Fill Oxycodone In Ga

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Fill Oxycodone In Ga
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im in calhoun ga.... i need to fill my rx for 30mg oxycodone 120 count any suggestions?? ## I had been visiting a doctor in Cartersville and have been unable to reach his office this week for my 30mg oxicordone can you recommend a doctors office for me ## I need to find a new doctor somewhere near Atlanta, that can help me renew my 30mg oxicodone, I am having trouble trying to reach my clinic in Cartersville and I'm about to run out! Can anybody help me with a new clinic? ## My advice would be to make sure you aren't just calling the pharmacies to ask. If it's just a voice on the phone, they have no way of knowing whether or not you are a legitimate customer in need or a potential thief. Thus, most will just say that they don't stock any controlled substances. To get acc... ...
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Tue, Apr 25 '17, 6:18 AM
Filling Oxycodone 30mg In Ga
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CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIND A PLACE IN GA.THAT WILL FILL MY OXYCODONE 30MG.IM FROM OUT OF TOWN AND BEEN EVERYWHERE..I HAVE BEEN IN PAIN MANG. FOR OVER 10 YEARS THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND. NEVER HAVE I HAD SOOO MUCH TROUBLE.PLEASE ANY HELP IS WELCOME ## Try Jacksonville north carolina or anywhere in south carolina... I live in southeast ga and alot of people I know have to drive there to get them but almost every place there has them!. ## There is currently a shortage, so most pharmacies do not have them in stock to fill prescriptions, due to the mandatory yearly manufacturing limits. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Additionally, due to the difficulty of verifying the validity of a prescription from outside the area, many pharmacies will not fill it. And to add problems on top of difficu... ...
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Wed, Sep 07 '16, 6:11 AM
filling oxycodone 30mg.
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I've been to several pharmacies in the Hinesville and savannah Ga. areas I'm trying to fill oxycodone 30 mg. And perocet 10/325. I need to get this filled asap. But every pharmacy that I've been to are out of it and they don't know when they can fill it ...
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Tue, Dec 08 '15, 12:05 PM
oxycodone refills
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I have a serious question id like to be answered by a doc or pharmacist. So my mother is a stroke patient she has severe pain on a daily basis her doctor prescribes her 5 milligrams of oxycodone every 8 hours for pain 90 quantity at a time well this week because she also fell in rehab and dislocated her shoulder and sprained her ankle she gave me a prescription on the 22nd for 90 and on the 26th 4 For 90 I was a little bit confused and I don't want to get anybody in trouble or get flagged or whatnot but is this legal and will I get in trouble? normally she gets 90 a month and that's it but again she prescribed 90 on June 22nd and 90 on June 26 what should i do can I fill them both or will I get in trouble somebody please help? She is away on vacation so I can't ask her if th... ...
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Fri, Jun 26 '15, 2:16 PM
Fill Oxycodone In Ga but have tn id
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where can i go to fill my prescription from ga and me with a tn license ## go 2 mountaubview pharmacy in marietta G.A. that where i go with k.y. id and they will do it. my script is from tucker G.A. also. here's there number 770-272-9612 ## I can only suggest trying the information that Robert has provided. There is no way for us to know what the policies are at various pharmacies, or if they even carry any given medication. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I called that pharmacy because my friend sees a Dr in Tucker Atlanta and they said they won't fill those anymore. ## oh thank you thank you thank you. lol. lol. my appt is tomorrow. I've been worried sick about this.....but does this pharmacy usually have them and are they more than 6 bucks each. I go to atla... ...
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Thu, Nov 03 '11, 12:48 AM
cant fill oxycodone
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I have been mailing my script to excatus in fla. until now they want fill them anymore dont know why.i live in atl, ga.and need my medicine. can anybody hrlp, ehen u hurt like i do u dont fill like going from drugstore to drugstore just to b told same crsp.oxycodne 30 mg.120 count ## Hi, Chris! Sorry about the problem that you've having getting your medication. A large distributor was recently shut down on the east coast, which has left many pharmacies in a lurch, until someone takes over. Additionally, there are limits on how much any pharmacy can order in and keep in stock each month, so once they are out, they can't do anything about it. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Other than going to drugstores in your area and checking, I am not sure what else to suggest. Have you co... ...
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Tue, Jan 07 '14, 9:34 PM
Oxycodone In Atlanta Ga
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I am a student in Atlanta, GA, and I cannot find anyone that will fill my prescription from a local doctor for Oxycodone 30's...any suggestions? Please help! Thanks! ## How have you been checking for them? Have you actually gone into the pharmacies, with the prescription in hand, to ask if they carry them? If you have just been calling around, you are not likely going to get an honest answer. There is a huge problem with pharmacies being robbed of controlled substances, especially Oxycodone and, if you are just calling, they have no way of knowing if you are a legitimate customer or a potential thief, so they will usually just automatically say they don't carry it. Another option you may want to look into is checking whether or not they are any specialty pain management pharmaci... ...
