Cytotec For 1 Month Pregnant

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cytotec for 1 month pregnant
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how to used cytotec for 1 month pregnant ## I might b a mth pregnant and want to get cytotec how much could I use? ## i am one month pregnant how much pills do i take ...
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Mon, Feb 17 '14, 5:48 PM
cytotec for 6 weekz month pregnant
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how to use cytotec and pangpahilab and methrogine for 6 weeks pregnant plzz reppy asap or repply may email ## This is how far along a human embryo is at around the 7 week mark: photo/1x7585317/human-embryo-at-7-weeks.jpg Perhaps after seeing this image, you can then decide if cytotec is still the best course of action? ...
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Wed, Apr 29 '15, 1:41 AM
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I AM 2MONTHS PREGNANT AND I HAVE TAKEN 12PIECES GENERIC CYTOTEC AND 2PEICES PFIZER CYTOTEC I THINK IT WILL HELP ME FOR ABORTION BUT DOES NOT WORK, BUT WHY..? ANYBODY CAN HELP ME..? I JUST GOT A VOMITING,ABDOMINAL PAIN AND HEADACHE, I AM SO WORRIED NOW I THINK IT CAN HAVE DAMAGE TO FETUS INSIDE MY STOMACH..? PLZ EXPLAIN IF WILL HAD A DAMAGE TO MY BABY IF I WILL CONTINUE UNTIL I WILL GIVE BIRTH TO MY BABY..? ## maybe it doest work because you have sex agin w/ ur partner..if u hav sex after taking a tab, 100% it wud not be efective.. ## i am 27 years old and i dont want have a baby haw many tablet cortal 500 i us in a day and for haw many day , and is realy cortal remove a baby iam 1 month pregnant ## I am 6week pregnant and my self and my husband can't afford to have another baby now ... ...
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Tue, Jan 21 '14, 12:16 AM
how many dosage of cytotec can tak for 1 month pregnant
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help nman po im 1 Month preggy , ask Qu lng po kung ilang dosage ng cytotec ang pwede qung inumin at ilan cytotec ang iinumin ## Misoprostol can it destroy my womb for the very first time am using it. And i am 1month pregnant pls help me what will be the effect be negative and positive, please explain to me before i can go on with and how should i take it swallow or what please.thank u ## please how much dosage of cytotic can I use for one month pregnancy? thanks ## cytotec for 1 month pregnant, how to use cytotec for 1 month pregnant ## m almost 20 days pregnant how many cytotec pills should i take to abort ## One month pregnant can abort in cytotec and how many table can I take,and how? ## I take 5 cytotec to swallow and 3 inserted in my vagina at 10pm but until morning didn't fel... ...
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Wed, May 24 '17, 9:36 PM
how to use cytotec for abortion in 3 months pregnant
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my girlfriend was 3 months pregnant... i heard abortion and using cycotec or they called (misoprostol) how to use this medicine to abort the baby... we decide to abort the baby... please help me... ## My last period is nov. 11-15,2013 its january 28 can i get abortion pill ## I have the same situation by this time. Can you help me? ## Hi. We are on the same page. I am 14 weeks pregnant. Have you already found a solution to your problem? ## Hey Kheila. Have you already found a solution to your problem? What did you do? ...
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Wed, Feb 19 '14, 9:25 AM
how to abort 2 months pregnant and how to use cytotec for abortion
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Hello everyone. I'm 2 months pregnant 'help me guys on how to abort it 'and on how to use cytotec'. i decided to abort this because of so many matters. I'm far from family and working to support them. help me for this matter guys. plz plz plz plz ## Ang 1st day ng last men's ko ay may 26,2014. and nag pt na ako at positive. saan ako makkabili ng cytotec. im here in tondo.mnl. at magnolia ang bawat 1 ng tab. ## hi am 24 yrs,i was 2 mnth pregnant and i put 1 pill of cytotec under my tongue and 2 insert them in vaginal i started bleeding for 13 days after using the pills.on 15th day after using the pills i did home test and there result ws positive.does it mean am still pregnant?and the pills didnt work?help me plz ## naku. ako nasubukan na namin ng gf ko ung mahoga... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Cytotec.
Fri, May 22 '15, 1:32 AM
Can Cytotec Cause Abortion In One Month Pregnant Women
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If I take a cytotec can it cause abortion? I'm about one month pregnant.. ## Cytotec contains the active ingredient Misoprostol and yes, it is known to cause abortion in over 80% of people that take it, while pregnant. Have you consulted a doctor? This medication may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, abdominal pain and cramping. Learn more: ## i am 23 years old and i am 1month pregnant.i order cytotec online and i want to know how many dosage i should take ## I am 1 month pregnant and i want to stop my pregnancy from muturing what do i do ## hi.. worried ako kasi 1month delayed na ako.. ayoko ng mag ka baby.. gusto ko mag try mag pa hilot natatakot din ako.. ang cortal bah effective bah? pls help me... ## hi!! im 3month pregnant when i do my abortion i take cytotec.. wha... ...
