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amlong a

SIDE EFFECTS ## kindly advise me a tablet for hypertension which does not have much side effects and without Atenolol and also acts better than other pills like enalapril,etc.My hypertension readings are as 160/110 ## Rohini, this site is not medical professionals, so we can't possibly guess which medication would be best for you. All drugs carry the risk of side effects, the only way to find out which helps you, with minimal side effects is by trial and error. Most blood pressure medications will cause: headaches, nausea, muscle/joint pain and drowsiness. Have you tried consulting your doctor for your other options? ## Amlong A contains Amlodipine and Atenolol, it is used to help treat hypertension. The side effects can be similar to what I listed above: headache, nausea, muscle ac... ...

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I Am Taking 5mg Amlong And Cardivas 6mg In Last 3months For Blood Pressure.Some Problem My Kidney This Tablets Give Any Side Effect To my kidney. ## What is the kidney problem that you're having? Amlong contains the active ingredient Amlodipine. Learn more Amlong details here. And Cardivas contains the active ingredient Carvedilol. Learn more Cardivas details here. And these two medications usually have some protective effects on the kidneys. Are you making sure that you're taking in enough fluids every day? I can problem provide you with much better information if you post back with more details about the specific kidney problem. ...

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Amlong Mt 50

for what purpose is this medicine used ## Amlong-MT contains the active ingredients Amlodipine and Metoprolol, they are commonly used to help treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, dry cough and stomach pain. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am taking carded 5 twice a day with tenarmin 25 once a day for last 5 to 6 years and it was controlling my bp well. But now last one to two months bp is not controlled and it is between 170/100 to 140/ 90. Mostly doctor has suggested amllong mt 50. Is my earlier medicine now lost its effect and should I start new medicine now stopping earlier one. ## Amlong MT 50/25 -- please intimate for what purpose this medicine is used for? At present this is no... ...

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Amlong 10 Dosage

amlong is to be taken at what time ( before meal or after meal ) is amlong 10 safe for the type 2 diabetic patients ## Amlong contains the active ingredient Amlodipine, which is a calcium channel blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure. Learn more Amlodipine details here. It is commonly prescribed for diabetic patients, since they often develop high blood pressure. As to if you should take them before or after a meal, you can decide that for yourself. Some people do experience some nausea and stomach irritation, so they must take it after eating, but you can do whichever works best for you. Are there any other questions I can help with? ## As advised, at present I am taking Loser-H, Arkamin in the morning and Amlog-10 in afternoon after lunch due to High Blood... ...

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Telma and Amlong

I had severe burning sensation on top of the head since mid November 2015. On 21/11/2015, my physician asked me to take Telsartan 40mg every morning as my BP was 178//100. Even after taking the tablets for one month, the burning in the head continued and on 23/12/2015, I visited a neuro physician who advised a CT scan of the head. The scan was normal but my BP was 180/114 and hence I was asked to meet the physician to bring down the BP immediately. The physician has prescribed Telma 40mg and Amlong, both to be taken twice a day. I am taking both these tablets twice a day since 23/12/2015. I checked the BP onn 4/1/2016 and 10/1/2016 and both times it was 120/80. However: 1. The burning on top of the head has not completely gone and i often feel this burning in the entire head sometimes. ... ...

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Amlong 2.5mg & Telma 40

A Year back by accident I had checked my BP and it was 210/130 & I underwent various treatments in the hospital. I was advised to take Amlong 2.5mg & Telma 40 twice a day. I just wanted to know the indications & side effects of these tablets & why two tablets were given? ## Year back by accident had checked by BP, it was on Hyper i.e., 210/130 & under went various treatment in the hospital. And was suggested to take Amlong 2.5mg & Telma 40 twice a day. Wanted to know the side effect of this tablets & Very important point is that wanted to know why two tablet given, can i know the use of this tablet ## Amlong contains the active ingredient Amlodipine, it is a calcium channel blocker that is most commonly given to help lower high blood pressure. Telma contains ... ...