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Fri, Apr 07 '17, 2:17 PM
Getting oxycodone filled in Athens GA area
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I have a script for 90 oxycodone 30 mg. I can not find a pharmacy that carries them. Does anyone know of a pharmacy that stocks them? ## It really isn't that the pharmacies don't carry them, it's that there is a current shortage, so most do not have a current stock of Oxycodone to use to fill your prescription. The DEA sets a limit on how much of any controlled substance can be manufactured in a year, it's based on information from the manufacturers, the FDA and the prescriptions from the prior year. However, the length of time the supply lasts for the year can be affected by various things, such as how many prescriptions have been written, theft and diversion. So, some years, the supply ends up being exhausted and that is the current situation. The only suggestion I can... ...
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Fri, Mar 28 '14, 3:40 AM
Where I Can Fill Oxycodone 15mg In Atlanta Ga
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I just moved to ATL from AZ for new job. Ive been on these meds for years. My DOC is well a wear of how pharmacy's are not stocking this med. ## Just moved to Atlc for a new job and cant find a pharmacy to phill my script. Ibex neen taking this med for years. In AZ I never had this pronlem. My doc is a wear off the issue. Thanks you, ## Have you discussed the possibility, with your doctor, of perhaps trying something else? There are Morphine tablets available on the market in all the same formulations as Oxycodone, in name brands and generics. If you are taking 30mgs of Oxycodone, then you would require 45mgs of the Morphine to be equivalent. Another question is, how are you shopping around for the prescription? If you are just calling the pharmacies, they will usually not give you ... ...
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Sat, Jul 29 '17, 6:53 AM
Where Do I Fill My Oxycodone Rx In Norcross Ga
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hi my name is greg, i always have a hard time filling my scripts im wrote for 120 30s, 120 15s and 60 xanax bars. i had a bad motorcycle crash. im only 26 years old so most pharmacies think im selling them or shooting them. i could never shoot up gotta phobia of needles if anyone can help. u can reach me at 828 xxx xxxx. please help ## Well, the issue is really due to the fact that having two prescriptions written, for the same medication, in different dosages, is highly unusual. The normal pain control regimen would be having one that may be the instant, or regular release formulation and the other being for the time released Oxycontin. Pharmacists are actually required to watch for this type of thing. Is there a special reason that your doctor doesn't have you on a time released m... ...
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Sun, Sep 20 '15, 3:02 PM
where to fill oxycodone 15mgs in Tampa?
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I was going to QUALITY SPECIALTY pharmacy for almost 2 years and they held my script for 9 days and when i came to pick it up they said they can't fill them because i had a misdemeanor in 2006 such b.s. just getting rid of me cause i had a locked in price and they want to rape other people w/ the high cost. anyways i don't drive can't afford to take a cab all over town, i live near busch gardens , does anyone know where I can fill 180 oxycodone 15's I found one place bout they wanted 1350$s thats insane that comes out to almost 15$'s per 30 mg ## Yes hear to in port charlotte they first told me they did have 15's then I was just about in my car and they tap on my windowband food me 6 bucks a pill. My script cost 1200 hundred dollars to fill I can not afford that ... ...
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Wed, Jan 30 '13, 1:27 AM
fill oxycodone prescription in houston
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Can anyone tell me positively where in Houston can I find a pharmacy to fill a script for roxycodone/oxycodone? ## sure i no a pharmacy ## Memorial compounding ## which one? ## I NEED TO FIND A PHARMACY TO FILL MY SCRIPTS AT A DECENT PRICE ## My mom has a perscription for Percodan. I can't find a pharmacy that carries it thou. Do you know where in Houston, Tx that I can go to get it filled? She has 3 back fractures and the Narco doesn't help her. Please help. ## I'm sure she has percodan for some Allergic issues as usually they give percocet not percodan. So she doesn't want Tylenol but for some good reason the doctor gave her percodan. Ok well if u can't fill it just tell the doctor to remove the over the counter medication from the medicine since it can be purchase... ...
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Sat, Sep 30 '17, 11:54 AM
where to fill oxycodone prescription in savannah ga
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Hi my husband was recently referred to pain management an was written two prescription s for oxycodone 15s an oxycodone 30s an we have been every where trying to fill them an everyone is saying they won't fill for this doctor,but he has a legal practice an dea number,so why is he able to charge people for the visit an write these prescription s if we can't fill them? Please help. I have to help him put his shoes on an pants onreally bad days. Medicare even approve him cause of his back issues an long term heath issues. An the medications are covered by Medicare,so I'm very confused on what the problem is. Help please,its not fair he has to suffer like this. ## Same problem hear is your dr. Dr.bynes? I'm sitting here with 120 script for rockies. Can't get them filled ... ...
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Mon, Jul 03 '17, 2:57 AM
pharmacy to fill 10mg oxycodone in orlando fl
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My husband finally got into a pain management doctor. He is a veteran and is part of the medical VA mess. He was prescribed oxycodone by his new pain doctor and now I can not find a pharmacy in Orlando fl that will fill it. Its only 10mg. Anyone know of a location that will fill it? 10mg Oxycodone up to 30mg ## Do you mean to say that you can't find a pharmacy that will fill a 10mg oxycodone ? I take 30mg after 11 back operations and for the first time in 10 years the new pharmacist gave me the stink eye - like I wanted them early. I only wanted to check to make sure they had all 6 of my RX in stock like I've done for the last 2 years. I never run out but I guess it's just plain wrong to use pain meds made from opium. My son is just out of USMC with a medical - severe compre... ...
