai? Does mosegor vitamin provide the same effects? ## I'm here in Riyadh and i badly needed propan with iron multivitamins to take to gain weight and restore my appetite. Please help me. Is there propan available here in Riyadh? If so, where can i buy it? ## I need to find propan with iron multivitamins in dubai

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mosegor tablet for weight gain

I'm 23 years old and my weight is 58kg but i want to gain more weight, so should i buy and use mosegor?

sangobion drug study

I am skinny for my age.I bought sangobion for iron and mosegor to gain weight. I just wanna ask if its okay to take this both vits (mosegor and sangobion). Is there any side effects if I am going to take these together?

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