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z70 and weightloss

does it help with weight loss even if u are not a diabetic> ## Hello, Dee! How are you? This tablet contains 500mgs of Metformin and yes, it has helped with weight loss in some people, since it improves insulin resistance. Learn more Metformin details here. However, you shouldn't take it, unless your doctor has prescribed it and instructed you to do so. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...

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Effies . weightloss

ok so someone gave me these so called diet pills called effies to lose my baby weight ... thoughts? i havent heard much about them. only that they are strong . havent took any uet x ## That's a common nickname for Ephedrine. Learn more Ephedrine details here. It can be dangerous, if used improperly, and has been banned for most non-prescription uses in the U.S. So, you do need to be careful. What other methods have you used to try to lose the weight? ## Hi . i have beem doing fitness classes so don't think i am going tp bother with the pills as the weight will come off without them . although ... it is very tempting for quicker results . x ...

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Not diabetic/weightloss

I am not diabetic or in any stages. My doctor gave it to me to help with weight loss. I have about 30 lbs to lose and cant get rid of it. I am 55. Will this hurt me to take this? ## It seems that in some people a sluggish metabolism that makes it difficult for them to lose weight can be caused by insulin resistance and it can sometimes be helped by having them take an antidiabetic medication that can improve their body's use of insulin. Learn more Metformin details here. Common side effects may include nausea, dizziness, flatulence and stomach pain. There are possible risks with taking any medication, but only you and your doctor can decide if the possible benefits outweigh them. Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor? ...

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b thinner weightloss pills

has anyone tried bethel nutritional's pills b-thinner or bethel plus...i've taken bethel s30 in the past and LOVED them i also tried just bethel 30 (when they changed the name) but i see they have neither one.... i am having a hard time lossing weight and was looking for another great pill i can use while i also work out ...any info or something just as great as the 1st bethel s30 would be awesome !! thank you !! ## Hi lovely, I don't have any personal experience with bethel's weight loss products, but when it comes to weight loss in general, the best advice I can offer is that it really depends on how strong your deep inner desire is to lose the weight. You have to literally have a burning desire to lose weight and take action each and everyday that supports your new wa... ...

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Dibetic medication weightloss

Mom told me there is a new medication for Diabetes that will cause weightloss. Metformin did help me lose 50 pounds but now I am stuck. Even with riding my bike for exercise I am stuck at 175. Help me find the name of this new drug please...thanks in advance for your help. ## I'm sorry, but I am just really not sure which medication you're asking about. There are quite a few antidiabetic medications on the market. Can you try to ask your mother more details, such as the name, or where and when she heard about it? As to the exercise, yes, you will get stuck if you always do the same thing. Your body will adjust and get used to any regular routine, so it will become less effective. Both with dieting and exercise, you have to shake things up, once in awhile, to keep things moving. ... ...

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Oralcon causing heavy weightloss

Hey. I am using oralcon contraceptive pills for more than two months now. I am on my 5th pill for the 3rd month. I started using oralcon after I had a miscarraige in November 2016. Ever since I started loosing a lot of weight and I do not eat as I usually did. Is this a concern.? Should I change contraceptives.? Or will things change after a while.? This is a big concern for me since I am not even 50kg yet and cannot afford to loose any weight further. What am I to do.? ## Hello Lilita, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your miscarriage and sudden weight loss. Hopefully I can shed some light on the situation and get you on track. According to the manufacturer here are a list of possible side effects. weight changes changes of appetite (increase or decrease) vaginal inflammation inclu... ...

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methadone weightloss and sweating

I am currently on a methadone program for about 7 months now and have gained weight and noticed I sweat a lot more now. Does anyone have any suggestions for a weight loss supplement that I can safely take with methadone? And what's going on with this sweating?!! Of course I am changing my diet and am exercising more regularly now but still not seeing results. Please help!!!! Thanks!!! ## my dr told me that it was the methadone causing the sweating and it was pain or sweat and i chose sweating. it is really bad but i am now having trouble finding a dr that will take me and continue writing my scripts that i have been on for 11 years. i am in wa state and if you know anyone that will please let me know. ## Hi Joyce, Sorry to hear about the unusual sweating and weight gain. From what I... ...

