False Positive Drug Test Gabapentin

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False Positive Drug Test Gabapentin
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Hi my name is rosie, and I have been on neurontin/gabapentin goin on 2mnths now for my nerve pain n my legs from my diabetes,well ne way I've takin 2 urine test and dey com up positive, I dnt take ne other meds bsides wat my doctor prescribe 4 my diabetes. I take gabapentin 300 mg 1 cap e'er 12 hrs. ## What are you getting a false positive for? Gabapentin isn't known to cause false positives. Can you please post back with more information on what else you are taking, including any over the counter products? There are some of them that are known to cause false positives and with more details, I can check them for you. ## A friend of mine failed a drug test for methadone, she swears she has never taken that but she is on neurontin. Will the neurontin cause this test to come ou... ...
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Mon, Oct 02 '17, 5:07 PM
Gabapentin false drug test
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I have to take a urine drug test weekly and it gets sent off to a lab to be double checked. The last 3 weeks it says I failed for Gabapentin. I have not taken that kind of medicine my whole life. The only medication I am taking is Suboxone. Can someone please tell me why or how this is happening? ## I can tell you that some people that have been in jail have tested positive for cocaine while taking Gabapentin. They have actually stopped giving it to people in jail for this reason. I don't know the truth in this but I was told that Gabapentin pulls false positives constantly! Sometimes for benzos other times for cocaine. You tell me why? If there's a doctor out there please respond! So people that say you cannot test positive for other drugs are wrong!!! ## I'm posting this b... ...
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Wed, Sep 27 '17, 8:10 PM
gabapentin false positive
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I have tested positive for benzo and cocaine.. I have not done a benzo since my last prescription over 10 months ago and I haven't touched cocaine since I was 23 and I am now 35. Can inhalers vitamins nasal spray Excedrin or gabapentin do any of this? Please I need help! ## I have been clean and sober for 7 months and was given a hair strand test and it came back positive for cocaine and benzo's! I am not sure why the test comes back positive, but I am clean and the test is wrong! ...
Updated 3 years ago in Gabapentin.
Fri, Jan 10 '14, 12:09 PM
false positive for gabapentin?
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I haven't taken gabapentin, it made me ridiculously tired when I was prescribed it back in December so I stopped it. Recently I tested positive for gabapentin and can't figure out why...i take lexapro, lamictal, imitrex, maxalt, suboxone, melatonin, benadryl as needed, ibuprofen as needed and I've had a sinus infection so I was taking otc cold and sinus medicines, one was a daytime formula, a nighttime and decongestant. ..Please tell me what's causing this ## I am on methadone and tested positive for the gabapentin and I know I did not take it. So I feel that I am almost in the same situation as you. Have you found anything out about your results or why it would happen?? ...
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Tue, Jun 30 '15, 6:35 AM
Can gabapentin cause false positive result in drug test for THC??
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Hi, Im 37yr. old caucasian male. Im in methadone maintenance, and i have begun slowly taperin off it. I take 90mg methadone, 30mg oxazepam morning only, and now I tried recreational dosage gabapentin (neurontin). I learned, that for fun, its worth of nothing except poisoning own body. Dose of gabapentin was 7x300 = 2100mg. Passive smoke is impossible, and I haven eat any hemp pruducts. I blame that false positive Gabapentin.. can it really be so? ## Hi Deadboy, I am currently in the same situation! I also am treated for opiate dependency at a methadone clinic. The dr at the clinic prescribed me 300mg 3x's a day of Neurontin and I am now testing positive for thc and I DO NOT SMOKE! I have recently quit the medication and I am waiting. This my last drug screen to come back. Thus is ru... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Gabapentin.
Tue, Jan 03 '17, 12:34 AM
Klonopin and gabapentin false positive
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What drug will it trigger for a false positive if I take 900 mg of gabapentin and 1mg of klonopin a day on a 5 panel test? ...
Updated 11 months ago in Klonopin.
Thu, Oct 27 '16, 1:49 PM
false positive on drug test neurontin
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I take large doses of neurontin, wellbutrin and the muscle relaxer flexiril. Can these drugs cause a false positive for methadone? ## Neurontine showed a false/ positive for opiates on my drug test. They sent it away. ## I also take gabapentin in a large dose and on three occasions I tested positive for methadone but nobody believes me because lm a recovering addict ## I take xnanx for anxiety, ptsd. My pain dr is unaware( totally against it) my last dose of xnanx was on th. I see my dr. Tuesday. I have a bottle of valiurium. Could this explain away the xnanx they are going to find? ## I tested positive for heroin last month and have been clean for a few months and I am told it only stays in ur system for 3 days....I dont understand how this happened. I used my daughter's urine and ... ...
