False Positive On Drug Test For Adderall

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Adderall and false positive drug tests

Can Adderall give a false positive test for Methamphetamine and not for Amphetamines? ## Yes, Adderall has been known to cause a false positive for Methamphetamines on drug tests and it is actually noted in the PDR drug reference information for physicians. Since Amphetamines and Methamphetamine are distantly related, it really isn't too surprising that this could occur. Has this happened to you? ## This has happened to me twice now. I have never touched methamphetamine, but am prescribed generic adderall or d-amphetamine salt combo. I need to find references as to where I can prove that this is common in a urinalysis test. ## Yes it can. It happened to me. Which resulted in cps removing my 2 children from my home for a month while they called my Dr. and checked medical records. I t... ...

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Adderall False Positives

Today I went to probation to submit to my twice weekly urinalysis test. They told me that I have been coming up positive for methamphetamine the last few tests. They said they let it slide due to the fact that I take Adderall. Is this common in an instant drug test? Will I be vindicated in the send away lab test? No, I have never used meth- ## Yes, it is very common on those types of tests, when you take Adderall for it to cause a false positive for Methamphetamine. I really don't think you have anything to worry about, as it seems they are well aware of it and are not penalizing your for it in any way. Learn more Adderall drug details here. False positives can happen on these types of tests anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. Are there any other comments or questions? ...

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False positive drug tests

I have just taken a pre employment urine drug test and tested positive for methamphetemines and amphetamines and I'm prescribed Albuterol sulfate for my breathing treatments and a Ventolin inhaler . And I don't take any illegal drugs so can these medications give a false positive? ## I took a drug test today and failed for Adderall it's been nine days since the last time I've taken Adderall they are sending it to the lab for more detail what will that mean for me ## I recently tested a false positive on my drug test for cocaine. I don't do drugs. It was actually my condition a kidney infection that caused me to test positive. I have found a way to prove my innocence. I gave a place a hair sample that goes back 90 days. This will help save jobs court and probation. It... ...

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what can cause a false positive for adderall on drug screen

I know someone that took a half of an Adderall Fri evening and had a urine test Monday around 2 or 3. Will it show up, and if so, what as? ...

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Can adderall er cause false positive mouth swab drug test

I take adderall er 20mg 2 tabs each morning. Also: Combivent, advair diskus, dulera, clonidine, quetapine, lisinopril, metoprolol, montelukast, sumstriptan, Sudafed and flunisolide. Can these interact and show up positive for Methamphetamine on a mouth swab drug test? ...

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Can Adderall cause a False Positive For Methadone

In a urinanalysis an employee who regularly takes adderall tested positive for methadone. Is that possible ## Baby was taken by cps.oct 18..2013..still havent got her back..on adderall..never laid eyes on meth..gonna lose her for good if I cant get something credable to prove why... dont kno what to do..alot of families are busted up. innocent ppl charged with neglect..please help us.here in greenup ky.family court.judge preston....please .my baby is suffering..go back to court march 7th....please help me!! ## Call an attorney, explain the situation and if you have no money tell them that, keep calling everyone until someone listens. I am a registered nurse and I know that false positives happen a lot. DSS should not be able to take kids unless it shows negligence. Good luck to you. pra... ...

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false positive on saliva drug test for methamphetamine

I have tested positive twice now and cps is trying to have a court order to place me out of the home. I wasn't taking methamphetamine. I am prescribed multiple meds. help me prove that it was a false positive. ## What meds are you taking? Certain meds (Adderall) may give a false positive for methamphetamine . Did they perform a second test by a different more expensive method to verify the original results. what were the results of the second test? ## I have worked for CPS and administered those tests. Adderall will make you test positive for Amphetamines only, which is fine. If you test positive for both Amphetamines and Methamphetamines its a positive for Meth. If you want to clear yourself request a hair follicle...because EVERYONE denies use, for obvious reasons... ## if the sin... ...

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False Positive Urine Drug Test For Phenobarbital

I have had 2 urine drug screens w a 2 1/2 wk difference between. The first GC/MS + phenobarbital >1000ng & the 2nd + 816ng. I've never taken this drug before. The meds I do take are: gabapentin, tramadol, ibuprofen, sumatriptan, omeprazole. Please help! ## Nothing you've listed is known to cause false positives for any type of Barbiturates, including Phenobarbital. Has your doctor had any ideas as to what may be causing it? Did you take anything else, even over the counter products? ## Not true. Google NSAIDs (ibuprofen) and phenobarbital. Several stories from legitimate sources about them causing a false positive for barbiturates. I know because I am arguing with my doctor over this very thing right now. I take Adderall and am required to get drug tested. She said anoth... ...

