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How Long Does 30 mg morphine Stay In Your System If U Snort Them
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I took an immediate release 30 mg pill this morning and then got called in for an interview this afternoon. But the problem is i have 2 go for a drug screen in the morning . What can i do 2 pee clean? ## The half life of morphine by mouth is about two hours, so my guess is that it's slightly less than that (since the drug is absorbed at a quicker rate when snorted). Lets use 2 hours as a marker though since drug manufacturers do not list the half life of abusive methods. Lol Half-life here means that, say, 2 hours after ingesting morphine, half of the active amount will be gone. This doesn't mean that 2 hours later, though, the other half will be gone. At that point half of the remainder will be gone, then another half after the same time interval, and so on, until the drug is e... ...
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Fri, Jul 19 '13, 11:54 AM
How Long Do Pill Stay In Your System If You Snort It
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Say one day you take a 30 mg roxi intranasally and down the road you take orally....which would be cleaned out of your system??...i wanna say intranasally...because it takes effect faster therefore ur body processes it and you move on??? Agreed?? ## I have to agree with your theory on the drug taking effect faster and therefore your body processes and excretes it at a faster rate than when taking it orally. On the contrary, since the drug is absorbed quicker, I have to wonder if the bio-availability is also increased? If it is increased, this may also affect the rate at which the drug is excreted, since your body could potentially have a greater percentage of the drug to metabolize. Does anyone else want to chime in on this? ## Will I pass drug test for opiates 20 hours after inhaling R... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Oxycodone.
Thu, Jan 21 '16, 4:49 PM
How Long Does perco Stay In Your System
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Snorted a perc(not sure of strenght) its been 127hr/5days since and I just took a UA. Btw never done percs ever. Will I be good? ## The major route of oxycodone excretion is in the urine. The effects of oxycodone last up to 4 hours after use. The length of time following drug use for which a positive result may occur is dependent upon several factors including the frequency and amount of usage, metabolic rate, excretion rate, drug half-life, and the drug user’s age, weight, activity, and diet. Basically, since the half life of Oxycodone is roughly 4 hours, half of what's in your system is gone every 4 hours...and half of that and so forth every 4 hours. My guess is that you should be fine given the amount of time you gave yourself before the UA. ## You'll be f... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Oxycodone.
Mon, Aug 25 '14, 6:25 AM
How long does roxys stay in your system
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hey i took a roxy 30 over the weekend on sat at like 430 in the afternoon i never really take any pills or anything i didnt even take a full pill it was maybe a half of one and i have a drug test tue in the morning i drank a good bit of water i only way like 150 lbs and i have a high metabolism will i pass piss test? ## The Oxycodone in this is generally detectable for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. However, it can vary from person to person, depending on your metabolism, overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and etc. Are there any other questions? ## I took 4 roxy 30 in a 2 to 3 day period last time was a week ago will I be ok? ## Can I pass a 90 hair test after snorting 2 in one day if my test in in 20 days ? ## Did u pass? ## after a year of bangin 60mg of roxy... ...
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Wed, Sep 07 '16, 11:04 AM
How long does percocet 30 stay in your system if u snort a half
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If i snorted a half of a perk 30 how long will it be in my urine if i chug water and gatorade? When would it b out? ## Percocet show up the same a half of percocet should not mes you up OK so you should be good OK ## One half of a 30 should be out your system one day no more if you take two or more then is 72 hours OK no matter how many you do OK ## No actually it takes 7 days for any narcotics to get out of your system I was on probation for a year and I did about 3 Percocets one day and then the next day my probation officer calling her I had to go in and take a drug test and I failed for Narcotics and she told me that it takes up to 7 days for Narcotics to get out of your system ## No u are wrong morphine base narcotics are 7 day hydros, morphine any thing morph even codeine. But oxy... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Percocet.
Sun, Jun 12 '16, 4:11 PM
how long does roxicet stay in your system?
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Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? ## NO! Can't speed it up. I know they are myths and old wives tales that say you can, but they don't really work, As to how long it stays in your system, it depends how long you have been taking it and how much you have been taking. If you were taking a normal dosage, as prescribed, on a regular basis, then Oxycodone only stays in your body for a little over 24 hours. If you are on it legitimately by doctor's prescription and facing a drug test, then all you need to do is let them know that. ## how long does a single does of roxicet stay in ur system...will it stay longer if it was abused such as snorting or shooting it up ...
