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what does 100 mg morphine pill look like
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I have been reading all the input and I would just like to say that I am a 35 year opiate dependent person with back problems and GI problems for some of the people suffering people I would just like to say that there are alternatives and ways of the attaining pain medication first of all they don't have a regular oxycontin 100 milligram and for that matter its a 160 milligram and its green sold in Canada not the US for the people with a the lot of issues try using oxymorphone instead of hydromorphone it's much better its time release you and it is a mixure of oxy and dilaudid. Also, for Orlando persons roxies can be filled for approximately $350 to .$550 call around ask for hardship dicounts too etc. As for morphine its been used for ever and is relatively Cheap. Ask for ir if ... ...
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Tue, Oct 18 '16, 8:30 AM
switching from exalgo to oxycotin
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I have been taking 16mg of Exalgo 3times daily with 3 doses of 8mg Dilaudid for break threw pain. What is a safe low amount to start of the Oxycontin. My doctor gave me 3 60mg a day and I am concerned about starting a 60mg right away. ## Hello, Dreamer! How are you? That dose of Oxycontin is slightly higher than the dose you were taking of the Exalgo. Each 16mgs of it is equal to 42.67mgs of the Oxycontin. However, you can't cut the Oxycontin to lower the dose, but you may want to ask your doctor about starting with 2 a day to see how that works for you. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help... ...
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Sun, Oct 04 '15, 10:39 AM
Fentanyn patches 125mg
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Ive been on patches 12 months plus Dilaudid4mg due to really bad painful lower back problems. I also take 125 mg Synthriod for my Thyriods. Ive lost 25 lbs since on these meds . Feel tired scared bout weight lost poor appetite. Im trying Veggie energy Vitamins? Is this a serious issue weight loss. Anything you could suggest i weigh 140lb from 165 lbs bout 12 months please help ## How tall are you? What does your normal diet consist of? How old are you? All of these factors can affect how much you should weigh. Some people do lose weight on Synthroid, once their thyroid issue in under control, according to FDA reports. It may also cause nausea, dizziness, mood swings and hair loss. ## Im sorry the Fentanyl patches are 25 mcg/hr not 125) i am 5'8 nornal weight 165lb now 140lb after 12... ...
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Tue, Apr 25 '17, 9:22 PM
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pain medication ## And once again… The name of this medication is frequently misunderstood and I really think the people choosing the brand name they are going to use should take such things under consideration, before making their final choice. There are far too many that are confusing. In this case, the drug name is Dilaudid, it contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, which is a very potent narcotic analgesic. Drugs in this class have the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation. You can learn more Dilaudid details here. Are there any questions or comments? Is there anything I can help with? ...
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Tue, May 14 '13, 12:04 PM
pain doctor in Sacramento
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I don't want to be tied to a clinic. I was on pain mngmt for a few years and did great, then moved to Sacramento. HELP ## I was on pain mngmt in the bay area. 160 mg methadone a day 6 mg dilaudid breakthrough a day and 6 mg klonopin for anxiety. On this schedule of medicine I did great. It changed my life. Then I moved to Sacramento and can't find a doctor that will help for the life of me. I have a brain tumor, had a head injury, broke my neck and back, right arm amputated (phantom) pain right leg neuropathy. I am on the real. Can anyone help? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Mon, Mar 14 '16, 8:28 AM
Opiate Dosages
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I currently take very high dosages of oxycodone 30mg ir and dilaudid 8mg. I think after the process of elimination that my body isn't tolerating the morphine (dilaudid) and I've been on oxy for years. I was on 80mg oc before the op and couldn't tolerate new op because of binder I wasn't getting the needed meds. I need to go off of the dilaudid going to dr tomorrow, I want to be educated and know if I switch over to only oxycodone is it reasonable to ask for the equivalent of oxy to the dilaudid in addition to the amount of oxy I am currently taking? Thank you and FYI I take 90mg oxy 4x day and 16mg dilaudid 4x day and I stagger so that pain is controlled round the clock. Thank you ps what I woul like is oxy equal to dilaudid dosage. ## Dialudid contains Hydromorphone, it... ...
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Thu, May 30 '13, 9:58 PM
Replacement For Methadone
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I am currently on 10 mg of methadone 16 times a day. I have to have something for my backpain but cannot deal with the side effects of methadone anymore. What would be a replacement drug that would be as effective? ## Hi Sara, Sorry to hear that your pain medication isn't working as well as you'd like it to. Some of these side effects can be pretty horrible, so I don't blame anyone for trying to find an alternative. A few suggestions I can give you for other prescription pain medications include: Demerol, Morphine, Vicodin (extended release), Percocet, Dilaudid, Opana, Oxycodone, and Fentanyl. Your doctor would have a better clue as to which one of these would best replace the drug you're currently on, but honestly, there's no way of telling ahead of time how you... ...
