Claritin D False Positive On Drug Test

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claritin d false positive on drug test
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I just failed a drug test, I tested positive for both amphetamine & methamphetamine. I have had a prescription for adderol 20 mlgrm but have not taken them or had a refill in about 3 weeks before test. So was just wondering if adderol stays in system that long or if it was the claritin d? Im 110lbs, 39 yr old female ...
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Mon, Jun 16 '14, 3:06 PM
Claritin D causing a false positive on drug tests for methamphetamine
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If I tested positive for methamphetamine because of claritin d (and now that sample is sent to be retested at the lab), can they tell it was a false positive? ## Claritin D has ephedrine in it. Just simply explain that you took claritin D. It's not technically a false positive because it contains a key component. ## J, I'm not 100% sure but I believe that Clariton D has pseudoephedrine HCL in it which would show up as you using Meth. I've had the same problem with an OTC sinus medication that I take coming back as being positive for Meth. I paid for a confirmation test($32) which came back as being negative for Meth. I hope this helps. ## My dad has been with the same company for 28 years and they switched owners. Well they did a drug test for everyone and my dad doesn't... ...
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Sat, Aug 19 '17, 8:21 PM
false positive urine drug test for meth
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I tested positive for meth in a urine drug test; however i have been clean for 3+ years. I'm currently taking prescription medications: omeprazole, hydrocodone/acetaminophen, escitalopram, tramadol, temazepam, lorazepam, sinvastatin,. OTC: aspirin, claritin and afrin. Can any of these medications be the cause of the positive drug test? ## Yes, some of the drugs you are on, and in combination may cause a false reaction on a cup or card test, and even on EIA. That is why it is very important to have every non-negative, or Positive test CONFIRMED by LC/MS/MS or GC/MS. That is the only way to know for sure. ## I believe that one of your medications for the seasonal allergies has pseudoephedrine in it or something very similar that is used as a nasal decongestant. This will cause false p... ...
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Wed, Jun 29 '16, 12:34 AM
omeprazole causing a false positive drug test
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I tested positive for tramadol and all I take is omeprazole once a day. I've been taking it for about a month and don't take any other drugs because I am in recovery. How is this possible? ## Will taking omeprazole 20 mg give a false positive in a mouth swab? I also take risperidone, klonopin, and several other psych meds. ## I take Claritin-D, Midol Complete and Omeprazole almost daily and my drug test came up with a false positive. I don't do drugs, so I'm confused. ...
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Wed, Oct 18 '17, 6:55 PM
causes for false positives on a urine test
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could taking Claritin-D give a false positive for meth on a urine test ## According to askdocweb, the answer to your question is yes. Both of the active ingredients in Claritin-D (Loratadine + Pseudoephedrine) are known to cause false positives for Amphetamines, and I'm sure this also includes Methamphetamines, because certain drug tests cannot distinguish between drug class vs drug name, etc. I hope this helps to answer your question! ## i have doctors and nurses and pharmacist tell me that claitin d does not show up in urine test for methamphetamine.does it show up as amphtamines then?i was going to have brain sergury and they cancelled because they said my urine test was positive w/ this in it and it would have a bad reaction w/ the anastasia. ## Yes Claritin D will show IP posit... ...
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Thu, Aug 08 '13, 9:31 PM
Can Claritin 24 Hour Cause A False Positive For Meth?
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i'm taking clarittin 24 hour and tested positive for meth on a drug screen. I don't use meth., so I'm wondering if the claritin I took could account for the reading. ## I'm not finding the Loratidine in Clartin listed as causing a false positive for Methamphetamine, though some of the antihistamines can cause a false positive for Methadone. Have you taken anything else? ## What medications can give you a false positive reading to meth in a drug urine test? ...
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Thu, Jul 03 '14, 8:03 AM
what over the counter drug will give a false positive test for methamphetamine
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what over the counter drug will give a positive test for methamphetamine ## what over the counter drug will give a false positive test for meth dirniung drug test ## how can my husband prove that he had been takin CLARItin D 24 hour everyday for a week not using meth ## Zantac will cause a false positive for meth amphetamines. It just happened to me yesterday. I was shocked. ## was stopped while driving home one night from Dennys cop took me in for DUIbut do not drink or do gdrugs, heart trouble. it casme back positive but omnly took days before severasl over counter cold and cough syrups for bad cold. also take alot of presecription meds for alot of things, they are: Spirolactate,Levothyvxine, Zerit, Lotensin, Coreg, Ziagen, RTitonavir, Prezista, and had out-patient surgery for an absc... ...
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Sun, Sep 24 '17, 12:11 AM
neurontin test positive for methadone?
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I'm on Zoloft, Neurtontin, Zantac, and Claritin and just tested positive on a UA for Methadone.. never did it or even seen it! Is there a possibility my meds had a false positive? ...
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Mon, Jul 28 '14, 8:51 AM
can oxycodone test positive for opiates
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I take 15 mg of Oxycodone 6 times a day for chronic back pain. My pain Dr. informed me I tested positive for Morphine on a Gs/Mc test. There is no way I took anything, and he says there's no way there's a mistake!!! He dumped me as a patient and I get to go though SEVERE withdraws in about 5 days if I cant fix this. HELP ## Im Pretty Sure That A Few Of The Allergy meds-- OTC Ones Like Claritin,Etc.... Can Caus False Positive Result On A Lot Of Drug Screens esp If Your Pain Management Doc Has No Way To Run A Confirmation Test To Show If You Actually Took Morphine or One Of Those Allergy Meds & If I'm Not MIstaken Some Cold Meds Can CausE The Same False Positive Result.....So If you've Taken Any Of Those Your Doc May Be Wrong And You Should Def Request Confirmation tes... ...
