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alternative drugs for suboxone
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After finding that Suboxone would be detrimental to my health and I am trying to detox methadone, are there other alternatives? ## I am 72. I've used 35 years. Have been on Methadon since 1999 and am now at 20 mgs. After making an appointment for Suboxone I see that I am not a good candidate because of health issues. I'm asking if anyone knows of any alternatives other than suboxne type substances? ## Hello, Boogie! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're having. It depends on what type of health issues are causing the problem. Some people that can't take Suboxone are able to Subutex, which is Buprenorphine, without the Naloxone. The FDA classifies this medication as an opiate that is most commonly used to treat drug addiction, so it has the potential to be h... ...
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Thu, Aug 13 '15, 1:00 PM
Suboxone cost
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My son is in rehab and they started him on suboxone one 4md in morning and 8 mg in afternoon. I can't find a provider that prescribes this in northern Harford County Maryland (Not Dr. Gay Please) How much is sub for an entire month supply or even daily. ## this site does not prescribe nor sell any medications. The price, however, can vary depending on where you purchase them, it is, quite expensive, though and you will not find a cheap price for it. Do you have any type of insurance to help with this? Have you spoken to the doctors about the possibility of Methadone as an alternative, since it has been on the market much longer and is much cheaper? Most doctors do prefer Suboxone, now, since it has enabled many people to get completely drug free, while a lot of people who use Methad... ...
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Sun, Apr 30 '17, 4:50 PM
Do doctors use Suboxone for pain?
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I was just wondering if some doctors prescribe Suboxone for pain? ## Most don't and from what I understand, insurance companies won't cover it for anything other than drug dependency issues. I have heard of a few people who have taken it for pain but its typically only prescribed for pain as a last resort because of other medical issues making the person unable to take anything else. Why are you trying to get on suboxone? Long term use of it for something like pain management is in my opinion a nastier habit to kick than regular opiates. The Dr Appts are very expensive and the withdrawal lasts months. If your concerned about taking opiates for pain I'd urge you to look into other alternatives. And if you're looking to get off of opiates for pain management just remember,... ...
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Sun, Sep 13 '15, 3:11 PM
Suboxone Shortage
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I have been on 2mg suboxone for over 4 years to treat chronic back/ neck pain. Yesterday I was told that there is a backorder on suboxone. Suboxone is the only drug that will relieve the pain with out mind or mood altering effects. Has any one heard about this shortage ## Yes, there has been a recent shortage listed due to manufacturing delays, though I can't find any more precise details. Have you talked to your doctor, pharmacist about it? They may be able to suggest an alternative medication, or dosage. ## Yes I've been traveling recently aroun time to fill my 2mg pills & manufacture back up- from WV to louisiana where I'm from so having to get dr to write me the 8mg pills again. This site has info: even when the FD... ...
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Wed, Jul 24 '13, 3:17 AM
Suboxone And Throwing Up
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I have been on 8mg Suboxone sublingual 2 times a day for the past 12 days and I am still throwing up some days and nauseated badly always. I have really awful indigestion and everytime I belch which is constantly, a little vomit comes up.Is this normal and what can I do? I know it takes a few days to get used to the drug, but throwing up everything defeats the purpose. I take Suboxone as an alternative to opiates for chronic back back pain. ## Have you tried taking it with a small meal and not on an empty stomach? That can often help with the nausea caused by narcotics. Learn more Subutex details here. Alternatively, I'd suggest speaking to your doctor, as they may be able to prescribe something to help with the nausea. ...
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Wed, Aug 22 '12, 4:36 PM
Generic Suboxone no good
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i have been taking the original orange suboxin for about 1 year and a half.went to the pharmacy to fill my suboxin script and recieved the generic suboxin.i did try them and 1 it taste worse to me than the orange suboxin and 2 it barelly worked for me.i have been having slight withdrawls and it has barelly helped at do i get the original suboxin back.i cant teke those generic.they are horrible!! ## If you have insurance, most companies demand that you be given a generic first, if one is available. So, if this is applicable, then you'll need to inform your doctor of the problem, because they can designate your prescription as 'brand medically necessary', in order to get them to cover the name brand for you, again. The other alternative, if you're paying for it you... ...
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Mon, Apr 08 '13, 4:44 PM
free suboxone or coupons
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Just seeing if anyone had free trails of suboxone ot cheap from Alaska I pay cash no insurance 700.00 s month ## Hi Kristy, If you're trying to save money on your medication, I would recommend looking into various prescription drug 'discount cards' that you can print off from your computer and show your pharmacy at the time of filling your script. A simple google search should bring up some options for you in that area. Another alternative would be to ask your pharmacy if there are any "patient assistance programs" for Suboxone. From what I understand, there are certain drug manufacturers who offer these types of programs for patients who otherwise can't afford their medication. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Suboxone Details I hope... ...
