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I just switched to CVS from Walgreens as of Monday 8/23/17. I was getting the Oblong Shaped White pills from Walgreens but today I picked up round shaped small white pills from CVS. I of course did some research and came across this forum and I'm nervous. I literally just swallowed my 1st one. I'll post my results soon. ## There shouldn't be anything to worry about, they are likely just made by a different manufacturer. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, and headache. What are the markings on them? If you can post back with this information, I will gladly research them for you. ...

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camber percocet

When I filled my RX at the first of Jan, the pharmacist warned me it was a different manufacturer so it would look different. I immediately saw a difference. It was not combating my pain, and I was having severe headaches. I was suspicious of the pharmacist, at first, because this medication has been in short supply (at least in this area), and was forced to go to a Walgreens across town, where I was treated like a criminal, despite the fact my regular Walgreens had called. I looked it up in my pill book, however, and was comforted to discover it was the correct pill. All month I have been suffering with the pain, headaches, and nerve pain, as well as nausea, gastrointestinal issues, and a feeling of restlessness. It is time for a new monthly supply, so I called CVS Pharmacy and they do... ...

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amneal percocet weak

This is in reference to Amneal Pharmaceutical's "7.5/325" Oxycodone, the label which also reads in part: "*7.5 mg oxycodone HCI, USP is equivalent to 6.7228 mg of oxycodone" without explaining what that means. CVS switched my brand last month and claim that all brands are the same strength. NOT SO, according to the level of pain and everyone who is in pain knows that pain does no lie. Having a website where people can rant about their product to one another is an old trick perfected by Apple, Google, and Microsoft to make us think that somehow they're part of the conversation. Do not take no for an answer in telling your doctor, pharmacist, and insurance that you insist on something that works and is in fact the strength that your doctor prescribed! ## Generics c... ...

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aurolife percocet u 15

Hi I have been on percocets for the past few years and see a licensed paine doctor in the state of Florida I use 2 pharmacy's Target and CVS, recently Ive have had bad experiences with this company and the effect of the medication Im prescribed up to 8 a day which I do not usually have to take these pills are doing nothing for my pain when I ask the pharmacist what brand they have they look at me crazy the only brand that really worked was roxicet 5/325.any other complaints about aurolife percocetts u 15 thanks rich ## Hi Rich, Although I'm not prescribed Aurolife Percocet, I think it would be a good idea to look into which inactive ingredients might be causing it to not work as well as other manufacturer's versions you've had a good experience with. This way you can mor... ...

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Activis Percocet - junk

Was taking BRAND percocet - the only true percocet (pinkish oblong pill that says "percocet") but it was horribly expensive: over $1,000 for 90 pills (one month). My insurance was paying at first but then when I switched insurers, no more, they only pay for generic. After that, I went thru the gamut of generics until now - it seems that Activis has taken over the supplies of percocet at every major pharmacy - Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, etc and that is ALL we can get. For me Activis is a nightmare. I suffer from post-laminectomy syndrome and Activis lasts barely an hour before I need another for break-thru pain. Also, side effects are head ache, insomnia, and occasional upset stomach. The pain reliever active ingredient in Activis is clearly substandard, but what are we to do - who do ...

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supposed 2 be percocet

imprint MLX over 123, white, round, plain o0n da other side ## THIS IS NOT PERCOCET! Nor any type of prescription drug/narcotic of any kind. This is nothing more than 325mgs of Acetaminophen, a generic or store brand of Tylenol. ## thx ## Very welcome, I am happy to help! ## found this pill suppose to be percocet in tablet 512 on one side nothing on the other side ## thanks for the help, very helpful information.....thanks again ..take care ## Well then CVS is up to something, my friend was given a script for Percocet or Vicoprfofen 7.5 for severe pain and said this pill was weak and now I here it is just Tylenol! Watch out people!!!! Is your CVS pharm tech questionable-count and check (id) your pills as I see many errors by CVS!!!!!! ## Sorry-correction, though I stand by the theory to... ...

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Percocet formula changed

I have been taking percocet 10/325 for horrible fibromyalgia pain and have had no issue with it's effectiveness. nI fact I believe it is the only thing that has kept me able to work.. I renewed the prescripion and continued it about a week ago only to find that it is now A333. I IMMEDIATELY had severe side effects nausea, dizziness, vomiting, feverish feeling, clumsiness, all the usual suspects. I could not work today because of this and have been told by my pharmacy, CVS, that traditional percocet is not covered by my health insurance and I would have to pay $ 1300.00 to renew the prescription. I believe that changing the formula of the medication without notifying patients is fraudulence and malpractice on part of the pharmaceutical company and will be pursuing this. ## Hello, Ell... ...

