Can U Take Pain Pills On Subutex

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Subutex for pain
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I am looking for a doctor in the Nashville TN area that prescribes Subutex for pain. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Subutex.
Fri, Apr 03 '15, 2:53 AM
can you take oxycodone with subutex
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I've taken subutex for a long time know for chronic pain, in my opinion it's been awesome. I just had surgery. My surgeon was very forthcoming about everything. My issue now is can I go back to subutex after my last dousing of oxycodone 20s and 20s timed released. I've done it before but opposite, like when I was on subutex I had taken oxycodone but im freaking myself out because of everything I'm reading... every one makes it seem completely different.... It's not suboxone.... it's subutex. It really bothers me when people put it in same category, they assume it's the same. But I have way to many stitches to be throwing up.. ## Hello, Shay! How are you? Subutex contains Buprenorphine, which can also block other opiates from working or throw someone into prec... ...
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Tue, Aug 29 '17, 3:26 PM
I'm on 120mg of methadone can I take subutex
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Hi, I'm currently taking 120mg of methadone which i take 40mg every 8 hours and I've been in the hospital for over 3 months due to a blood infection that has left me almost unable to walk. Now I would have to go to a methadone clinic everyday in order to dose which is impossible with me being in a wheel chair right now. I'm wanting to go back on subutex as I was on this medication before until I needed something stronger for pain. Can I take a low dose of subutex tonight like 12 hours after I last dosed on methadone at 40mg. ## Hell, Jaymee! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're so ill. If you're in the hospital, you shouldn't take anything without doctor's approval, because there may be interactions or problems with something else they have you taking,... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Methadone.
Mon, Mar 13 '17, 1:06 AM
what can i take during surgery if i am on Subutex?
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i am on 8mg a day of Subutex and am having surgery under a local anesthetic. what can i take for pain? do i have to stop taking the Subutex? ## You should really consult on your doctor with this, they will let you know if you need to stop taking the Subutex and use something else. this site is not medical professionals, so without all available information, we can only guess. Have they given you any advice? Have you consulted with the surgeon? ...
Updated 7 years ago in Subutex.
Thu, Jun 24 '10, 3:37 PM
can you take a oxycodone hour after taking subutex
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I AM ON 24MG OF SUBUTEX FOR MONTHS NOW AND 3 10MG OF OXYCODONE FOR CHRONIC PAIN. RECENTLY MY DOCTOR RETIRED AND BEFORE HE LEFT HE TOOK ME OFF OF ALL OXYCODONE. I STILL HAVE PAIN THAT THE SUBUTEX DOSEN'T TOUCH. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I AM 64 YEARS OLD AND CAN'T FINANCIALLY QUIT MY JOB BUT I MISS WORK ALOT. MY JOB IS VERY HARD WORK ## Hello, Fran! How are you? Subutex only contains Buprenorphine, not the opiate blocker Naloxone that is in Suboxone, so you can take other opiates, after taking it, as long as your doctor approves. The FDA lists this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Have you spoken to your new doctor about your pain? They may n... ...
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Fri, Jul 21 '17, 2:24 PM
how long after taking subutex can u take methadone
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My dr is changing me to methodone tablets from subutex for pain managment I dont wonr to withdrawal at all how can I transition ## Hello, Penny! How are you? Didn't your doctor provide you with details on how to do so? Generally, it will take a few days for Subutex to process out of your body, so the Methadone can work. Usually, they advise 72 hours, but it can vary from person to person. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. ...
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Wed, Sep 21 '16, 5:43 PM
subutex 8 mg
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Can u take saphris 5mg with subutex 8 mg ## I didn't find any interactions listed between these two medications, but you should double check with your doctor or pharmacist to be certain of the safety of taking them both. Learn more Subutex details here. Learn more Saphris details here. The main problem that I can see that may occur is due to the fact that they both cause some depression of the central nervous system, so taking them both can intensive those effects. Thus, you should know to watch for any possible danger signs, such as extreme somnolence, dizziness, lowered heart rate and low blood pressure. Have they both been prescribed for you? ## Can you please answer something for me? Ok I have been taking subutex since I have ran out of my pain meds which is opana 10mg IR. I hav... ...