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weightloss pill ## Sorry, I cannot find any information on this. If anyone knows more about this product, please post! ## I cannot find any information on this product. Has anyone ever tried it? ## Once again, we are calling for experienced users, if you know anything about this product, or have used it, please post! Remember in OUR community, you remain completely anonymous! ## I have been using for 2 weeks - haven't lost an ounce - I keep adjusting number of pills to take, but nothing seems to work. Customer service is not much help neither ## I've been trying all day to find their website or any information about this product. Haven't found a thing yet! I wasn't impressed by Not so Slim's report that he was using for 2 weeks and did not lose a pound. ## Not sure w... ...

digestion problem

i have been suffering from constipation for over 3 years now.i have tried various laxatives with no success.i was once diagonised with ulcers but its like it is still persistent.other problems include infrequent nausea,greenish yellow urine,muscle aches,and weightloss.please help me with a medial advice.Thanks ...

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neobes & esbelcaps awesome!!

Both diet pills are amazing.. I took them 7 yrs ago n lost about 50-60lbs in 6mths size 16-18 down to a 7-8. Then got pregnant n having trouble to loose the weight so i just started them may 10 and have lost 12lb so far which is not so bad. I have no side effects but very thirsty and dont feel hungry which is what i needed. There is a Dr. Across the border that prescribes them in reynosa called Dr.Manuel Felix hernandez Lee. They are awesome!! And look forward to more weight loss. Take neobes around 8am and esbelcaps at 2pm plus a basic diet n 30min of exercise/walking for additional weight loss..always keep ur prescription an ask Dr for a note noting that u are under Dr supervision because if they have you do a random drug panel u will come back positive for a fact. ## Hello Weightloss... ...

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white pill with blue specks - k25

I received a pill that is sort of oval with K25 imprinted on it and it is blank on the back. The pill is white with little blue specks. ## I started taking a OVAL WHITE PILL with BLUE SPECKS on it with K/25 yesterday.I was prescribed this by my Dr. for weightloss.It is Phentermine37.5mg. I have been reading alot about this pill but noticed that everyone else had a different number on it than mine.So I Googled the description with the number and was brought to this forum.Hope I helped! Now i need to find out whats up with my meds!!Side effects are strange! :) ## What sort of side effects. I have taken different Phen 37.5s that my Dr. Prescribed and I had filled at different pharmacies, I think the K25s seem a bit different though. Jen, where did you have yours filled? ## The pharmacy tha... ...

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tiny white diet pill with blue specks

its a tiny white pill with blue specks for weight loss? contains a little bit of valium i believe to aid sleep. ## Oval small white with alot of blue specks ## It DOES NOT contain valium...any diet pill would give you lots of energy and speed up your metabolism, definitely NOT help you sleep....that pill is pure ephedrine. Works great, but after a week your body is used to it, and you can even fall asleep on it. Jennifer RN, weightloss clinic ## I'm sorry...it is 37.5 mg of phentermine, NOT epehdrine. I was reading something else that had the word ephedrine in it. lol. So, again....I'm sorry, it contains phetermine, NOT ephedrine. It is one of the strongest medicines in pill form to help with weight loss. Jennifer RN, weightloss clinic ## Whats the pill called!!?!? ## Addipex is... ...

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Yellow Anabolic Steroid Pill capsule

the capsule is yellow and has the ssa letters on the side of it with a stick figure of a man ## Hi all. I realy need some help. I'm 17 years ol. I got some capsules from a guy at my gym. They are yellow with SSA on the side and a stick figure of a man. What are these capsules and what will they do to me. Are they steroids????? ## Yellow cApsuals with SSA leTters on the side andd a stick figure man!! What is this pill??????? Are they steriods????????? ## Did anyone find out what this pill was? just got some from a women claiming it to be weightloss pills and fat burner but she wouldn't tell me the name???? ## THOSE ARE ANABOLIC STEROIDS, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ...

