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AVONEX LOT R32042 EXP 03/16 Bad Batch??
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Anyone have horrible reactions with this batch number? All 4 needles caused fingers, toes to go numb. Could not get war - chills so bad I could hardly walk. Horrible pressure in base of neck. Contacted AVONEX - Biogen but they seemed not bothered. Obviously becayse they don't have to take the needles. Also does anyone have problemd taking AVONEX and over the counter cold medication, Codine ect?? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Avonex.
Mon, Sep 28 '15, 12:17 PM
Bad batch of Flecainide tabliest from AvKare
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I've been on Flecainide for around 8 years and so far no issues. My last major breakthrough was March 2011. I have the occasional PVC but nothing major. I got a new set of prescriptions and one of them was 150mg tablets from AvKare. I started with these and about a week later I started having issues. Numerous PVCs, episiodes of afib that lasted anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. I had some leftover tablets from the prior prescription and stared taking those (while taking the new prescriptions for the rest of my meds) I'm feeling better and episodes are only occurring when I'm sleeping and I'm hoping by the end of the week I'll be back to normal. I'm thinking I got a bad batch of pills but I don't know how to confirm it. Any suggestions? ## How are you doing, now? Ha... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Flecainide.
Tue, Aug 29 '17, 11:07 PM
Has anyone ever noticed a bad odor with Contrave?
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I have been taking Contrave for a couple of months now and this last bottle's tablets smell terrible. None of the other bottles have smelled like this. Also, it seems that the smell is getting worse as time goes on. Btw, the expiration date is late 2017. ## Hello, Susan! How are you? Yes, other people have commented about this, as well and many medications do have funny odors, or a bad taste, it's just that they are often coated to keep people from noticing. It makes me wonder if the coating has been thinner on some batches. Did you pick it up from the same pharmacy as before? The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, anorexia, nervousness, and insomnia. ## Yes, always the same pharmacy. I wondered if maybe it was an indication of losing eff... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Contrave.
Fri, Jul 28 '17, 7:11 AM
spasmo proxyvon
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side effects ## wockhard spasmo proxyvon has been changed the formula as compared to last batch no. it is really bad and i want a same result for that. can i get a same percentage of (opium) in any capsule, tablet. Which are easily available in delhi and ncr also. i was used to take 7 capsules in one dose earlier one now i am not even wanted to take two also but not able give up because i am taking them from last ten years. ## ALTERNATIVE FOR SAME RESULT OF SPASMO PROXYVON EASILY AVAILABLE IN DELHI AND NCR ## i was taking spasmo proxyvon from last 7 years i stopped taking from last two days now.i cant sleep whole night i feel to much tired and feel cold pain in legs.what medicine in have to take to get rid from spasmo proxyon permanently ## i was on spasmo proxyvon from last 7 years now... ...
Updated 4 days ago in Melatonin.
Wed, Oct 18 '17, 8:54 PM
Clonazepam .25 mg
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I've been taking .25 of clonazepam for over ten years for Chronic neck pain. Recently I've come across bad batches or something changed in the medicine and have been getting withdrawal symptoms. My terrifying problem is that its work perfectly for my neck pain and now I need to not only worry about withdrawal but the chronic neck condition that I now can't get relief from. Does anyone know what I can do. Detox is one thing but what am I going to do for my chronic neck pain while I detox.. Lord, God help me to find the right answer... ## Hello, Sandra! How are you? I am sorry about the problems you've experienced. After taking it for so many years, it could be that your body is just becoming tolerant to this dosage, so it is no longer as effective for you. You may need a ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Clonazepam.
Fri, Jul 08 '16, 12:55 PM
Sandoz clonazepam
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I hope that I can save just even one person from taking clonazepam. The FDA doesn't protect us from these pharmaceutical companies. I've been living in pure hell for months due to bad batches of clonazepam being sold in our local pharmacies. Google FDA warnings to Sandoz. That's all it is, a warning not a recall. ## Dear Sandra, Sorry to hear about your reaction to Sandoz Clonazepam. If you're able to, I'd encourage you to file a detailed report through the FDA's MedWatch program at: This may help get your voice heard among other patients who reported similar experiences. I'd also let them know that their drug approval process could use a facelift and perhaps a complete overhaul of whatever protocols they use for evaluating drug safet... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Clonazepam.
Wed, Mar 29 '17, 5:43 PM
fake or old prescription (or worse) at Walmart in Bluffton, Indiana
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Fake Norco 7.5mg, as well as Klonopin 1-2mg orange pills in Bluffton, Indiana. I am 99% positive these pills have either been substituted or purposely sold bad, an old batch, etc.. I am on a low amount, 2 a day for having acutely infected sinus perforations from teeth pulled as well as 8 additional teeth yet to be pulled, scared straight. I know it's illegal to share pills, but I traded one equal pill for another and always had the same reaction - My pills did not work, but others did. What do I do? I live in a small town where corruption is the norm. How do you prove this so they can't harm people and steal their and the insurance companies money? Win against a giant corrupted company? I was tested by my insurance company and it showed no Norco, which I was taking from Walmart.... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Norco.
