75 Mcg Hr Fentanyl

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dilaudid 8mg and fentanyl 75 mcg/hr
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I'm on Dilaudid 8mg and fentynal 75 mcg/hr every 72 hr, and I still experience Severe pain! I was wondering I'd there was suggestions on what I should ask the Dr, I don't want to seem like I'm drug seeking but what other medication do you think could help me? ## How often do you take the Dilaudid? There is a higher dose of the Fentanyl available, that you may be able to try. However, it leaves you nowhere to go, since it is the highest available. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## I take the Dilaudid every 4-6hr ## Im sure you found an answer by now but in case you didn't.......li just started with the fentanyl patch 50 mcl ( and ju... ...
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Thu, Apr 09 '15, 3:27 AM
Information on the fentanyl 75mcg/hr
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I am currently taking the 50 mcg/hr fentanyl patch. I have symatic dysfunction of the sacrum. Have been on vicoden 10/660, those were probably the best. (4 per day). Then doctor wanted more of a pain management therapy. we tried the 30mg morphine, didnt work at all, wanted to increase to the 60mg but they are not prescribed hardly ever and no pharmacy even carries them. They have to be ordered and then if you do get them, they are extremely expensive, even with insurance. You have to go up to at least the 80mg then the price goes down considerably. the fentanyl seems to be the best working for me but i need to be bumped up in mg. Like i said, im on the 50 now. If I go to the 75, is it going to be like trying to find the 60mg morphine? Or do i need to just go up to the 100 fentanyl. I do... ...
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Wed, Mar 26 '14, 4:26 PM
fentanyl patch 50 mcg
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I was on 180 mg of ms contin after tapering down from 300mg for 16 yrs. I wanted to try fentanyl patches so my Dr gave me 75 mcg patch. Wow I had absolutely no pain .....but after 55-60 hrs I would wake up sweats flip popping all over totally withdrawals then I talked to a friend, she's on 50 mcg. I'm back to ms contin 120 mg ready to taper to 90 mg but it doesn't help the pain. So the pharmacist said since I also felt anxiety, depression the two weeks I tried the patch he said that maybe it was too high of a dose. Anyway my friend said she's on 50 mcg which is what I would go on and she had same thing for about 3 weeks. My ins will pay for 15 patches for 30 days so why can't I just change them every 2 1/2 days so that doesn't happen or will my percocet 10's ... ...
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Tue, Sep 15 '15, 1:40 PM
Can Fentanyl 75 Mcg/hr Be Used During Spinal Fusion Surgery
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Hi, I am having another spinal fusion on Aug 1st L4-L5-S1 for failed fusion. I have been told yes and no when I asked my different dr offices about leaving my patch on during surgery. Do I or not? I am terrified of doing the wrong thing and causing complications with anesthesia. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, please tell me! Thanks, Kimber. ## Hi kimber, This question would actually be best answered by the surgeon himself or the person administering the anesthesia, rather than a regular medical doctor. If in doubt though, I would just go with your gut and leave it off during the surgery. The anesthesia in and of itself should be sufficient, but I'm sure they will provide you with additional pain management during the procedure if necessary. My mom actually had thi... ...
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Tue, Jul 31 '12, 12:52 PM
dilaudid and fentanyl
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Will a 75 mcg/hr fentanyl patch help with dilaudid withdrawal? ## Tramadol 50 mg x 2 tablets is the only thing that works for me when I can't find a pharmacy to fill my Dilaudid. I have heard it helps with Oxy and other pain reliever withdrawals. The stupid Commonwealth of Kentucky has outlawed Tramadol and Lyrica is highly regulated because it helps with withdrawals. Yes, they are living in the stone age. So, Tramadol must work for others as well. Your doctor should prescribe it, it is available at any pharmacy, doesn't help that much with the pain, but you won't get sick. ## Fentanyl is much stronger, so that would actually be the wrong direction to go. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, diz... ...