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Tue, Oct 10 '17, 11:30 AM
false positive drug tests for morphine
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Been going to a pain clinic for abou a year due to spinal stenosis mainly. Went in last week for a med check and urine drug screen. The nurse called me back a few days later and told me i tested positive for morphine. im prescibed 4 lortabs per day through the pain clinic. Also take lexapro, gabapentin, zanaflex, otc allergy med with loratidine, and a multi vitamin. I have been to the point of an almost panic attack ever since the nurse called me with the results that i know have to be a mistake. The nurse said he may call me back or the doctor may call me. The urine specimen was done on april 16th and sent to a lab. The nurse called me with the positive morphine result on april 22. I still havnt heard back from anyone and dont know if a mass spectrometry test had or is gonna be done. I... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Morphine.
Tue, Jul 25 '17, 1:21 AM
buproprion quetiapine gabapentin false positive
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I am perscribed gabapentin, quetiapine, and bupropion. Could my drug screen test positive for ritalin? ## I take MS Contin ER 30 mg 2 x's a day. and Oxycodone 10/325 4x's aday as well as Neurontin 300 mg 3 x's a day. Will the Neurontin cause my urine drug screen to falsely read anything else other than what I'm taking? ## hey guys, so i am currently enrolled in a pre-trial release program and of course they drug screen me. i can never seem to stop having tests indicate i have benzos in my system even when i haven't taken anything other than my prescribed medications. i always seem to have a very blurry line that was just enough to show i was negative, but today my test showed no indications of a line, we did another test and it came back the same. i have a suspicion ... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Quetiapine.
Thu, May 04 '17, 7:42 AM
false positive drug test benzodiazepines
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I take Methadone, Wal-dram, Trazodone, Celexa, Gabapentin and Nyquil. I showed positive for Benzodiazepine and never took any. Does anyone know why? ## I am in the methadone program & take a urine drug test monthly. I came in this morning & was told I had a positive for benzos. Wth? And they were taking ALL of my takehomes-doses per day I get to take home...5 is what I had & they up & took them all for 1 supposed dirty. I currently take neurontin-600mgs 4xs a day, prozac 20mgs, nyquil at night & benadryl for my sinus & allergy issues. Can any of these meds cause a false positive? Plz help. They did say I cld hv it re-tested but for $50 which I do NOT have. I'm also very upset bcuz this will mean ill prob hv to guest dose at another center for july 4th cuz the... ...
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Tue, Apr 25 '17, 10:34 AM
False Positive On Blood Test
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Can neurontin give a false positive for cocaine in a urine drug test? ## Neurontin contains the active ingredient Gabapentin, it is an anticonvulsant, which has also been shown to help certain types of nerve pain. And no, it is not known to cause false positives for any other drugs. Where you taking anything else? Even over the counter medications? ## This is for a family member. He was taking alleve and nyquil for tooth pain (possibly). He did have a root canal a few days later. Thanks for your response. ## Maria, had he had anything done to the tooth, prior to the root canal? If the dentist used anesthetic to numb it, then that could explain the false positive. Some of the anesthetics they use are distance relatives of cocaine and could cause false positives for it. Aleve has been kno... ...
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Thu, Sep 04 '14, 10:55 PM
false positive on urine test
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I'm on Percocet, soma, cymbalta, gabapentin and a whole bunch of medicine for my heart. I had a heart attack last month so I would not do anything that can hurt me. Help me please. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Percocet.
Tue, May 20 '14, 2:04 PM
False Positive On Drug Test For Hydromorphone
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I take gabapentin, hydrocodone and oxycoxone but tested positive for hydomorphone in a drug test by my work places ## If they use one of the less expensive, non-certified tests then it was likely due to the Hydrocodone and/or Oxycodone that you take. It is well known that most narcotics will cause false positives for their relatives anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time on these types of tests. Learn more drug test details here. Did they send it out to be lab tested? ## Hydrocodone is converted to hydromorphone by enzymes in your liver. That's why the hydrocodone doesn't show up, it is broken down and coverted. ## Jay is correct. ...
Updated 4 years ago in Hydromorphone.
Sun, Nov 18 '12, 8:41 AM
false positive for oxycodone in urine drug test.