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Sat, Sep 30 '17, 5:26 AM
Can I Take Cytotec? Im 1 week Pregnant
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I'm 1 week pregnant. Can i take cytotec? And how much dosage can i take??? Please help me. ## Yes ## How much dosage? Pls help me! ## im 1 week pregnant. can i use cytotec? how many dosages should i need to take? can you pls help me. me and my husband are not ready yet. Thank you. ## San po pwdi makabili ng cytotic kailangan ko din po 1 month n po ako dely sana po my makatulog saaki im 21 years old alm kong mali pro papaanu nd ko kaya maisa iniwan n ako please help me... ## HELLO!NKABILI KNABA NG GAMOT?????/ please help me.. need ko din ksi.. ## San po b nka2bili ng meds na orig ska magkano? Nbasa q kc sa ibang forum kdalasan fake ung sa quiapo..ilan po kailangan kpag 9 weeks na? {edited for privacy} ## My friend is 2 months pregnant. saan po kami pwede makabili ng cytotec pills? pl... ...
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Sat, Jul 16 '16, 1:55 AM
If Cytotec Can Work Abortion You Are Two Months Pregnant
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where can i buy cytotec and what are the steps how to take the cytotec? ## How to abort a two months old pregnancy ## i am 25 years old girl my last period was on 16th dec 2013 and i made the preg. test at home and it became positive and i am pregnant in 45 days and i want to abort my baby by taking cytotec but could you tell me how to useit because the abortion im my country is illegal and what about if the baby stillalive after taking the cytotec thanks in advance ...
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Tue, Jan 28 '14, 7:16 AM
where i can find cytotec in pampanga? im pregnant two months
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i want misoprostol pills & cytotec. i stay in san fernando. where i can get it from? because i want to take out. i am pregnant 2months? ## no one has cytotec in pampanga. i tried it already. but i find it in other place. ## hi, where did you find cytotec at? i need it too please po ## here in balibago angeles city.. ## Hi.. may alam ako kung saan mrron at branded tlga .. ## san po nakakabile ng cytotec ## hilot eto...100% sure...para sa hanggang 3mos. preggy lang....pampanga. {edited for privacy}. ## Where can i find it? Share it pls ## Im interested please help me ## san po sa balibago? ## san po yan ## Where in angeles can i find cytotec? ## My alam po ba kayung abortionist dito sa pampanga? Anong contact number nya?? Thanks in advance. ## SAN SA BALIBAGO PDE BUMILI NUN..PLS NID H... ...
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Sat, Nov 21 '15, 6:29 PM
almost one month pregnant
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i am almost one month pregnant and cytotec is not available in gulf countries unless i have prescription. thing is am not married and my boyfriend and i were planning to buy this drug through blackmarket. am just wonderin how many tablets should i really take? cuz am confused with the others. is it enough if i take 2 sublingual and one vaginal? need ur answer asap. thanks. ;) ## How many cytotec tablets to use for a month pregnancy ...
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Fri, Dec 16 '16, 6:35 PM
cytotec in the 4th month
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14 weeks pregnant is possible to stop the pregnancy only with cytotec ...
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Tue, Oct 22 '13, 1:57 PM
How to use cytotec for 3months pregnancy
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hi im 3 months pregnant and im planning to take cytotec immediately. how many cytotec will i use upon doing this? please reply as soon as possible. Im delayed since november..please ## i just had my abortion last night and i was 4 mos preg then. meds can be really effective but make sure you are prepared enough and strong enough to pursue it's not that usual pain we felt when we had dysmenorrhea. ## san ka sis? are you in manila? how many cytotec did you take? and is your dealer sending even here in negros islands, i mean visayas.. i badly needed it taken 4 already but did not work.. pls reply asap. thank you or you can give me your number para maka usap kita,thanks ## i can help you text me {edited for privacy} ## hi nica, i already saved your number as well as texted you. ... ...
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Fri, Dec 28 '12, 12:01 PM
I am not sure if I'm pregnant, but used cytotec
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Well four months ago I had protected sex, with my bf, I went to my periods that month dey wer regular, two months ago I had unprotected sex with him, my breast started growing two weeks b4 my periods, I tuk a morning after pill exatly on the third day after, I went to my periods that month and they wer very much normal, I still go to my periods regularly, I took several pregnancy tests and all came out negative, I went to c a doc for consultation he took a home pregnancy test nd still came negative, he took a kidney infection test nd came positive but problem is my breast are tender, my nipples r itchy, I've gained weight, I nw hv stretch marks,I feel movements on my back, so I decided to take cytotec I only had cramps, diarrhea, fever, and no bleeding at all, I tuk it four hours ag... ...
