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i really need to know how long xanax stay with you . i have a job coming up .very important.p.r.s.vp.a.s.a.p. ## Is mylan the same as xanax. how long is the halflife of either? ## What drug can give a false positive drug test? ## benzos stay in your system a long time. MY suggestion - buy 3 gallons of cranberry juice, on morning b4 drug test start drinking, drink all 3 gallons, eat any salty food you feel is necessary, After CB juice is gone, start drinking water, at least 16 ounces every half hour.stay up all night and continue, two hours before drug test, take a b complex vitamin, this will add color back into your now totally clear urine. hopefully, when you go to urinate it will be nothing but water, but they wont make you wait to go again later because of the color from the vitamin... ...
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Wed, Oct 26 '11, 7:35 PM
xanax u94
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I refilled my prescription for generic xanax and it does not make me relaxed. In fact, it gives me a cough all night. wish i hadn't gotten it. ## Where did you buy it? Sounds fake and I would discard of them? ## Xanax does not make you cough? Gag yes, cough no? ...
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Wed, Mar 26 '14, 9:34 AM
Fake Xanax
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I have been purchasing Xanax online for years now but lately I have noticed that the drugs mailed to me are either extremely weak or plain fake. Today I received 30 2 miligram alprazolam pills that seem to have some effect but they do not seem like the ones I use to get. This is very frustrating. I had this idea today that I was hoping you guys could give me more information. Are there any drug tests I could buy at the store that could detect benzo's? I would be willing to go to a lab but I am afraid I'll have to explain myself if they find something different. Has anyone tried this before? Or has anyone ever had a blood test come back with something other than a benzo when that is what you believed you were taking? Thanks! ## Actually, the regular average urine test, such as th... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Xanax.
Sun, Nov 22 '15, 7:48 PM
Can You Buy Real Xanax Online
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Can you buy real Xanax online? You cannot trust anyone, last time I got fake Xanax and they looked just like the name brand. But had a lot of sugar in them. ## About 15 years ago, a man broke into my home and assaulted me. I was very tramautized and could not sleep for about 2 weeks. A friend recommended a doctor and I went to see him. The NP said I should be taking xanax and when I expressed worry about addiction, she said "Look, if you have to take one of these every night for the rest of your life - so what? She convinced me and I started taking Xanax. Now after 15 years, the doctor has decided he will no longer prescribed Xanax. there was no warning, nor no instructions as to how to get oneself off xanax. Since I have none left, I am sleeping so poorly and am having some pretty ... ...
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Sun, May 31 '15, 1:04 PM
Can You Buy Real Xanax Online?
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Can someone help me find a online PHARMACY that will sell real Xanax, there is so many fakes out there. ...
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Mon, Jan 21 '13, 9:12 PM
xanax usage
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I wienining off of Xanax but have to take a urine drug test. is there anything that I can take to cover up the Xanax in system. I know that I cant just stop taking this drug, although I would like to. is there any help for this or the withdrawls? ## There are products you can find over the Internet or at Head Shops. How much Xanax do you take? There are no products you can buy for withdrawal. Good luck! ## I did fail to mention that I am prescribed 1mg Xanax, twice a day but am going through a very tough time (near deaths of immediate family members) and some days take more then I should. I tell myself don't do it, but heart says otherwise. guess who wins. I just hope this doesn't prevent me from getting a job. Unemployment has come to an end. I am going to classes(work re... ...
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Sat, Nov 09 '13, 7:49 PM
Fake Bar Xanax
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the only pill I've ever come across that has been used as a substitute for real X-bars usually in an attempt to rip off a buyer in an illicit sale (not through a pharmacy) is Busbar. It's a non narcotic "anti-anxiety" (personally I think it's as effective as someone taking a supplement advertised at 4:30 AM on a Tuesday that claims it will enlarge your penis, breasts,brain, ego, wallet, confidence, bla bla bla ya get the point) unfortunately that in some dosages are sold in a pill form that closely resembles X-bars. So don't be fooled always look and take the extra minute to run the markings on your bars through an online pill search. FYI the most common busbar bar I've seen is yellow not to say they may not come in any other color. ...
