H 86 Cancer Pill

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h 86 cancer pill
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where can I find H86 cancer supplements ## @reiner, H-86 is quite simply 'fermented wheatgerm extract' marketed under various brand names such as "Avemar", "AvéUltra", and "AWGE"; which you can find available on many sites via google. Its cost is in the ballpark range of $150. That may seem a bit steep depending on how much you get, but I guess you can't put a price on your health! I also have yet to come across reviews / success stories, though, a lot of my research suggests that it works for many types of cancer. Has anyone else here taken this supplement with notable results? ...
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Mon, Apr 13 '15, 12:25 PM
h 86 for cancer
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WHERE CAN I FIND IT? ## where can I get H-86 really need it thanks ## Hello, Mike! How are you? I'm sorry that you've been mislead, but there is no such substance. Many have asked about it, since that newsletter has been going out, but there has been no information to be found, in spite of a lot of exhaustive searching. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Thu, Mar 27 '14, 3:05 PM
H86 cancer cure
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After a bit of drilling down and reading I think I have found out what H-86 really is... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gleevec ## There are actually a few other discussion threads on this same topic that talk about H86 and how it works as a cancer treatment. However, I'm not sure if everyone is on the same page as far as what it really is. You can view each thread by visiting the links below: Discuss/h86-cancer-treatment-252777.htm Discuss/h-86-cancer-cure-250866.htm Discuss/h-86-cancer-cures-252713.htm By the way, have you also looked into CBD's from cannabis as a viable cure for cancer? Studies show that it's actually more effective than chemo, and without the side effects. So this might be something to consider researching as well. I hope this helps! ## This Product is called AVE... ...
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Fri, Aug 18 '17, 11:49 AM
h 86 cancer cure
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I received the same. It was from HSI (Health Sciences Institute) in an ad for a "free" book titled Miracles From the Vault: Anthology of Underground Cures by Jenny Thompson. It was "free" with a newsletter subscription... The "infomercial" was vague about most of the "top seven" cures it supposedly detailed. H-86 was the first of them. It supposedly reduces (attacks) cancers but I cannot find any reference to it on the web other than questions. I've found many people on the web asking about this and the others (nitric oxide, policosanol, lion's mane mushroom) which are well known but no answers about the H-86. The closest thing I could find was a rabbit derived LHPP antibody but I think this is NOT the substance in question. ## i need daily health... ...
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Wed, Nov 15 '17, 9:38 PM
H-86 cancer cure
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This lady flames big drug companies for putting profits before life, if she has the answer to so many chronic illnesses with things such as H-86 that cures cancer, why doesn't she go public with these miracle cures. Dont get sick peoples hopes up, speak up with the answers and just say what is involved, or is she in it just for money also. Why do dying people need to subscribe or get books from her.. if she truly cared and is not a HYPOCRITE give out this info now. ## Hello, Woody56! How are you? Thank you for the valuable post! I agree with you. I will not changed my opinion, until it's proven to me that it's wrong and this substance really exists and is available to the public, as claimed. Many people have asked about it over the past few months and I have repeatedly searc... ...
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Sun, Feb 07 '16, 6:04 PM
H-86 Cancer Drug
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H-86 is not yet available to the public, as human trials have not yet begun. But studies since the mid 80s have been performed on mice, and prove very promising. You can find some interesting facts at Wikipedia by looking up CD-47, which is the protein that the drug alters, and allows your immune system to take over. ...
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Sun, Dec 15 '13, 6:41 PM
h 86 cancer cures
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They don't give you the real name of the cure in these advertisements. "H-86" is just a pseudonym they use in the ad in order to describe it. Only after you pay and subscribe, you get the book with the real name and where to get it. I do not have this book, but I can assure you that Jenny Thompson and the Health Sciences Institute is legitimate. I used to subscribe some years ago. They have a group of top medical researchers and have discovered some astounding natural cures years before they hit the mainstream. I remember some years back, I got some cream through them that cured my friend's psoriasis in a week. She had been to doctors for years and they couldn't get it cured. They are definitely not a scam. (And I don't work for them or get paid to say this.) ## ... ...
