4 Bar Xanax With Two 1 On Them

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1.5 mg Xanax Bars
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white, round pill; 1/2, of one side has a slit, and other side has Z11 of 11Z ## Yes, this tablet contains 1.5mgs of Alprazolam, it is the same as the active ingredient in Xanax, it's from India and sold there under the name brand Zolax XR. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Do they prescribe 1.5 mgs xanax bars in elkton md. Cuz I would only need two a day if so I can say something to my sych bout them ...
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Tue, Sep 04 '12, 9:01 PM
orange xanax bar
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With the imprint R 0 3 9 and nothing on the other. I think they are fake have had a prescription for along time and never seen these from the pharmacy or off the street. They didn't seem to work. I had a month or two back got green ones that made me very sick. Just want to know if they're real? ...
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Fri, Jul 15 '16, 10:31 AM
White Xanax Bar G3722
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The two G's are different. 1 is more angular and 1 is rounded. just FYI ## The more rounded ones are real. ## @Casey, To confirm, the pill you have is in fact Xanax (Alprazolam) 2 mg. Xanax (Alprazolam) is primarily used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders (e.g., social anxiety disorder) and panic attacks, and is used as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with moderate depression. Manufacturer: Greenstone Limited National Drug Code (NDC): 59762-3722 The difference in the look of the G's could just mean that they are from two different manufacturers. Learn More: Alprazolam Details If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## I have recently got some white Xanax 2 mg with G3722 on them. when I took one I fel... ...
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Tue, Oct 10 '17, 9:47 AM
xanax bars real or fake
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The xanax bars I have are white, rectangular, and have a two on the back with a line going threw it and xanax printed on the front. Any suggestions on how to identify if they are fake or not? :( any help is really appreciated ## FAKE. I got 2 from my last refill and they are not bitter as usual, really more toward the mushy side, not like a crunchy fresh one. ## same thing I just got. white g 3722. complete fakes. ## BigIron, you should tour the Country with Melissa the Pissed off and warn others when dealing with criminals they might rip you off! ## The best ones I have found show the gg underscore 2 underscore 4 underscore 9. That's a real xanax and the back side will be flat with nothing on it so if u have any question u are more than welcome to reply to this and I will help answ... ...
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Fri, Oct 13 '17, 6:41 PM
Gre Xanax
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I'm on 8 mg.'s of xanax a day unfortanetly & the green bars that break into thirds is xanax (1 mg in the middle, two .5's on each side i've been told). I've gotten them many times & they're not the strongest form, that would be the round 2 mg's (white). ## What may be the strongest and most effective for you, may not necessarily be such for everyone that uses this medication. Why are you taking so much? Is your doctor aware of this? That is double the normal maximum daily dosage. ...
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Fri, Mar 30 '12, 9:34 AM
Red Xanax
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Does anyone know if these red xanax bars are a good generic version? They look taste and feel like the brand name but I don't see anything on the net about them.. can someone please give me some feedback or some kind of info on these? They are pinkish red and they have xanax on they one side is scored 3 times and have a two on the other side. ## Man I just got these in my rx refill too. They work, but I still question where they are manufactured. I highly doubt that they are made here in the US which means the amount of active ingredient in each dose is questionable. Let me know what you find out, but my guinea pig dose seemed to work for me. ## The U.S. manufactured Xanax with this marking is a white, bar shaped tablet. I am sorry, but I have no information on a reddish colored one... ...
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Wed, Jun 14 '17, 1:26 PM
Withdrawing from xanax seizure
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I have been taking xanax for a lil while now. I am perscribed a bar and a half every single day. I am young. I had taken one to many of my script on Tuesday I took the last quarter of my bar right in the morning next early after afternoon feeding my toddler lunch I had a horrible seizure I banged my head on the foamed at the mouth and everything went to hospital and all the first one did was give me a cat scan. We went home and I had another seizure and went to the hospital and this doctor gave me Ativan thank goodness longest Wednesday of my life goodbye xanax withdraws can kill you ## No it doesn't work that way? Seizures come AFTER a COLD TURKEY withdrawal of a week or two. While I don't doubt you started feeling the early signs of withdrawal, it you had two seizures already ... ...