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Fri, May 03 '13, 2:52 PM
Xanax Football
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I bought xanax and received dark blue footballs, chalky white inside. I've seen on this site that people assume that a stamped Xanax guarantees Xanax but that is not true! Anyone can buy a stamp that says anything they want it to. Anyway, has anyone else bought dark blue xanax with white inside. The stamp, which may or may not be legitimate says Xanax 1.0 with only a middle score on the other side. They came from Hong Kong in tiny baggies. I am concerned because I've received dark blue football tablets from Hong Kong before which had no medication in them, but they were blank dark blue tablets. ## Well, that is one of the hazards of ordering a non-FDA approved medication from a foreign country. They are not regulated like those in the U.S. and you have no way of knowing what you... ...
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Sun, Jul 06 '14, 2:31 AM
indian xanax 2 mg
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no makings, score on back ## i am in oxfordshire and i need to buy zanax ambien and diazepam ...
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Thu, Jul 14 '11, 2:39 AM
Peach Xanax bars
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I bought supposebly bought peach xanax and it has the number 10/10 and 2/0 on the other side. I got hopped on loratabs and found they were ibuprofin. What did I buy? ## Hello raul, Based on the description provided, I've identified your pill to be Citalopram hydrobromide (20 mg). Manufacturer: Torrent Pharmaceuticals National Drug Code (NDC): 13668-0010 NOTE: for your own reference, this pill happens to be oval-shaped as opposed to being 'bar-shaped'. Similar to Xanax, Citalopram is an antidepressant drug used to treat major depression associated with mood disorders. It is also used on occasion in the treatment of body dysmorphic disorder and anxiety. Learn More: Citalopram Details For future reference I'd recommend ordering your medications from a more trusted source so... ...
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Tue, Oct 06 '15, 11:37 AM
xanax bar green color
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split 3 way bar inscribed S 90 3 reverse side blank light green bar ## Alprazolam 2 mg, also known under the trade names Xanax, Xanor and Niravam, is a short-acting drug of the benzodiazepine class used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with moderate depression. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## a green three pieced bar with S on one section,90 on the middle section,and 3 on the last section ## is there a difference in the strengths/ anti anxiety effects between blue/white/yellow/green bars? i have no health insurance so i've been forced to buy from online pharmacies to help. this information would be very helpf... ...
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Wed, May 25 '16, 11:38 AM
is there a purple xanax
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are upJ90 alprozlam real xanax ## Yes there are: ## No, no, no, they are duds. Do not buy this s***. I got badly stung - do not take these if they only say "Upj 90" ...
Updated 6 months ago in Xanax.
Mon, Apr 24 '17, 2:50 PM
xanax bar white ladder
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i bought some "xanax" they are white & blank . with no imprint. are they bad to take ? or are they the same ?.. i took 3 alrdy and really havnt felt any effect. ## Did you buy this medicine from a licensed U.S. Pharmacy? If not those pills could be anything, poison to Xanax (not that there is much of a difference?) It is a Felony to purchase pills from people ## Any tablets that are approved in the U.S. and available from a U.S. pharmacy will have markings to enable their identification. Thus, what Eddy said applies to anything obtained otherwise. Do they have any markings at all? Even a score mark? ## sweetheart I think those were ordered from the internet from somewhere someone ordered those or something,b/c I've seen every xanax that is made in the USA anyway Ive seen... ...
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Mon, Jul 03 '17, 4:05 AM
xanax presctibing doc
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I suffer from tmau, rare metabolic disorder that causes my body, sweat, breath and urine to smell like feces, garbage, fish, rotten cheese but mainly I smell of s*** 24 hrs a day. I'm obsesively clean, shower.2 or 3 times daily. The remarks made In public, work,.anywhere I go have caused anxiety at a level beyond explanation. If I just go to Walmart, convince store or.the bank my anxiety causes me 2 sweat, hands shake, voice starts to shake n I often leave. Going to work is terrifying. Listening to. I need xanax or Im gonna lose my job. I'm buying them from an old friend. This tmau is type 2 and was acquired after a bad infection. ## Hello, I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. What treatments have you tried for the Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)? Drugs will on... ...
