A Pill That Will Help You Gain Weight

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a pill that will help you gain weight
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I've been very skinny the whole of my life, I am 26 and weigh 60kg. I'm healthy but just need to put on some weight. Everyone is on about proteins for muscle gain. However, I think I need more fats than I need muscles. I have tried eating a lot but it still does not work. Can you advise me on any pill or anything else that would help me gain a lot of fats please? ## My legs have been skinny since I was young,now I am feeling uncomfortable with them please help me doctor ...
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Wed, Sep 13 '17, 7:25 AM
a pill that will help you gain weight.
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Hi. I'm 31 years of age and skinny. Can u help me? I want to gain weight & I'm not sick at all. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sun, Oct 16 '16, 10:50 PM
pill that will help me gain weight
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maam/sir: me too i need help i am so thin i am desperate i can take any drugs you prescribe to give, many told me that i am beautiful but there is always this words ''shes beautiful but shes so thin.. hahaha! skeleton!'' im always crying bcos of that an now i want to change myself i want to GAIN WEIGHT! I want to wear skinny jeans that can fit on my legs. i can't wear shorts, tank tops w/out seeing the big bones on my neck, i want that to happen before my teenage life would end bcoz im turning 19. :"( ## Hello, Thiinny! How are you doing? I'm very sorry that you're so upset and dealing with this…. So, I'm going to let you in on the truth of the matter…the people that are saying that type of thing are actually just jealous. Though they won... ...
Updated 5 months ago.
Sun, Jun 18 '17, 4:01 AM
a pill that will help me gain weight
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I am a 19 year old girl in disparate need to gain weight as I am so skinny and therefore uncomfortable to show my body. Could you please proscribe pills that I could take to help me gain weight because I have tried and failed. ## Hi Linzy! I don't know about any pills. However, I've known people who have used this stuff called, Weight Gain. U can buy it at a health food store. Over the counter. It's suppose 2 work well. U make a shake out of it. ## Hi Linzy! I tried 2 reply 2 u, but, it needs 2 b reviewed. R people saying things 2 u about your weight? They r just jealous of u. I've always been tiny, and, people would make comments 2 me. I got over it, and, realized they were jealous. But, I did recommend something 4 u. Hope it goes through. ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Wed, Jun 18 '14, 5:23 PM
help you gain weight
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HI am 22 years old height 6'0 and weight 53-54 now which i was 50 and from almost a close to 2 month started working out at home with just two bumbles cause i don't get time after office or before office and tiring to consume a lot of calories per day in order to gain weight with endure mass for now and sea cod tabs to help a little but need serious weight gain as i will be getting into modeling by august and i need to be well prepared and i ten to use wash room like 3 times a day cause when ever i eat after like 30 min i have to use washroom people say what you eat just went for a waste and every one says you have to gain weight u look really skinny all that crap but although i have tried every thing possible and giving my self a last chance to get bigger and gain more mass and... ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Sun, Jul 06 '14, 9:21 AM
Drugs that help you gain weight
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I am extremely underweight and skinny. I am a female aged 25 years and weigh 45kg. Pls help. I need a drug/medicine I can use to add weight fast as I am so sick of hearing that I am too thin. ## Gabapentin!!! It is an anticonvulsant. Ask your doctor and google it. People always gain weight when they take it. ## An anticonvulsant medication like Gabapentin should probably not be used for it's potential weight gaining purposes only, just because others have said that they gained some weight while taking it. For all we know, they could've also changed their diet and/or lifestyle while they were taking that medication; leading up to an extra few pounds. I'm not saying that it wont help you gain any weight, but the bottom line is, if you want more control over your weight (throug... ...
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Thu, Oct 12 '17, 6:38 AM
help gain weight
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i'am in my 30 yrs old now,and i feel like i havent grown so much.i'am only,165cm tall and 60 kg in weight.so i would like you to help me with some tips to help me grow and gain some weight. ## If you're 30, then you are done growing and nothing is going to change that, any measures to try to help ensure that someone reaches their full growth potential must be taken before they are fully mature and done growing. And as to your weight.... How tall are you? What types of foods do you eat? Learn more nutrition details here. ...
Updated 5 years ago.
Sun, Jul 22 '12, 6:45 PM
Weight Gain Help
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Good Day!!! I want to gain weight and looking for the best vitamins to take. I've been taking different vitamins for the past years and none of these really work. I am 33, 5 feet flat and weighs 40 kg. Thanks ## I'm the same age n weight I'm just 5' 4 no its so hard for me to gaining need some help to ...
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Tue, Mar 28 '17, 5:04 PM
gain weight pills
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What is the best pills to really gain weight. And not spend money on something that dosent work ## Hi Tara, there is something called " weight gain" and u can get it at a health food store. I know people that have used it and they had good results. It's a powder u mix up into a shake. ## @Tara, I've always felt that gaining weight was mostly diet and lifestyle related (i.e. - eating more calories than you're able to burn on a regular basis). Sure supplements could also be of help, but implementing changes to your diet and lifestyle is probably where you'll get the most immediate results from if you stay away from overly processed foods. Have you tried increasing your caloric intake on a daily basis or upping the amount of protein you consume? ## Am breastfeeding ... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Mon, May 23 '16, 4:09 AM
weight gain pills
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weight gain pills ## Iam a 28 yerars boy, but weight is 49 KGs So i wanted to gain weight as faster as possible Kindly provide tablet or pill name to increase weight.Thanks ## I'm slim and i need to gain gain weight as soon as possible for my marriage what is the fastest solution? ## try pereactin .. gain 15 to 20 pounds in 3 to 4 months doing nothing .. it helps increase ur appetite . but do research for safety percautions. ## i am 27 years old, my height 5'4'', but my weight is 45kgs. how to gain my weight? ## I AM 19 BOY 6FEET HEIGHT AND 54 KGS WEIGHT PLEASE TELL FAST WEIGHT GAIN TABLETS ## i am 27 years old, my height 170cm', but my weight is 43kgs. how to gain my weight? ## Practin25 mg is the best tablet for weight gain but you will feel few sleepy but nice tab... ...
