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Althea Side Effects

3 days since I started to take pills, but on the 3rd day I was groggy and I wanted to vomit. I think they may diagnose me with fatty liver if I continue drinking, but I don't know if i can keep taking this. ## Hello... I have read the side effects you say you are having and I think it might be fatty liver. I think you should have some tests run for this just to make sure since you might need a different medicine. ## Hi. Althea pills ang pinapa-take sakin ng ob ko kasi masyado daw manipis ang matris ko at 2 days lang lagi menstraution ko. Kaya lang mula ng uminom ako lagi masakit ulo ko. Nasusuka at lagi akong 6 days ko lang magtake now. May nakaexperience na din ba ng gaya sakin. First time ko po kasi mgtake ng pills. Worried lang po. ## Hello, may katanungan lang. Kung maa... ...

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Effects of Althea Pill

Hi! I have pcos and my doctor advise me to use althea on the first day of my menstruation to regulate my mens. After 8 days of my last menstruation day, I bleed. I thought its my menstruation as I am irregular. But, during my 1st day of bleeding, it was very light. I only used 2 panty liners. After the 1st pill, bleeding turns to brown and it stop so I stop taking althea as I am thinking that it was only ovulation bleeding. Is it right to stop taking althea and am I correct that it's an ovulation bleeding? Pls help thanks. ## i've been using althea pills since i was also diagnose with PCOS. for me its natural to have that kind of blood color if you bleed. as for me the first time i took althea its very light red almost transparent then brownish. i just continue using althea then... ...

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side effects of althea pill

good day! I diagnosed to have polycystic ovaries theb my obygyne prescribed me 3 pills the provyg, the provera then the althea pills. I followed the instruction. In provera i took 10 tablets for 10 days then at the 10th day when i got spotty bleeding i took the next pill which is the althea. The next day i got a heavy period until 4th day. But in 5th day my menstruation become light until 7th day but at my 8th day my period got heavy again as i continue to take the althea pills and suddenly there is like big ball of blood that comes out and became frequent until niw at my 14th day..Was this still normal?i am still continuing to take the pills until the 21th pill as my doctor said..Pls i need an answer tnx. ...

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Side effects of althea pills

Hai .. Mgask sana ako 1st tym q mggamit ng Althea pills .. Kasi date macropill plus tlaga ako start nah nganak ako.. But now i stop kc wla ng micropill plus dito sa manila hold daw.. So i dcide mgAlthea pills ako.. Nka stop ako mginom ng pills 1day eh dodoble ko vah mginom ng althea pills?? ## ok lang po b gumamit ng althea pills khit ngbbresatfeed p ako s aking 1 yr and 3 months old baby.tnx ## sis nabasa ko na hindi pwede mag althea kung breastfeeding ka. search mo althea pills sa google nakalagay full prescription ## sis google mo po althea pills full prescription nakalagay hindi pwede sa breastfeeding ## Kakabili ko palang ng althea, tapos nabasa ko mga testimonies nyo.. Puro negative, natatakot akong inumin to.. Puro headache. ## Headache is a normal side effect of contraceptive pi... ...

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Side effects of Althea medication

ask ko lang po kasi nagpachch up ako and the doctor gave me althea, but ever since i take it i always have dysmennorhea, its my first tym using it. ## Hello, Aleakim! How are you doing? Have you discussed this issue with your doctor? There should be a different oral contraceptive that they can prescribe for you that may not cause you to suffer dysmenorrhea. There is more than one option available, so sometimes when a woman has problems with one, there may be a different one that works well for her. ## thanks. i havent discussed t yet with my doctor, but mybe this comig tuesday, i will. tnx ## Hi, I'm worried right now because my 2 year old son swallowed 4 pills today, he thought it was candy and i wasnt able to see him getting my pills inside my bag, I'm very worried right now, ... ...

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side effects of althea pill skin rash

Hi po. I tried to use althea pill at first my head ached and i know it's just a simple side effect of the pill but the next day meron na akong na. feel na rash in different parts of my body and its very itchy. I let the days pass assuming its just normal and continued taking the pill. In the 7th day of taking it hindi ko na ma. take ang kati ng katawan ko hindi ako maka. tulog. Is it the althea pill caused it? The next day i went to my ob and gave me micropill plus, she asked mi to start a new pack. It is safe? is there a possibility na pregnant ako? ## I experience that...on my first use of althea pills my stomach paining ang the 2nd day of taking of it i got headache and i feel it normal.side effect?..should i continue taking althea pills or should i switch another pill... ...