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false positive on drug test for benzodiazepines help please

Today i went in for my pain management and got a positive drug test gor benzos ehich i have not taking the dr said it was calozapine which i have not heard of and i dont want to get kicked out of pain management last night i took a tiny piece of dramamine and 2 nights ago i took a flexaril to help put me to sleep i also take adderall lisinopril norco 7.5 and tramadol why is this happening to me i've always taken medicine as perscribed and im freakin out ## Flexeril is a benzo. ## I have thr opposite issue... my meds are not showing on 3 urine test two different labs. I am requesting a blood test. Maybe you should too. I heard energy drinks like Monster can give a false positive for benzos. My friend's now decease boyfriend (drug reasons) was in drug court and was actually keepin... ...

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Drug test false positive for mdma and methamphetamine

I am being drug tested for cps and I am on suboxone, adderall, klonopin and gabapentin. It's showing up on the drug cup as methamphetamine and mdma, but my suboxone and other meds are not showing up. Why? ## Hi, I'm on state probation and I know I have to take a drug test everytime I go. Well I tested positive for Methamphetamine and they sent it to a lab and said it was still positive. I've never done methamphetamine and don't understand how or why it was positive. Could something else have made it positive or could someone have put some in a drink or something? My probation officer said the only way was I had to have smoked it, but I'VE NEVER!! Now I face 3 years when I go to court in a month. I'm scared to death. I do know a couple of people who do and have be... ...

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i failed my pain meds drug test...False Positive On Drug Test For Pcp

I failed my pain meds drug test for PCP/ angeldust. Could my meds I am on have done this cause I have never touched pcp.? I am currently on celexa lamictal adderall ability xanex hydrocodone tramadol ## Celexa causes false positives for pcp happened to me in rehab. Most doc should know this! ## False positive for hydromorphone when dr. listed morphine instead of my prescribed ms contin er 30mgs 2x a day{for 8 yrs.) and loratab 7.5 as needed. Loratab was compliant and morphine non complant ms contin er wasn't listed anywhere. Could this be why hydromorphone showed up and no morphine showed up at all? I was cut from all pain meds told me I was a criminal for selling my morphine to buy a stronger drug. It has been about 30days now they said I fired them and cut my psyc. meds. I had to ... ...

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Can The Combination Of Adderall And Suboxone and Clonaze Cause A False Positive On Drug Test

can the combination of these 3 medications cause a false positive for cocaine, adderall suboxone and clonaze ## No, none of the medications you listed are known to cause false positives for Cocaine. Were you taking anything else, even over the counter items? ## yes, milk thistle and omega 3 fish oil and avelox ## Mags, the Avelox more than likely gives you your answer. It contains Moxifloxacin, an antibiotic and many in this class are known to cause false positives for cocaine. Is there anything else I can help with? ## how can i prove it ## Always share with ur doctors or any place u go for care..especially if they take urine or blood for testing all ur medications !!! (Even herbals, supplements, vitamins..etc) that cud help ya out here..especially if u have a paper trail like ur docto... ...

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Did my generic Adderall cause me to test false positive for methamphetamine??

I take d-amphetamine salt combos 20mg twice daily, and I recently had a hair drug test for pre-employment purposes. I tested positive for methamphetamine at a level of 570ng/mg, but I have never touched meth! They already did the GC/MS, and are now doing an isomer test, but they say that my adderall could NOT have cause a positive meth result! I've seen in other responses that this is possible, however I can't find any documentation to prove this. I've read over the Adderall and methamphetamine information profiles on this site, but still don't have the proof I need. Does anyone know where I can find this documentation? Please help! ## Adderall does contain amphetamine, which is commonly reported as a false positive for Meth-amphetamine. So you are not alone on this. Man... ...