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Fri, Oct 25 '13, 11:26 AM
what mg is a green xanax bar
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long rectangular shape tablet scored to make 3 seperate sections has the marking s 90 3 ## Located a match it's 2 mg of Alprazolam, which is short-acting drug of the benzodiazepine class used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders and panic attacks, and is used as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with moderate depression. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? ## How much should I take of a s903 Bar if is my first time. I suffer from anxiety and this is my first time using it. ## I've been taking Xanax for 25 years, and the Bars for 4 years. I still feel 2 mg is too much and always break them in half. ## Is a one mg stronger than a two my need to no now please and thank you very much ## 1mg is half the ... ...
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Thu, Apr 06 '17, 1:43 PM
xanax 2090
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does these bars have two millagram each section? ## No, it is 2mgs for the entire tablet, so each section, if cut or broken, would be much less. Alprazolam is used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and irritability. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ...
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Thu, Oct 07 '10, 2:43 PM
Can anyone, tell me about the green Xanax bars
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Green 2 mg Xanax, want more information.. About this med. ## I like them. Green is a coloring, they can be any color or any shape, as long as they come from an approved pharmaceutical company and contain the proper amount of medicine! ## Hello, Liz! How are you? What specifically did you wish to know? According to the FDA, Xanax/Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. It carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. ## I love my green bars. They work great and there a different color than most rectangular pills so you can spot them a mile away if you happen to drop one or two. Easy to spot unlike the white ones. If those white tablets fall they'r... ...
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Sat, Oct 07 '17, 7:07 AM
white xanax gg 249
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how can you tell if gg 249 are fake? ## Based on the description and imprint, according to the U.S. FDA, this is a 2mgs Alprazolam tablet, the active ingredient in Xanax. I've not heard of any fake tablets being on the market with this marking. It is more common to get tablets that you are told are one thing and then find out you've been given something else. Where were they obtained? ## i have a prescription for them and i get them from an online pharmacy whose name should be widely known as a rip off, not only did they short me by two pills but they didn't even provide me with sleep aid or anxiety relief. ## Xanax (alprazolam) especially the 2mg bars have been bogus, fake and sold online for years. I even had a shipment of this come to a Walmart Pharmacy once without the a... ...
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Mon, Oct 09 '17, 5:44 PM
what happens when you withdrawl from xanax
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My friend has been taking xanax for the past two months he's been taking the 2Mg bars he would eat about 10 bars a day because of his anxiety he stoped taking them for couple of weeks and now he is not remebering anything he has been passing out and saying he had a conversation with somebody and never even talked to that person. like we'll be sitting in a room and he will think the phone is ringing but it isnt. and he said he had a conversation with me one day and i never even talked to him that day. I'm trying to find out if this could be from the xanax because its making me very worried. ## Your friend is going through severe withdrawel. You need to take him to emergency as xanax withdrawel can cause seizures. He is seing things that are not there because stopping xanax at... ...
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Fri, Jul 14 '17, 5:32 PM
How Strong Is A Xanax G3722
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Just want to know how strong it is? I only weight 110 pounds. ## Hi andrea, G 372 2 is identified as Xanax (Alprazolam) 2 mg. I can only imagine that the 2mg tablets are going to be pretty potent if you've never taken Xanax before; as 2mg is a high dose of this particular drug. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure would be to try it; simply because these medications can affect each individual differently. If you find that 2mgs is too strong, you can always divide the pill into smaller doses to help assess your tolerance. I hope this helps! ## u should be pretty good those ones are not to strong ## THEY DONT WORK ## Never take more then two.. A half of one will relax you and one full one is strong especially if u plan on driving ## 2 Two Mg Bars at once and driving advice to b... ...
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Mon, Jul 03 '17, 11:55 AM
Xanax g3722 ... one has a small G
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I have two different bars.. one has a smaller imprint of G 3722 ... I have found that this particular bar breaks apart much easier than my other bar.. the other bar has the normal size imprint of G 3722 ... is the smaller imprinted pill a fake? ## @Tomboy, In most cases I've read about on this site, the bars that break apart & crumble easily, often tend to be the fake ones. And based on what you consider to be the "normal" size imprint, I think that accurately sets the standard for what is visibly acceptable as real. Anything that doesn't match what was dispensed by a licensed pharmacy has obviously been counterfeited. So this would also include your pill with a smaller imprint. The only instances where logic of what's visibly acceptable isn't 'enough to ... ...