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Amlong H Side Effect

I am suffering from high blood pressure....and have been consulted to have AMLONG H....i just wanted to ask whether its consumption leads to feet swelling ?? ## I have been advised to take Amlong MT 50 for my high B.P.My B.P. remains 140/65. I'm getting swollen feet.My age is 66 years. Pl advise. ## Swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs are all listed as possible side effects of Amlong H (Amlodipine). Referenced from: Has the swelling been pretty severe? If need be, you may want to consider other more natural alternatives for managing your blood pressure. I can offer a number of suggestions if it's something you're interested in. ## please suggest me the natural alternatives for managing my high blood... ...

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Amlong 5mg Side Effect

IAM USING AMLONG 5MG PAST 3YERS IAM VEY SCARED NOW BECAUSE MY FRIEND TOLD IT HAS A LOT OF SIDE EFECTS ## The good news for you is that side effects usually occur during the first and second month of taking a medication, not after you've already been on it for a long time, unless you would suddenly raise the dosage. Learn more Amlong details here. Is this the only medication you take? ## how long we have to take when to reduce the dosage ...

Amlong Mt 50 ;amlong mt 25

bp is 170/104 dr has started with these two drugs is it safe to take such higj dose please do suggeste what to do should i take anothet drs opionon my age is 44 male ## I am advised to take Amlong MT 25- one tablet per day. Can I take half tablet of Amlong 50.MT Yamini Pradhan ## Komal, this medication contains the active ingredients Amlodipine and Metoprolol, a calcium channel block and a beta blocker and yes, higher dosages are often used at first, because it is necessary to try to bring your blood pressure down fast. The current readings are dangerous. Learn more Amlodipine details here. Learn more Metoprolol details here. And Yamini, I am not familiar with this tablet and, since it is bilayered and may have some type of special release mechanism, I can only advise you to check with ... ...

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side effects of amlong- a

A person aged about 75 years is prescribed with Amlong-a 10mg...will there be any reactions due to this tablet....?as that person insisted that he had reactions when he took some drug previously... ## Hello, Narasimha! How are you? All medications carry the risk of causing side effects/bad reactions, it is just the nature of adding a chemical to the body to try to fix a health problem. However, just because he had a bad experience with one medication doesn't mean that he will have bad experiences with all medications. Amlong-A contains the active ingredients Amlodipine and Atenolol, it is most commonly used to treat high blood pressure. Side effects to it may include nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach pain. Learn more Amlodipine details here. Learn more Atenolol details here. A... ...

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side effects of amlong h

I am loosing my hair. Is this because of using amlong h.Is there any medicine with out side effects? ## Hello, Chanti! How are you? Yes, that can be a side effect of this medication, as reported by the U.S. FDA, along with nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination and hypotension. And no, there are no medications that do not carry the risk of causing side effects, they are just a risk that happens, when you add a chemical to your body to try to resolve a problem. However, you can consult your doctor about trying a different medication, to find one that doesn't cause you such problematic issues, such as hair loss. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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side effects of amlong a

Whether Amlong A cause EDS ## I am 56 yrs.,taking Amlong A for the last 4 yrs. it severely caused erect.dys. Any remedy pl? ## Hello, SS! How are you doing? Sorry about the problem that you're having. ED usually happens as long as you continue to take the medication. Have you consulted your doctor? There are others available that you can try to see if they treat your medical condition, without causing the ED and your doctor should be able to help you find one that's safe for you to take. ## With ED problem which specialist doctor I should consult. Whether of urology or of medicine? ## I had a stroke. .I have been using amlong 5 mg twice a day. For the past 5yrs it the proper way to take the tablet like that ...

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Amlong 5mg side effects

I am 20 years old , Male . I have been takng amlong 5mg for the past 4 months. When i was Diagonised with HBP ,i was recommended to lose some weight, hence i have taken to running , irun about 5km in a day, as i have been doing the same regularly , ifind no difference in my body fat loss, the abdominal fat remains the same as how it was 4 months ago and there is growth of fat sideways, what can i do? is it a harmful sign? ## Try running in empty stomach in the morning. Fasted cardio can help you lose fat easily. ## Unfortunately, this medication can cause some weight gain, as a side effect, according to NIH reports. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Have you consulted your doctor? It might not be the best medication for you and yo... ...