Wed, Jun 28 '17, 10:18 AM
How To Tell If Amox Clav 875 125 Pills Are Old
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How To Tell If Amox Clav 875 125 Pills Are Old. RX Just got looks crumbly ## Hi Wendy, Is this a prescription that you just got filled? It is possible that you were accidentally given a bad batch of pills. To my knowledge, new pills shouldn't be crumbly or look unkept. If you're unsure in the slightest, I would take the pills back to your pharmacy and share your concerns with them. I'm sure you aren't the only one that has had this happen. Please share your experience with the community if you find out what went wrong! ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Thu, Jan 24 '13, 4:02 AM
Fake yellow v 3601
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I refilled my prescription and received some yellow 10/325 vicodin. I normally take my dose and feel so much better, but the ones I just got make me so so sick. I vomit and feel hungover. I am concerned these are a bad batch or something I need them for my pain but am so scared to take these particular ones again. How can I tell if they are fake and/or bad? Please help. ## @Concerned patient, If you're receiving these meds through your doctor from a licensed pharmacy there should be no reason to even question whether or not they're real/fake. Pharmacies don't dispense fake medication, but often times they do dispense ineffective brands/generics that lack quality from cheap manufacturers. I usually don't see too many complaints pertaining to the yellow V 36 01 from Qualit... ...
Updated 29 days ago in Vicodin.
Sun, Sep 24 '17, 8:01 AM
estradiol 1 mg watson 487
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I have been taking this pill for about 10 yrs. I refilled my prescription and suddenly I am experiencing hot flashes and sleeping problems (laying awake for hours). Costco says it is the same manufacturer as before (Watson). I am wondering if "bad batches" have been reported lately. My last refill prior to this one was 90 days ago and I had no problems with that refill. My pharmacist says there is no reason and they have not had anyone complain. Are there any recent complaints regarding this manufacturer? ## Hello, Cher! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems you're having. No, I've not read any reports of such. However, after 10 years, it could be that it just isn't working for you in this dosage, anymore. Our bodies do tend to get used to anything we take fo... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Estradiol.
Wed, Apr 19 '17, 5:57 PM
oxycodone 5mg K 18
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I just got a new script for 5mg oxycodone. The first time I took one it just didn't feel right. I felt a little jittery, usually it feels mellow. The manufacturer is KVK-Tech and the pill code is K 18. I have had these before and they were fine. Is it possible that I got a bad batch? Should I bring it up to my pharmacist? Thank you. ## Hello, Suzanne! How are you? Have things gotten any better? Was there anything else that may have influenced you and made you feel that way, such as more sugar or coffee that day? They should be the same, but if the issue kept occurring, you may want to look into it. ## I just received the same for a prescription; they did nothing at all and did not relieve pain. I called the pharmacist. They could do nothing. I actually took a drug panel and it came ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Oxycodone.
Thu, Apr 16 '15, 3:41 PM
mad as heck
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recently got sript filled for watson 10/650 for bad foot pain, an arthiritis pain, pills appeared to be brittle , they were a caplet with score in middle on back an watson 503 on front, after taking a days dosage was no feeling no releif an began feeling nervous, an having anxeity , took pills back, pharmacy replaced with vicodin es, was told there was a nationwide problem getting good approved ingreidents ## hello mad as heck, where do you live and how long ago did this happen. Ive also been having new and weird probs with my pain meds. got a bad batch of methadone 2 yrs ago when everyone was dying from it, still had old pills left, these didnt cause me ANY PROBS. then my doc switched me MS contin (morphine) worked great then got a batch that I could not take. I now have a compounding ... ...
Updated 8 years ago in Vicodin.
Wed, Aug 05 '09, 2:22 AM
losartan hctz Northstar Rx Ll
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I have been taking this medicine for a short while. The firat 30 days my no was well controlled but I've had a serious backache for about 2 weeks. At refill, it was switched to another brand, North star Rx LL. My bp is again staying elevated, 150/95 consistently, and the backache is gone. Is it possible that I got a bad batch? ## Hello, Kathy! How are you? It is rather difficult to say, it could be that it's just not working well for you. What type of foods do you eat? Do you watch your sodium? How much fluid do you drink each day? Are you on any other medications? Do you get lots of exercise? Have you spoken to the prescribing doctor about it? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Losartan.
Thu, Jun 26 '14, 3:43 PM
Lisinopril Cough
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I have been taking lisinopril for about a year with an annoying cough the whole time. Then suddenly last week developed a cough from hell, all day, and all night, no sleep, etc. Went to the doctor and they said it was the lisinopril and changed the perscription. When I was in line to pick it up the man in front of me was there for the same reason. Is there a bad batch running around? ## I doubt it is due to a bad batch, it is actually a very common side effect of this medication. For some people it is very mild and wears off after a few weeks, but for others, it continues or worsens and they have to switch medications. In all honesty, you should have talked to your doctor about the cough and something should have been done about it some time long before this. Are there any other questio... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Lisinopril.