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I take hydrocodone 500 Mg x3 a day, gabapentin300mg, bid; carb /levo25-100mg at bedtime for restless leg; Synthroid 0.15 once a day, Metformin Hcl ER 500mg once a day, cymbalta.,30mg, 1 capsule, once a day (I take in evening). I have degenerative disc disease in spine and neck. And diagnosed also with stenosis, and hearniated disc without cord compression -I have no idea what that means- but I have pain most every min. I had a total R knee replacement. June 2009. I worked up till then and therapy after surgery brought out the DDD and other stuff. I just went through a appt. to get hydrocodone renewed and willingly gave a drug urine screen. Over one week later, I get a registered letter stating I showed positive for hydrocodone and oxycodone. Ive never taken an oxcodone. But, I have been... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Hydrocodone.
Thu, Jun 22 '17, 9:42 PM
false positive drug test celexa & other medicine
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I take xanax 2mg, seroquel 300mg, celexa 40 mg, remeron 15mg, B-12, docusate sodium 100mg, asthma inhalers, gabapentin, B-6, amitriptyline, blood pressure medications, cholesterol medicine - so why does my urine test show morphine? I'm on federal probation and I could go back to prison for nothing. I need help please ...
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Sun, Feb 08 '15, 9:54 PM
can neurontin cause a false positive on drug test
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I came up positive today for methamphetamine on a urine test. I've never touched that drug a day in my life. Does too much of it in your system cause that? I also take tegrotol, remeron, and catapress. They sent it out but I'm going crazy because I don't know what's going on....someone please help! ## I recently had a urinalysis sent to a lab. I just began taking Gabapentin maybe 2 to 3 weeks before this. I came up positive for cocaine and I never ever have done cocaine! My opinion is yes it does throw false positives. I spoke to someone who was in jail and people were coming up positive for benzos and cocaine while taking the Gabapentin. They actually quit giving it in this particular jail for this reason. ## I take Gabapentin but not cocaine, yet the drug test shows up... ...
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Tue, Oct 10 '17, 11:48 AM
Tramadol, Norcos, Vistaril, Gabapentin gave a false positive
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I take Tramadol, Vistaril, Norco, and Gabapentin but recently i tested positive for amphetamines, benzodiazepenes, and Oxycodone. Is that possible? ## Well visteral is benzo, the amphimatines must be cmn from robitussin, but tramadol and norco are not oxycodone. ...
Updated 6 months ago in Norcos.
Mon, Apr 17 '17, 6:20 AM
False Positive Urine Drug Test For Phenobarbital
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I have had 2 urine drug screens w a 2 1/2 wk difference between. The first GC/MS + phenobarbital >1000ng & the 2nd + 816ng. I've never taken this drug before. The meds I do take are: gabapentin, tramadol, ibuprofen, sumatriptan, omeprazole. Please help! ## Nothing you've listed is known to cause false positives for any type of Barbiturates, including Phenobarbital. Has your doctor had any ideas as to what may be causing it? Did you take anything else, even over the counter products? ## Not true. Google NSAIDs (ibuprofen) and phenobarbital. Several stories from legitimate sources about them causing a false positive for barbiturates. I know because I am arguing with my doctor over this very thing right now. I take Adderall and am required to get drug tested. She said anoth... ...
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Fri, May 12 '17, 3:35 PM
would liver disease cause a false positive drug test
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I recently tested positive for oxycodone. I take lortab 7.5, motrin 600mg, and gabapentin 300mg. Would any of these drugs cause a false positive for oxycodone since I have Hep C? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Oxycodone.
Sat, May 16 '15, 2:51 PM
can gabapentin and subxone cause a false possitive on drug test
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Can subxone and gabapentin cause a false possitive on a drug screan ? ## Will Suboxone show up on a DOT drug test ? I see lots of hear say out there but am looking for a definite yes or no. I am not taking it illegally or abusing it in any way and I am looking to get my Class A CDL. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks ## If the DOT does a full panel drug screen, meaning sending it to the lab for a comprehensive analysis, suboxone will show up on your test. ## I am facing 5 yrs in state prison for a a drug screen that came back positive for suboxin. I'm on probation for a DUI and I have never taken this and I truly don't know what to do! Please help! I do take gabapentin 2,400 mg/day and bus bar 10 mg/day, along with random Advil and Advil PM but that is all! ...
Updated 1 year ago in Gabapentin.
Sun, Jul 24 '16, 6:55 AM

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