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Fri, Jul 07 '17, 9:23 PM
h86 cancer treatment
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h86 is protein blocker that is in cancer cells that protein fools the bodys immune system the cancer just keep growing and your immune system doesn't even know its there,This drug blocks the protein and your bodys immune system gets rid of the tumors. I received an email about h86 but like a dumbass I deleted it thinking I would be able to find it again. I did find a similer drug by googling cancer treatments , I cant remember the name of that either but its something like cr-47? and they are just starting trials on humans . But you know the big drug companies aren't going to let it out coz they would rather keep killing people for the $$ ## Hi Gary, I came across a forum relating to the H 86 cancer treatment, I'll link to it below: /Discuss/h-86-cancer-cure-250866_s2.htm Yo... ...
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Tue, Oct 21 '14, 8:04 AM
h 86 cancer cure works?
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please send me whatever you can for H7(H1896 ## Hello, PeggyPebbles! How are you? I'm sorry, but I have no information on H86. Many people have asked since a certain email newsletter was sent out, but I have been unable to find any details on what the substance actually is and whether or not it is actually proven to work. Does anyone else know more? ## H86 is what the advertisements for subscriptions to the "Health Sciences Institute" (HSI) are calling the nutritional supplement Avemar. I spent some time looking it up and found a presentation given by HSI that pretty solidly confirms that their "H86" is Avemar. It is pretty easy to find references to research concerning Avemar online. ## The email about H-86, DBX-13, BMP, etc is from. Jenny Thompson, Director of Heal... ...
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Mon, Aug 04 '14, 12:08 PM
h86 and breast cancer
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I know someone with stage 4 breast cancer. It has spread to her liver, she has a tumor on her breast bone, etc. How has H-86 worked against this aggressive stage of cancer? ## Hi Michelle, From what I understand, there are no real reports of H-86 being a legitimate cancer drug. There are less than a handful of vague articles that briefly state it's use for such treatments. One other user on here found information claiming it to be a type of fermented wheat germ; however I personally have yet to come across any specific details linking them to one another. If anyone else out there has more information on this H-86 substance, please do share! On a side note, I would like to add that there are several (yes, several) other types of natural cancer killers out there if you do the research... ...
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Thu, Nov 12 '15, 10:12 AM
pill with h 86
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I understand there is a pill out that will cure certain or all cancers. It is call H-86. I just got the information on my e-mail yesterday. I would like to know what it is, what it cures and what are the side effects. Thank you. ## I'm sorry, Yolanna, but I was unable to find any information on this. However, I can tell you that while some amazing breakthroughs have been made recently in cancer research and treatment, there is no pill medically and scientifically proven to cure all of them or anything of the sort. What was the source of the email? ## Go to natural news and sign up you will get all the natural news and theer is a book u can get which will give u the info u want about h-86 and dbx-13 all kind of good info all you gotta do is sign up for their news at no cost, very int... ...
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H-86 used in cancer cure.
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Jenny Thompson from Health Scieces Instute. ...
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Fri, Jan 08 '16, 11:16 AM
what is h86 cancer cure
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I am researching the product H-86 for a close friend and cancer patient. Any viable alternative to conventional medicine, the mega pharmaceutical companies and their support by the FDA can lead to skepticism that avoids "cutting edge" research. There is certainly financial justifications to maintain the status quo, and we all know that chemotherapy and radiation destroys healthy cells as well; thus further lowering the body's auto-immune system even further!! Having close members of my family face cancer with the present treatment, only to witness their exacerbated suffering and eventual demise! We need cutting edge technology to combat this aggressive disease, aside from antiquated conventional medicine that has been an overall proven failure rate. Please answer this messag... ...