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side effects from taking Althea Pills

i stopped using Althea on my second pack becoz i can't bear anymore the constant hunger pangs, terrible dizziness, vomiting. And it made my body gained weight fast! It made my boobs much bigger too. Not really worth it, made wary to take other pills tbh. The side effects that i endured esp the dizziness are unbearable. Hopefully new users won't have the same problems i encountered. I am not recommening this pill though. ## Hello First time ko dn magtake ng althea pills Tanong ko lang normal ba Yung everyday spotting?? hnd naman ako nahihilo Nakakamiss n ko siang pack at pang 3 days free pills ko na ngyon.. Reply po kayo salamat ## Correction nakakaisang pack na ko Natapos ko nung sept.30 ## Yes were same experiencing while taking althea pills its my 2nd day now...and i got heada... ...

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possible side effects of althea pills

I'm planning to use Althea for the first time. I will just turn 18 this coming July. Can you give me some easy instruction to follow? :) ## The best way to start is on the first day of your period, then it will become immediately effective at preventing pregnancy, unless your doctor instructs otherwise. Then take one tablet every day around the same time of day. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, mood swings, PMS-like symptoms, and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I'm asking if ok lng ba na magtake ng pills kahit hindi pa pregnant. My bf is coming this July for a vacation his working in Qatar and he asking me if ok lng na may mangyari but I'm not ready yet to get pregnant because w... ...

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side effects of althea pill. with migraine

hi i have a migraine since i was on high school, Now my first time to take althea pills, naka 1 week na ko ng inom then after the 8day of tablet pills sumakit sobra ulo ko na dati ko na ramdaman as a migraine. pls. help kasi pina stop na ko husband ko mag take ng pills agad. PWEDE po ba un? or kailangan tlga maubos un isa pack. baka po kasi sumakit ng sumakit ang ulo ko everytime iinom ko nito pills? ...

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side effects of althea pill while under treatment

Hello, I just read in the instructions inside of the box of Althea pills that drinking althea together with Isoniazide may take effect. I need Isoniazide because I am under treatment for tuberculosis, and I just had a boyfriend and I personally decided to take pills as contraceptive instead of condoms. I just took my 1st pill today. Is that okay while I am under treatment for TB? Your response is much appreciated. Thank you. ...

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Side effects of althea pills if you stop taking them

Hi mommy's, i would like to asked. If side effect lang ba ito ng pagstop ko gumamit ng althea pills or am i really pregnant. After i stopped taking althea pills. 4days after may nangyari samin ng boyfriend ko then after 17days parang nkakaramdam ako ng pagkaantok, pagkahilo, pananakit ng lower back at masakit na puson. May white milky discharge pa ako. Side effect po ba ito ng pag stop ko mag take ng pills or early sign po ito ng pregnancy. Need your help po. Thank you so much. ## Hi 1st timer q din gumamit ng Althea before nordette me kaso out of stock...natapos q n itake ang Althea nsanay kc aq n pg nakaubos me ng isang pakete after 4 days meron n me men's pero page take q ng Althea 7 days na wala p din me mens... Normal po b un anu po ggawin KO..thank u ...

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myrin i side effects

it is ok while im taking medication of my latent tb also take my pills diane35? and what are the side effects of myrin i because this is my 3rd day to take myrin i i feel dizzy and on 2nd day i have cough maybe because of the climate. i hope you answer my questions. thank you and godbless ## I am taking myrin I. This is my 2nd tb drug. My 1st was myrin P for 6months. Is this not an an overdose? I am taking myrin I for about 2months now. ## Hi i just wanna ask is it ok to take pills diane 35 while taking myrin 1? ## I am taking myrin for almost 4 months now. There is no side effect if i take althea pills? I am just worried maybe althea pills will be less effective since i dont have plan now to have a baby. Thanks ...

