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doctors to prescribe pain meds tulsa, ok
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Anyone know of any doctors that will prescribe pain medication in Tulsa, ok? Been a chronic pain patient for 15+ years, but its been harder and harder to find a doctor to treat me. ...
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Sat, Feb 20 '16, 1:25 PM
doctors in IL that prescribe oxycodone
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Dr in west suburbs of Chicago that prescibe pain meds I have MRI and blue cross ## Greetings; I'm 65, had back surgery (laminectomy) due to disc ruptures at L4 & L5S1 when I was in my early 30's, was allright for a while yet never FULLY allright. With work (waiter carrying heavy trays) for more than 30 years, several motorcross accidents (loved the old, reliable Yamaha 250's!!!), scoliosis, degenerative dis disease, disc protrusions at L4-L5 (again!!) accompanied by hypertrophic artropathy producing stenosis at same; osteophytosis is seen diffusely (all this from last MRI dated 02/14) I've gotten proggressively worse. Have tried EVERYTHING except for walking on my hands 24/7 to relieve the pressure, and there is always more surgery which I WILL NOT DO!! I'm older... ...
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Tue, Sep 29 '15, 12:14 PM
Doctors In Pa That Prescribe Oxycodone
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I need a doctor in the pgh area. I have had 11 back surgeries, chronic pain and anxiety. My pcp gave me a month to find one... Please help. ## Your PCP hasn't been able to recommend someone, or help you find one? I used to live in that area and I know it can be very difficult to find a doctor willing to prescribe controlled substances. Learn more about Oxycodone Details Have you considered a straight pain management doctor, or clinic? ## i dont know exactly where you live in pa. but i have a pain doctor who prescibes me 180 30 mg oxycodone and 60 morphine 30 mg er tablets. he has no problem writing if you have medical records. {edited for privacy}. hope this helps you. good luck ## I also live in pa and used to get 240 roxicodone a month.please email me if you can help me my docotr ... ...
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Thu, Nov 16 '17, 1:33 PM
doctors in nj that prescribe oxycodone
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Help, Seeking new Doc in NJ (Middlesex/Monmouth County areas) I have been going to a pain mgmt. doctor who was giving me oxycontin ER 40mg twice a day and 10mg Percocet 4 times a day for breakthrough pain. They have cut my meds in half in the last 2 months, I have always taken meds correctly and never had a dirty UA. My levels were always good. I have bulging and herniated discs and am in a lot of pain. They are cutting everyone down on meds because of over medicating some patient etc.. (and now everyone pays). I want to find new pain doctor who will give me what I was originally taking does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks for the help. please get back to me with suggestions. Thanks Again. want to find new doc before my next appointment ## Hello, AC! How are you? I am sorry about th... ...
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Tue, Oct 17 '17, 1:24 PM
florida doctors who prescribe for pain
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Pain management Drs in Florida are more concerned about how much THC you have in your body, rather than trying to fix the problem or give you pain meds. I'm on 10mg Roxicodone 4x a day. The dr I have right now is the second one I'm going to lose this year. They don't understand! If he would give me back my soma rx I wouldn't need that. I have found CBD oil now that helps for the reason I used cannabis. I can't take nsaid's for inflammation so I used cannabis to help with that. I'm supposed to go without pain meds so they can act like gods. Will amendment 2 really help people like me? I can tell you this. When I have my cannabis I make candy with it. I don't take as many pain, muscle or nerve pills. I just don't know what to do! ## I need a doctor to p... ...
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Sat, Oct 14 '17, 12:59 PM
doctors in mass who prescribe pain meds
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Looking for a sympathtic doctor.who understands pain (herniated disc& arthritis) as mine has decided to move after 14yrs with on the south shore In Massachusetts. .Thank You ## I need a doctor in MA that will prescribe pain meds. I'm due to have spinal surgery in a cpl of months and my current primary keeps cutting my meds. I tried Boston Pain Care but they do not take my insurance and can't seem to find anyone else. ## Have diabetes and multitude of health problems, and have disc disease and fribromyalgia, bursitis and arthritis, and need hip surgery. Unable to have injections as my sugars will rise. ...
