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flush out crystal meth
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i did 20$ worth of methamphetamine yesterday and i have drug test tom. I'm 5'10 150 lbs.. what do i do to pass my DT? I just got hired today and they want me to do the DT tom so i can start monday.. Is now or never!! Any help? pls :( ## Need to pass a ua from using methamphetamine pretty heavy. only got 48 hours. can I use activated charcoal, eating Mido, drinking cranberry juice ## I took methamphetamine last night. Will I pass a U.A. today? Please let me know. ## Can I use charcole to flush math out of .y system ...
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Thu, Jun 02 '16, 11:56 AM
Flushing methadone out of my urine ASAP
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I've been trying to stop taking Percocet bc I was up to 10, 10/325's a day so I started taking one 10mg methadone a day for the last month and cut it down to 5mg for the last week. I have a urine test in 10 days. How can I flush the methadone out of my system in 10 days? Is there a juice or herb to cleanse it out? ## Usually out within 3-4 days. Four surely. I used this FIR two years and dropped. Was told no methadone was in my urine. Got in trouble. ...
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Fri, May 02 '14, 12:44 AM
how to flush methadone
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I was in a car accident in 2006 while pregnant with my son flagging for a construction company I have been on and of of perks and other things and recently had my Dr transfer without making sure I had a dr to replace her now that I am dependant on perks (or oxys) I am tryin to get on the methadone program I have tried some of a "friends" only about 10 mg of her 70 mg bottle and I am a 5'7 200 lbs woman and I have not had any methadone in 10 days but I just got back from my sample and it tested positive again for the 2nd time for methadone how is this possible when everyone says about a week its been 10 days since I drank any last and im still testing positive?!?!?!?!?!?!? can anyone help me with ideas to flush my system for my next urine sample on Tuesday 4 days away PLEASE ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Methadone.
Wed, Jun 04 '14, 11:13 PM
Flushing system of meth
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How do I rid meth out of my system within 24 hours ## Need to kno if the baking soda trick.works.... anybody kno? ## My friend used all weekend and his color was called on Monday. I told him to put use baking soda. He passed and still used after and was called again the next day and passed again. The way to do it is use 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda with 8oz of water. Then continue to drink water. Also need to be drinkin coffee or Gatorade or tea so that ur urine has color. The crazy part tho to know if it's gonna work is you will have explosive diarrhea. And you only have a 3 hr window from when u first drank it. Need to also pee two times before you take your actually ua!! Good luck!! It works as long as u do it right. ## If I have to take a UA tomorrow at 12 noon Wat time to ... ...
Updated 9 months ago.
Tue, Jan 03 '17, 1:01 AM
stat flush meth results
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does b clear and stat flush work for methamphetamine tests? ## Ive used methamphetamine in the last two days. The last time I did was at 6 pm Tuesday and I have a drug test tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 8am. If I use stat flush, should I be ok? ## I have not had methamphetamine for 72 hrs. I had about 3 grams and quit 72 hrs ago. I bought stat flush just 2 be on the safe side. I took the the 5 pills this morning, went to po and failed. I had faint line of methamphetamine. I should had already been cleaned prior to taking stat flush - must have been sum strong s***. ...
Updated 11 months ago.
Fri, Oct 21 '16, 2:55 PM
how to flush meth in 24 hrs
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What can I get over the counter and flush sysum from meth ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Wed, Sep 11 '13, 8:39 PM
flush Meth from body quickly
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What can I use otc to speed up the process? UA n 40 hrs ## Methamphetamine can be detected in your urine for up to 1-4 days after your last dose. Depending on the dosing & how frequently you indulged, I'd imagine that you could easily get it out of your system in the shortest amount of time listed there. If you want to help your body speed up the process even more, I'd just recommend eating a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, exercising till you sweat each day, and even supplementing your efforts with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is available OTC and has many detoxing properties that hospitals even rely on when people OD on their medications. This may be something you want to do additional research on, since it is supposed to absorb an... ...
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Mon, Nov 14 '16, 6:23 PM
did methamphetamine saturday i weight 203 got ua monday by 6pm what can flush it out
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I'm 203 pounds and I used like two bowls Saturday and have a U.A. for probation on Monday by 6pm what can flush or clean it out. ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Sun, Sep 07 '14, 12:19 PM
How can I flush heroin and meth from my system in 24 hrs?
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I have to test tomorrow for probation and I have been smoking meth, shooting/ smoking heroin as well. What is the best way I can flush my system so I can possibly pass the UA tomorrow? ## How can i flush heroin and meth from my system in 24 hours? ## I am 5'6 116lbs....a little underweight. I used heroin yesterday and have a urine screen tomorrow morning. I got some QCarbo and have been drinking lots of water due to my usage. Does anyone know if this will work?? Please help!!!! ## I took heroin on Sunday evening. Would I be clean by Tuesday morning around 11 am? I weigh 170 lbs and I have to drop for my P.O. Please let me know. ## I got that drink also and have a test today. Did it work for you ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Wed, Jun 01 '16, 11:43 AM
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Is there a way to flush my system of Methamphetamine within the next 8 days? ## @Cyn, Methamphetamine can only be detected in your urine for up to 1-4 days after your last dose. With that said, I don't think you'll have to be overly concerned about having it out of your system in 8 days time. As far as detoxing goes, in my opinion, fruits and veggies are the answer. You can also try getting some activated charcoal from your local health store; which is known for its use in detoxing your body of prescription drugs. I hope this info helps! ## Thank you for your opinion. Do you know how long it stays in your blood? ## I am prescribed adderall. I smoked methamphetamine last night And this morning. The adderall will test positive for amphetimine and it's a urine test. How can I m... ...
