Blue Adderal

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blue adderal capsules
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Do they make a 40mg blue adderal capsule ## Hello, Big P! How are you? What are the markings on the capsule in question? All manufactured prescription medications in the U.S. have to have markings to enable their identification, so if you can post back with this addition information, I can research it for you. At this time, however, I can also tell you that the maximum dosage available is 30mgs. The FDA classifies this medication as a stimulant that is most commonly used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. It carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, insomnia and weight loss. ...
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Sun, May 31 '15, 4:11 PM
adderall 3060 blue pill
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I have not opened it up but I have taken the brand-name reddish Adderall XR 20mg for quite awhile. This is probably a reverse placebo effect, but the blue one seem less strong oe less smoothe. Still, they work just fine. ## Hi Annie, The 20mg blue pill you're describing marked "R 3060" happens to be manufactured by Actavis Elizabeth LLC. So if your other pill was made by a different company, it's likely that they contained a different set of inactive ingredients (binders/fillers). From what I understand many of these substances are identified as toxins by our bodies, and can even have a significant impact on the drug's overall potency and effectiveness. And because this particular pill by Actavis is in generic form, the FDA allows it to contain up to 20% more or less... ...
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Mon, Feb 22 '16, 7:53 AM
no imprint blue adderall
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I just got prescribed adderall. They are blue capsules with no print. Is that normal? ## Hello, Vikki! How are you? That would only be normal, if they were specially ordered by your doctor and put together for you by a compounding pharmacy. They tend to use unmarked capsules. However, if you obtained them from a regular pharmacy, they should have markings on them. The FDA classifies this medication as a stimulant that is most commonly used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. It carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, nervousness and weight loss. Where did you have it filled? ...
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Fri, Nov 13 '15, 2:46 PM
adderall blue 3060 Actavis
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Got prescription filled at a CVS and I was given the Actavis blue capsule 3060 (previously i had Teva and before I had the brand). The Actavis medicine was not only inefficient but It actually made me sick... I got a day-long irritating and unpleasant motion sickness like feeling. At least I know that this only happens once, next time sure I will ask. ## Hello, Soyla! How are you? What do you mean by saying that it was inefficient? This is a time released formulation, so you shouldn't feel some definitive effect of it all at once. ## It does not work because the active ingredient in the Activis brand genetic doesn't have the same active ingredient as Adderal. It's a brand new company in this game. Says so on both their website and the FDAs. ...
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Fri, Feb 26 '16, 1:53 PM
adderall blue capsule 3060
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Does this generic version have the same effect as the brand adderall? Just doesn't feel the same so far. Should I take more to regain the normal effects? Or is it just hopeless? ## @Newton, Generics can be tricky with regards to their potency. Not many patients are aware of this, but apparently the FDA allows dug manufacturers to have a 20-25% variability in the amount of active ingredients that they put into their generic tablets. Although some generic versions can be better than others, I believe this is why many people don't feel like they get any relief from them. I'm not a doctor, so I can't recommend taking any more than you're already prescribed... but it sounds like brand name adderall would be more consistent as far as its overall efficacy is concerned. I ho... ...
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Tue, Mar 28 '17, 6:36 PM
Generic Adderall Oval Blue
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My dad set me up with a doctor who agreed to put me on adderall. I got the bottle today and it says: Oval Blue b 972...... Genneric for adderall. Does this product work well? I have previously been taking XR of adderall and I'm hesitant to change ## This is a 10mg tablet of Mixed Amphetamine salts, so a generic for Adderall, however, the only way to see if it will work for you is by actually trying it. What works well for one person may not work well for another and vice versa. Did you discuss your concerns with the doctor? ## Unfortunately, two substitutes that were around for decades, "Dexedrine Sulfate 5mg" by Glaxo Smith Kline, and, "Dextrostat" by Richwood Pharma, later, by Shire US, have both been removed off of the USA market, during 2008 thru 2009. More unfor... ...
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Thu, Sep 20 '12, 1:54 PM
adderall er 15mg blue capsule
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Hello All, I am not glad that you are having issues, but if am so glad that you post, because I am having the same issue with my 14 year old son. He was taking the blue and white 15 mg Amphetamine salts ER for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. This is his very first time on the medication, IT WORKED! Well after the first 30 day prescription, good old CVS decided to take it upon themselves and change it to the orange pill, same miller grams, but the name on the bottle is Dextroamp-amphetamine ER. This dose not work at all. My son is constantly falling asleep, and the Cataplexy has complete control over him, causing him to fall at least four to five times a day. Can anyone please tell me what is the difference between the two medications, and any suggestions on how I can fix it. ## Your son shou... ...
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Fri, Apr 14 '17, 5:43 AM
Adderall Xr 20mg. blue capsule
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Pharmacy recently switched me to new generic brand (blue capsule) of adderall XR. I have never seen this brand and I don't feel like it is effective. I lack concentration and focus, recurring symptoms of ADHD. Anyone else experience this? ## There can be some slight fluctuations in the amount of active ingredient in generic medications. The FDA considers these fluctuations to be acceptable therapeutic windows, but some people are more sensitive than others and experience problems with any slight change in their medication. Learn more Adderall details here. If you have insurance, you could try asking your doctor to prescribe it as 'brand medically necessary' so your insurance will cover it and you won't experience such fluctuations in the future, or your can try asking yo... ...