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Mon, Aug 15 '16, 6:56 AM
doctors in md that prescribe oxycodone
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In need oxycodipone for fppaim due to po PTSD an tab and hp shoulder surgery also intake hydrocodipone toe migraines ## Hello, Andy! How are doing? Unfortunately, there is no database of doctors according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you. And if you require such medications on a long-term ongoing basis for chronic pain, you'll need to see a pain management specialist, due to the new regulations that were put in place this year. Since they are narcotics, which can be habit forming and are very commonly abused, this has been done to try to better monitor their use. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Learn more Vicodin details here. Do you currently have a PCP that could refer you to someone? If so, that would likely be the easiest way to find the hel... ...
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Sun, Mar 06 '16, 5:07 PM
doctors willing to prescribe pain meds
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I am having a hard time finding a dr in staten island NY. Even after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 3years ago& being prescribed oxycontin for almost 2 years my dr has moved his practice& no other doctors are willing to help me the same way my last doc was now with him not around& me off the meds I was on for so long my pain from MS has progressed I do have all mri's& documents that state I do have MS. Can I be helped?? ## Sorry I meant to say I was subscribed oxycodone and am looking for a new doctor to subscribe the same 30mg roxicodone I was on since my dr has moved away from new York,si because my ms has been progressing and those meds are the only pain meds I can take I will travel to the city or any of the 5 burrows to find another doctor willing to su... ...
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Wed, Nov 15 '17, 12:29 AM
Doctors In bend Oregon That Prescribe Pain meds and xanax
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I need to find a doctor that doesn't have a problem prescribing Xanax. I'd also like to find a doctor who prescribes pain meds without the run around. Please Help!! ## When it comes to the 'run around' as you call it, they really have no choice in the matter, there are very strict government regulations in place that they have to adhere to in order to keep their license to practice medicine. And due to the new regulations, if you require a medication like Xanax, as well as pain management, you'll most likely need to see a different doctor for each issue. There has been a lot of concern about improper prescribing and over prescribing, so the DEA is trying to transition general practitioners and surgeons away from treating conditions that they haven't been speciall... ...
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Wed, Oct 11 '17, 8:15 PM
Clinics or doctors that will prescribe pain meds in Texas?
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Clinics or doctors that will prescribe pain meds in Texas? My doctor retired and I'm having a hard time finding a doctor or clinic. If someone could please help me!? Thank you. ## I have lived in Texas for 15 years I lost both of my legs 1 of them 6 years ago the other 3 years ago my doctor is great I was on 180 30 mg I dot off them 1 year ago but I know how it feels to be in pain I know 2 or 3 pain doctors that are great they are not pill pushers if you have prof they will help you so if any one out that is in pain and live in texas or can get here they will help you. ## Looking for a Pain Management program in San Antonio, Texas area that will prescribe me pain medications for my injuries when i got hit by a vehicle while I was walking . Which pulled out my nerves from my spine to... ...
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Fri, Sep 15 '17, 7:36 PM
Doctors In or Near WV That Will Prescribe Subutex for Pain?
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My partner was recently given an injection and three day prescription of Buprenorphine/Subutex for severe pain during an ER visit. She is a veteran and suffers from chronic pain and has been years in pain and has managed to suffer without pain medication. After she received the injection and prescription, she realized how comfortable and nice life can be without having to experience severe chronic pain constantly. The Subutex did relieve her pain a great deal. We did talk to the ER doctor whom prescribed the medication and he did not know of a local doctor that would continue her prescription if Subutex for pain management purposes. I too take Subutex but mine is for addiction although I do also experience chronic pain but my partner doesn't fall into the category of being an addict... ...
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Thu, Aug 24 '17, 4:09 PM
doctors who prescribe pain killers in pa
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What pain meds do Doctors prescribe in TX?
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On a visit to San Antonio, TX in Dec. I was able to fill my pain med prescriptions. As of Jan. 1, a new law was put into place and now I can't fill my prescription. What pain medications will a doctor fill in this state/area? I have recent kidney surgery (my 4th) and a brain tumor that causes chronic migraines. ## Hello, Ginni! How are you? Do you mean they are prescriptions from a doctor in a different state? If so, you'll need to return to that state to get them filled. And without having an established relationship with a doctor, they aren't going to prescribe any controlled substances for you. There were new regulations put in place for that last year. Why didn't you get them filled in your home area? ## Doctors that r willing to write pain meds in New Mexico. I just... ...