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Thu, May 28 '15, 4:04 PM
Green Xanax bars verses blue or white
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Ok I've been taking Xanax for years, the green bars in my opinion r weak. The blue r strongest as white one also. The yellow I'd say r number 3 in strength. Don't care for the green ones at all. Now to mix it up how about Onyx 2mg - better yet.. still alprazalom ## Ok... it's September 2017. Now that we are about to finds the 2nd decade of the 21 century, I'm assuming that pill presses are a dime a dozen. I've taken alprazolam for many years. Today I picked up s 90 3 green bars, two score on side with s 90 3 and Three score on the other side, Not flat on the back side like the pics I've been seeing and the taste is off. But as nice as a press that they are I am convinced that they are fake. I don't know bc I cannot prove myself wrong except for the fact t... ...
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xanax first time
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DOCTOR GAVE ME AXANAX TODAY, GAVE ME THE ONES WITH "2" ON THE BACK. I TOOK TWO SQUARES OF IT LAST NITE AND DIDN'T FEEL ANY DIFFERENT. MY DOCTOR DIDN'T REALLY TELL ME MUCH ABOUT THEM AND I ALSO TAKE AMATRYPTALINE 4X 50MG. A NITE. IS IT SAFE TO TAKE A WHOLE BAR?(WHOLE TABLET). ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP AS I TAKE THEM ROUND ABOUT NOW. THANX DAISY X ## What dosage has your doctor instructed you to use? Xanax contains the active ingredient Alprazolam, which is a Benzodiazepine, it's used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. It may cause side effects and the higher the dosage, the worse they are likely to be, which may include: nausea, irritability, headache and dizziness. Learn more: ...
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Wed, Sep 28 '11, 9:34 PM
Librium vs Xanax
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I just got some Librium they have Barr 159 on them. I was just curious as to if anyone knows what the equvilant of one of these Librium pills would be to the mg of a Xanax. Thanks!! ## Hello, Even though Librium and Xanax are used to treat the same ailments and are in the same drug class, they are still two different medications that are formulated in two different ways. Since these medications effect everyone differently, there is really no way to justify an equivalent dose of Librium to create the same result as taking Xanax. An equivalent dose for one person could also be an overdose for someone else. Hopefully that makes sense. ## I agree with Jenna on the Librium vs. Xanax question. Librium is in my opinion much stronger than xanax for me even at the high dose of xanax vs. Low dose... ...
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Tue, Jul 04 '17, 7:38 AM
xanax brand. Dava
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i have just been changed. To this brand in two mg pills. Light green in a bar shape. I though it was ok at first but it gets hot here in Kansas but I can take it. I began to notice a very high intolerance to the humidity. After about a week if stepped outside I started feeling sick. Later if I stepped into the sun I became very ill. I have few of my old pills left and started taking them yesterday. Also I have been waking up will my hands so painfull I couldn't move them. There was other acute arthritic also. I woke today feeling very good and very little pain. ## Dava is a very common brand, I am using them now. It gets much hotter where I live and have had no problems with this brand or most brands. You could have a sensitivity to an ingredient in the Dava Alprazolam, however you ... ...
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2mg xanax - not good?
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Ok so I got a prescription filled for these white xanax bars & I've gotten them before but here's the problem.... This time when I got them the was a big two on the one side but nothing in the other side? When you put it in your mouth they don't immediately taste like it but when I started moving it around it did. The taste stayed in my mouth for awhile and made me sleepy, but usually I get more sleepy then I was? Idk someone help!!! ## Hello, Jackie! How are you? There is a 2mg Alprazolam bar manufactured by Bionpharma that matches this description, so yes, they are a generic brand of Xanax. They are coated, which is why you didn't taste anything for awhile. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such... ...
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pictures of xanax
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trying to find out what xanax or klocpin look like and what about you can get ## not good ## xanax look like little footbell shaped pills,also they look like little round pills also the say maylan on then and colors go from white,peach,blue or purple,to the highest the bar which will have 4 lines on it ## yeah so ## xanix ## Mannix. Roadhouse ## I bought some Xanax white bars with Xanax written on one side and the #2 on the other side. The 2 was through the - and the -was on top of the two and under the two. Are they real? ...
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Sat, Aug 08 '15, 10:19 AM

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