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Tue, Jul 12 '16, 5:24 AM
fentanyl patch anomaly?
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I'm curious about something that's happening with my Fentanyl patch taper. I've spent the past few months reducing my dosage by leaving some of the backing on and decreasing in increments. I've gone from 75 mcgs to 25, however I just could not increase the time between patches. Anywhere from 23-36 hours I would have panic attacks, bowel disorders, pupil enlargement, severe pain, heavy painful legs, etc. I decided I wouldn't try to drop below 25 until I could get to where I could get back to the 72 hour change. Finally, after four months I made it to 75 hrs and then only changed it because it was bedtime and I didn't want to wake up in the misery of withdrawal. Since then, I have had this next patch on for 132 hours with no ill effect! I have taken a (very) few ha... ...
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Tue, Sep 09 '14, 3:50 PM
Titrating up on Fentanyl
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I've been on a 25mcg and 12mcg Fentanyl patch now for about 6 mos. I change them every 48 hours. I get 15 of each per month. Lately I've not been getting the pain relief I did in the beginning. I would like to titrate up to the 50mcg patch. I think that would make a big difference, but I don't want my pain dr. to think I'm abusing it. Is is too soon to move to a higher dose? I mean is there a general time period for titrating up? Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks. ## I was started on the 25mcg change every 72hrs., my doc. took me up to the 50 mcg every 72 hrs in 2 months, said the 25 was just a starter. I am on the 75mcg every 72 hrs plus hydro's for break thru pain now. I will be going up again soon, my pain doc. says your body adjusts to it after time. I ... ...
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Sun, Jun 27 '10, 12:07 AM
Trying to kick the Fentanyl patch
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This is my 1st post ever, anywhere. I am trying to get off Fentanyl. 7 years ago I was Rx'ed 25 mcg patches every 72 hrs. Went to every 48 hrs within a month. Went to a 50 every 48 to a 75 every 48 to the 100 mcg every 48 hrs.. Been on 100 mcg's (48 hrs) for several years now and I'm sick and tired of taking the patch. I have DDD, two failed rotator cuff surgeries as well as an elbow surgery (pain). The shoulder and back pain is the worst. I'm 52 years old, worked a steady job with Ma Bell as a lineman 25 years and wore my body out. Three weeks ago I started cutting my Mylan brand 100 mcgh patches in half. So far so good. I did notice that I started taking more of the Dilauid I'm rx'ed for breakthrough pain. My plan is to keep cutting the patches in half till I... ...
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Wed, Jan 13 '16, 9:08 PM
going from fentanyl to hysingla 60
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Super scared , been on Fentonyl for 3 months weened from 75 mcg to 25 mcg..... Also take oxycodone 5 - 10hcl IR ...... They ( a new dr) just put me on something called Hysingla ? Said it was hydrocodone? 60 mg 24 hrs....told me just to take off my fentanyl patch and take pill only once s day .... I have terrible GI issues , that's why I'm on the meds.... Have bad throat level D damage... Also have vowel bleeds... Worried if I go threw to much with drawl I start to vommit and cause more damage.... Does anyone know how bad this next step will be ..... ?? I'm afraid .... Even with the patch and oxycodone I've been getting terribly sick ... Any one have any advise ?? Thank you for your time ## Hello, Danni! How are you? The dosage of Hyslinga is equivalent to 20mcgs of Fenta... ...