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Tue, Aug 08 '17, 10:07 PM
generic blue adderall cor 132
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whats the real deal not add or any of the other what should I except ## Hello, Lou! How are you? I'm sorry, but I'm not clear on what you're asking. Could you please post back and clarify? This tablet is manufactured by Core Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 20mgs of Mixed Amphetamine salts. It is most commonly used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, weight loss and anorexia. ## No sir Iam not a Doctor but I have taken Adderall for 8 years ,and the only thing you might have a problem with until you get use to this med is Insomnia,and Nervousness,,and make sure you eat on a regular Basis like always,and dri... ...
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Thu, Apr 23 '15, 8:24 AM
Adderall-2.5 mg.
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blue square, 2.5 ...
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Sat, Aug 04 '07, 1:00 PM
adderall 20mg
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i am trying to identify a small light blue pill with N008 on one side and a score in the middle of the other side. I was told that it is a 20mg Adderall. I have seen blue Adderall but they are 10mg. ## Hello, Stephanie! How are you? The round, blue tablet with the N008 marking actually contains 20mgs of Propranolol, which is a beta blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure, certain cardiac conditions and some migraines. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, hypotension and dry cough. Is there anything else I can help with? ## d amphetamine combo salts and name brands are SO effective at 20mg. Generic Adderall and brand names are "Orange book's" - 99.5% in efficacy. SHIRES Adderall is still superior. But the generic versi... ...
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Thu, Jun 23 '16, 12:06 AM
adderall blue capsule 3060 HELP ASAP!
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I recently got R3060 blue caps. They have like an orange bead color, but I keep hearing it's supposed to be white powder or just white. I need to know what color/colors the beads themselves come in. I'm feeling like someone put something else in the capsule. I tried researching what color the beads are and no luck. Thanks everyone ## I just opened mine up and the beads are all white. I've been researching all night because since I've been switched to this brand of generics I have been depressed, really sleepy and have had horrible symptoms while it wore off including headaches. I've also been grinding my teeth a lot, which I never do. I am planning on calling my doctor tomorrow because I don't like this feeling at all. (I had this prescription filled at cvs inste... ...
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Mon, May 23 '16, 8:43 PM
Adderall XR 5 mg
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capsul oblong clear one side and other side gold & yellow blue beads ## I would check out the page on Adderall XR for more information about this drug. ...
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Tue, Jan 03 '06, 3:46 PM
Generic Adderal
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Small lite blue round pill that is not scored and has C5 on one side. Is this adderall? If not, what is it? ## The pill which you are describing is NOT Adderall. It is a generic Clarinex 5 mg which is used to treat allergies. You can read more about this medication on the page for . Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ...
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Tue, Oct 13 '09, 6:07 PM
amphetamine salts blue tablet vs adderal
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Hi, I usually take 30mg of adderal per day, in the morning. I am making a switch to amphetamine salts. They are the blue tablets, and I was wondering if anyone knows how many I wouldn't have to take to get the same effect? 30mg dosent let me sleep at night but I need close to that many mg to get me through the day. The doctor suggest I switch to this for my sleeping. Can someone please help me out. ## What Dr would give amphetamine salts. Thought that stuff kills. ## I'm not sure of the difference but I'm sure your Dr could explain. I know it's all very addicting. ## @Juliana, I would encourage you to ask your doctor for a recommendation on proper dosing to achieve a necessary effect; after-all, s/he is the one suggesting such a change in the first place. At the same tim... ...
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Sun, Feb 19 '17, 10:56 PM
Activis Adderall xr blue 20mg r 3060 capsule
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Could anybody please be so kind as to tell me how full this capsule should be? ## Hi Chet, Unfortunately there's no way of knowing, unless of course you have x-ray vision to see through the solid blue capsule. But if you have any reason to believe that someone may have tampered with your pills, I'd probably encourage you to take it into a local pharmacy and have them compare it with one of their own for quality assurance. Better safe than sorry depending on your reasoning behind this type of question. Do some of your capsules weigh more or less than others? ...
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Mon, Apr 18 '16, 8:11 PM
has anyone taken blue adderall 30 mg tablets?
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I've taken adderall 30mg tablets usually orange oval shaped. My pharmacy says they only have blue tablets 30mg now. Has anyone taken these and do they work? ## If there is a Rite Aid in your area I recommend going there. You will get pink 30mg tabs, which I think are the strongest on the market at this time. ## Regardless if anyone else has taken blue adderall 30mg tablets, my view is that your reaction is still subject to being different; as we all react/respond to these types of medications differently - based on our unique biochemistry, tolerance, sensitivities to various inactive ingredients, metabolism, age, weight, etc, etc... That said, trial and error is probably the only accurate way (at least that I know of) to determine what works for you and what doesn't. Everyone se... ...
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Wed, Aug 24 '16, 7:11 PM
generic adderall??
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light blue, with an F5 on one side what is this i was told it was generic but i can't seem to find any side effect info on it! ...
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Fri, Nov 18 '05, 9:33 PM
Adderall Look Like
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I have a blue pill that i found. I was told that it is an adderall but im not sure it is a blue circle and has the symbol A~ please help ## No, that's not the marking on any Adderall tablet that I've seen listed in the databases. Learn more Adderall details here. With that type of obscure marking, it's most likely an over the counter medication. Where did you find it? ...
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Thu, Nov 15 '12, 4:52 PM
adderall pictures
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white oval/cylinder shaped pill with alza 36 printed on it ## Due to copyright reasons, I cannot post the pictures. This tablet, is also not Adderall, it contains 36mgs of Methylphenidate and is a generic for Concerta. They are similar drugs, used to treat most of the same conditions. Some common side effects may include: nausea, insomnia, headache and weight loss. You can read more about this medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## found pills i think are adderal ## it is a very small blue pill with while inside i cant c snt imprints on it ...
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Wed, Sep 15 '10, 10:31 AM

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