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Sat, Jun 13 '15, 6:59 PM
GA pharmacy for oxycodone.
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I need a pharmacy in southern Ga to fill oxycodone. My doctor is a pain management doctor in GA that has been in practice for years. I have been seeing this doctor for a year or more. My regular pharmacy has closed due to an illness. I have been getting this medicine for 6 years. Please any information will be greatly appreciate. ## I'm sorry, but unfortunately, there is no central listing of what pharmacy has any given medication in stock. The only thing you can really do is go to your local pharmacies with prescription in hand to see who has it in stock. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Does anyone else know of one in that area that has had it recently? ## I have been in every pharmacy in four counties. They say they can't fill for an out of town doctor. Any names of Towns t... ...
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Mon, Apr 28 '14, 6:54 AM
Fill Oxycodone Prescription From G A
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I have a Kentucky Licenses and went to a pain clinic in GA, they prescribed me Oxycodone 15mg and Hydrocodone 10mg. I have been to several pharmacies in Kentucky and cannot get them filled. Does anyone know where I can get my prescriptions filled rather here in Kentucky or out of state in GA or TN?? Please Help at all if possible, thanks! ## Hi Tommy, If you can't get your prescriptions filled locally, have you considered opting for an online pharmacy that can ship you your meds? I personally haven't used this method for getting a prescription, but I know there are a handful of sites out there that are safe and legal to order from amongst the swarm of bad ones: Legitimate online pharmacies that carry the VIPPS seal are listed at: ...
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Thu, May 05 '16, 5:18 AM
What Is proper protocol for filling Oxycodone 30 mg
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WHAT IS THE PROPER STANDARD PROTOCOL WHEN FILLING A PRESCRIPTION FOR OXTCODONE 30MG I HAVE TRIED TWO PART D HEALTH PLANS TO FILL MY RX AND I HAVE BEEN GIVEN OVER TEN DIFFERENT REASONS FROM EACH PLAN FOR NOT FILLING THE PRESCRIPTION BUT NONE MAKE ANY SENSE BECAUSE I MEET ALL THE PROPER PROTOCALL WHAT IS GOING ON WHY CANN,T I GET A DEFINATIVE REASON HAS ANYONE EXPERINCED THIS AND HAD ANY LUCK GETTING THEIR PRESCRIPTONS FILLED WITH A MAIL ORDER THROUGH INSURANCE? ## What were the various reasons they gave? Are you in Florida, by any chance? There have been many, many people in Florida that haven't been able to get their prescriptions filled anywhere, for any narcotics. Learn more Oxycodone details here. There hasn't been any official word from any source about why and what's go... ...
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Fri, Mar 20 '15, 4:28 AM
dr in las vegas who prescribe oxycodone
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I know after some reading how stupid this sounds but I came to a town 80 mi.fro Las Vegas Nv.thinking I could go in with my Perscription bottles and send for Dr records and get my Perscriptions filled one of which is oxycodone 20 4× day. Well that didn't go well.The provider gave me 10 days worth but doesn't want to treat me as I am on pain medication as if I don't have other medical needs. I'm 63 yes old have never abused my Perscription but she doesn't know that. She referred me to a pain clinic in another state even farther away and I don't always have transportation as I don't drive and not sure if insurance will cover.well they won't take me even when I called with her refferal.She had to send my records which she doesn't have,though I'v... ...
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Tue, Oct 17 '17, 5:31 PM
oxycodone in stock anywhere?
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i needi wanted too know if any pharmacy in florida that can feel the perscrption for oxycodone i appreceate your help i have to much pain and i can not find the anywhere i have medical card thank you i appreciate ## Apparently there are a ton of other people within these forums having the same issue with filling prescriptions in the state of Florida. So you're definitely not alone on this matter. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what pharmacy has any given medication in stock, at any given time. From what I could gather, there was a shortage, due to imposed manufacturing limits at the end of the year, so it may just be taking awhile for all pharmacies to get a supply back in to fill prescriptions. In the meantime you may want to consider ordering from a legitimate online pha... ...
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Fri, Oct 31 '14, 11:48 AM
Find Pharmacy to fill any mgs of Oxycodone In Orlando Fl
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I have been on rox and oxy for the past 10 years before all this drama started. Back when you could find out if the pharm could fill the script via phone. My Dr. is obviously the one privy to my medical records and therefore is thoroughly informed of my condition, and is most qualified to prescribe what is necessary. Lately Pharmacists are playing God while simultaneously failing the medical community especially the people that are in severe pain. A Pharm now trumps any MD or specialists (when a pharmacist can't even write a script lacking a medical degree) .WTF! I haven't been working for the last two years, so I haven't needed my pain meds that much. So now it's a big deal that there is a gap in my usage. JOEL commented on the "Find Pharmacy Oxycodone In Orlando Fl... ...
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Thu, Aug 21 '14, 3:32 AM

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