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Sun, Jun 26 '16, 4:12 PM
Narcotic pain medication filled early
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I am on 100 MCG Duragesic Fentanyl Patches. I wear 1 every 48 hrs. I called my prescription insurance company to ask how early can I get a 20 day supply filled. They said that I can fill it after I have used 75% of the script. How many days early is that? ## Hello, Robin! How are you? 75% of 20 days would be 15 days, however, if you're having it filled at a regular pharmacy, since it is a controlled substance, they may not fill it that early. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Mar 07 '16, 3:55 PM
switching from hydrocodone to morphine
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My wife is a chronic pain patient. Today she went to have her periodic office visit with her pain management physician. She has, for several years, been prescribed fentanyl transdermal patches, 75 mcg/hour, along with hydrocodone/apap 10/325, 1 or 2 tablets every 8 hours, PRN for breakthrough pain. She changes the patches every 72 hours. Today the Dr changed her treatment regimine changing the fentanyl to 100 mcg/hrs, changing patch every 48 hours. He took her off the hydrocodone/apap, and said if she still has breakthrough pain, that he will prescribe immediate release morphine to replace the hydrocodone/apap. Her Dr says that this is in response to new laws or guidelines from the DEA and FDA. Is this true? He said that they can't prescribe hydrocodone/apap for chronic pain any lon... ...
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Fri, May 05 '17, 8:30 AM
voverin with opoids
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I have been on traditional American narcotics for more than 10 years to treat pain from advanced degenerative spine and arthritic spiny growths etc. in the spine. By now I am on TWO 75 mcg/hr Fentanyl patches changed every 2 days ( which works out to putting one on a day, yes.) I also had a prescription for the last TWO YEARS and approval for another 9 months for 800mcg Fentora ( a fizzy between the cheek and gum -- GOD! they really worked.) Well, I changed insurance at the insistence of the President and now I can't get the Fentora. Well, that leaves me desperate for relief. I can't afford a 100-150 dollar a day H habit, but NOTHING my doctor offers can help my peak pain. After being on the same dose of Patches for more than 3 years, a lot of that is just handling my addiction.... ...
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Wed, May 28 '14, 3:47 PM
IV Pain Medicine That Starts With P
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Back in the hospital and the doctors are having a hard time finding an IV medication that will help lessen the chest pain from my pneumonia. I wear Fentanyl 75 mcg (changed every 72 hrs). Health issues; crps/rsd, ankylosing spondylitis, Arnold Chiari Malformation, Pudenal Neuralgia, are just the top my health issues. ## Hi Loveday, I don't know how much help this will be, but I was able to find a pretty extensive list of medications starting with "P". Perhaps one of the names on there might ring a bell?: nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/drug_Pa.html If anyone else can post back with more information on other possibilities that would be great! ...
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Mon, Jan 28 '13, 1:59 PM
fentanol patch
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No insurance. Low cost. Can you help? ## I am on Fentayl Patch 100mg, and methdone and i need to find out if they fight against one another because methdone blocks more pain meds.. ## My mother was perscribed the fentanol patch 75 mcg/h to be replaced every 72 hrs. She had this from Feb. 2009 till August 2009. Is it possible she was getting too much and it could have caused her death? ## this site does not sell, nor prescribe medications, however, if you do not have insurance there are several organizations that may be able help you. You can check one at: PPARX Click Here As to whether or not it may have caused her death, this site is not medical professionals and could not possible guess. Fentanyl, the generic for Duragesic, is a very potent narcotic pain medication, over 81 times stro... ...
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Mon, Oct 26 '09, 8:37 PM
how long does fentanyl stay in your system for a urine test
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On Saturday I chewed a half of a 75 mcg fetynal patch first time ever will it be in my system on Monday around 11:00 am for a urine test ## Did you pass your test let me know I'm in the same boat as u. ## Same prob here. I that fent only stays in urine for 8-24 hrs but I guess we will see. Just gave sample. Won't know till after lab gets it ## let me know what your lab results were {edited for privacy} ## Did u have your test yet? Do they test yours in the office or send to lab? ## They sent it to a lab. It's been like 12 days I don't think it takes that long for it come back. If it's negative they won't tell me.only if it's positive... did u get yours back yet from lab. I what's going on with yours ## Any word?? I insane bout??? ## I did lil fentenyal do... ...
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Sun, Oct 15 '17, 6:52 PM

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