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capsule - black & yellow/black stripe, what is it?

capsule one half is black other half is black & yellow stripe ## I forget the name of it, but this is actually one of those over the counter energy and weightloss tabs that you can buy, it has various herbal supplements in it that are supposed to promote weightloss and give you more energy. This one has come up on various id boards several times. I did a search and there are two that meet that capsule description, there is a new Stacker product called Stacker 2 Yellow Hornet and another called Black Jax. So definitely not a prescription item, though Stackers pills are usually marked with the generic they are, for instance a Stacker 2 product has ST-2 on the capsule somewhere, so if this has no markings, my best guess would be it is the Black Jax. ## thank you your information really... ...

chlordiazep 5mg cap

the generic is stablite L2 WHY WOULD IT BE USED A LONG WITH STABILITE 10MG WHICH BRAND NAME IS DICYLOMINE 10MG USED FOR WEIGHT LOSS ## I am afraid I do not understand what you are asking, probably due to my lack of a background in chemistry. The brand name for Dicyclomine depends what country you are in, some of them include: Dibent, Bentyl and Di-Spaz. However, it is not used for weight loss, but rather to treat problems associated with IBS. Does anyone else have more information for this person? ## Can I take both Stabilite L2 (5MG) and Stabilite B (10mg). I'm also taking Supress 30Y and Thermogenic A all for weightloss. ...

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over dosage of thyronorm

I am taking now thyronorm 125 but now my TSH now normal can I continue same dosage ## Madam my age is 28 and tsh more than hundred my Dr wrote 125 mcg tab. I suffer weightloss after I'm using those tab is. My treatment is correct ## My tsh level is normal now.. im using 125 is correct i am feeling sleepy and dul. At the time of first my tsh is 150 ## You should take the dosage prescribed by your doctor, and for as long as your doctor deems it appropriate for you. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, menstrual irregularities, and hair loss. Have any of you experienced any changes? ...

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duexis and phentermine

I am taking Phentermine 37.5 for weightloss and now have been prescribed 800mg. Duexis 3x/day for a foot injury. Is it okay to take these together?? ## Hello, Kayla! How are you? I didn't find any interactions or problems listed between the two, but you should always double check with your doctor or pharmacist to be certain. Learn more Duexis details here. Duexis may cause side effects, such as nausea and headache. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## PHENTERMINE AND KELP AND ZINK AND OTHER VITAMINS? CAN I USE IT TOGETHER. AND WHAT CAN I TAKE FOR THE ANXIETY?? IS 5HTP OK? ## I take 5 hpt with adipex and no problem. My doctor said it was fine as well. I have had great results ...

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t5 slimming pills

oval beige colour ## what side effects are there if taking t5 slimming capsules and can they interact with being on the pill ## This is an over the counter weightloss supplement, not a prescription medication. For side effects, please refer to the packaging and as to reacting with other medications, since this is not a prescription medication, these studies are not done, so there is no way to know. ## I am on the Qlaira contraceptive pill and want to use Kangmei sliming products. Will this work against the pill. It has all natural ingrediants. There are also captuls that are natural. Please let me know. Thank you. ...

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Kancyna Green And White diet Capsules

I have heard that the kancyna green and white diet capsules are very effect for weight loss. I cannot find any information about this pill. I am scared to take something that I know nothing about. I have heard that it is herbal and all natural. But cannon find anything information confirming or denying this. Is it safe to use? ## Were can I. Purchase this green teas tabletn in Durban South Africs. Does it makeyour stomach work and why. Are there fake onesi in the market ## Hi Nelly, While information on kancyna diet pills is lacking over the internet, I think it would be wise of you to consider other alternative weight loss options. I recommend incorporating the following steps into a daily regime in order to have the best weightloss and health results over your lifetime (as opposed to ... ...

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ST-3EF 224/3850

purple and gray capsule ## need information on this pill I foound it in an unmarked bottle. Can any one tell me wht it is and what it is used for? ## It's a stacker 3, without ephedrine. it's an OTC dietary aid. Basically, herbal speed in a pill. Good stuff. ## Yep, Stacker 3, used for energy and weightloss. ## Ok I been taking st-3ef (224/3850) does it really work? I been on them for 4 days now. but, I want to see changes right away. So could some one tell me if they do work plz. And could we still drink coke? ...

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