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yellow percocet 10 325 a333

I had been taking the Watson's 10 325 round white pill also last month Cvs filled my script with this a333 pill and they not only don't help my back pain but makes need nauseous and dizzy! Wasted $140 because I refuse to use something that does more damage than good ## I take perocet 10/apap and wentto get mine filled and they gave me a different one to it has ip something on it and it does nothing for my pain why do we have to accept meds that do not work please help me to tell what to tell the pharmacy? ## I am very sorry that you've both had a problem, unfortunately, there is nothing your pharmacy can do. However, I would suggest that you both report the issue to the FDA by calling them at 888-463-6332. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit for... ...

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activis percocet a333 doesnt work

My cvs just switched from watson manuf for percocet 10 to this actavia oblong pill marked A 333..and it does NOT work as well as the other did. I get very little relief and have to take more...sometimes with NO effect at all. Can someone have these pills tested to see what is actually in them? I suffer from a severe back injury and often bedridden . ## I have the same problem wih my perocet the beige ones I got from the pharamacy last month was made from the same company and I had no relief it did nothing for my pain due o cancer backsurgeris bone ain from the cancer I do not like that brand how doI ask for the other brand I was getting please answer anyone. ## @Katie, I'm not entirely sure that patients can ask for a specific brand, mainly because the pharmacy only gives you whatev... ...

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white oblong pill with r 333 percocet

Found this pill in my sons room. A333 imprinted, white oval with a line in the middle. Please, I pray it's only an over the counter product... ## Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but R333 is the code CVS uses to identify their oxycodone generic. It's a very addictive opiate: I would advise taking it from him immediately and getting him something a little less harmful, like a bong. ## Pardon, I meant A333. R333 is the code for hydrocodone. ## Take em cuz they are definitely oxycodone. ## They are not percocet or hyddocodone talk to your phamacist its an impotent drug ## Hi Deb, I am currently taking this medication, for pain. It is DEFINITELY Percocet 10/325. It's generic from Target Pharmacy. I would call a few pharmacy's. If u feel embarrassed to call, say that u are... ...

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percocet patient assistance program

have no ins, no income, i need to know how to get assistance this medication. ## Go to They will take care of all your paperwork and get you your prescriptions for free. I think it is $65 a month but that is it. ## There aren't many assistance programs available for pain management, unfortunately. However, a FREE organization to try is: Click Here ## is there any patient information booklet for patients assuming percocet for chronic pain (non oncologic desease)? ## For everyone that hasn't ran into this problem, pharmacies that just recently accepted several discount cards are no longer accepting cards for controlled substances. This includes top chains like walgreens, walmart, target, CVS. ## I have medicare with prescription part d. But the cost s... ...

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percocet 10 325 can find in naples florida

Have legit script and cannot find ..2 herniations in neck surgery in 5 weeks ..suffering !! Anyone know what pharms have them ???? ## Bova raton or Naples Florida area ....either one ...! I was hit by car and have 2 neck herniations c4/5 and lumbar spine break /collapse at l4 ..I got prescription two days ago for 40mg qty 60 and 120 qty perc 10/325 ... been too 6 cvs and Walgreens has turned into hitler pharmaceuticals!!! Seriously so frustrated and in imaginable pain !!!! No one has either??? I have sched neck surgery in less than 5 weeks .... cannot function !!! Please anyone help if u know a pharm that may have ???? Either areas.... Have legit script from legit doc .... any ideas anyone ????? Any input is much appreciated!!! ## tell your doctor he could find out or have it delivered ... ...

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White oblong pill A 333 with no split line on it received from CVS as Percocet substitute

Wife had prescription for Percocet which was substituted by CVS with a small white oblong pill with A 333 on one side and no identification and no "line" for breaking in two on the other side, but identified on bottle and circular as "10-325". After root canal, pill has been relatively ineffective only overriding pain for about an hour and caused nausea and vomiting when second pill taken 4 very long hours later. After a day of suffering, switched to hydrocodone 7.5-300 at 10am when ineffectiveness of 6am oxycodone 10-325 on second day had wife in tears again. Potency of year old hydrocodone 7.5-300 superior to new oxycodone 10-325. Lack of a line for splitting in two a curious omission since there is a 5-325 dosage available. Question potency and effectiveness of new A ... ...

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White, round tablet, No Markings, Not scored purchased from CVS or Target no markings or scored be percocet?

