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i am on different meds and been in the hospital for four days. i have been very bloated, and lots of inflamation to my intestines. and very painful to my right upper side, also had catscan of stomach, and was told there were several sugical clips left from a previous gallbladder sugery that was done back in 1978, since then i am just getting worse and worse and worse with high fever. ## What treatment do your doctors currently have you on? GERD can be a very painful condition and, in some cases if medication do not work, surgery may be required. You can learn more about GERD and the treatments options here: ## Doctors have prescribed antacids, blood work, UA, endoscopy has done, sonography are done and all reports are normal. currently antacids are prescribed by the doctors. ...
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Sun, Nov 23 '14, 9:46 PM
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My wife has burning/hearburn in middle of stomach. Doctors says it is GERD/APD after prescription of antacid like aciloc,Pansec, somprazL., mucain gel, sucrafil o gel, no relief. Endoscopy has done for 3 times, but reports are normal. vitamin B12, D deficiency is treated by doctors but no relief. Only hospitalization for 2-3 days gives relief to her. From last 5 year she has this problem, it occurs only once a year. Investigation by gastroenterologist has normal reports. what is a problem ? ...
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Sun, Nov 23 '14, 1:15 AM
Rablet L - GERD
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I am having problem in my food pipe. endoscopy test was done at DDU Hospital, but it was not clear. the ailment is GERD or ulcers....... I am not able to eat food, only takes small quantity of daliya or khichdi etc. There is a feeling that the food is getting collected and is not digested. there is a feeling of heaviness in stomach. As advised by DDU Hospital, i went to GB Pant Hospital and they have advised for blood tests, report of which not yet received and they have given endoscopy test date on 02.040.2013. But now i am feeling very uneasiness and can not eat anything. please help ## go for aurvedic treatment ...
Updated 2 years ago in Gastrointestinal.
Thu, Mar 05 '15, 12:09 PM
Dextrol for gerd
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Is Dextrol ever used to treat GERD? ## Yes, Dextrol is used to treat all kinds of digestion problems. I use it and it is very effective. My personal MD told me that his wife had taken the purple pill for 20 years when they found Dextrol. After two days she quit taking the former pill and is so much better. I like it because it is all natural. No drugs. It works. I have a hiatal hernia and several other digestive problems. I do recommend it. You just have to try it. ...
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Sat, Nov 26 '11, 10:59 PM
what causes gerd
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Hi I have been suffering from anxiety attacks for the past year now my Dr gave me 0.50mg alzam which I took 1 at night to calm me as I get heart pulpitations esp at night when I have to go sleep. And when I run out I just go back to my Dr and he gives it to me freely without questions. Lately Im taking 0.25 at night and 0.25 when ever I feel anxious. I would like to stop but heard that you can suffer severe side effects when stopping cold turkey. I feel like I am more anxious now than I have been before taking the alzam and also I have developed either gerd or gastro because i have a constant tight feeling in my chest i feel nausea headaches and body aches and sometimes i just feel really ill and i also feel very tired and dont want to do anything but sleep.please tell me if this is fro... ...
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Wed, Dec 27 '17, 10:33 PM
Medicine for GERD?
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My father has acidity problems. There is pain in the upper part of the stomach, mostly after dinner/evening. The doctor (Gastroentrologist) said that it is GERD and prescribed the following medicine, Capsule P-ZOLE-L, Tablet BIZLO-OD, Syrup LACTIHEP, Syrup CRISLIN and tablet ETICLID. He also advised for UGIE (endoscopy). He developed the gas and acidity condition after the treatment for diabetes and also has inguinal hernia. I am bit confused as the medicines keep changing when we see another doctor and the problem still remains. Kindly advice whether the prescribed medicines are safe and are for the treatment of the problem mentioned. It is problem because of hernia? can hernia operation be done in this condition? Kindly reply and advice. Thank you. ...
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Tue, Oct 06 '15, 11:22 AM
The human gastrointestinal tract is the stomach and intestine,[1] sometimes including all the structures from the mouth to the anus.[2] (The "digestive system" is a broader term that includes other structures, including the accessory organs of digestion).[3] In an adult male human, the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is 5 metres (20ft) long in a live subject, or up to 9 metres (30ft) without the effect of muscle tone, and consists of the upper and lower GI tracts. The tract may also be divided in...