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Sat, Aug 02 '14, 7:10 PM
Doctors that prescribe Subutex/Subutex
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Can any doctor prescribe Subutex? Or does it have to be a psychiatrist? I asked my family medicine doctor about it (which was over 5 years ago) and he never heard of it. I feel like a piece of trash going to these clinics standing in line to get my dose. ## You can get a three day approval notice that you have to print out and take to your physician that can give you a few extra days to find something that works ## Hello, Gina! How are you? Any doctor can prescribe it for pain, but only those that have a special waiver to treat with it are allowed to prescribe it for addiction treatment. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Is there anything else I can h... ...
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Wed, Oct 19 '16, 4:42 PM
how to report doctors that over prescribe pain medicatons
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I need to know how to report ab ARNP that over prescribes pain killers to many many people int he area I live in. please help I dont know where to turn to. ## Hello, Shelley! How are you? I think this would be under the jurisdiction of the DEA, if not, I'm sure they can tell you where to report it. You can call their general number for more information 800-882-9539. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Tue, Oct 29 '13, 12:31 PM
good doctors wiling to prescribe pain pills charlottesville va
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Hello. I am currently under uva pain management and I'm miserable with these doctors. I never see the same dr and I am in different meds for my spine, hips, and severe nerve pain in my hips, legs, neck, shoulder and arm. Numbness in toes getting worse, when I'm on my feet longer than ten min, and loss of feeling in right hand in ring finger and pinky. I have tried gabapentin before and I told the dr it doesn't work yet they prescibed it anyways, along with baclofen 10mg 3 Times daily, diclofenac 75 mg twice a day, gabapentin 600mg 3 Times a day. Heres my issue, I am in severe pain. I cannot keep up with my kids like I wld like to, I am still not to familiar with this area but I need a doc who doesn't treat me as if I am an annoyance, a "junkie" bc I am in legitim... ...
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Doctors that will prescribe pain meds for ongoing injuries
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looking for doctor to prescribe medication for ongoing multiple problems from car accidents and injuries due to this need doctor to help the pain managable ## I was hit by a car while I was walking on the side of the road. My right arm was broken in half so the doctors inserted a metal plate to keep my bones together, my right leg was broken in half so the doctors inserted a rod from my knee towards the bottom of my leg with screws in my right ankle. My nerves were pulled out of my spine towards my right arm which left my right elbow to my fingers paralyzed. I'm constantly in pain and can't sleep at night because of it. I get real sharp needle poking pain in my lower back because of my pinched nerves . I can't bend on my knee because it hurts to much. I have carpoltunnel in ... ...
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Sat, May 28 '16, 10:29 PM
ma pain doctors that will not prescribe meds for chronic pai
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I have 3 herniated discs c4-c6 and myofasacia that was diagnosed from a car accident in October. 2014. My pop will not prescribe narcotics, I am currently in a pain management program who has sent me to physical therapy, a neurologist, and provided a tens unit. I am in pain 24x7 and cannot sleep because of the level of pain. My pain management Will not prescribe any pain medication. I have discussed this with my psychiatrist and psychologist who cannot believe they have left me in pain for so long. The pain has gotten so bad I have gone to their office 6 times with all my documentation, given 5 days of mess and told to call my dr, who says TO TAKE TYLENOL. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN DO? I can't take the level of pain increasing. ## Hello, Michelle! How are you? I'm so very sor... ...
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doctors in northern virginia that will prescribe pain meds
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I have tried every pain med there is. I'm allergic to the slow release meds. What ever is in them that let's them release slow brakes me out in hives. It took almost two years of trying diffrant meds to find the one that works. Now the Rehab center says after about 8 years they will not prescribe my oxycodone anymore.if that's not Bad enough the new doctor only gave me enough to get though for a week are two. I followed everything that was asked of me. And now they say management will not after having me being depended on the meds write for my meds. There should be some type of law againest that. Anyway I need a doctor like yesterday are I'm in for a very rough time. I have arthritis in my shoulders and had five(5) surgeries on them alone not to include knee,hands and di... ...
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doctors in michigan that prescribe opana
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Have severe pain cancer bone pain and pain from being a laborer ## Hello, Keith! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. If you have cancer, then any doctor should be able to help you. However, there is no listing of doctors according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you. You'll need to set up an appointment with a doctor, make sure the receive a copy of your recent medical records and then discuss your treatment options at the appointment. Are you seeing an oncologist? Do you have a PCP? If so, either of them should be able to help you. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. C... ...
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