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Fri, Aug 16 '13, 8:41 AM
Xanax Patient Chat Rooms?
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I have been prescribed alprazolam for over 2 years and was wondering if there is a chat room for xanax users or is this forum the most similar to a chat room? ## You are welcome to chat on here and ask any questions you may have. Has anyone else used this medication long-term? ## I lost my job and therefore i have no insurance and can not afford my doctor. Does anyone know where i can buy my meds legaly online? ## No matter how those websites present themselves, most of them are dispensing prescription drugs illegally. In order to make them appear legitimate, they may have you briefly consult with a medical professional by phone who will prescribe the drug to you. However, more often than not this process necessarily circumvents laws regulating these drugs, including laws specific to di... ...
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Mon, Aug 14 '17, 3:25 PM
xanax doctor needed taunton ma
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Ive been on klonopin - they didnt work fast enough. Im a mess scared worried wicked anxiety and now im homeless in the taunton ma area anyone know a good therapist and physic doc? ## I'm not homeless, not in your area, and yet can't find the same with the best BCBS Federal money can buy. I get my family doctor who has taken care of my med needs. It varies from state to state ...
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Wed, May 14 '14, 1:29 PM
xanax r039 light yellow no taste
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Changing doctors so I ran out of my script. I got me a few till my appt in 10 days. These are a very light yellow. Thinner with no taste. I had heard there are "tests" one can do to see if they are real. One was with Sprite but I don't want to waste a whole bar since I have so little. So I did the taste test and broke off .5 and let it sit in my mouth-no bitter taste. I haven't take a full nor half a bar just because I'm cautious. Could it be possible they are making them different now without the bitter taste? I compared it to my last R039 I got from cvs and the yellow was a bright yellow. I have spent days off and on trying to find anything close to what I have and have seen nothing. I was thinking about going to Walmart and buying a drug test kit (the ones for uri... ...
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Tue, Aug 22 '17, 11:17 PM
RiteAid Xanax - What brand is it? Mylan?
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They don't seem to be working at all. I am on 1mg three times a day. It was only 1.04 for 90, which I thought was great, but now I know why. I don't know what to do about this, but I need my meds to work soon. ## My Rite Aid is only using the cheapest brands available. NDC: 00378-4005-05 is Mylan and my cost is 76 cents for 60 1mg pills. I noticed the more you buy the cheaper it will be. ## What are the markings on the tablets? Sometimes the company listed on the pharmacy label is just the authorized distributor, not the actual manufacturer. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability. ...
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Thu, Apr 20 '17, 9:22 PM
blue oval xanax pill l441 dont b stupid
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if you don't know what xanax looks like or at least tastes like then you shouldn't be buying or taking them... some lil blue pill might just kill you.... ## That is very wise advice. No one should take anything, if they don't know what it is and it has not been prescribed for them by their doctor. The blue, oval tablet with the L 441 marking actually contains 25mgs of Doxylamine, it is available over the counter. The FDA lists it as an antihistamine that's used to treat allergies and for its sedative like effects. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...
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Tue, Dec 30 '14, 7:24 PM
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I recently received some supposed 2mg Xanax bars with no marking, they are the right shape and size, even scored into quarters on one side. What worries me, and hasn't before because I've never had this problem. NO NUMBERS OR IMPRINTS, AND TINY BROWN SPECS. Anyone else get fake bars that look like this?? ## Where were they found/obtained? With no imprints, they can be ruled out as being a U.S. prescription product, because they are all required by law to have unique imprints to enable their ID. This law, however, does not apply to over the counter products or medications from foreign countries that aren't approved for sale/use here. ## It's a 'zaney bar' sold aT local headshops. Blue lotus extract. Not rx, it is legal. Reddawnis the website ## You can buy these b... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Xanax.
Thu, Aug 28 '14, 2:50 PM

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