Amoxicillin False Positive Drug Test

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Amoxicillin False Positive Drug Test
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tested for drugs, can amoxicillin give you a false -positive, how much amoxicillin would i have to use to give pos-for cocaine? also drinking lots of water right before test show up diluted? ## Yes, Amoxicillin can give a false positive for Cocaine, however, there is no specific amount to tell you, because this is generally caused by an unreliable test, not the antibiotic itself. And yes, drinking more water/fluids before the test may lessen the chances of its doing so, but in most cases, it will be noticed that your urine is diluted. This antibiotic may cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea and skin rash. Are there any other questions? ## I've been taking amoxicillin 500 mg for a abscessed tooth. Will it show a false positive for methamphetamine in a urine test? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Amoxicillin.
Thu, Mar 17 '16, 9:50 AM
amoxicillin false positive drug test
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I had an ear infection 2 weeks ago. I was on amoxicillin for 10 days. I have a drug test for child access next month!! I've noticed a lot of people are getting false positives for cocaine. What shall I do? ## What will give me positive for heroine,?what medication ...
Updated 1 year ago in Amoxicillin.
Sun, Oct 16 '16, 2:45 AM
Amoxicillin causing false positive drug test
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Been talking Amoxicillin for a sinus infection and I just tested positive for Cocaine on my Drug test! Their is NO way possible that I have consumed cocaine... So yes, I agree it will cause a False POSITIVE!! IT SUCKS ...
Updated 3 years ago in Amoxicillin.
Mon, Sep 29 '14, 12:25 PM
Amoxicillin and positive drug test
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I am taking Amoxicillin and I tested positive for cocaine on a urine drug test. How do I get scholarly information to provide as proof that Amoxicillin can cause a false positive result? ## I was taking 875 milligrams of amoxicillin for an infected tooth. I went to the dentist and they gave me 250 two milligrams of Lidocaine + 0.119 milligrams of epinephrine and 2% HCI. I had a urinalysis drug test which came back positive for cocaine on December 7th 2016.. I told them that I did not do any drugs but they didn't believe me so I went to a medical laboratory and had a 5-panel hair follicle test done which came back negative for cocaine, marijuana, PCP, opiates, amphetamines and methamphetamines. Then I was told that the hair follicle test doesn't mean anything even if it went back... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Amoxicillin.
Mon, Sep 18 '17, 4:13 PM
amoxicillin false positive on drug test for cocaine
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I took my girlfriend's amoxicillin and tested positive for cocaine. Is this possible? ## I took a hair follicle test and cocaine popped up, but I don't do drugs at all. I've only been taking amoxicillin for my tooth. Can amoxicillin give a false hair test? ...
Updated 8 months ago in Amoxicillin.
Tue, Jan 17 '17, 4:06 PM
antibiotic false positive drug test amoxicillin 500 mg
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Can it cause a positive for methamphetamine in a urine test? Been taking amoxicillin 500 mg and it showed up for a trace of methamphetamine in a urine test. There is no way I should have been positive. ## I would like to know this same info because I have passed three tests and am being accused of consuming methamphetamine, showing a positive after I finished my prescription of antibiotics. Why am I now being told I have consumed methamphetamine and I have no proof to back me up?! ...
Updated 2 months ago in Amoxicillin.
Sun, Aug 13 '17, 12:50 AM
Amoxicillin false positive for Lupus
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Does Amoxicillin cause a false positive Lupus test? I was taking it long term on and off. ...
Updated 2 months ago in Amoxicillin.