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Wed, Oct 12 '16, 12:49 PM
clean of meth
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I weight 103 lbs. Was wondering if I would be clean of methamphetamines by Monday (in 3 days from now) if I flush and vitamins? ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Fri, Sep 26 '14, 6:54 PM
how to get methadone out of my system fast
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What can u use to get 49 mg methadone out of my system asap? I have a ua in two days. ## Dear Just a druggie , I would suggest getting a clean urine at the store and drink tons of water. Also, what's really good at flushing out your bladder and kidneys, Cranberry juice. U may not like it, but, it's a good thing 2 drink. GOOD LUCK! ## Usually it's out of your system in 3 days. However, companies cannot hold methadone against you as long as it's prescribed. ...
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Sat, Oct 15 '16, 6:46 AM
Methdone 10mg
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My system was clean until I took 2 Methdone 10mg today and would like to know Or should I say Need to know how long will it take for those 2 to come out my system for me to take a urine test and my I ask if drinking lots of water will help flush them out sooner Thanks Melisa ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Mon, May 20 '13, 10:16 PM
can doxytec flush genette
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i had acne so i was given doxytec.it works for me but now im also using contraceptive pills (genette),won't da doxytec flush da pills? ## Yes, it can lower their efficacy and increase your risk of pregnancy, it would be best to also use a backup method of contraception. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this antibiotic as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Genette may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, breakthrough bleeding and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Nov 30 '15, 5:17 PM
getting methamphetamine out of your system in 48 hrs
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Hi. I had methamphetamine on fri 31/10/14 at 4pm. I have a urine test on mon 3/11/14 at 9am. Can u please tell me the best way to get a negative result? Thanks. ## I have a drug test in 2 days. How can i get methamphetamine out of my system? ## I just took methamphetamine today..I have a test at 8:30 in da morning. How or what can I do to come up clean? Someone plz tell me how? ## Consumed methamphetamine 2 days ago and have a urine test at 8am tomorrow. Will constant water help flush it out? ## 3 days is all you need to flush it out just drinking water. You're gonna be fine. ## How can I pass a urine test in 48 hrs after taking methamphetamine? ## I took methamphetamine daily for four days and I stopped Saturday at 7:30 am and have a ua for my po today (tuesday) at 4 pm. Will I pas... ...
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Sun, Oct 15 '17, 8:55 PM
how to get methamphetamine out of your hair for a drug test
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I have used methamphetamine maybe five times in a two month period. haven't used any in eight days. have to take a hair follicle test. will it show up in a test .. ## Did you pass your test ? I have similar situation? Did u bleach? ## Yep it sure will but you can dye your hair but make sure to use the cheeaper kind because of the ammonia and peroxide and another chemical that i cant seem to remember for the life of me. Anyway it makes ot so they cant detect any drugs ## My son took Methamphetamine on May 8th. He has to do a hair follicle test on 5/29. Will he pass or can he flush? Help. I need to know by tomorrow. ## This is difficult to talk about, but I need advice asap. I was hotlined and my kids were put in protective custody. I'm never away from them, literally, I don't... ...
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Sat, Sep 09 '17, 7:43 PM
Test Clean For Meth
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Have 4 hours till I take a test, is it possible that i will be clean for methamphetamines? ## What are remedys to flush out my system in a real big hurry? ## Baking soda 90 mins before 3 tablespoons in water, then urinate once before testing ## I used a half gram of meth.two days later I had a drug test that was sent to a lab and in waiting for results. On the day I provided urine for test I drank gallon of water and my urine came out very diluted almost like water. Will I be negitive for meth, will I pass drug test? ## does that baking soda thing work? gta test in two hours I last used yesterday. ## I used meth and heroin last night have to drug test in 3 hours. Does baking soda work ? If so how do ido it? ## Got saliva tested and failed for methamphetamine, how do I pass my blood test... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sat, Oct 01 '16, 1:27 PM
Niacin No Flush effectiveness
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Does Niacin No Flush work to flush out methamphetamines, and how fast does it detox your body? ...
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Fri, Nov 28 '14, 2:10 AM
would methamphetamine show positive on a urine sample that was sent to lab after flushing with baking soda
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would lab test detect methamphetamine in urine sample after flushing with gatorade and baking soda. i was tested (5 panel) test was negative. urine was sent to lab ## Did you pass the ua sent to lab using baking soda ## Please help, I have to do a supervised urine within or at the latest on Friday. I have only had approximately 2points of ice and half gm herion over a week ,. I am also on methadone 70 mls and valium . Is there anything I can do to clear my system quicker. I also have been told the methadone will cover the her I on, however I didn't think it would??? Can you pls help???? ## Yes the lab will be able to detect it for up to 7 days after use. ## No it won't because I had a drug test. They took it to the lab. I used baking soda. My po never told me s***. ## The baking... ...
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Sat, Jul 08 '17, 12:57 AM
round e 131 methadone
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want to know the identity of the pill ## i want images of e 131 methadone ## Hi catfish, You mentioned that you wanted to know the identity of this pill, but you already confirmed that within the title of your thread (re: methadone)... However if I can add any validation to that, E 131 is in fact listed as Methadone (10mg), manufactured by Sandoz. I don't have a photograph to show you, but I believe the pill's National Drug Code (66689-0810) should suffice as another point of reference. I hope this helps! ## can methadone help to flush out marijuana from the body? and if so, how long will it take? ## Any photos of a methadone pill? , ## Oxyctin,I just wanted to know what they look like just in case. ## Does the methadone pill imprinted E 131 have a score on the back? Or is it ju... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Methadone.
Thu, Oct 29 '15, 7:03 PM

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