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Thu, Jan 19 '17, 8:00 PM
what can cause a false positive for suboxone?
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I am on several meds and just tested positive via urine testing for soboxone. I have never taken soboxone can my other meds cause me to test positive for this drug? Here is a list of my meds: hydrocodone-acetaminophen (Norco), remeron, effexor, wellbutron, vistaril, coreg, neurontin, klonopin, claritin, magnesium oxide, metro gel 1%, zofran, zantac, simvastatin. i would really value your opinion!! Thanks ## Weird. I have been searching because I just tested positive for Buprenorphine Even though I have NEVER Taken it Ever in my Life. I am on Oxycontin and Oxycodone (Time Released & Immed Rel Both) But One thing I noticed that I Take and You Listed As Well. IS Simvastatin... I never took it before, But just Started Taking It Recently (In the last 4 to 5 Weeks). Now all of a Sudden I ... ...
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Mon, Jun 08 '15, 1:59 PM
what causes a false positive for methamphetamine
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In recent times I have taken Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Valium, Soma, Testosterone, Nexium, Amlodipine, Fenofibrate, Chantix, Aspirin, Sudafed, Nasal Spray, Lidoderm Patches, Voltaren gel, NyQuil, milk of magnesia, metamucil, Whey Protein and Multi vitamins. Why is it coming up as a dirty urine? ## The nasal spray can make a false positive for meth. Not sure about " Crystal" meth. But just the basic methamphetamine yes it will. ## The sudofed will make it definatley make you have a positive for neth ie" crystal meth.on probation your not aloud to take anything with sudofed or ephedrine in if your testing fir worj or have to take a drug test avoid taking these.u have severe allergies an have to take reg. Claritin 10 miligrans avoid the ones that have a D at the end of them l... ...
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Tue, Jan 26 '16, 3:44 AM
what can make a false positive for methamphetamine?
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I had a test done that came back positive for methamphetamine. I was on metoprolol, and claritin-D. Which of these can come back as a positive for methamphetamines? ## Hi tina - it is possible that the Pseudoephedrine in Claritin-D is what caused the test to come back positive for amphetamines. You should definitely bring up the fact that you are on this medication because that should be factored in. Hope this helps! You may also find this related discussion to be helpful: How Long Does Pseudoephedrine Stay In Your System. ...
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Thu, Apr 09 '15, 6:46 PM
false positive for methamphetamine phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine
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I was told by my Dr. to take Claritin D (pseudoephedrine) and I already had been taking a nasal spray containing phenylephrine. I tested positive in a saliva test for ephedrine and methamphetamine. I have never taken methamphetamine in my life. Can these two compounds cause a false positive for methamphetamine? ## Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine (I'll use "ephedrine" to mean both from this point forward) can, and often do, show up as methamphetamine on a drug screen. The two compounds have nearly identical molecular structure, the only difference being a single oxygen molecule more (ephedrine) or less (methamphetamine). The above notwithstanding, a drug screen can still differentiate the two but it takes a a certain kind of test called GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectromet... ...
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Fri, Apr 28 '17, 12:13 PM
False hair test for methamphetamine
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Hi, my bf had to take a lot of Claritin D last summer and this summer. He had to take a hair test. They said he tested positive for methamphetamine. I know for a fact he has never touched methamphetamine. So just wondering if taking c d can cause a positive to methamphetamine? ## Taking Claritin should not cause a false positive for methamphetamine. One of the big advantages of hair drug testing is that it is good at differentiating substances. You could talk to an MRO (Medical Review Officer) to see what might be interfering with the test. An MRO is a doctor trained to interpret drug test results by looking at the over all picture to see what might be happening. You can find an MRO in your area at You could also do you own Hair 5 Drug Panel test to verify results. If the hai... ...
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Thu, Dec 10 '15, 11:29 AM
claritin d script, sudifed sinus, robitussin dm, xanax
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My drug test showed methamphetamine. I was on these drugs. Could they have shown a false positive or is there anything over the counter that would? ...
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Sun, Apr 17 '16, 4:49 AM
Falso Benzy test in a four year old
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My niece went to the hospital because she was vomiting profusely she also passed out and had various states of confusion. the doctors ran test and the test came back for benzo. Mind you she is four and her mother has no drugs that contain benzo. But her mother had been giving her Benadryl and Claritin that week for a stuffy nose and other cold like symptoms. she also had benadryl earlier that day could that of caused her to have a false positive test for benzo? ...
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Sun, Jul 14 '13, 4:30 PM
Is albuterol a benzo??
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Taking a weekly drup test. I need to kow if it could possibly show up as a Benzo? ## Can the following meds show a false positive for amphetamines or benzos on a blood test ......maximum strength muxinex ...levoflaxin 500 tab ...fluoxetine hcl 20 mg ...Proventil hfs ....fluticasone propionate 50 mcg....generic Claritin. D....Tylenol 3 w codiene.... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Albuterol.
Sun, Feb 09 '14, 2:48 PM

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