Wed, Aug 02 '17, 5:48 AM
diet pills false positive drug test
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I am taking Apidexin and I am on probation. I am also taking Wellbutrin for depression. Would either of these test positive for anything? ## I'm taking the following prescriptions: acetaminophen 500 mg, advair 500-50 diskus, amoxicillin 500 mg, cetirzen 10 mg, clarithomycin 500 mg, cyclobenzaprine 10 mg, diclofenac sod 75 mg, floticasone 50 mg spray, ibuprofen 400 and 600 mg, loratidine 10 mg, mapap 500 mg, montelukast sod 10 mg, naproxen 500 mg, predisone 20 mg, proair 90 mcg, promethazine dm syrup, vitamine d2 50000 unit cap, promoslim diet pills, livlean diet pills. Will this make my urinalysis test positive for cocaine? ## yes promethazine can cause a false positive for amphetamines or methamphetamines. my son who has never done any drugs failed for it in er. after throwing a fi... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Wellbutrin.
Wed, Aug 16 '17, 3:27 PM
Can amoxicillin give a false test
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Did a urine test and was sent to the lab and came out positive for cocain. I have been taking amoxicillin . Can that be the cause ...
Updated 4 years ago in Amoxicillin.
Sat, Jul 27 '13, 8:13 AM
false positive drug test for cocaine
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I am a type 1 (Insulin dependent) Diabetic and recently had a bladder infection and oral surgery performed. My doctor/dentist prescribed the following medicines for each: Doctor - Amoxicillin; Dentist - Tylenol 3 with codine. My job performed a urine test that came positive for cocaine. I have been told to not return to work. I do not use any drugs other than the ones all my doctors prescribe and with my medical history they are many. ## Both amoxicillin and having diabetes can cause false positives for cocaine. You should bring this to your employer. ## The oral surgery you had absolutely caused you to test positive for cocaine! Your Dr. that performed the surgery can confirm this with your job that gave you the drug test! The anesthesia they give people before any surgeries can and ce... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Cocaine.
Thu, Jan 21 '16, 10:29 AM
urine test/false positive
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IS this true? Can amoxicillin cause false positive for cocaine? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Amoxicillin.
Thu, Jul 10 '14, 6:00 PM
False positive test for tramadol
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I tested positive for tramadol. I don't take tramadol. I take suboxone, trazodone, cymbalta, lyrica, Wellbutrin, prednisone, & singulaire. Can the combination of any of these cause a false positive for tramadol? I need help fast. I am not able to work until this is settled. ## Did you ever find out about that? The same thing just happened to my friend! ## As far as I'm aware Trazodone and Tramadol are pretty much in the same class. ## I have been on 800 mg daily of Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Garcinia Cambogia and Amoxicillin. Could any of these cause a false positive for Tramadol? My child was taken from me four months ago because her father said I was on illegal drugs. I had seven drug screens come back clean but was ordered to do a saliva and nail test. The lab tech did not wear... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Tramadol.
Mon, Sep 11 '17, 5:13 AM
Morphine false positive hair test
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I took a hair follicle test for cps because my husband whose in jail tried to kill me and it came back positive for methamphetamine, cocaine, and ecstasy. I've tried coke in the past over a year ago and haven't tried ecstasy since 2005, never touched methamphetamine in my life. I have a pain managment dr who I've had the last 7 yrs. I'm on morphine sulfate, hydrocodone, tramadol, amoxicillin, advil, and have taken benadryl, but why would the test come back positive when I haven't touched those things? I'm an African American women who wears her hair natural. It doesnt grow fast.. I've been accused of these things which I know I haven't taken. Help im stressed out and miss my children. I don't do any drugs other than what my dr has perscribed. I'm ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Morphine.
Sat, Oct 01 '16, 4:29 PM
False Positive cocaine
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i take phenobarbital, hydrochlorothazide, enalapril, amlodpine besylate, norvac, amoxicillin,and colodine can i test posive off any number of these medications ## The Amoxicillin can cause it on the cheaper, non-certified drug tests, so can most of the other antibiotics in this class. Has this happened to you? ## I took a nail test last week and it came back positive for cocaine. How can that be when i havent used in over a year? Does the medication metoclopramide register as cocaine or what. Im upset about this ## I'm mind boggled. I had a drug test for a good job, and it came back positive for cocaine. Never in my life did any drugs. All I had was a large Coke from McDonald's before taking it. Now, I'm asking to see if it's passed through sex? I'm side eyeing and b... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Cocaine.