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Sat, Aug 30 '14, 4:15 PM
Subutex Vs Methadone For Pain Control
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I had an allergic reaction to a medicine that I was prescribed for migraines and on Easter of 2009 I literally died. I flat-lined 3 times and was in a coma for 18 days. Then out of the grace of god a doctor came into my room in the middle of the night and decided to try to Eckmo (sp:) machine on me. IT WORKED! Thank goodness I did wake up and although I had to learn to eat, walk, speak, etc. all over again. All of my organs are 100%. But I ended up with horrible drop foot on both feet and we don't know why, but also horrible bilateral neuropathy. I have been through so many surgeries just so that my feet would actually work so that I could walk again, however we can't seem to control the pain of the neuropathy, because we don't know how I got it. Anyway, I was on 50 mg of th... ...
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Wed, Jan 27 '16, 2:48 PM
how long after taking a subutex can you take another opiate
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I took an 8 mlg subutex about 24 hours ago. Is it safe to take roxicodone or other pain meds? ## No, they need to be separated by about 72 hours, in order for the other pain medications to be effective. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Subutex has no opiate blocker in them so you should be fine... suboxone on the other hand has an opiate blocker therefore depending on your body's tolerance and whatever you may or may be able to take other opioids... But I know from experience Subutex is different from suboxone, another opiate medication should work. ## I took a 1/4 dose of Buna... ...
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Mon, Sep 18 '17, 9:55 AM
how long does it take to detox off subutex
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Been on burp. For a few weeks have detox to 1/4 every other day. Last Sunday w as s the last rtf time I took anything. I feel so anxious and crawling out of my skin... how long will this last? ## Hello, Sandy! How are you feeling? It depends on how much you were taking and how long you were taking it. It could be anywhere from a week to about a month, before you start to feel more normal. The FDA lists the typical withdrawal effects as possibly including nausea, fever, chills, diarrhea, depression and rebound pain. Have you experienced any other withdrawal symptoms, yet? ...
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Mon, Sep 14 '15, 1:19 PM
Pregnancy on subutex
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I'm 32 and I have been an opiate addict for about 3 years. It started innocently as treatment for my RA and just blew out of control. I tried detox and all that before and ended in failure, so I found a good Dr and started suboxone treatment and have not touched a pain pill since. However 4 months ago I found out I was pregnant and rather than risk a miscarriage from withdraw my Dr changed my script to subutex. I'm truly terrified of my labor because I have a phobia of needles so an epidural is out of the question for me. My Dr said they can give me a higher dose of pain meds thru my labor for pain but I'm so scared they will overdose me or harm the baby. What are the risks of taking pain medication while on the subutex does anyone know. ## I am not going to deny that labor ... ...
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Sat, Aug 13 '16, 8:01 AM
Help! How can Subutex patients be treated for pain?
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I've been a Subutex patient for a year taking 8mg a day. If I get in an accident, how can a doctor treat me for pain. I've been worried about this ever since I started and I haven't spoke to my doctor yet. I sincerely do not care about getting high anymore and this really bothers me. Can somebody please help? Thank you! ## There is no need to worry, they will be able to treat you. Subutex only contains the active ingredient Buprenorphine, it does not contain the added Naloxone that Suboxone does, which is the ingredient that neutralizes other opiates. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you! That... ...
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Sat, May 09 '15, 12:10 PM
Stronger than subutex
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Trying to get off Subutex and get on something stronger for my back . I have rods and screws in my back. I also have other problems with my back, but have horrible pain and need something stronger can anyone help me with an easy way to get off this medicine and fine a stronger medicine that will give me some relief. Thanks ## The only thing I can think of that may work better and be a little stronger would be Fentanyl, which is available in a lollipop form and as a patch that you can change every 48 to 72 hours. Learn more Fentanyl details here. It is over 80 times stronger than Morphine and most people go experience effective pain relief with it. Has your doctor suggested any other options? ## can't believe they gave u subutex for your back pain! why not morphine? hope they explain... ...