Sat, Dec 24 '11, 11:17 AM
mylan477 diazepam
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lt green 10 mg mylan 477-is it placebo? ## Pill Image No, not a Placebo, this is Diazepam 10mgs, a generic for Valium. Are you having trouble with this pill not working? Unfortunately the FDA allows the active ingredients in generics to differ by as much as plus or minus 20% from the name brands, so if the company has poor quality control, you could have gotten a bad batch. There are also no regulations requiring that the inactive ingredients, which are used for binders and fillers, be the same at all. They can use whatever they wish for that as long as it is approved for us in drugs. So if it seems these pills have no affect on you, something in the inactive ingredients could also disagree with your body so it doesn't work as well for you as other brands would. You might want to ta... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Diazepam.
Sun, Jan 29 '12, 11:19 PM
Can Latisse backfire?
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I used Latisse successfully for several months & loved the look. But then my lashes started to fall out, leaving me with short stubby ones less full than when I began the latisse. Does anyone know if it stops working, or the body gets resistant to it, or have any of you had the same reaction? THanks. ## Same thing happened to me - I am wondering if this is a bad batch of Latisse - how would one know until eyelashes stop growing or fall out? ## It is normal for your body to eventually get used to any type of medication you are using, even a topical one and it may stop working as well as it once did. The warnings in the product information also say that other changes in hair growth may occur and though it is rare, this could involve shorter or less lashes. Some drugs don't work at... ...
Updated 5 days ago in Latisse.
Tue, Oct 17 '17, 8:45 AM
dava brand xanax
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I've been taking dava brand xanax for a year, the 0.5 mg. This batch I got recently has a strong chemical taste and odor to them and taste horrible than the usual I would get. Did anybody else run into this problem with dava brand? ## Perhaps they are very fresh right from an unopened container giving them that smell. What are the #'s stamped on the pill and what pharmacy did you use? Dava seems to make fine medicine although all manufactures will have a problem every now and then. Do they seem to work for you? ## Yes they work but taste and smell very chemicaly a strange taste but they work I got them at Walgreens ## The number on the meds was S 109 yellow oval tablet. ## Been taking Alprazolam for 3 years. Just got a batch with bad chemical smell and nasty taste S901. Noticed ... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Xanax.
Fri, Nov 18 '16, 11:53 AM
mallinckrodt generic oxycodone larger white round marked 114
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My pharmacy has swicthed to these from the small blue ones ,they still work on my back and hip pain but seem to set of migrain symptoms.there so much bigger I'm wondering what the filler is. Migrains can be bad for my and have lead to cluster headaches in the rather be stuck in bed with back pain than have those again. ## I have just been switched from zydus to the mallinkrodt oxycodone & have also been getting severe migraines every night since the switch so bad that I've had to stop taking them too -- I'd rather stay in bed in pain than have the migraines & cluster headaches -- they're killing me - I think something's wrong with this batch or something ## The tablet with the 114 marking is manufactured by Mylan, not Mallinckrodt. Mallinckrodt uses t... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Oxycodone.
Sun, Jan 03 '16, 9:02 PM
Flecainide 100 Mg
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I have been taking 'Flecainide 100mg' Twice a day since 1988. Its to stop a eregular heart beat. It has worked great till my last 2 perscriptions. There is no smell to the pills that i have noticed till the last two perscriptions. The last two smell soured like bad milk. The symptoms that they are supposed to take care of are back. I think the pills are bad. Not doing there job. I told the pharacy guy. But, he has never smelled them as much as i. And, Told me to contact you. I get 120 at a time. I put a weeks worth in a extra bottle. so i dont open the main bottle everyday. What should i do? ## Hi Donald - So you're saying that your own pharmacist has been unable or unwilling to take back and refill your prescription?? That sucks especially if this current batch is not contr... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Flecainide.
Mon, Jun 16 '14, 12:00 PM
No results after 2nd dose of prep. Anyone else have this lack of response?
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I have taken both doses of prepopik. First dose at 5pm, second at 11pm. Followed all instructions. Drank all water after each does. Been drinking constantly since 8am this morning. 1 1/2hrs Afte rthe 2nd dose and still no results. Anyone else have this happen? This is my 3rd colonoscopy and I have never had this issue before. ## Hello, Deb! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem you're having. Has there been any change? That seems very unusual. I wonder if you might have gotten a bad batch. Have you contact your doctor? You may need to try something else. Have you used this one before? Is there a chance that you have an obstruction? The FDA lists the typical side effects of Prepopik as possibly including nausea, headache and vomiting. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Prepopik.
Fri, Feb 20 '15, 2:12 PM

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