Fat Medicine Name

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fat medicine name
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What is the best drugs that can make me grow fat in two weeks? ## What medicine can i use to gain my weight people are insulting me dat am to slim. ## Pls pls tell me the name of medicin which will make me fat permanently.. ## sir I want to become fat help me with some medicines I am verry lean ## Hi,,,, what is the best medecine that can make me grow fat???.Pls tell me because im interesting. . ## Hi plz what is the name of the medicine that can make you look a little bit fat ,i want to gain weight plz ## Medicine name to make fat can you tell me the medicine name plz ## hi pleas tell me how I become fat in short time. I mean which medicine are good thanks . ## From a nutritional standpoint, the first thing I would suggest is to consult a dietician who can work with you on a more perso... ...
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Thu, Oct 12 '17, 10:35 PM
fatness medicine name
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Please I need fat gain medicine I'm too tall n thin body plus less weight so I need a fatness medicine please tell me the fat gain medicine. ## I'm a 24 old girl I am thin l want medicine to Become fat ## I need medicines to get fat or to increase my weight very urgently because, i can get enough foods daily but i can't get balanced weight. I am O blood type owner and 183m height and 60 Kg weight & i am 28 so what type of medicine would you give me to get immediate relief without side effects.Thanks a lot for your immediate response. ## I have very skinny body.. My weight is 35kg. And 25 yrd old.. plz tell me the medicines to gaining fat in short time ## I have very skinny body. My weight is 35 kg. And 25 years old..height is 180 cm. please tell me the medicines to gaini... ...
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Mon, Jun 05 '17, 10:56 AM
fat gain medicine name
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sir, actually due to my busy routine it may not be possible for me to eat proper foods. due to this i have a slim body.. if u have any protein or medicine suggestions which will make me have a fit body, not too fat or gym body but at least a healthy person, plz advise. ## Hello, Vikas! How are you? Actually, adding a drug, when you don't eat properly could be very dangerous. No matter how busy and stressful your life is, you need to stop and eat proper meals, there is just no way to get around it. Have you consulted your doctor? They should be able to help you determine the best dietary intake for you. ## sir i am 17 year old. My height is about 180cm but my weight is only 60kg and i am looking very thin, so please sir, say any good medicine through which i can gain my attrective we... ...
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Tue, Apr 25 '17, 3:02 AM
fat medicine
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Sir I just want to look permanently fat ## plz tell me a medicine which will make me fat that without any problem ## Pls I want a drug dat can make me fat without side effect am too slim, am 24yrs old ## I am thin to become fast fat in a month only i am working women and my age is34yrs ## sir I'm very thick my weigt loss. doctor do find any disease. so pls help me I want to my body fat and strong without side effects ## sir, tell me what is the name of drug ## Please I need fat what can I take with out any problem, ...
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Fri, Jul 28 '17, 1:59 AM
medicine name to make fat
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can u tell me the medicine name which can help me gain 10 kilos within a couple of months? ## how to increase my weight give some medicine name ## i want to increse my wieght. have any medicine for increase my weight with in two month. ## i want to know about fat medicine name & which is no sideffect? plz give me details. ## to make fat please give medicine name ## send me medicine name i want gane my wait 10 kg quickly thx ## i want to increase my weight 10 kg which is the best medicine ? ## practin & dectiona is the tablet which is increase body ## Ask. For spoon of fat,Plug your nose it takes taste. Also eat atnight, and your not anerexic so be quiet ## i want to be fat.please tell me some medicine name ## Hello,i am 23years old. I want to make my health to make muscials by c... ...
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fat medicine name. or tablet.
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sir... I actually wanna growth fat soon.... my body look so slim n thin..... so people told I'm too slim n thin..... so I want to become a bit fat very soon without any side effect ... plz help me.... tell me d medicine name.... ## I look very slimy. Please can you help tell me the kind of medicine or tablet i could take to get fat? ## i want to fat fast bcouse im so thin.please help me,and tell me the name of medicine tablet without side affects ## name of medicine that makes person fat pls ## sir tellme medicine for waight gain without any side effects ## I want to be fat so which madicin can I use ## My body look so slim n thin women.my age 34..weight..38 kg...plz help me very soon. ## I'm 22 years old and my weight is only 42kg.. i eat every type of food but nothing can chan... ...
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Sun, Oct 22 '17, 8:19 PM
Faster fat gain medicine name
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Please i need help from u. i am really very very thin. i am 1.86m tall and my weight is 52kg. ## Am 23 years of age a slim body type and i need a medicine that can make me increase my fat too large but gymi type. Just want to know a type of medicine that i will use to gain fatness. ## I need a drug that will make me fat in two weeks with on side effect. Thank you ## What is a medicine or tablet name to help gain weight? My body looks so slim n thin..... So I've been told. ## I need more power s I'm losses weight .I want become weight back ## I am slim and thin. 25 years of age and weighs 48kg, what drug should I take to become fat ## I'm 35yrs old I weight is 52 kilos I need to gain weight please help. I wear size 32 I need wear size 36 ## I need a medicine to grow fat becau... ...
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Thu, Jul 20 '17, 3:54 PM
medicine to grow fat
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I want a medicatin name which make me fat n increas i size fastly ## i am very thin $ weakness plz help me ## i am thin $ weakness my body age -19 countinue ## I want to be very fat, old can u help me with the of medicine /drugs that I can take? ...