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Wed, Aug 23 '17, 3:49 PM
names for hydromorphone
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I'm a 16 year chrnic pain patient, I just want to know the er names for it or can you just get that? I hate to go to morphine but my Dr. is a low numbers guy. Good Doc though. MS Contin does not work. I'd rather be on the Roxy ir but the numbers are to high for my Doc . Icannot take the new oxy op's they make me sick severe headaches and stomach pain. If any body could give me answers I'd apprectate it. I have to switch my next visit, in about ten days If he is doing the exalgo I am going for that. there is alot of hassle around it though. Answers thanks1 ## Hydromorphone is commonly prescribed under the trade name Dilaudid. It is also the ingredient in the Exalgo. Common side effects to it may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Learn more: Are ther... ...
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Mon, May 02 '11, 12:15 PM
How to convert to suboxone for pain management?
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I have been in Pain Management for 15 years. I have the usual round of diagnoses. Herniated discs at cervical, thoracic and lumber spine. Bone spurs through out. I have spinal cord compression in my neck. Pain. I just switched from 16mg of Exalgo (Dilaudid ER) with Fentanyl ir for breakthrough- back to 100mcg Fentanyl patches with 15mg Morphine 3x a day for breakthrough. I feel like a trapped rat. To the outside world I'm a professional woman, mother of 3 grown children. I'm no different from any other junkie though. I wanted to go into suboxone assisted substance abuse treatment. Then I found out that, for quite a while, you have to be at the program every day to pick up meds (and go to therapy/group). I'd lose my job! I can walk into Pain Management, ask for Suboxone and l... ...
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Fri, Mar 31 '17, 8:48 AM
dog pill identity - peach oval pill P 25
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My female dog was just spayed yesterday and of course was given pain medicine. It was not identified on the package what medicine it was. It's a small peach oval pill with the letter P and numbers 25 on one side. ## I located a round brownish peach colored pill with P 25 on one side and blank on the other, that was identified as Diclofenac Sodium tablet 25mg, with a National Drug Code of 16571-0203. There's also round, orangish peach colored Dilaudid with P 2 on them (and a National Drug Code of 59011-0452), but I'm not aware of its use in veterinary medicine. However, with Diclofenac being a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and Dilaudid being a narcotic pain reliever, I couldn't help but speculate on the chance of your pill being related somehow to one or the other. ... ...
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Sun, Jul 23 '17, 10:41 PM
Transitioning from oxycodone
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Hi! I've never posted here, but hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction. I have been on oxycodone 10mg for six years. The problem is, it's just not working as well for me anymore. A friend of mine, who had been on oxycodone for 16 years, has recently transitioned to methadone and is almost completely pain free. Does anyone else have experience with trading these two medications? Has your experience been the same? I just don't want to bother changing what I'm on now to something else if it's not going to relieve my pain. (I've also been on Dilaudid, Demerol and morphine, and for me, they're pretty useless for treating arthritis pain, so don't recommend those! LOL) I'm looking for something long-acting that will maybe give me my life back... ...
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Sun, Nov 22 '15, 10:31 PM
Dalada Pain Shots
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i was in hospital doctor gave me dalada had realy bad side effect eaching seeing bugs nures said that was normal ## Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone and it is a very potent narcotic, so yes, it may cause those types of symptoms in some people. Other side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## Today....8/16/12 I went to thee Er w/complaints of my left lower bac having excruciating pain...all the way down to my foot...also having numbness....and I was given a daladi shot....and this med made me so sic today...I cant keep anything down.And Ive been coming here for yrs getting shot....and I dnt believe it was this ..I dnt ever want this again..I dnt like thee effects ...
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Thu, Aug 16 '12, 2:29 PM
how to be free from methadone addiction
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How can i get rid of methadone? I weigh 100 kgs and am about 3 years addicted to methadone for getting rid of opium but now I want to get rid of methadone and I take only 10 grams per day. ## I am male 62 years old with heavy hearth surgery 18 years ago it is about 3 years which for opium stop addiction I used to have methadone from 30 miligrams I decreased it to 2pills (each 5 mg) .I am from iran. ## I don't know if you're still looking for an answer or not but I've been on methadone for over 6 years. At 128 pounds (5'2), my new doctor put me up to 160mg a day. For 6 years. Then I all of a sudden had health issues and needed my gallbladder out. After I had incredible pain they were giving me dilaudid and fentanyl and neither of them even gave me any pain relief. Ever si... ...
