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missed period

My gynec suggested nauturogest 200mg tab for 20 days after my 5th day of mensus...but after 10th day bleeding starts for 5days..but suggest contact with husband. now i missed my period LMP 11-11-2013. but pregnancy check shows a negative result. what is the reason behind it? ## Hello, Kochu! How are you? Those days of bleeding were most likely your period and your cycle has likely changed to reflect that. It can happen sometimes, when you use a hormone, such as this. However, why did he have you taking it for 20 days? Taking it that early in your cycle with prevent ovulation and you won't be able to get pregnant. ...

missed a period

Hi I have been using oralcon for a year now for the past month I missed my period and this month I bleed for one day only is it normal or thers something wrong. ## That can happen, sometimes, when you're taking hormonal contraceptives. As long as you haven't missed any and been engaging in intercourse, you shouldn't have to worry about pregnancy. If it continues for another month or two, then you should have it checked out. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...


I have been on lo loestrin for about a year now. I usually take my pill at 5 but sometimes i get busy and wont take it till like 8 or 9. Since starting this bc ill usually have about 2 periods a month each one only lasting for a couple of days if that. Last month though i slipped up and forgot to take my last brown pill and didnt notice until i was on my next pack. Im on my third week of my new pack and i still havent got my period!! All month though i have been having minor cramps and feel like i might start but i havent yet. My period last month was around the 14th i think. Its kinda hard for me to keep track of my period because it come and goes when it wants, i just now i usually have at least 1-2 a month..Should i be worried that i havent gotten my period yet?? If you miss one of y... ...

Missed period, I think

Okay, so I started Lo Loestrin Fe about 3 months ago and I started on my 4th pack last week.. I have had a period at the same exact time for the 2 packs that I have had in the past (whenever i took the brown pills) but in the 3rd pack I started bleeding in the middle of my pack and it went on for about a week and a half.. After that I didn't start my period when it came time to take the brown pill. Me and my boyfriend have intercourse and it is usually with protection and sometimes we use the withdrawal method (he has never came inside).. Is this normal? ## Hello, Elsa! How are you? Yes, you can experience irregularities for the first 3 months, while your body is adjusting to hormonal contraceptives. However, if it continues, you should have things checked out to be sure, you may ne... ...

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saphris missed period?

Does any women have problem with not having a regular period or any at all? sometimes I have spotting and I know this is from the saphris as there is no way I could be pregnant. ## This isn't listed among the side effects of Saphris, as provided by the FDA. However, most medications that work on brain chemicals can also have an effect on hormones and may cause irregular cycles. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? Are you on any other medications? The FDA lists the typical side effects of Saphris as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, weight changes and mood swings. ...

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treatment for missed period

Hi Sir / mam I'm 21 yr .I'm very upset n feel ill sometimes.I've missed my periods past 4 to 5 months. I've visited doctor but no use they tell me to wait and told water is filled in my pcob .no medicence provied to kindly help me with this what should I do with this problem thank you. ## Hi daffodil, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I just want to clarify, when you say "water is filled in my pcob" do you mean that you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)? Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome causes what are referred to as cysts, on your ovaries, which are like sacks and fill with fluid overtime. If you have this condition, you should've been prescribed some sort of medication. I do know of a medication you can ask your doctor about during your ... ...

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Just now missed period after a year?

I have been on birth control since the age of 15 (5 years now) first it was Yaz then OrthoTriCyclen and now Lo Estrin Fe. The LoEstrin has worked amazingly for me and I have been on it for about a year and a half now. While I don't always take the pills the same time of the day, and I have missed one or two pills our of the year, I have always had a 2 or 1 day period no matter if I take the pills completely on time that whole month or if I skip the timing or a day. Sometimes I have had extremely heavy flow if I forget a pill that month, but otherwise, It has been a reliable period on this pill. This past month, I took all of my pills on the day they were supposed to be taken and I have experienced no period. I had mildly discolored discharge during my inactive pills and am concerned... ...

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irregular period and missing d period

Hi, I'm 18yrs old n i often get my period late as after 1 or 2 months. And when it comes then its really painfull sometime and that time i have heavier.period time.. As in fast flow. And been der sometime around near a month or some time max to max 5-7 days.. As can i kw y these thing is happening plzz. as i dnt hv any bf tho there is not a chance to get pregent...tho what is the reasons plz let me kw. ...

missed period on jadelle 4yrs 2months

hey i am on jadelle fp 5yrs after having my first born late 2011 now being on the 4yrs 2 month on regular/prolong periods every month but unfortunately missed my period this month what could be the issue or effect from this Jadelle. am due to remove it early December this year. please help am confused ## I've had my Jadelle in for 4 yrs, 4 months my period came back the middle of last year regularly... I'm having the same issue! Have you had any preg symptoms? Or... Very curious to find out if this is just a side effect of the implant wearing off. It could also possibly prove how early the implant wears off. ## This can sometimes happen with this implant due to the hormones in it, or the hormones starting to lower, as you near removal time. Other side effects, as listed by the F... ...

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medicine for missed period over 3 months

hi i've undergo surgery last year feb 2013 because of benign cyst/ paratubal cyst, my menstruation was regular before i've had a surgery but then it became years. after my surgery i've had my menstruation after 3 months because of provera then after that last aug 2013 i had my menstruation and then all of a sudden until now i dont have menstruation. so im worried if i have a cyst again but my doctor told me it will never come back. but why does my menstruation not coming? please help me. ## Hello, Eiry! How are you? That cyst may have been removed, but that doesn't mean that another may not form. Have you consulted your doctor? You need to have this checked out to see what's causing the problem. ## Hey my name is mako and I been haven irr period for sometime my last ... ...