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Fri, Aug 05 '16, 7:07 AM
Who know 86 cancer cure
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my name is Horst Engel, 78 years old, live in Thailand. After a biopsie 3 month ago, i know a have a voice corde cancer. I not want radiation or chemio in Thailand. Who can say me what is h 86? where i can find it? Who have take it? In Tailand we have also alternative medical plants. Please answer me on my email: {edited for privacy} ## I am afraid H86 is an antibody used in immunohistochemistry in laboratory trials , but it is not for human treatments of the illness.... It only reveals pathogenic zones in some types of cancer and it is useful only for samples of biopsies....not for people ... ## The cure is called H-86 or AVEMAR a Fermented Wheat Germ Extract in the Treatment of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases. avemarresearch.com/pdf/2C-FermentedWheatGermExtractAvemarintheTreatmentofCan... ...
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Sun, Jan 12 '14, 7:03 AM
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Can you post any information on the effects of h-86 as a cancer treatment, where it can found, and at what cost? ## According to some of the discussion threads here on this site, H-86 is just another name for (Avemar) fermented wheat germ extract. If you run a search for this, you may have better luck coming up with the type of results you're looking for. Here is a related thread with much more info on it: h 86 cancer cure, or you can also find a more complete listing of H86 topics: /topics/h-86/. Hope this helps and wish you the best! ...
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Mon, Nov 23 '15, 9:33 PM
alledged H86 cancer cure
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Looks like bored medical students are having a little fun at victims expense ## @RodsMed8alil, I too am a skeptic of the "H-86" that's being promoted by HSI (Health Science Institute), as this particular company’s webpage does resemble that of other scammers (i.e. lots of advertisements and several of those “ORDER NOW” buttons on the same page). However further investigation suggests that H-86 is actually another name for "fermented wheat germ extract" (available under brand names such as Avemar). Personally, I wouldn’t trust anything coming through HSI, but I can't ignore the studies on PubMed which do regard fermented wheat germ extract as a viable treatment option for cancer: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16126993 Anyone else have thoughts on... ...
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Tue, Apr 14 '15, 12:26 PM
re-more too H-86 cancer cure
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I would imagine and believe that H-86 is really and actually .... get ready .... Cannabis. not sure exactly how it's really made - maybe boiling the leaves for hours - maybe soaking in Vodka in a brown jar sitting on the window sill infusion - the ah yeah natural cure it is - but how the government turned dirt into a crime okay a well known plant for its over-all attention. This was done so you'd not get the natural stuff and have to follow their corruption plan. Put in place just about the 1900th century. See the book is avail in pdf form - but don't download their dnldr to get it. sure it would contain malware so don't do it. 75 bucks 1 yr of health subscription and a free book - might not be bad to pony up. All your health questions answered naturally - Moreen dear da... ...
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Tue, Oct 21 '14, 1:20 PM
proof that h 86 cures cancer
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I want to see proof that H-86 cures cancer. Reports of sucesful cures submitted by docters ...
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Fri, Jun 24 '16, 8:39 AM
h 86 cancer cure information
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What is h-86 and how can you get it? ## Hi Ollie, H-86 is actually just another name for (Avemar) fermented wheat germ extract, that a company by the name of HSI (Health Sciences Institute) came up with to brand it differently. According to a number of related threads on here, that particular company is thought to be a scam and in my own honest opinion upon investigation of those claims, should be avoided. However, there are plenty other retailers/distributors of "Avemar" and "fermented wheat germ extract", that you can find by simply searching for those keywords online. American BioScience is one manufacturer of brand name Avemar/Avé Ultra who lists their products on Amazon. Hope this helps! ## Graviola Benefits* · 100% Pure, all-natural product · Contain... ...
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H-86 cancer cures suppressed
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There are cancer cures that have been available since the 1920's but have been suppressed by Morris Fishbein from the AMA for financial reasons. Look up Nurse Cassie, Dr. Royal Rife's machine, Dr. Hoxsey, and Dr. Burzynski the Movie: The Great Cancer Hoax - D. Mercola, Vitamin B-17 for starters. They all will lead you to read about even more physicians that have cures. Many people have made youtube videos that everyone should view and be aware of these many cures. . . ## Hi Floyd, Thank you for spreading the good news. I too have stumbled upon several natural cancer cures after doing my own research... 1) Frankincense: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23237355 2) Cannabis: cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/cannabis/healthprofessional/page4 NOTE: A site called activistpost also links to 20 ... ...
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