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False Positive Drug Test Methamphetamine

Can you get a False Positive taking soboxon for Methamphetamine? ## Absolutely unequivocally positively (lol sorry) completely... NO. Without getting into a big scientific explanation, sub and meth are two completely different chemicals that are in no way similar(and your body breaks them down into two different substances that are even further apart) and have two completely separate tests. ## I am disabled as well as on pain management and was recently informed that I tested positive for meth. I don't understand because I have notam am not doing meth. I was recently prescribed trazodone to replace my depression medication due to cost. I'm also prescribed verapamil for high blood pressure and adderall for HDHD as well as Imterex shots for my migraine headaches as well as many ot... ...

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False Positive For Meth On Hair Test But Not Urine

I am prescribed 30mg adderall twice daily and just had to take court ordered hair test and urine test. On the urine test amphetamine was all that showed positive, but the hair test showed up positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine. How is that? ## possibly because adderall is methylphenidate which may come up as a meth by product or you have taken a different med or done meth at some point as hair test picks up substances taken alot longer time previous than a urine or blood test....... ## I have used meth before, but i have been clean for almost three years now. ## Im needing some scientific evidence or something to prove that it is a false positive. Something that will stand up in court because this is keeping me from being able to see my child. ## In order to get evidence of an ... ...

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tested positive for ritalin instead of adderall on unine screen

I am in pain clinic which prescribes oxycontin 80 mg and 60 mg, oxycodone 30 mg and 15 mg as well as adderall 30 mg. drug screen came back positive for ritalin, not adderall and have been threatened with dismissal. Any ideas on how false positive might be answer or what else could be the problem? I absolutely live and die by my medication as prescribed for thorasic osteomyilytis, ADD and carpell tunell. I'm terrified of being discharged. Any answers for me?? ## They are both, amphetamines, there's no way they could have know the difference. Someone ratted you out, or they are just looking for a reason to dismiss you for some reason. Doctors do that a lot of times, the doctor will get paranoid, and dismiss patients to save their own butt.... demand another drug screen else where ... ...

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false positive for Morphine

I am on a Methadone program and take Adderall, Naproxen, Duloxetine hcl, Norvasc, Synthroid and came up false positive for Morphine when they ran a drug test. I also had one piece of poppy seed babka? ...

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false positive for propxyphene

I had a pre-employment 10 panel urine test done at LabCorp and resulted through e-Drug Test. I was taking oxycontin, adderall, allegra, seroquel and clonazepam. It resulted positive for amphetamines (from the adderall) and negative for benzodiazepines (although my use of clonazepam was daily and long term). The problem is it tested POSITIVE for propoxyphene. I simply do not understand it. I even paid to have it sent to a second lab to be retested because I had never taken propoxyphene (darvocet, darvon, etc). It was positive at the second lab as well. Propoxyphene was taken off the market years ago. I need to be accountable for this, but how can I prove that I didn't take the medication? The whole thing is ridiculous because why on earth would I take propoxyphene when I had a valid ... ...

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klonopin urine test show false positive for methamphetamine

I am taking adderall and clonazepam and my urinalysis showed up as methamphetamine. Is one of these drugs causing this? ## Yes. The adderall. It IS AN AMPHETAMINE. You will withdrawal from it as well. ## Does klonipin and d-amphetamine salts combo show positive in urine anylis? ## Sure wish people would think before they post a question... think about it, adderall clearly states on the capsule/bottle: Amphetamine Salts.... do you really have to ask why you failed a drug test for methamphetamines? Slap yourself, Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine, and the test would reflect the same....Think people, God gave you brain, use it and put the pills down ...

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What prescription drugs could cause a false-positive for OXYcodone?

On 8/19/14 my Doctor prescribed me 5 mg quick release tabs of Oxycodone for approx. 6 months, for neck pain(fusion), 3 slipped disks & a bulging disk, the OCYcodone was too strong for me, and on 9/25/14 the Dr. tried Norco 7.5/325 along with Nucynta ER for 2 days prior to a urine drug screen. Finally he dropped the Nucenta and tried Norco 10/325 three a day and I took that for 14 days. On the 3rd day of the 10/325 Norco he took a urine test, and although I haven't taken an Oxycodone since 9-26-14, today he told me I "failed" the drug test. I was wondering how long the Oxycodone stays in my system? Or could the Norco or Nucenta cause a false-positive for Oxycodone. At the time I had diabetes type 2 and took Metforman, also took Xanax (PRN), Adderall (PRN) and an SSRI call... ...

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