Are They Still Making Oxycontin

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Are Oxycontin Oc Still Made
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Yes having the same problem. I have four herniated discs and the original OC 80 would do the job but OP's to come close to doing the same job your talking twice the dose easily. Any info would be awesome ## Hello, Unfortunately I'm having trouble finding the answer to your question on the web, I even checked the FDA site and wasn't able to find any information on the topic. I read a report from 2011 that Purdue pharma stopped making Oxycontin..but that I'm to sure if anything has changed since then. Have you checked with any local pharmacies? Since they are the ones who provide medication, they would very likely know what is/isn't in stock at this time... You may even try contacting Purdue Pharma, it never hurts to go straight to the source! If you have any more ques... ...
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Sat, Jun 29 '13, 1:58 PM
Oxycontin Op Can You Still Get The Original
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I have a friend here in Florida who's mother is still getting 80's original formula. I seen the bottle which was filled on 12/29. So idk if it's a Dr's request thing which they claim or pharmacy still has them left. But him and her says Dr had to request it on script. Idk I just know I seen them last month. Any truth to this?? ## The only way she would still be able to get the original ones, with the OC marking is if the pharmacy still had some in stock. The doctors request would have no effect, because the company that manufactures them, Purdue Pharma has stopped manufacturing the original, however pharmacies are allowed to continue to dispense the original, until they run out. It could be that the pharmacy she is using has a supply and is making it last, as long as pos... ...
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Tue, Mar 21 '17, 11:35 AM
can you still get oxycontin oc from pharmacist
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I recently was told by my pharmacist that oxycontin8o mg.O.C. was no longer available thru Perdue. Perdue reformulated the medication and noe has O.P. instead of O.C>on the pill. This new formulation is very upsetting to my stomach. Please advise. ## There are a few pharmacies that still have the original product available, but this will only be until their supplies run out. Your pharmacist is correct, Purdue has changed the formulation and is no longer making the original product. There have been many complaints that it does not work as well as the original and about it causing unusual side effects. Since you are experiencing more nausea, you should report this to both Purdue and the FDA. You can do so at the following phone numbers: Purdue Pharma number for drug safety/medication ... ...
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Sun, Feb 08 '15, 5:32 PM
Oxycontin 40mg, g162
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Round pill, peach in color, kind of thick ## Watson Oxycodone 20 mg helped me- these pills that are thicker and labeeled one side only G162- suck! I am not sure if they are 20mg or 40mg but to be honest it feels like NO Milligrams whatsoever! We all have to go back to PERDUE Oxycontin anyhow they are not making generics of this anymore! ## G 162 IS NOT 40mgs! This is a 20mg Oxycodone tablet. By the way, yes, they still are making generics of it. If you want the name brand then ask your doctor to write brand medically necessary on your prescription. There IS a different between name brands and generics, so sometimes they just don't work as well. ## Wow man, It's sad to see how many people are addicted to pain meds. Listening to how your talking about it. Was watching the news 3 d... ...
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Thu, Mar 20 '08, 1:09 PM
oxycontin 40 on one side OP on the other side
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yellow round pill, writing on one side 40, OP on the other side ## round pill 40 on one side and OP on other side and its yellow. is this an oxycontin generic? ## i have the same thing and wtf is it? ## They have reformulated oxycontin to make it less likely to be abused. It is more difficult to chew or crush and can not be injected by abusers. So it is a oxycontin 40 mg that is tamper resistant ## i have the same thing only the substance will not show up in a data base from poison controll and does not give you the high ## do they still make real ocor just the ones that have the op on them? ## OP is the replacement oxycontin. Purdue lab makes them (thats where the P comes from). Purdue started making the OC imprinted oxycontin first. They are the name brands. The OP are REPLACING the O... ...
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Thu, Jul 30 '15, 3:30 PM
What is the best replacement for oxycontin. High dose long time user for chronic pain. It seems like nothing else works as well.
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I was on the Oxycontin 80mg 3x a day for 16 yrs. I have been tried on alot of other things . I went on methadone w/ 2 40mg of oxy then they quit making the methadone that iI took. None of the kadian or other things in that class have worked. I am now taking ms contin 100mg. a day w/15 mg. 2x a day it is not enough and my Dr. who gave me a hard time off and on about the oxy's now refuses to do the irs that are still available with any other meds. I've took the opana and at the time it seemed fine but pricey that has been a couple of years ago just to see. They have a cap I did not take the er's though. My Dr. is funny about writing large numbers of meds. This ms contin could work but he will not for instance give 60 more mgs. He would rater write 200mgs.3x a day because of am... ...
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Fri, Aug 04 '17, 5:44 PM
oxycotin pill change
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do they still make the oxycontin oc/ ## This information may change, but according to the current details, no they are supposed to be done making it. Whatever stock they have remaining is supposed to be the last of it that will be available. Are you having a problem with the new Oxycontin OP? ...
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Tue, Aug 31 '10, 11:10 AM
formula change coming for oxycodone and dilaudid
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Anyone hearing about oxycodone and dilaudid's formula being changed? ## Hello, Maty! How are you? The formulation for Oxycontin was changed a few years ago, to help prevent its abuse and there has been talk about making the others more abuse proof, as well. However, I don't have any precise information on when it will be done, or even if this is still in the works. Does anyone else know more? The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## I got my 8 milligrams a lot of filled yesterday and since last month I had not this month I have not got the rush feeling like I normally get and I was wondering if anybody if they have chang... ...