Over the past several months I have been prescribed many different pain meds, anti inflamatory meds and muscle relaxer due to rotator cuff surgery. All were purchased with prescription from CVS & Target Pharmacy. After sorting out in weekly med tray, I can't identify a round white pill with no markings or score on either side. Could this be a generic form of percocet? ## In the U.S. all prescription tablets have to have some type of unique imprint on them to enable their identification, in case of emergency. Since Percocet is a prescription only medication, all of them, including the generics have some type of marking on the tablets. Did you purchase anything else recently? Such as an over the counter product? They are not regulated like prescription medications and are not requ... ...

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Specifically and Correctly writing a Norco/Percocet Script

Hello. I have a doctor who I have seen for a long time who writes has regularly written me scripts. Sometimes it is for norco and then sometimes the next month she will do percocet. Both are 10/325 everytime. The question I am asking is how can I ensure that the Pharmacy will have the specific Noroc/Percocet that I am looking for. For example, sometimes Walgreens will have the white Watson 853's which I don't like. Sometimes the CVS will have the white A333 Percs which I do like. Is there a way my doctor can specify on my script which brand/manufacturer she wants to perscribe? ## Hello, Scott! How are you? No, there is no way to specific any certain generic. The most your doctor can do is write it as brand medically necessary, or whatever the equivalent is in your state, so they... ...

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cvs pill switch

my mom was taking qualitest generic percocet for severe leg pain. recent script from cvs was labeled mallinkot . she became very nauseated with loss of appetite and a rash with large blotches and itching over face and body after taking the percocet over several days with no pain relief.. I knew the actavis brand is no good but did not put things together as her bottle said differently. Her face was swollen and eye swollen shut and red . she did not think the only new thing she was taking was her percocet. I looked at the bottle again and the description did not match the pill. I immediately went to cvs and they labeled it wrong. she was given actavis instead!!! It took 2 days of phone calls and benadryl for the severe reaction to get a new script, but not until i brought her to the md offi ...

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white oblong pill with a333

This a333 is generic for percocet and CVS is dispensing them, OXYCODONE 10/3.25 is what they are. ## Thanks for taking the time to share this information. To anyone else needing a second opinion, I can also confirm that an oblong white pill marked with "A333" is in fact identified as Oxycodone (10mg) + Acetaminophen (325mg); which is used to treat moderate to severe pain. For verification, this tablet is said to be manufactured by Actavis, and has a National Drug Code of 00228-2983-11. Does anyone here have personal experience or feedback from trying these over other manufacturer's brands/generics? I heard one complaint about someone having stomach or GI problems from this particular form, but have yet to come across a list of inactive ingredients to see what exactly might b... ...

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pharmacy not filling prescription if you are uninsured

my roommate tried to get 5mg percocet filled at a 24 hour cvs. after they made him wait for 25 minutes they informed him that they will not fill it because he is uninsured. he had filled rx's there before many times. he has been dx with cancer. and he is in a great deal of pain. he went to the er they gave the rx and cvs refused to fill is. my question is are all the cvs's doing this or is it only this one in northeast pa? and if this is true then i ask that all who read this stop going to cvs. this is the most unfair thing i have ever heard. ## It is up to the pharmacist if they want to fill any rx. If your friend has terminal cancer, there should be a code on the rx that lets the pharmacist know that the patient has terminal cancer. It may be that your friend had gotten anothe... ...

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Oxycodone 5 325 and R/P on the back

I had outpatient surgery yesterday and my doctor wrote me and prescription for Percocet strength of 5/325. I went to CVS and was given generic pills. Just want to know if these pills are real because if not I'm talking them back they 3.325 on the front and R/P on the back. Can someone please help me? ## Yes, they are manufactured by Rhodes Pharmaceuticals and they list them as containing 5mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Have you tried taking them, yet? ## Yes and I'm experiencing nausea and dizziness. Should I stop talking this medicine? ## Sometimes people don't tolerate opiates well and the si... ...

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qualitest 10 325

I've been on percocet generic 10 years and last 3 qualitest 10/325. It's the absolute best I've had. I will not accept others. I tried to take my rx back to walmart today but no qualitest so I went back to cvs. It's truly the best. I have taken hydro before and found Boca pharmaceutical out of Florida to be best. It was sold by walmart at the time. Both incredible good genetics as I researched both before I asked for them. First time they ordered them. Some will some will NOT say take what we have or go some place else. I always am made to feel like a dope addict when I get these filled. I want to say I'm paying your damn 125k paycheck. ...

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