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Thu, Aug 06 '15, 11:31 PM
subsal mint tablet suboxone
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I am currently taking subutex cause I am allergic to something in suboxone. My doctor just asked me if I wanted to try something called subsal. Its new and I guess its a mint flavor tablet.... What is it ## Hi leah, Sorry to hear about your allergy to Suboxone. However, I haven't been able to find any specific details on any medications by the name of Subsal. Did your doctor mention anything else about what it's supposed to be used for? If the Subutex is working well as an alternative option, then in my honest opinion it may be best to stick with what you already know, since different brands can still effect each person differently. So switching medications is somewhat of a gamble in that regard. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Subutex Details I hope this help... ...
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Thu, Aug 06 '15, 6:40 PM
Does Medicade Pay For The Prescription of Suboxone in south carolina
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I want to to know if my MEDICADE will COVER my PRESCRIPTION of SUBOXONE and or the DOCTOR visit ## What Medicaid will cover can vary tremendously from state to state depending on current regulations and funding, so the best suggestion I can make is to call your caseworker and ask them if they know. Learn more Suboxone details here. Alternatively, you could also try calling one of the doctors that treat with it in your area and ask them. You can find a list of local doctors at the website Can you post back and let us know if you have any luck and what you find out? ## It does in Alabama Medicaid will cover Suboxone scripts here ## Yes I have sc Medicaid and only pay $3.40 for a month supply regardless of the dosage. ## I found if you call the drug store two days before you t... ...
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Sat, Feb 11 '17, 8:46 AM
Suboxone by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
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I've been taking the Hi-Tech generic for Suboxone now for approx. 2 months and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone. They don't melt and more importantly, they don't last more than 2 hours before I started feeling like I hadn't taken one at all. After reading complaint after complaint regarding this companies generic Suboxone, I asked my pharmacist to switch me to another generic and she informed me that I was the 3rd customer that month that complained about the Hi-Tech generic. The alternative generic she gave me worked as well as the name brand and there have been no issues since. Just wanted folks to know that there really is a difference between generic medications. I've heard doctor after pharmacist after doctor explain to me that Buprenorphine is Buprenorphine ... ...
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Fri, Jun 16 '17, 1:44 PM
Cheap suboxone/subutex doctors in Louisiana
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I am looking for a doctor who prescribes suboxone in the New Orleans, slidell Louisiana area. I am a single mom with no insurance, can't afford 350 a visit and prescription cost. My kids have medicaid but I don't. Thanks. ## Suboxone treatment is still pretty new, so I am not aware of any doctors that offer cheaper prices, because they do have to maintain special approval and monitoring to treat patients with it. Learn more Suboxone details here. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, you might want to check into Methadone clinics in your area, as it is usually much cheaper, since it's been used for a very long time. Learn more Methadone details here. Does anyone else have any suggestions to add? ## dr. adriean talbot excepts all insurences if you dont have insuren... ...
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Fri, Oct 13 '17, 1:10 PM
can i take suboxone and morphine sulfate together
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I take suboxone 12/3 mg once a day. Can I take one 100 mg morphine sulphate with it once a day? ## Hi Rob, According to, suboxone shouldn't be taken with any opioids (i.e. morphine), since it can block its effects and potentially send you into immediate withdrawals - accompanied by a number of undesirable side effects such as increased anxiety, insomnia, nausea, difficulty breathing, sweating, cramps, etc. Having read that, it sounds to me like the wisest thing to do would probably be to contact your doctor about alternative ways to manage your pain in the event that suboxone 'or' morphine doesn't get the job done on their own. Some feedback I've read in other threads here even recommend trying methadone over suboxone; stating that it works better for their p... ...
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Sun, Aug 13 '17, 6:26 AM
Subutex Those Who Prescribe It Information
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Hello, this thread will help many people. It is designated to provide addicts information concerning where they can get prescribed Subutex (Buprenorphine) instead of Suboxone. Let's face it, Naloxone can cause problems. Subutex is significantly cheaper and is an effective alternative for people who cannot tolerate Suboxone - for whatever reason. I will provide the names of a few Physicians/Places that I am certain are compassionate towards those sensitive to Naloxone. However, let's build this thread: help one another by providing potentially life-saving information. If I see that others' are contributing, I will keep submitting information as I find it and I will keep digging for the sake of those in desperate conditions. Let's support one another and get this thing up ... ...