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Amlong Mt 50 Side Effects

what is the safe drug to be taken in case there are so many side effects of amlong mt 50 any other drug please tell me ## All blood pressure and cardiac medications carry the risk of possibly causing side effects. What you really have to do is try them and see which one causes you the least amount of problems. That said, Amlong-MT contains Amlodipine and Metoprolol and the Metoprolol is pretty bad for causing side effects in many people that take it. Learn more Amlodipine details here. Learn more Metoprolol details here. Have you consulted your doctor to see what your other options are? How high is your blood pressure? ## I have high Blood Pressure of 100 - 160 mg. I get breathing problem on fast moving or going upstairs. ...

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Amlong 10 Mg Side Effects

I am 74. I am advised to take Amlong 10 once in a day to keep my BP within limit. I want to know if there is any side effect of this medicine and if so in what form. Any body aware of such effect may please appraise me so that I can find another solution. ## Hi, Thakur! How are you? Amlong contains the active ingredient Amlodipine, it is a calcium channel blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and dry cough. Learn more Amlong details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have been visiting the toilet very often, middle of the night (abt 4 times per night) after taking of Amlong 10g tablet? Is this the side effect? ## I've been taking Amlong-10 for the pas... ...

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Tab Amlong 5 Side Effects

my mom is an 47 year old .she take an amlong 5mg tablet for bp for past 1 year..if it take continuously it make any side effect..please clarify it...some one told that it affect kidney. ## Amlong contains the active ingredient Amlodipine, which is a calcium channel blocker that most commonly used to treat high blood pressure. And yes, there is a slight risk of it causing liver or kidney damage, however, the risks to your mother are far greater if she doesn't take a medication to help control her blood pressure. If she doesn't take a medication to keep it down, she is at severe risk of congestive heart failure, heart attack or stroke. Learn more Amlodipine details here. Do you have any other questions about it? I'll be happy to help. ## I am 36 year old lady and from last 2 y... ...

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Amlong 5 Mg Telema AM 40mg

Last year I got High BP arround 180/120 after taking these tablet its came to 140/110 still continuing.... ## 140/110 is still kind of high. Has your doctor discussed adjusting your medications, at all, to help lower it more? Are you also watching your diet to keep it as low in sodium as possible to help lower your blood pressure? Are you getting proper exercise, daily? ...

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telma 40 and amlong 2.5 - dosing related question

my doctor had prescribed telma 40 in the morning and amlong 2.5 in the evening, but by mistake i took first amlong 2.5 in the morning and also telma 40, will there be any complications..? kindly advise... ...

Side Effects Of Amlong Mt 50

It is amlodipine 5 mg + metroprolol 50 ## Amlodipine with Metoprolol, which are most commonly used to treat high blood pressure, may cause side effects such as nausea, headache, dizziness and dry cough. Learn more Amlodipine details here. Learn more Metoprolol details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Dear sir since 1 year I am using amlong 5mg using for bp.Now i am facing swallen gums.Dental Dr.advised me to change the drug, is it correct. ## My blood pressure is 160/110. My age is 40 years. Please suggest medicine. ...

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amlong amlodipine tablets

I would like to know its therapeutic use, dosage for a 57 yr. old adult, when to take it, side effects, etc. ## I am on various tablets for hight blood pressure and react terrible to new tablets very often. Now I have been given Amiodipine tablets and the reviews I have read are bad enough so have not started them yet as too scared. Can I cut one up into little pieces and try them that way. ## MY DAD, 85 YRS OLD, WAS TAKING REPACE TABLETS FOR BP FOR THE PAST 1 YEAR. PRIOR TO THAT HE WAS TAKING AMLONG FOR HIGH BP. He SUFFERED FROM CEREBRAL HAEMORRAGE IN DEC.2009 AND SINCE THEN HAS BEEN TAKING REPACE 25, AFTER GETTING BACK TO NORMALCY. RECENTLY HE WAS ADVISED TO TAKE TELMA H AS THERE WAS SWELLING OF THE FEET. DIZZINESS/ FAINTING WITH LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS RESULTED DUE TO THIS.NOW, ON THE ... ...

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