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Lo Loestrin FE Missing/Skipping periods

I have been taking Lo loestrin for about a year now. Recently I moved to Oregon and skipped two periods by back-to-backing packs. Since I have done this I have noticed severe cramping and mood swings right around when I should be on my period. So this month I decided to try and have one to get my body to stop being so harsh when it usually isn't. Here is the problem. I am not starting. I am about to start the blue pills again and there are no signs of spotting. I am particularly nervous because last month I was all over the place with timing of my pills. There were probably 3 or 4 days (not all at once) that I had forgotten and had to double up the next day. Is this okay? I am pretty stressed and I know that sometimes stress can be a huge factor. Just want to know if I should contin... ...

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missed period but pregnancy test negative

my baby is seven months old and I have not seen my period for two months but when I did a pregnancy test it was negative, am I pregnant. I do feel feverish sometimes, pimples are my face but I also have stomach pains, leg cramps, white discharge and headache. please what's the problem? ...

Early and Period

I had my period normally last month, then this month - 10 days before I was supposed to get my period - I started spotting, and just thought it was during ovulation. It ended up becoming a full on period and I still have it almost a week later! I am not supposed to get my actual period for another 5 days, but not sure what this is all about? I have taken my pill at exactly the same day every day and never missed one. Help! ## How long have you been taking this contraceptive? Irregular periods can be a normal side effect, according to FDA warnings. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. ## I have been taking it for a few months now and I have had no problems until this month! ## I had this issue as well! Sometimes spotting and other times a... ...

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Whole month periods

Hi there, Ive had the Jadelle in my arm for nearly 4 years now, since my son was 6 weeks old, but ever since ive had it in, my periods have been so irregular. Sometimes ill go for 3days and then miss my period for a few months then ill bleed for a month and more. Im so over the long periods, i just want things to go back to normal. Really thinking of taking it out now. ## Hello, Haze! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. That is a very common side effect to the Jadelle implant, according to those listed by the FDA, you may also experience headache, weight gain, mood swings and PMS like symptoms. Many woman have had it removed due to such issues. Have you ever tried oral contraceptives? ...

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I need to get my period back

I'm tolou, 39yrs. I had my first baby in 2014 through CS and I started menstruating 2 months after. I need missed my period but the dates are irregular but I still have it every month. But last few months it sometimes 31- 35 cycle for like 4months but the last one in June was 25 days circle. I was ill and tested for typhoid and I was placed on amoxicillin to treat it. I didn't have my period the follow month and still waiting for this august 2017. Pls what can I do to bring it back because I need another child or children. Before my illness I was taken frolic acid and vitamin E . Pls help ...

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what can we use to have period

pls miss my preiod for two month now pls Dr wot can i do ## It's normal for some women to occasionally miss their period. I know this is obvious, but if you're intimately active with your partner you should take a pregnancy test just to make sure you're not pregnant. My ex-gf had endometriosis and would sometimes miss her period. The human body is complex and your hormones can vary over time. How old are you Seun? Older women aged 40-60 can go through menopause and stop ovulating. Has anything in your life changed significantly recently? Sometimes stress can make you miss a period. Are you on birth control? Many birth control types will cause women to miss their periods or have one so light that they hardly notice. ## It is true if a mother is still in breast feedingshe wipp... ...

oralcon contraceptive late period

I was on the 5th pill and stil didn got my peroid but the next day I got it wat was wrong with me and my period last 4days could it be pregnancy? ## Hello, Levert! How are you? It's really not a big deal, it can happen sometimes, when you are taking these and is usually nothing to worry about, if you aren't experiencing other unusual symptoms and haven't missed any tablets. However, if you're concerned, please be sure to consult your health care provider. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...

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Irregular and prolonged menstrual period

I am 24years old,a virgin and not married,i discovered that when i was 22,i missed my period for 5month,but later it came,and i used more than a week on it,it happened again the following year,this time,i spent more than 2weeks on the cycle,i went to a gyneacologist,he gave me a birth control pill(combination 3)so as to regulate it,after every 28days the drug will get exhausted and my period will come and lasts for 5days,i stopped using it when i thought the trouble is over,now this year,it happened again,i missed my period for some months and when it finally came,by october,i did it for 3wks,november,more than 3wks and now it seems this month is coming period is not pure red,is somehow dark,and sometimes,the blood clots. ...

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missed progesterone soft gelatin capsules and got bleeding

hai doctor , iam trying to get pregnant.i was prescribed to take progestrone softgel tablets for 15 days at night time orally.but i missed to take 1 and on the second day i got spotting and sometimes a little heavy bleeding.why?and what should i do? should i continue the pill? ## This is a hormone that is vital to a woman's ability to become pregnant and carry a baby to full term, and yes, missing a tablet could induce spotting, or a full period. You should continue taking it as instructed by your doctor. The NIH lists other side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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daflon 500 mg during pregnancy

Hi, I missed a period this month and I suspect of being pregnant.I havent consulted a dr yet because sometimes, in the test, pregnancy cant be detected if its too early,just like in my first baby when I had "false negative" pt result..My question,can I take daflon for my hemorroids even if i suspect to be pregnant? ## I am pregnant 36 weeks but the last couple of days i am experiencing a severe pain with swollen hemorrhoid and i wonder if i can take daflan thank you. ## Hello Betsay, According to the National Institute of Health all scientific studies have failed to show any teratogenic effect in animals. In human beings, no harmful effect has so far been reported. Even though it is considered to be safe you should always consult your doctor prior to taking any medication while ... ...

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