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Sat, Jul 04 '15, 7:33 AM
3 formulas - old formula, new formula & new new formula
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Can anyone tell me if they know if there is any difference in effect between the new formula (round) and the new new formula round and concave? I have the new formula and it is really making me feel disoriented, totally different from the old formula; however, does not work as well for pain. ## The active ingredient itself has not been changed, it is still Oxymorphone, but the tablets were reformulated to help prevent their abuse and, unfortunately, this has caused problems for many people. If you browse this site you'll see there are many complaints that this change has caused people to suffer odd side effects and/or for it to not work as well as it used to. The same thing happened when Oxycontin was reformulated awhile ago. Learn more about Opana Details The best suggestion I can ... ...
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Tue, Jun 12 '12, 9:38 AM
morphine sulphate 15 mgs IR
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Been taking these for 4yrs, Stopped making them. Doc gives me MS 15mg ER and tells me their the same been really sick for a week. Dont think she beleives me............. ## Does anyone know what company manufactures MS IR 15mgs. I have to find out if there still making them. My druggist doesnt know. Dont think he cares. ## Yes, I got some today actually . The Manufacturer is (ROX) (Small white pill with 54 /733 imprint) "Morphine SUL 15 MG" Hope this helped. ## I currently am taking morphine extended release 100 mg it's a deep blue Shape is oblong.. Previously I was taking OxyContin 80 mg brand and it worked best my insurance company changed the formulary and my doctor put me on the morphine extended release is there another morphine extended release manufacture that's m... ...
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Sat, Apr 18 '15, 5:14 PM
op 40mg
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I started with percocet 10/650 2x per day then up to 6x per day because i was still in pain. I am trying to get back to my active life without being in pain. I was taking too many pills with acetamin. My Doctor switched me to 30mg ms contin 2x per day, it was the first thing that worked it took the pain away (even through the night -into the morning.) Also 2-5/325 2x per day for the breakthrough pain. (I do not have ins. right now and 5/325 is cheaper than 10/650). But the ms contin was making me sweat really, really bad, so bad I had to ask my doctor to switch me to something else. He switched me to oxycontin 40mg 2x per day and oxycodone 30mg 2x per day. The day after I got them prescribed I applied for health insurance that would cover my doctor visits and prescriptions. The oxycodon... ...
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Sun, Aug 28 '11, 10:55 AM
Are They Making Oxycontin Oc Again
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was getting 0xy 80s oc on one side of green pill 80 on the other now its op/80 i hear they are once again making OC/80 is this true or false ## It is false, so far Purdue has announced no plans to switch back and start manufacturing the original formula, again. It was still available, in some areas, where larger pharmacy chains and/or hospitals had laid in a large supply of it, but once they exhausted their supply, they were also forced to switch to the new formulation with the OP marking. Are you also having a problem with the new product? ## I believe they are, I just had given up on the op 80s an felt that the crushable oc 80s would never return but today I came across a pill with E 710 on one side and a 80 on the other. I looked it up and it was oxy cotin 80mg I had just got in the ... ...
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Mon, Nov 26 '12, 7:18 PM
Op Vs Oc What S The Difference
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will oxycodone op show up the same on a urine drug test as oxycodone oc ## The actual medication name of what you are referring to is Oxycontin OP and Oxycontin OC and yes, they both will register the same on drug tests, because they both contain the same active ingredient, Oxycodone. The difference is that in spite of its being time released, people had still found ways to abuse the original formulation, the Oxycontin OC and get it to release all the medication at once. With the new Oxycontin OP, Purdue Pharma has specifically tried to prevent this type of abuse by making it harder for people to break the medication down and defeat the time released properties of it. Learn more: Are there any questions or comments? ...
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Thu, Feb 24 '11, 12:01 PM
how long does Oxycodone stay in your urine
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I took a drug test and I failed for opiates, I had taken one oxycodone 15 mg, I took it on Monday. they sent it off and it had a faint trace. if I have it retested will it still be there ## I took a 10mg oxycontin con saturday morning would it still be un my system by tuesday ## Because it takes 72 hours to completely leave your urine, there is a good chance that it will still be in your system. ## Why are you taking them and worried about a test? If you're not suppose to you're the reason people like me have to live everyday in misery. The dea is out there for people like you. Thanks for making my existence so miserable and everyone that is in true pain, addicts... ## I am an RN inactive for the past six and a half years. I worked myself so hard I broke my back and had two back... ...
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Wed, Nov 15 '17, 1:56 PM
break down oxycontin op
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can you shot it or sniff it ## has anyone found a sure way to break op/ oxys for injection ## no u can't that is the reason they started making them but i'm sure sum1 will figure out a way ## That is correct, even if you try to crush, chew or dissolve them, they turn into a piece of goo, so it retains its time released properties. However, it still contains the same narcotic and can cause the same side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Do you have any questions? ## yes yhere is a way google how to break down a oxycontin op you will see the forum there its not that hard and it works i have done it 20 times now you jus have to take your time ## this is how you shoot the op In the same situation . I used up all my oxycodonnes and only have OPs left. Plus havi... ...
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Sun, Jan 20 '13, 2:17 PM

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