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Wed, Jan 28 '09, 8:41 PM
How Long Does Opana Stay In Your System If You took It Once
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i took a half of an opana 40 on tuesday about mid day and have a drug test on friday also this is the only time i have done opana in about 3 weeks exept for the same amount about 8 days ago you think i will pass ## Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone and, like most other narcotics, it is usually detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 days, after taking it. There is, however, no precise time frame that can be given, because it will vary from person to person depending on your metabolism, overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and many other factors. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I took opana 10 mg 3 days in a row and on the same day had nothing in my urine. ## I snorted half an opana 40 mg on weds will it be out by Friday morning! Have... ...
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Tue, Sep 26 '17, 7:45 PM
How Long Does 5mg Dexidrine Stay In Your System
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How many days does a 5mg dexedrine stay in your system after snorting one? ## I took a 5mg valuiom tonight to help me sleep I have a drug test in 9 days with mouth swab will it show up ...
Updated 1 year ago in Dexedrine.
Fri, May 27 '16, 12:28 AM
How long do pills stay in your system?
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Does it take longer for pills to get out of your system if you snort them? ## I would need to know what you are taking in order to tell you the length of time it stays in your system. Also you should not snort anything, that could be very dangerous. Please post back so I can better assist you. ## I TOOK HODORCODONE FOR 5 DAYS 1-2 A DAY AND HAVE A DRUG TEST TOMORROW IS IT GOING TO STILL BE IN MY SYSTEM? ## I HAVE NOT TOOK ANY SINCE YESTERDAY ## Hydrocodone typically stays in your system for up to 3 to 5 days. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## how long does infection med stay in your system ## how long does soma stay in the system ## i took about 25mgs of klonopin from tuesday til sunday morning at... ...
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Mon, Dec 19 '16, 7:43 PM
how long do vicodin stay your system
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I snorted 12 vicodin 5s I need to know how long it will take them to get out of my system ## I took some vicoden this last week and I have a ua on Thursday. Will I pass my ua after 5 days? ## I dont see no answers on this page I want yo know how long does vicoden stay in you urine 4 days 3 hours whats the answer ## if you havent done them in awhile. it stays in your system 2-3 days. Drink water/take liver enzymes and vitamins. It can be out in 1-2 days. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Vicodin.
Fri, May 09 '14, 3:24 PM
How Long Does Xanax and Vicodin Stay In Your System
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If I took two 1mg xanax on Friday and three 500mg vicodin on Saturday and have a urine drug test on Wednesday (tomorrow) will it be clean? ## dID U SNORT THE PILLS OR JUST SWALLOW. IF U SNORTED THEY WILL BE OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM ## I swallowed the xanax and snorted the vicodin and my system was clean before Friday ## For future reference, narcotics, such as the Hydrocodone in Vicodin can be detected for approximately 4 to 5 days, after you last take them. And Benzodiazepines, like the Alprazolam in Xanax, can be detectable for up to 6 weeks, after your last use. There is, however, no way to give a precise time frame, due to the various individuating factors that come into play, such as your metabolism, overall health, activity levels and etc. Are there any questions or comments? ## I took ... ...
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Wed, Feb 12 '14, 9:03 AM
how long does percocet 30 stay in your system for chronic user
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I have been using (snort)perc 30s for almost a year. Doing 6-10 a day (180-300mg). 6'1 210 pounds. Could possibly be facing a test in 6 days, if I stop now will I be able to pass? ## Yeah ull be fine its usually 3_4 days im the same specs as u 6'1 210 but to be safe i do 5 days cuz i dont feel like violating ## If u do stop totally u will get sick very sick made end up in the er..from withdraw .. ...
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Thu, Jul 21 '16, 3:47 AM
how long does xanax stay in your system when injected
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I took 3 Xanax, just wanting to know how long it will take to get out of my system/urine as I have a test soon. I had read that swallowing 3 Xanax will be out of the body within 72 hours. I know that injecting drugs comes out of the body quicker than taking it other ways such as snorting, smoking or swallowing the drug. Does anyone know the what the go is? I would appreciate genuine advise. ## Good grief, you need help ! Wtf is wrong with people? ## How about not even doing it! Hello!! Editor's note: this thread has been locked because it violates our terms of use. ...
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Mon, Mar 21 '16, 6:37 PM
how long dose dilaudid stay in your system?
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My friend snorted a dilaudid and she has to take a drug screen for a job and she wants to know how long dose it stay in your urine ## It can be anywhere from 24 hours or more, depending on the dosage and how often she has been engaging in this behavior. This is a very dangerous practice and she really needs to get help. ## the detoxitation of the human body depends on how hard she works , plays, works out, also the intake an explusion of liquids help, if she wants to pass drug screen if its urine eat 2 packages of sure-jell an drink 1 quart or more of water or orange juice, the sure-jell will temp. seal inside her bladder for like 4 hours, if they swab her mouth, hair test or blood test she s gonna fail ## Crushing any pills could be fatal. My brother first started consuming pills and t... ...
