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its a green and yellow capusel with pink in side do you know what miligram it is ## Sorry, you have not provided enough information. This drug is available in both name brand and generic versions. There are many generic manufacturers and each one of them will make a pill that looks different. There are no rules saying that pills with the same ingredient have to look the same! The size, color, shape and imprint will all vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The only relevant regulations from the FDA state that they must have unique imprints for identification purposes, but these will even differ by manufacturer and strength of the med. In order to identify your pill for you and tell you what it is, you need to provide the complete imprint from the pill, all letters, numbers and/or symb... ...
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Mon, Mar 13 '06, 10:26 AM
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is there a such thing as a 12.5 lortab? ## I've heard of 15mg Lortabs. They're white with green speckles. ## WHITE OVAL PILL WITH IP112 ## Lortab is only available with a maximum of 10mgs of Hydrocodone!! IP112 is a generic for Lortab, containing 500mgs of Acetaminophen and 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone. ome of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, dry mouth, constipation and nausea. ...
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Tue, Sep 23 '08, 1:54 PM
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white pill with the number M357 on it ## WHITE PILL WITH M357? WHAT KIND IS IT? ## small round, greenish in color.Side affects of this drug. ## Well, this one is easy, seeing as I have a bottle right here, which my doc prescribed for pain, while we wait and see if my Pancreatits clears up. These tablets contain 5mgs of Hydrocodone and 500mgs of Acetaminophen, it is a generic for Lortab or Vicodin, among others. This is a narcotic pain reliever. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. You can read more about it here: Are there any other questions? ...
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Mon, Sep 14 '09, 12:22 AM
lortab 636
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light green oblong ## There is no Lortab with this marking. If the pill you are referring to is L 636, the L does not stand for Lortab, it is a logo for the drug company LNK International, they manufacture only over the counter meds that are sold by various stores as their store brands or generics. The prescription light green, oval pill in the database is R 636, if that is the logo on your pill it is Gabapentin 600mgs, a generic for Neurontin which is used for Epilepsy seizure prevention and certain kinds of nerve pain. ...
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Mon, Apr 03 '06, 2:19 AM
Show Me What Lortab Has On It
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the answer is completely correct yeaaahhh budddyyyy ## Lortab contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, it is a narcotic analgesic and is also available as a generic. That means that there are quite a few manufacturers that make it, in different dosages and the way the pill can look, as well as the markings, will be different for all of them. That also means that I can't possibly list them all on here. Just some examples for the name brand: 5/500 oblong, white with blue specks, marking UCB on one side and 902 on the opposite. 7.5/500 oblong, white with green specks, marking UCB on one side and 903 on the other. 10/500 oblong, pink UCB on one side and 910 on the other. Is there a specific tablet you're questioning? ...
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Mon, Nov 21 '11, 12:50 PM
oval white pill w/green specks
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oval white pill with green specks. A V on one side and the # 35 94 on the other. Found it in my son's room! ## Narcotic: Hydrocodone / Vicodin The specks should be blue (could be mistaken for green). ## actually, they are green specks... It's generic lortab or vicodin 7.5mg of hydrocodone and 500mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol) This is a habit forming controlled substance made by Qualitest... The generic. Every drug has a code called an NDC number, like we have SSN... Well the 3594 is the middle part of that NDC... ## It is also a strong narcotic ! especially for a kid ! I am on them , (same strength ) for after back surgery..... ## ...
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Tue, Aug 26 '08, 1:30 PM
whats with cvs and wall greens?
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i hace to pay alot of money to independant pharmacies because wal greens and cvs wont fill and it cost me 250$ for 120 lortab and 90 soma . i have been shot in my nech .point blank range and many other prolems.what do i do id love to save that extra 150 dollars sheesh. ## What is the reason they've given for not filling them? I tried to check for assistance programs for these medications, but I didn't find anything listed. Are you getting the name brand or the generic? ## I'm having the same issue Walgreens all of a sudden they say they no longer have a contract with my insurance. But I got my f'in flu shot there this past year? They said its been years but I filled a regular Rx not long ago. I think the don't want the hassle of pain medication refills. ...
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Wed, Jul 10 '13, 6:45 AM
white pill oval white green specks v 3594
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white with green specks shaped like a pain pill with a V shape on 1 side & on the other side it has 3594 ## white with green specks shaped like a pain pill with a V shape on 1 side & on the other side it has 3594 Guidelines: Please post related drug information including common uses, side effects, and any personal experience with this drug. Also, symptoms and conditions for which White Pill Oval White Green Specks V 3594 was prescribed would be helpful. ## This tablet contains 500mgs of Acetaminophen and 7.5mgs of Hydrocodone, a generic for Lortab, this is a narcotic pain reliever. Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth and constipation. ## is there any type of a white pill with speckles containing 10mg of hydrocodone. ## what is the green sp... ...
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Fri, Jul 06 '12, 10:24 AM
lorcet description
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light green watson 503 ## This is generic Lorcet, Lortab, Vicodin. It has 10mg of hydrocodone, (addictive and strong narcotic pain killer), and 650mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol.) It is used for moderate to severe pain and can cause constipation, stomach aches, (especially if taken without food), euphoria, marked drowsiness, dizziness. ## A note that I want to add here is that as of 2013, the FDA has made a request that all manufacturers lower the amount of Acetaminophen in these combination prescription products to no more than 325mgs per dose. There are major concerns about the dangers of liver damage and failure that can be associated with long-term use of high amounts, as well as the toxicity of overdose. Some manufacturers have already begun to implement the change and the rest are e... ...