Mon, Jun 12 '17, 4:06 PM
will amoxillian give a false positive drug screen
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I have been sick and was taking Amoxicillian. I took a drug screen and tested positive for cocaine. I do not use cocaine and would like to know if amoxicillian would give a false positive result. I tried to speak with the toxicology department, but they could not give me any information. If you have any information on this matter I would appreciate it. ## Yes, Amoxicillin will give a false positive for cocaine. Other things which can do this include: Kidney infection (kidney disease) Liver infection (liver disease) Diabetes Tonic Water and of course Amoxicillin I really hope everything worked out for you! ## i have never done cocaine in my life,,honestly i swear, but i am on many meds,,for neuropathic pain which r not opiates,, and i also get marcaine injections in my back,,the only new... ...
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Wed, Jan 14 '15, 8:44 PM
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i just found out that i failed a drug test and was using amoxicilin what could it show up positive for ## Amoxicillin has been known to cause a false positive for Cocaine on some drug tests. Is that what you failed for? This is an antibiotic and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? ...
Updated 6 years ago in Amoxicillin.
Thu, Oct 06 '11, 1:36 PM
false positive for barbiturates
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I take the following list of medications: alprazolam/xanax 1mg Astrovastatin 10mg Butal-acet-caff 40 mg Aspirin 81 mg Fluconazole 100 mg Levetracetam 750 mg Ondansetron 4 mg Phenytion 4mg Oxybutynin 5 mg Vitamins Zolpidem 10 mg Benadryl 50mg And I gave a positive test for barbituates. please help I have to prove my self clean ## Butalbital=barbiturate ## Barbiturates came up positive in my urine test, seven Prior I just got off of Amoxicillin, albuterol,Steroids for my asthma which the hospital told me none of these can be detected on a drug test. please tell how I test positive for something I have no assess to. ## Butalbital is a barbituate, if you want to prove yourself clean the stop taking them ...
Updated 7 months ago in Alprazolam.
Sun, Mar 19 '17, 1:35 AM
false positive for benzos plz help
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Okay so i get random tested by the courts and I showd up positive for benzos. my drug of choice was methamphetamine. I dont know why this happened. I recently got 12 teeth pulled n took tramadol for 2 days 2 weeks ago. ive been taking 800mg of ibuprofen and amoxicillin and prilosec and zantac n im confussed and little pissed off. im almost done with court n if they put me in jail over this ill loose my job n my apartment. anyone know what the cause could be? ## Dude it doesn't stay in ur system for two weeks...i know people in the courts too I know that ibuprofen even though it hasn't messed with a friends test can cause many but more. commonly on the emit testing. they use would be dyphenhydramine- Benadryl...even antibiotics such as I believe zythromiacin or one of those sp ma... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Tramadol.
Sat, Jan 07 '17, 10:53 AM
False Positive for Methamphetamine
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Can the prescription Diclofenac Potassium 50 mg make a drug test come back false positive or Bactrim (Sulfamethox-TMP) or Amoxicillin with Clavulanate Potassium 875 mg? ## I tested positive for methamphetamine on a urine test. I don't understand because I've been clean for 11 months. ## What over the counter medications will show up positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine? I do not do drugs and have been clean for 2yrs and I had 2 positive drug screens for those. All I've taken was over the counter medications for allergies and sinus congestion. ...
Updated 25 days ago in Diclofenac.
Tue, Sep 26 '17, 10:09 AM
Vicoprofen false positive for heroin
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I had some teeth problems and got prescribed Vicoprofen and amoxicillin. I tested positive for heroin at my Po's office. I've never done heroin.. She knew I was on these pills.. But insists that I did heroin.. I really didn't.. Does that come up as heroin? It's a hydrocodone/ibuprofen mix. ...
Updated 11 months ago in Vicoprofen.
Thu, Nov 03 '16, 2:41 PM

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