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Tue, May 24 '16, 12:16 PM
Looking for methadone doctor in jacksonville fl
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Hi all. I'm really hoping someone here can help me. I suffer from a protruding disc and degenerative disc disease in my lower back. I've been in pain management programs since 2011. At one point, my oxy use got to the point where I was using 100+mg daily. Once I realized that I couldn't continue on the path that I was on, I voluntarily got myself in to a suboxone/subutex program in Jacksonville, Fl. Right away, I realized that I couldn't take the suboxone because of the headaches that it gave me, but the subutex worked amazing for withdrawls and does help to make the pain more manageable. Now that I've been on it for nearly 8 months months, I've been considering methadone as an alternative because my insurance only agreed to pay for the subs for up to one year. I... ...
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Thu, Mar 16 '17, 10:40 AM
can you take tylenol pm for anxietylsleep detoxing
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Can you take tuelonal pm for anxiety and sleep during detoxing suboconr ## Can you take Tylenol pm for anxiety and sleep while detoxing from suboxone ## Hi Teddy, From what I understand, neither Tylenol (Acetaminophen) nor Diphenhydramine (an anthistamine) act on opioid receptors or interact with suboxone in anyway. So personally I don't see how it could possibly interfere with suboxone being inside or outside of your system (during a detox) from a pharmacological point of view. However it would probably be a good idea to double check with your doctor anyways for that added peace of mind. Some alternative considerations that may also be worth looking into are, homeopathic sleep aids, melatonin, magnesium, various herbal preparations, ashwaghanda root, valerian root, white noise, med... ...
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Thu, Jan 28 '16, 7:31 AM
Oxycodone Miami FL
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I have been addicted to roxicodone for a few years now. Are there any alternatives for getting off them? ## Hello, Luis! How are you? Methadone and Suboxone are both treatment options for drug addiction. The FDA classifies these medication as opiates that are most commonly used to treat drug addiction, so they have the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Suboxone is usually the preferred choice, now, since it enables most people to become completely drug free. You can search for a doctor that treats with it in your area by using the zip code search on the website at click here. Does anyone else have any ideas or advice to offer? ...
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Wed, Jun 24 '15, 12:16 PM
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Is there any form of medicaid in Michigan that will cover office visits and prescriptions for suboxone? ## @hhhbk2469, Looking at the 2014 Preferred Drug List for Michigan's Medicaid Coverage (linked below), I didn't see Suboxone listed on there. However it appears as though Methadone is; in case your doctor recommended that as an alternative. Everyone responds to these types of medications differently though, so at the end of the day I just think it's best to do what feels right for yourself, and if that means holding out for Suboxone through some other type of coverage then that may be something to talk with your doctor about to see if he/she can help recommend a different program that does cover the type of med(s) you require. I hope th... ...
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Thu, Feb 26 '15, 12:03 AM
Finding a subutex doctor in Ohio
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I was seeing a Dr for 3 years and never had one problem with her now she is dismissing me for not being able to answer my phone one month but they never did call my alternative number so now I am going to be out of meds and don't know what to do? I have been on 16mg of Subutex a day and I need to find a new doctor fat will prescribe subutex. Suboxone makes me sick and every time I try to take it I puke so I need to find a doctor that will write subutex! Can anyone in Ohio please help me! I would prefer finding one in or near Columbus / Lancaster area but I willing to drive! Thanks to everyone who does answer this! ## Whats the dr you were seeing before where was it I live in Lancaster ...
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Wed, May 11 '16, 1:32 PM
medication needed
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My dr stopd takin my insursanc.New dr wont b in for bout2 1/2more weeks.I will not hav any suboxone.I hav been clean an on it since last november.Dont know what to do what to do 3kiids an job so scared.Somone,please help! ## Hi, Hayley! Sorry about the problem you're dealing with. What is your general location, such as the nearest large city? If you can post back with that, someone may know of another doctor in your area that you may be able to get in to see sooner. Learn more Suboxone details here. Another alternative, if you find yourself in withdrawal, is to go to your nearest emergency room, where they can help you. Does anyone else have any advice or ideas to add? ...
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Mon, Aug 26 '13, 11:27 AM
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please suggest another brand name for qudict tab as it is not avaiable in kolkata. ## i have asked you to suggest an alternative brand name of qudict tablet which is available in india.if you are unable to suggest the you don;t need to reply any more. I have checked for the medicine to the sites send by you.but it is not available there. i own a pharmacy shop and is unable to sell the product.please help me if you can or just leave it. ## Quidict contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone, this is a very potent narcotic that is used to treat severe, chronic pain and drug addiction. It is commonly sold in the U.S. under the trade name Suboxone. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: The best suggestion I can make is to ask your doctor or pharmac... ...
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Tue, Sep 03 '13, 6:34 AM

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