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Thu, Oct 03 '13, 8:49 AM
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how to use cytotech orally and vaginally and how much dose is effective as i am more than two months positive ## My girl Frnd having 3 week pregnancy plz tell me the doze of cytotec through vaginally and orally as soon as possible. thnx ## Please help me i really need to know where to find cytotec. im 2 months preg :'( ## Can We Get cytotec tab in pharmacy without prescription please ## Hi ilan cytotec keylangan ko one month preggy nah ako ## Hi kim margaret and nilli? Nakahanap na ba kayu ng cytotec? ## I am 6 weeks pregnant and i had took cytotech i inserted one and drink also d other one i had bleed some blood and its scary me cause it might not all come out and still ders something inside in my womb that i wioried about what if d baby still inside..pls..let me know if once i had... ...
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Sun, Jan 17 '16, 7:25 AM
Is cytotec still effective for 2 months pregnancy?
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hai..i am 2 months pregnant and i was planing to take the cytotec drug as what i heard from my friends..will u plss help me with some info?????...please guys ## guyss pasagot nmn sa tanong ko ?...saan ko po ba mabibili ung cytotec ? ## hellooo!!!1...sana nmn may makasagot sa tanong ko mga ate:(...plsss ..need ko ma solve to bago pa tumagal .. ## Please inform me if my sucessful kayo na kakilala on where to find cyto? thanks u so muxh..badly needed. ## Hi I am 3 months now, I have cytotec now. I need to know, how's the right dosage? ## I am 19 years old And I missed my period this month ..after that I tested with I -can and the result came out positive ....what tablet should I use to abode this child ...I can't have the child now ...pls help me ...I missed my period only this mon... ...
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Mon, Aug 28 '17, 9:02 PM
one month abortion with cytotec
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Am one month pregnant an i took cytotec last week Friday but up till now nothing is coming out.....but still having abdominal pain........i almost give up when i took de tab.. Cuz it really weakens me to de point dt i started reasoning bad things...pls is de any possibility of it coming out next month as my next menstruation? If at all it has works can it shows negative now. if i should test..wit test rip.?:...reply pls ## How did you take the medicine? I have a kit and I'm going to use it in a few hours. I hope you followed the instruction given to you. ## I inserted 2 of cytotec in my vagina around 9pm and took oda tab orally. And around 8am in the morning i took the 2 remaining cytotec an oda tab orally. when it started giving me problems I managed to go back to the pharmacy to c... ...
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Sat, Aug 05 '17, 9:42 PM
Cytotec tab
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I'm 1 month pregnant. i want to medically abort it. Is it ok if i used cytotec tab? i want to know how to used that med? ## 1 month pregnant,i take 2tab.around 3am today and my vagina,but until now i feel only pain in my back and stomach? but there's no bleeding.its ok or not? pls help me. ## I am not sure I get the complete gist of what you're saying here, but just to be on the safe side, I am going to state that Cytotec is NOT supposed to be inserted anywhere, it should be SWALLOWED. Cytotect contains the active ingredient Misoprostol, this is used to help prevent ulcers and to induce labor and cause abortion. Common side effects may include: nausea, cramping, vaginal bleeding and diarrhea. You can read more here: Do you have any other questions? ## my wife havi 1m... ...
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Mon, Sep 15 '14, 1:53 PM
How to use cytotec on one month pregnancy
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I'm one month pregnant, gusto ko pong i abort ilang cytotec po bah ang kailangan inumin at saan ako mga bili ng original na cytotic pls help me....asap. ## hi u can txt me if you nid help. i have answer to u'r question.. this message is not a spam, if u are in manila i can help u.. heres my y-mail.. xxxxx@xxx {edited for privacy}. i will give you my contact there ## Hi im 3mos. pregnant I really need your help as soon as posible. I need to buy cortal. But I was so afraid bka fake yung mabili ko. Im just living here in manila. ## I mean sytotic po pala not cortal. I really need,it badly. Thanks. ## hi please help me where to find cytotec and pano po procedures... manila po me and need it badly... thanks.. please contact me at {edited for privacy}... ## anu pung # nu??kilangan qu ... ...
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Wed, Jul 19 '17, 6:33 AM
how to use cytotec after using it a month ago
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I got pregnant n used cytotec on 22/10/14. It was successful. i only had cramps. Pls am pregnant again..its an unwanted pregnancy.. pls can i use cytotec again?..plssss.. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Cytotec.
Sun, Dec 01 '13, 2:12 AM

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