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Fri, Apr 04 '14, 8:04 PM
any pill to help me gain weight???
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hi. i am 24 years of age but my weight is only 49. How do i gain weight ...
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Thu, Sep 04 '14, 8:57 AM
Drug To Help You Gain Weight
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Sir,I am a 19 years skinny boy.Sir please can you help me to get proper advice for weight gain.Please sir i am totally fade up with my body.please send me the suggestions at xxxxx@xxx {edited for privacy}.Thank you. ## my son is 12 years old he is very thin please sugeest me a pills an tonic to become him fat , my mother in law is scolding me so please help me mam ## Both of you need to post back with more details, such as height and weight, to go along with the listed ages. Can you please post back? Getting fat, per se, is not safe and healthy for anyone, regardless of whether or not anyone is complaining that someone is too thin, especially a child. Learn more weight gain details here. If someone does need to gain weight, the best and safest way to do it is through a healthy diet and ... ...
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Sat, Jun 10 '17, 3:16 AM
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I am 19 year student with a height of 5.7 inch. my current weight is 52 KG I would wish to get some flesh on my bones. Please help me with your advise. I am healthy and active but very very thin ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Wed, Jun 11 '14, 1:36 AM
drug to help you gain weight 1
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so far i see no suggestion to take meds for gaining weight. that means you don't really understand what being skinny feels. gaining weight is important in life as much as losing weight does. i weigh 75kg and 183cm long. thanks ## please sir/madam am 28years old and belong to a blood group of A+. am slim and smallish,please sir I want to put on weight. can u please recommend some drugs and ways by which I can gain weight within one month without any side effects please. ...
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Sun, Jul 31 '16, 5:10 AM
drug that can help me gain weight
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I'm 22 years old from nigeria, sir I'm too skinny and I don't always have apeti for food sir pls I need drugs that can help me wit my problem above ## I need drugs that can make me gain weight for I am too skinny ## I am 27 years old and I need a particular drugs to help me gain weight. from Nigeria ...
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Thu, Sep 07 '17, 4:06 PM
Help gaining weight
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My Mum is 48 years old, 5ft 3lbs and she keeps losing weight and she is really skinny and size 8 trousers are to big. A couple of days ago she wore a strappy top and 3 quarter leg trousers and all u saw is bones. All the family are worried about her but she's not listening. She tells me she doesn't feel hungry, that's why she doesn't eat but she eats maybe 1 meal and it's not even got any meat or fish. Usually it's just some maccaroni and cheese or a pizza. On a Sunday though she does have chicken and potatoes but even my brother says that my 2 year old daughter has a bigger plate full. ## Hello, Sharon! How is your mom doing? She really needs to see a doctor to see what's causing her lack of appetite. It might be due to a medical problem that needs treatment... ...
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Mon, Apr 28 '14, 3:30 PM
pill for gain weight
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Hi this is me lax currently m running 25 yrs old and my waight is 110 pound so if possible to gain waight as fast as.i really need to gain waight. ## Hello, Lax! How are you? It really depends on why you are so small. How tall are you? How much do you eat? What types of foods? How often? Are you on any medications? ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Mon, Apr 14 '14, 1:45 PM
pills to gain weight
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Hi I am 22, 5'3 and only weigh between 90&95 lbs about 6 years ago I weighed 125 and i loved how I looked. I then lost it(idk how or why) and I haven't been able to gain any back. I've had a son who is about to be a year old and the day I had him I ONLY weighed 128, I thought I would keep MOST of the weight but I instantly lost it. 5 days PPD I weighed 110...and then 2 weeks later back at 90. I HATE how I look and feel anyone have any advice? I am CONSTANTLY eating,some days its like I have never ending hunger /: ## Hello, Luluxo! How are you? Congratulations on your son. With the way you describe having such a massive appetite some days, I'm concerned that you have a medical condition that requires treatment to rectify the problem. That could also explain why you... ...
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Tue, Sep 16 '14, 3:57 PM
do you gain weight
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what are some of the side effects ## My husband is on adderall for a sleeping disorder(he falls asleep all the time).He is on it to wake him up.It makes him very hyper like as if he was on coccaine.When he started the drug he weighed 130lbs now he weighes only 95 lbs.He lost alot of weight in only very little time. ## YOU LOSE WEIGHT ON ANYTHING THAT SPEEDS U UP PRETTY MUCH ## He should lookin to provogil. I took that to coounter the effects of my antidepressant and it did not make me jumpy. Also adderall is astimulant that actually keeps you more focused if you have attention problems I was told if youy get jittery you do not need to take it ## UMMMM! Me thinks he's loosing WAY TOO MUCH weight. As I've said before, I've been taking either Ritalin or Adderall for years and I... ...
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Thu, Jan 15 '09, 4:29 PM
drug to help you gain weight 21
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I am 21 and i weigh 100lbs, i recently lost about 10lbs in a week and I feel like Im too skinny. I really want to gain weight. What should I do, or take, because i eat! I make every meal! ## Hello, Gege! How are you? How tall are you? Has your doctor said that you're in underweight? It's really not good to try to gain weight, just because you want to look like someone else, or feel insecure. Not everyone is meant to be bigger/heavier. Some of us are meant to be tiny. ## To gain weight fast .im vegetarian.I'm 5feet height with 28kg ...please tell me in gaining weight fast ...
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Fri, Mar 25 '16, 8:22 AM

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