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Sat, Jul 15 '17, 11:01 AM
fat medicine name without side effects
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sir please tell me some medicine or tablets name to be fat.but without any side effects. ## Sir pls I need medicine DAT can mak me fat pls,without side effect pls tell me de name of de drugs ## I am 21 yes old girl I am too slim and thin can you tell me the names of medicine without side effect. that make me gain weight and get fat... ## Sir nan romba olliya irukken wait gain pannanum sir side effect illama ## Hey I'm 20 yrz and would like to gain weight using pills that won't have any side effects after consumtion... Can you plz info me of some pill that might work in that area. ## Yes that's easy it's called FOOD. Anorexia kills please see a mental health professional Mam or sir. God bless ## Am 21yrs old but I looks too slim,pls can you tell me any drug that can make ... ...
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Thu, Oct 05 '17, 8:56 AM
fat gainer medicines
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I want to be fat because I am slim. I am from India Kashmir.Age 28 years ## Hello, Jan! How are you? According to the NIH, being fat/overweight is actually not healthy. It puts far too much strain on your body and organs. Being overweight, even slightly, can increase your risk of many dangerous medical conditions, such as heart attack, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. What is your current height and weight? ## I have a tiny body pls i need a quick medicine to get a little fat in my body. Weight 66, height 181, age 25. Pls help. ## I am from Nepal my age is 27 and weight is 49 so how can i improve my body i want to make up to 60 please help me also give me medicine name which medicine i will use . ## I am 26 years old..my weight is 40 kgs...all kidding abt me that too lean...i want t... ...
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Dear sir, I have lot of food but i can fat,i want to fat please help me what medicine i will use please tell me.. ## Pls am slim and wish to add more weight,which medicine can I use to gain weight permanently ...
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Wed, Aug 17 '16, 7:11 AM
Medicine mak my body fat
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Please tel me the medicines nam to mak my body fat plz ## Please tel me the medicines nam to mak my body fat plz ... ...
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I am 22still skinny... need fat gain medicine name
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I am 22 years old..my weight is 37 kgs...all kidding abt me that too lean...i want to gain weight...i eatting foods ...at normally good. My boy friend too scolding me.pls advise me suggestion.... ## sir my age 23 years but my weight is 61 kg my body is small please telll me some advise ## Hi I am 24 years old my weight 140 my high is 6,11 I need some weight do you have nice medicine ## Plss am too skinny I want medicine that will make me become fat of which the medicine will not gain me any dizziness and stress or tiredness ## Hi dear my name is gias uddin my age 26 but my waight like 49kg but i need like more 10kg so can you tell me madicine name please. ( total i need my waight 60 kg) ## im 30 years old i want to become fat what name of medicine can i take to become fat in 1 week ...
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medicine that can make fat
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I'm looking for best pro for weight gain? Any one knows please let me know ## I'm thinner I want to be fat n gain weight. So please say the medicine name n no cheating ...
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Sat, Feb 25 '17, 7:44 AM
Food medicine
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Could you please give me the name of medicine to become fat. Thank you in advance. ...
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Avas Medicine
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my father underwent coronary angioplasty and one stent was put in lad .he was prescribed avas 40 mg ,cerovin and ecosprin . He is feeling numbness in limbs ,muscular and joint pains. Is it the side/adverse effect of any of these medicines:-) ...
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SGPT medicine
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today was i checked my S.G.P.T level in blood.its showing 130 mg/dl.i am so worry.because i not to use alcohol or smoking.i am pure vegetarian.but in my childhood i suffered with jaundice at once.i had ayurvedic medicine&got well fast.i wanna know about the medicine which i can use without by doctor's prescription? ## My age is 27 year sgpt is 59 I have no habit of alcohol drnk pl reply ## My Sgpt level has constantly been high for years. I dont use alcohol but I do smoke. What should I do or please advise some medicine for decreasing the level of sgpt..I have fatty liver as well but I am not over weight. Hepatitis B and C blood test is clear...thx ...
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godex cap ## what is the specific indication of godex cap? ## the use of godex capsule and generic name pls. ## From what I can find out Godex contains Carnitine and a Vitamin B complex, therefore it is a supplement, touted but not proven to treat many conditions. Was this prescribed for you? ## Here are the preliminary details which I was able to locate. Godex is reported to contain: Carnitine orotate 150 mg Pyridoxine HCl 25 mg Cyanocobalamin 125 mcg Hepatic extract antitoxic fraction 12.5 mg Adenine HCl 2.5 mg Riboflavin 500 mcg and is indicated for acute & chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, drug-induced hepatitis, general & alcoholic intoxication, fatty liver, mitochondrial dysfunctions. The classification of this drug relates to liver therapy. [1] I hope this helps! References: ... ...
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Tell the name of weight gain medicine
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Hy sir, l'm25 years old but l'm looking very skinny?? people pointed me that l'm looking so slim and thin...so that's why l wanna look be fat without any side effects.please recommended me the name of the medicine which will make me a fit body...please please help me out... ## How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Some of us are just meant to be tiny. I am 46, 5'7" and only 125 pounds myself, so people tell me all the time that I am tall and skinny, but there's nothing wrong with being that way, it's just the way I am. And to be honest, being 'fat', or overweight is not safe, according to AMA reports. It can cause a lot of health issues, such as diabetes, or heart attacks. There are also no medications that don't carry the risk of causin... ...
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medicine cypro 2
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My father is 87 years old has diabetes type 1 but well controlled. He is also bedridden because his thigh bone got fracture and joined with metal support 2 years ago. He eats less amount so we treat him with some cakes or fresh fruit juice which are not very sweet. But he could not eat well since 4 days ago after he relieved from sickness. He is very weak and bp is 136/65. Blood sugar in fasting is around 200. We live far from the city and rare to see doctors. The nurse from our town asked the doctor for this case and he gave cypro 2 tablets. My father could not sleep well also. Is it ok if he takes this medicine and I also want to know the dosage. Thank you very much. ## I am having problems with my sleep cycle. Although I'm very sleepy I can't get a good night's sleep. I... ...
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