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Mon, May 30 '16, 12:40 AM
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54 142 ## what is it perscribed for ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Methadone hydrochloride (10 mg). Methadone is noted to be useful in the treatment of opioid dependence. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## methadone is a wonder drug and traditionally it was for withdrawl. however people are more frequently being put on methadone for chronic pain. how it is dosed for a chronic pain patient depends on the persons. i have been on methadone for chronic pain for 5 years now. im prescribed 4 10mg tabs 4 times a day 160mg daily, for breakthrough my doc gave me 8mg dilaudid 1 pill 4 times daily and 5mg valium 1 tab twice daily as ne... ...
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Sat, Mar 25 '17, 3:42 AM
how many mgs is 2 16 mg exalgo equal up in morphine daily plus six 4 dilaudids add to
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I am prescribed two sixteen mg ecalgo and four mg dilaudids add up to daily in morphine? I am facing another induced coma tomorrow night and a terrified that my husband will hardly be able to let me go if he loses me when this is happening so fast hes so confused that he will fimd a way to take all my prescribed medicine hes so confused right now that if he pulls the plug when my doctor advises him its time to accept that the great Lord Jesus Christ is my only hope. When this is probably going to be the out of his wife I fear as time goes that he will take all the meds i have if this comes have to decide to lets me go he will lose his mind he so upset about all of this heartache and pain that hell find a way to break all of it down and try to do the most deadly artery ant try to inject ... ...
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Mon, Aug 05 '13, 4:51 PM
fatal dose of dilaulid
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I've taken 16mg of dilaudid. All I feel is shortness of breath and intense chess pain. How much does it take to be fatal? I also took 75mg of phrenagran ## It all depends on your tolerence... Few yrs ago was taking 24mg 12mg 12 hour ones to get out of bed... 6 8mg during day and same at night.. Lay down puch your stomach like your ppoping lol it slows your heart down.. Had to do this quite often because hole in heart. Slow long breaths in thru nose out thru mouth :) don't think about it because then you panic and make your heart rate higher lol ...
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Wed, Dec 18 '13, 3:40 AM
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CLASS ACTION I AM IN, 16 YRS AND I PAID A HUGE COPAY NO WARNING TO TRY ANY THING ELSE OR JUST PAY FOR A FEW. I DONT THINK DR.S REALLY KNOW COMPLETELY YET i WILL BOYCUT AND TAKE THE 30 IRS WITH ANOTHER LONG ACTING ## Exalgo is an extended release version of Hydromorphone, which is currently available as a regular release in a generic form and under the brand name Dilaudid. It carries the same side effects risks as any other narcotic: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: Do you have any questions? ...
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Wed, Sep 29 '10, 6:08 PM
Urine Tests for Dilaudid and Percocets Coming Up Negative
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I am a Police officer that got hurt on the job taking down a suspect that was 6"5 and I am 5"11 and i use to weigh 185 which was pure muscle with 1% body fat and since my back surgery which I ended up craking a disk and I also have a bulging and herniated disk that was fixed but now I weigh 165, but I am taking 8mg of Dilaudid every 4hrs and 10-325mg of Percocets for break thru pain for my back which i had a major back surgery 2 months ago and also I am taking 100mg of Lyrica thru my pain management Dr. The past 2 urine tests have came back negative. The Dr. WIll write a script for a 29 day supply since my appts are always on the 30th day to get more pain meds. I tell him that I AM taking them as prescibed and he DOES believe me since I have no reason to lie and Im in too much p... ...
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Sat, Oct 22 '16, 11:00 PM
Dilaudid 8mg use
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I started off taking 1/2 of an 8mg Dilaudid. It was given to me from a friend who has a legit script because I threw out my back. From the first time I took it, I loved it...not a good thing. Within a week, I talked him into giving me his entire script (180 8mgs) as he truly did not NEED it. I started out at 4mg 3x a day, but quickly upped that. Within two weeks, I was up to 7-8x a day, sometimes 12-16 mg at a time, never less than 8mg, usually once an hour, and occasionally snorting it. I was basically high for two months straight. I made the decision after seeing two of my good friends become junkies to try and stop before it got worse and I'd end up shooting it. I tapered down to 8mg 3x a day, then 2x a day, then 4mg 3x a day, then 2x a day. After that I quit cold turkey, and let... ...
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Sat, Nov 02 '13, 7:00 AM
dilaudid/hydromorphone drug test
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I am on probation and take random hair follicle drug test about one every 30 days, I take about one maybe two 10mg methadone a day and I take 4mg to 16 mg of hydromorphone a day when I take it but I don't take the dilaudid, hydromorphone every day sometimes I may go two or three days and take none at all . my question is why do my drug test come back negative for extended opiates the screen cut off is 200 pg/mg with confirmation cut off is 200 pg/mg ...
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Wed, Jan 21 '15, 8:25 PM

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