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Tue, May 21 '13, 12:46 PM
pill book
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white pill with green specks and has 903 on one side and ucb on other ## You have generic Lortab: Hydrocodone 7.5mg Acetaminophen 500mg ...
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Tue, Nov 15 '05, 4:47 AM
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White pill with green specks. Has a V on the front and has 35/94 on the back. ## This is a generic for Lortab, it contains Acetaminophen 500mgs and Hydrocodone 7.5mgs ...
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Sat, Sep 08 '07, 3:49 PM
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Pill elongated white with green specks ## Pill Image This is Acetaminophen 500mgs and Hydrocodone 7.5mgs, a generic for Lortab. ...
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Wed, Apr 19 '06, 9:11 AM
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light green says Watson 503 on it ## Pill Image Acetaminophen 650mgs and Hydrocodone 10mgs, a narcotic pain med, generic for Lortab or Vicodin. ## zippysgoddness, ive went though and read a lot of these sites here, you always seems to be correct i work with older people taking meds and a lot of people call me asking me what things are i hope wen i come on and post something youll answer for me. Thanks you Rebecca ## Rebecca, I will gladly look something up for you anytime you make a post, or if you want to reach me faster you can always feel free to email me at, I am disabled so sometimes unable to be sitting here on the PC for a long time, but I do, always, check my email several times a day. I always double check my information to make sure that my IDs are correct, I ... ...
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Tue, Nov 22 '16, 6:43 PM
colored vicodin
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i was told of differant colored vicodin like blues light blues and greens ## They are Lortab, or Lorcet 10/325 generic version. They are a stronger Vicodin ## Does anyone know what a light blue pill with M on one side and 345 on the other is? ## I meant a light blue pill with M on one side and a 435 on the other i think its a kind of vicodin but im not sure ## Can anyone confirm that a blue pill in color with M361 on one side, and scored on the other side is a 10 mg. Vicodin? Thanks ## Also can anyone confirm that a pill colored white with 10 on one side, and scored on the other side with the letters on either side of F/L? Thanks ## On the Vicodin and colors.The little wide blues are 1,000 mg or called 10.0; the slim white which come in 500 mg and 750 mg.The 500 are a bit shorter than t... ...
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Mon, May 06 '13, 6:23 PM
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white pill with green speck and has the number 35 94 ## Yes, this is hydrocodone 7.5mg and acetaminophen (Tylenol) 500mg. It is generic for Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet, Anexsia and others. It is a narcotic pain reliever that can cause addiction. It causes upset stomach, headaches, euphoria, constipation, sweating. ## Did you mean V 3594? You should always provide the COMPLETE imprint so we can easily and correctly provide an ID. Pill Image This is Acetaminophen 500mgs, Hydrocodone 7.5mgs, a generic for Lortab. ## some of the generic hydrocodone pills have the same number, but some with and some without the v. I don't know about this particular strength, but I know that 3592, (500mg acetaminophen and 5mg hydrocodone) is one of them...very confusing huh? I think they are phasing one of th... ...
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Fri, Dec 31 '10, 10:09 PM
hydocodone watson 853
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yellowish-green pill with watson 853 imprinted on it ## What is Watson 853? ## Acetaminophen 325mgs and Hydrocodone 10mgs, a generic for Lortab. ...
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Thu, Aug 16 '07, 5:01 PM
What is this pill?
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I have a large white pill with green specks in it. It has a V on one side and the other says 35/94. Is this loritab and what is this milligrams? Please help!! Thanks. ## Yes, this is a generic for Lortab, it contains Acetaminophen 500mgs and Hydrocodone 7.5mgs. ...
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Sat, Sep 08 '07, 3:43 PM
I Found a Pill
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I found a pink pill with a V on the front and the number 3600 on the back. Someone told me that this is hyrdrocodone 10 mg. Does anyone know if this is correct?? ## im pretty sure it a 7.5 everyone think its a 10, ble ,green and white are usually 10s ## that is a 10mg brand name lt ## Well first of all, color has no bearing whatsoever on pill dosage or pill type. Colors are just chosen on the whit and whim of the manufacturer. That said, this is indeed 10mgs Hydrocodone and 500mgs Acetaminophen, a generic for Lortab or Norco. ## i have a pink pill that has a v on one side and 3600 on the other. I was told it was hydrocodone/10mg is this true ## Yep. Pill Image This is Hydrocodone 10mgs and Acetaminophen 500mgs. ...
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Tue, Jul 04 '06, 12:13 AM
Norco 540
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My boyfriend got perscribed a blue norco with watson iand 540 on it?1000mg? what does this do?? ## Okay first off, there is no Norco that contains 1,000mgs of anything. The tablets with the WATSON 540 marking contain 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 500mgs of Acetaminophen, it is a narcotic pain reliever. Side effects may include: nausea, headache, dizziness and constipation. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## Norco is hydrocodone just with less acetaminophen than it's famous cousin Lortab which has 500mg. There is a generic hydrocodone with 650mg acetaminophen, usually green. I familiar with 5mg, 7.5, 10mg hydrocodone and the amount of acetaminophen gives the medication it's name in this case. ...
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Fri, Feb 03 '12, 10:03 PM
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Green pills ## The space bar on your keyboard is your friend, trust me, it will not be offended or upset at all if you use your finger to gently depress it between words. LOL! Pill Image This is Acetaminophen 650mgs and Hydrocodone 10mgs, a generic for the narcotic analgesic Lortab, Vicodin and several other names. ## I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS MEDICATION SIDE EFFECT.WOULD THIS DRUG EFFECT USER SEX LIFE OR ANY OTHER ## What is a oblong mint green pill with Watson 500 on it? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Acetaminophen.
Fri, Aug 17 '12, 6:18 PM

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