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Mon, Apr 24 '17, 11:11 AM
how long will morphine stay in your system?
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I snorted a total of 50mg of morphine on tuesday. 12.5mg at 1pm, 12.5 mg at 4pm, and then 25mg at 6pm. I have to go into work on saturday at 8am and there is a good chance i will be called in for a urine test. it will have been 3 days and 14 hours since my the last time i used. will i be ok? ## I forgot to mention that this the first time I used morphine in 4 months as well. ## Morphine is usually detectable for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. The time frame will vary, however, depending on your metabolism, fluid intake, overall health and activity levels. Learn more Morphine details here. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Had to piss Sunday at 7pm. 5 days 1 hour after last dosing. ...
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Sun, Sep 23 '12, 8:29 PM
how long does methadone stay in your blood system if i took a month
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I don't do methadone at all i took one 10mg tablet will it be out in four days I'm very active and i drink lots of fluids can u please tell me if i will be clean from it in my blood and urine test in four days ## I snorted a half a methadone yesterday with four people & took a drug test today. will I b clean ? ## I took a little bit of liquid methane on sat I see my doc Fri will it be out of my system by then I never take it but I do take 60 mg oxycodone will it still be in my system I took very little ## No, you are so screwed. No way is it out of your system. No way. ## If you are VERY active and drink lots of water, you're probably safe. Methadone, however can stay in a persons system up to 2 weeks. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Methadone.
Wed, Sep 14 '16, 10:59 PM
How Long Does It Take For Opana 40mg To Clear Your System
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I have been abusing Opana 40mg each day for 2 months or so. I have recently cut down my intake to a quarter(10mg) every few days. I recently quit for 5 days and then snorted a half (20 mg) on saturday night @ 11 pm. I have a urine analysis on monday @ 3pm. Will it appear on the results? What can i do to ensure that i pass the test? Any help would be much appreciated!! ## did you end up passing? im in just about the same test is on saturday.930am. ## If you have been a long-term, frequent user of high amounts, the time it will stay in your system can vary, but it will usually be about 3 to 5 days for a urine test. As to ensuring that you past the test, there is really no guaranteed way to do that, other than to not use medications that you don't have a prescription for, ... ...
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Mon, Feb 06 '17, 4:47 PM
How Long Does Opana Stay In Your Saliva
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I snorted I don't know 5-10mg of opana in a two day period. I have to take random saliva test how long will it show up in saliva and urine too just out of curiosity? I've passed two test already so my system was completely clean prior to using. ## The saliva detection time is actually very short, usually only a day or so for most narcotics, in urine it can be detected longer, about 3 to 5 days, depending on how much you've been using and for how long. Are there any other comments or questions? ## how long does metadone stay in your saliva ## cainon25, the same general rules applies to Methadone, since it is also an opiate narcotic, it is usually detectable in a saliva test for 24 hours, after taking it, though this can vary slightly from person to person. Other factors can a... ...
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Thu, May 18 '17, 9:40 PM
opiates in your urine stay for how long
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how long does opiates stay in your urine if someone has been snorting 5 or ,more percocet 30 mg a day for over a year ## The vast majority of opioid drugs can stay in your system for a urine test for roughly 2-4 days after your last dose. Based on the duration of use and frequency taken, I'd imagine that individual being on the higher end of the spectrum (4 days) from the last dose, as opposed to 2 days. A strong or weak metabolism can change this however, and should also be considered when factoring in the length of time it takes to completely be out of your system; give or take a day. If this user were to get a hair follicle test however, there would be trace amounts detectable for up to 90 days. I hope this info helps! ## I have been taking between 25-30mg of oxycodone daily for ... ...
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Wed, Nov 18 '15, 2:40 PM
How long does 3 30Mg Morphines stay in system
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So I snorted 3 30mg Morphine pills and I don't know when my drug test is. It could be monday. I haven't been taking them for a week straight or anything just today. So I was wondering how long that would take to get out of my system... I am about 5"3 and a 123 pounds not fat at all just a little toned and I just want to know how long it would take thanks...!!!!!!! ## Like most other narcotics, Morphine is detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. The frame will vary from person to person, however, depending on your metabolism, overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and etc. Are there any other questions or comments? ## What if ur already taking percocet and snorted to 30mg of morphine will the morphine show in a urine test #... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Morphine.
Mon, Mar 11 '13, 2:23 PM

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