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Tue, Apr 21 '15, 10:43 AM
Maximum dose of Suboxone/Subutex & chronic pain
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What is the maximum dose of suboxone or subutex when you have severe pain? ## What is the maximum daily dose of subutex? I'm taking it to wean off of opiate pain killers but may need to stay on it for chronic pain. My doctor has me taking 2mg up to 6 times a day, but it feels like too much and I feel sick at 6 mg. I can't imagine taking more. Any answers would be helpful... thanks. ## If u have true clinical pain suboxone will not work it is for opiate detox only. It is an opiate blocker which will in turn allow your brain to make its own dopamine. ## feelinbettergoinbroke is wrong, suboxone is used for the treatment of chronic pain. Although, I think the reason you are getting sick is because your doctor has you taking 2mg up to 6 times a day. That in itself is causing you to b... ...
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Wed, Oct 18 '17, 8:11 PM
pain dr okc that prescribe subutex
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I need to know if any pain drs in okc prescribe subutex,i have had 9 surgurys on my leg in one year,and want off pain meds. ...
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Sun, Sep 25 '16, 4:14 PM
what is subutex
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My husband has been on subtext for almost 8 years when he first started going to the clinic we thought that he was going to be weaned off the opiates but every trip to the doctors he was giving a prescription for more subtext which we are being charge a three hundred dollar visit every month and that doesn't include the price to have the prescription filled which we can't afford so my question is can he safely get off of this medicine? ## Yes, but it will require a slow taper to prevent withdrawal issues, since it does contain an opiate. The FDA warns that suddenly stopping it could cause rebound effects, such as nausea, pain, elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, fever, chills, and diarrhea. His doctor should be able to help him set up a proper tapering schedule. Has he... ...
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Mon, Jul 24 '17, 11:45 PM
subutex doctor
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Hi, i recently ran out of subutex because my doctor was shut down by the DEA and I really don't want to get back on pain killers, so I wanted to know if there's any other doctors that prescribe subutex in my area? I live in the Youngstown, Ohio area. I honestly just do not want to be sick anymore! Thank you to whoever comes to my rescue!!! ## Hi Keith! I hope you've found a doctor by now. Could you ask your PCP to help you find a Dr? I'm in the area and am happy to help you find someone if you still need assistance. ## I'm still looking any suggestions? ## Hi Keith! I just wanted to let you know I'm getting some names together for you & will post them by days end. In the meantime I just read a very interesting article on the web site: ... ...
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Wed, Jun 08 '16, 6:52 AM
subutex for pain management kokomo
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Im looking for a doctor who will prescribe subutex or soboxone for pain management. I have horrible chronic pain and am finding trouble finding a doctor who will listen and help with the pain not just addiction treatment. If anyone has any suggestions for me that would be great. I have a list of a few doctors who do prescribe it but it says for addiction treatment. The doctor I go to now has a giant sign saying they wont treat chronic pain. Kokomo area would be preferred but I will make the drive to wherever if its worth it. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks! ...
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Wed, Oct 12 '16, 8:51 PM
Suboxone verses subutex
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Dear VerWon, I now know the difference between suboxone and subtext. But, why would one Dr. Choose one over the other? Is the suboxone used for addiction and subtext used for just pain? ## Hello, Cats68! How are you? As I said in my prior post, Suboxone includes Naloxone to prevent the abuse of other narcotics, while someone is being treated with it for addiction and that is exactly why it is usually preferred over Subutex. Subutex is usually the choice when someone has a bad reaction to the Naloxone or is pregnant. However, both can treat pain. Does this clear it up for you? :-) ## Dear Dr. Thank u for the information. All cleared up. ## As for mself....I had major allergic reactions to generic suboxone pills as well as name brand and subutex. The only form of combination of meds was S... ...
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Fri, Oct 03 '14, 8:32 AM
methadone after subutex
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My name is AJ. I've been taking 8mg subutex ( not suboxone) for two weeks. I start the methadone clinic in 5 days. How long should I be off subutex to start methadone? And if I still have subs in my system will I go into precipitated withdraws? ## Hi AJ, It looks like this question has already been asked/answered in several other discussion threads here, so what I'm doing is just linking you to the thread that I feel addresses this inquiry most accurately: Discuss/SETTING-RECORD-STRAIGHT-how-long-after-taking-subutex-can-u-take-methadone-280366.htm This social worker from a pain management clinic goes on to state that patients should wait 12 to 24 hours after Subutex before having Methadone in order to avoid precipitated withdrawals; due to the presence of Buprenorphine, which k... ...
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Fri, Mar 20 '15, 3:13 PM

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