Pantocid Dsr for GERD
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I am suffered to GERD is it safe to consume pantocid dsr at every 3rd day ## Pantocid contains the active ingredient Pantoprazole, which is a proton pump inhibitor that's used to help reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach to treat conditions such as yours. Learn more Pantoprazole details here. And as to taking it every 3 days, it's usually taken daily for 4 to 12 weeks, so it can give the problem time to heal. How often has your doctor suggested you use it? ## Can Pantocid DSR be taken in Jaundice ## i'm having a dull pain in the upper regions of my abdomen. I started self medication with ranitidine injection 6 hrly, is it alright? This morning i started cap.pantop dsr 1cap in empty stomach and i plan to take for ten days. pls give your suggestion. thnks. ## Life... ...
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Tue, Jul 25 '17, 8:08 PM
Loss taste may be gerd
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I lost my sense of taste a few weeks ago. Mostly sweets. It comes back sometimes but always goes back out. I also have a sore throat and phlegm. Smell appears fine. The doctor thinks I may have GERD because of the throat issues and I do burp a lot. When I do burp there is no taste to it like heartburn but he says that there doesn't have to be. I took my first pill today and today was a decent tasting day. Within four hours of taking the pill my taste was gone again. I how this is a coincidence. I had tried 75 mg of Zantac before and didn't see a difference either way. Could taking the Tecta be making my taste worse if my issue is in fact not gerd? Also can it cause constipation? Antibiotics for example give me severe constipation. I'm starting to get very depressed with the los ...
Updated 9 months ago in Zantac.
Tue, May 09 '17, 5:53 PM
Suffering from GERD - Omez
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Hi, My name is Albert (35)Male and bit of obese. living south India. I am taking Omez 20mg from past 6 years I feel comfortable and no GERD problem and I have find any problem(side effects) so far. Please advice is it OK to continue with same medicine or should I have to switch. And will be there any problem in furhter since I have taken this Omez 20mg for 6 years. Please give me your valuable suggestion. ## Have you consulted your doctor and are they aware that you've been taking it continuously for so long? The issue here is that these types of medications are not actually recommended for such long-term usage. Omeprazole and its relatives, are usually only used for 2 to 4 months, then discontinued, so they haven't actually been studied for their long-term effects. ...
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Fri, Mar 30 '12, 9:04 AM
GERD and Globas sensation
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Hi, Thank you for the help. I am suffering with GERD since quite some time. Earlier days I used to have some heart burn and it would relieve from anti-acid tables and syrups. However, from past 2-3 years the acid reflux has become worse, with lot of choking sensation in throat, heaviness in throat, un-easiness in breathing and it gets worse when I go for bed, each time I need to cough and drink water to make my-self a bit comfortable. This sensation remains most of the day when I take some citric foods and in nights I can’t sleep. I tried elevating the front portion of bed and going for bed 2 hours after a meal, however, these artifacts were proved to be of not much help. I am on Neksium 40mg daily one before food and Gaviscon syrup after food only at night, this table relieves th... ...
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Mon, Aug 31 '15, 3:28 PM
Suffering from GERD Disease
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I am suffering from "GERD" disease. My doctor adviced me to take one tablet daily containing Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg + Domperidone 30 Mg. If I take this tablet daily any side effect will happen ? What are the side effects ? I am waiting for your early reply. Thanks & Best Regards, Chandrashekhar R Puthran ## GERD is a condition that results from excess stomach acid refluxing into the esophagus. Rabeprazole with Domperidone is used to reduce the amount of acid produced by your stomach, to help allow the condition to heal. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and flatulence. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ## I had gerd but my doctor discovered I was taking some supplements directly before going to bed. Take pills at least a half hour before goi... ...
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Mon, Feb 22 '16, 11:31 AM
Apple Cider Vinegar for GERD
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My mother was taking Omeprazole for about a year for her GERD, and she started to develop a severe side effect which is generally unreported - extreme depression. Needless to say I urged her to stop that medication and take a hard look at some natural supplements for her diet. Being at her wit's end, she did some research and came across individuals who had reported supplementing Apple Cider Vinegar (RAW, ORGANIC) into their daily diets, and it had helped to regulate their digestive issues. Has anyone else heard about this? She is taking the Bragg Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar by the way. Truth be told, I am just pleased that she is back to her normal, happy self. ## I was prescribed omeprazole by my Dr for acid reflux and gurd,it worked great til I couldnt afford it.Someone to... ...