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althea free pill

Hi! It's my first day for the 7 free pill days but I wasn't so sure if i'm protected w/o taking any pill so i took 1 pill for my next pack. Should i stop or continue taking the rest of the pills? If i'll stop when will I continue? Is it safe to just continue another pack? Thank u. ## Hello, Jane! How are you? Yes, you are still protected during the 7 free days, there is no need to take pills during that time period, according to NIH instructions. Usually, you should just continue on and start a new pack on the day your normally would, unless your doctor has instructed otherwise. The typical side effects of oral contraceptives may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and spotting. Is there anything else I can help with? ## It's my 1st time to us... ...

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Hi! I've been using althea pills for over a month and i just started my second set of pills yesterday after the 7 day break. I've noticed that i lost weight (which i'm not happy with since i'm trying to gain some) and my zits were more evident now than before i started taking pills. I'm not expecting to have smooth skin and gain weight immediately after a month of taking it, but is it normal to look worse than before? Is it safe to switch over to diane 35 as early as tomorrow even if i'm not yet done with my second pack? Or should i wait til i've taken them all up first? Please enlighten me, i'm a newbie. ## Hello, Jessica! How are you? It may take 3 months for such side effects to start wearing off, before you know if your skin will clear up and if your ... ...

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When to take Althea?

Hi, it is saturday today and my first time to take pills. I decided to take pill with the mark of SAT because that's how i understand it. So I took the 7th pill coz it starts on SUN. though my mom argued with me saying that i should have just taken the sunday pill. did i do anything wrong? please help ## Your mother was correct, you should have started with the first tablet in the pack, and continued from there. The days marked are only to try to help women remember to take them, but the pills are the same, except for the period week. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irregular bleeding, and PMS-like symptoms. You can still take the remaining pills, before starting your period week, to get back on track, though. Is there anythi... ...

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Althea missed pills

I forgot to take 1 pill in the first pack. I saw that I still had my last pill. It is possible to get pregnant? ## Yes, every time you miss a pill, there is a risk of pregnancy, according to NIH reports, though the risk is not very high, if you only missed one tablet. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and irregular bleeding. If you are concerned, there is never any harm in checking for pregnancy, to be sure. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am on my 4th month of taking althea... After my 7 day rest, instead of taking it on my 8th day at 9pm i took it the next day at 9am? Is there any possibility of pregnancy? I had unprotected intercourse during my rest day... Thanks. ## I'm taking Althea contraceptive pi... ...

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missed 1 pill-althea

I'm always taking my Althea pills every 9pm but I forgot to take my Friday pill and had intercourse Saturday morning and taking 2 pills Saturday 8:30pm,is there a possibility for me to get pregnant?tnx ## Yes, any time you miss taking a tablet, there is a risk of pregnancy, which gets higher the more tablets you miss. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, spotting, and PMS-like symptoms. If you aren't sure, there is no harm in checking for pregnancy. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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althea proper intake

hi good evening.. I'm an althea user since me and my bf decide to try it.. question is.. is it okey if i'll only take the pill if my bf arrived from work? or do i need to take the pill all through out though my bf is not around?... (by d way my bf is a seaman and only be home every after 9mons.) ## It must be taken regularly, every day, in order to be effective. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, an irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? Are you on any other medications? ...

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Are althea pills safe?

Hi, I started taking the althea pill last night, but i had intercourse on the same night and by the next day without using any contraceptives like withdrawal or condoms, but it's still within the 7 days period after my menstruation. Am i still protected against pregnancy? ## If you started taking them on the first or second day of your period, then you are protected against pregnancy, however, if you started it on any day later than that, there may be a chance that you are pregnant and you should have yourself check for it, according to NIH reports. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and PMS-like symptoms. When did you start taking it? ## I had my period aug 21 and started with althea aug first 7days of taking... ...

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contraceptive althea

Hi! I am new user of althea I'm taking it every 8PM. Unlike other girls I don't feel any side effects. Im worried that it doesn't have effect on me. I'm using althea because I want my boobies to get bigger and my skin to be smooth and ofcourse to prevent pregnancy. I want to ask how many packs will you consume for you to see that your boobies got bigger or when will you start noticing it? Pls do reply. . ## It took 2-3 months for me ## just days. youll notice the breast tenderness ...

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