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Thu, Oct 31 '13, 8:34 PM
xalkori and acid reflux/gerd
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I have been on xalkori for about a year now; diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that mets to the pancreas. Lately, I have been waking up in the middle of the night with really bad acid reflux... wondering if anyone else taking Xalkori has experienced this. ## I have been on Xalkori for 8 months and i have sometimes experienced acid reflux as well, my doctor said he wasn't sure Xalkori could be blamed for that. I have noticed that the reflux mainly happens when I have a heavy meal for dinner. So what i do now is that i drink a glass of water with a little baking soda before going to bed and it seems to work well against the acidity in the stomach. Moreover, I put an extra pillow under my head and it's much better like this. I think that a light dinner can partly solve the proble... ...
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Tue, Feb 07 '17, 1:53 PM
folvite tablet good for gerd
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I am on raciper 40 mg can I have folvite 5mg as I am on restricted diet. Can u help me with right diet chart ## I really can't tell you much, without knowing what dietary restrictions you have. There are many ways, in which, someone's diet can be restricted medically, some people have to watch their sodium intake, for some people it is strictly due to GERD, for others it is due to food allergies, it is also possible to have more than one. I will gladly help, but you need to be a little more specific. Raciper contains the active ingredient Esomeprazole, which is a proton pump inhibitor used to reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach. If this is the reason you are on a restricted diet, then you will want to stay away from any foods that cause a lot of acid, such as sour ... ...
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Thu, Dec 30 '10, 12:02 PM
GERD, pantoparazole and itopride
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I've had an acid problem for more than 10 years. 3 years back I had done my endoscopy which showed mild oesophagitis and GERD; and took pantoparazole, livosulpride, ulcon for 2 months continuously then occasionally when required with partial relief. Now after 3 years endoscopy still shows mild oesophagitis with small hiatal hernia and mild due dignities. Doctor prescribed pantoparazole 40 and itopride. How long should I take it and what is the best treatment? ## You should take the medications as long as your doctor instructs you to do so, usually they are taken for anywhere from one to four months. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach pain. There is no particular best treatment, since everyone is different, it re... ...
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Mon, Dec 19 '16, 8:09 AM
Safe positive treatment for GERD
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Having almost same level of chestburn for 10 yrs. Using Raebipprazole on and off and maintaining. Very strict recommended diet, timing, gap etc.No room for any triggering factors. No habits at all. Like to stop PPI for safety. With all lifestyle modifications etc any suggestions for further medication ? Can I take Sporlac also regularly being probiotic ? Have been adopting all possible natural remedies like meditation etc. Please help. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Gastrointestinal.
Tue, Mar 29 '16, 3:17 AM
gerd and bad smell coming from stomach regular medicine sazo 2000
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I am taking sazo 2000 regular for RA. Now feeling acute acidity and a bad smell always coming from stomach preferably moring, evening and when taking wheat product. ## Hi, Bapi! That can happen with excess acidity and having the issue with wheat products means you may be gluten intolerant. What type of testing has your doctor done? The Sulfasalazine in the Sazo could be contributing to the problem, since it is known to cause gastric upset and distress. Learn more Sazo details here. Have you consulted your doctor about it? You may need to try a different medication for your RA. ...
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Wed, Aug 14 '13, 5:12 PM
I Am Having Severe Pain In Lower Left Abdomen And Also A Gerd Patient What Is This Symptom Of While After Passing Stools
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pleas help to know about the pain i suffer on the left lower abdomen and centre of the abdomen also the pain in the abdomen while and after passing stools i am with severe constipation and some time i see blood in the stools what is this symptoms points out? ## There is really no way anyone is going to be able to give you a diagnosis from just the short information in a post in the Internet. There are far too many possible causes and it will require a doctors consultation and exam to pinpoint the cause. Blood in your stool could be caused by a stomach ulcer, hemorrhoids, Gastritis, or quite a few other options. The pain could be from an ulcer, Gastritis or just gas. Have you contacted your doctor? ...
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Fri, Aug 26 '11, 9:13 AM
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GERD ...
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Fri, Jan 13 '06, 10:56 AM

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