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Buprenorphine/naloxone (trade name Suboxone) is a combination drug formulation of buprenorphine, a μ-opioid receptor (MOR) weak partial agonist and κ-opioid receptor antagonist, and naloxone, a MOR silent antagonist, in a 4:1 ratio.[1][2] It is used in the treatment of opioid dependence.[1][2] The purpose of naloxone is to deter intravenous abuse; parenteral administration rapidly induces opioid withdrawal symptoms in opiate dependent individuals, while regular, intended use does no...
buprenorphine 153
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These are horrible. I have been taking these for about 3 weeks now. Along with the reduction in potentcy I am experiencing headaches. I was put on these at my request after 2 major abdominal surgeries after my bowel ruptured in 3 places. After being on Fentanyl and dilauded for 6 months in the Hospital and then 3 months after being released. After being on such strong opiates from the surgeries, I discussed this with my Doctor and we.agreed on Buprenorphine. Since this switch to the new oblong orange 153 pills I have to say, it is a noticeable difference and increased daily headaches. ## Hi Joel, Sorry to hear about your experience with the new Buprenorphine tablet. I've actually seen a few other posts on this site from patients who also agreed that this orange tablet wasn't as ... ...
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Thu, Mar 30 '17, 11:48 AM
New buprenorphine
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So I have been on bup for 3 years and I have been gettin the 5411s, today I went and got them and they are imprinted with M924, has anyone ever taken these new ones and do they feel the same and have same ingredients?? Any information will be helpful! I know I read it's just another generic brand but just curious to know more about it, thanks. ## Hi, I have not really noticed a difference between the two except my friend takes them and he said they are not exactly the same for sure. Tell me if you find input on anything else please. ...
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Sat, Jul 18 '15, 10:06 PM
buprenorphine 8mg 460
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I have been prescribed the 54 411 buprenorphine pills for about 7 years now. After my last doc visit I filled my script and they told me the same thing about the 54 411 not being available anymore and I got the 460's from them instead. My opinion...they SUCK! Feels like it has about 1/4 the amount of the 8mg it's supposed to have in it. I've been struggling all month with trying not to take more than I'm supposed to. I'm prescribed 1 8mg pill a day and have been happily taking that dose for about 3 years now down from 2 a day. Why this change has happened I have no idea but for me it's not a good thing at all. Besides the huge difference in price I have nothing good to say about the 460's. Does anyone know of a pharmacy that still carries the 54 411? I use CV... ...
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Sun, Nov 12 '17, 7:07 PM
roxane buprenorphine
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I had the same issue. I called CVS today and was told if i bring the paper script in, they will order the Roxanne 54 411 vs. the Mylans. THere is a difference and I don't care what anyone says. Usually those who don't take the RX have the most advise. I don't know what is going on with ROXANNE BUP., but I bet its about money. The pharmacies give addicts crap cuz who cares.... Stand up and order the Roxannes and tell them the other ones don't work! ...
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Thu, Aug 10 '17, 10:37 AM
Buprenorphine Patches
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Would a doctor perscribe patches like this for me? I need 2 knee replacements & have severe spinal stenosis, spondalosis, pinched nerves, and buldging disk all in my back. I have cronic pain everyday. ## The best thing you can do is consult with a pain management specialist. Learn more pain management details here. It's not advisable to ask them to prescribe any specific medication, because that's usually considered to be drug seeking behavior and there is also no way of knowing what they will or will not prescribe, until you actually have an appointment with someone. Have you looked into this treatment avenue yet? ...
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Mon, Nov 26 '12, 4:06 PM
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does anyone,other than myself have trouble sleeping too long when taking buprenorphine ? ## Hello, Allan! How are you? Do you mean it makes you more tired/fatigued so you sleep more than usual? If so, that isn't uncommon. Buprenorphine is classified as an opiate, by the FDA, and that is a common side effect of such drugs, along with nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation. What dose do you take? It may be slightly too high for you. ...
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Tue, Mar 24 '15, 3:23 PM
 Buprenorphine + Naloxone
Buprenorphine, sold under the brand name Subutex, among others, is an opioid used to treat opioid addiction, moderate acute pain and moderate chronic pain.[3] The combination buprenorphine/naloxone is also used for opioid addiction. It is a semisynthetic derivative of thebaine. It is a mixed partial agonist opioid receptor modulator. Buprenorphine was approved for medical use in the United States in 1981.[4] Contents 1 Medical uses 1.1 Opioid addiction 1.1.1 Buprenorphine versus meth...
Buprenorphine Norco 10mg
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I have been on buprenorohine 8mg, 3 times a day for the last 3 years for pain management. I have fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and other pain issues. I have a current health issue causing me increased pain. So bad that nothing is helping with the pain. I was given 10mg norco to take for the pain. I have been off the buprenorohine for the last 27 hours. Can I take the norco and get any pain relief? If yes, how many should I take? Or do I have to wait longer? ## Hi Sam, I've seen this type of question come up a lot on here, and often see responses indicating that it's generally best to wait several days (e.g. 4-5 days) in-between Buprenorphine and other narcotic pain relievers such as Norco (Hydrocodone/APAP) - in order to be able to feel its effects. Seeing that you've wai... ...
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Fri, Mar 27 '15, 4:45 PM
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WHICH IS BETTER? I have been on a dose of 150mg of Methadone for approx. 8 or so years. I just recently heard of this drug Buprenorphine which is taken instead of Methadone. Does anyone know if this line of treatment is better or worse than Methadone treatment for Opiate Addicts such as myself? Thank You Very Much ## I used to be addicted to oxycontins, I started taking methadone but figured it wasnt any better for me than the oxy's. The buprenorphine is probably a better way for you to go. I am now on suboxone. They started me off with a med called subutex and you take it for the first three days and then they switch you to suboxone they are two different meds. One blocks only one receptor and the other blocks both. To get high, you need these two receptors to be open to feel the d... ...
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Wed, Sep 27 '17, 1:57 AM
buprenorphine 153 THE DEVIL
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The best possible thing you could ever do for yourself is to reduce and stop taking these as fast as possible. I was fortunate to have the time off of work to do this after 2 surgeries. I was on buprenorphine for several years. I grew tired of being a slave to this medicine and reduced to 2 mgs. Per day. Then I quit taking them completely. I will admit, it is hell for 3 weeks. Then 4th week was not so fun either but, you will start to notice how much better you gradually feel. Since the 1/2 life of buprenorphine is 12 hours vs. Oxycodone being 4 hours. It takes roughly 4 weeks to rid your body of this DEVIL. Its very rough to get through, some days you just feel like giving up, especially after the 1st week! I shouldnt have lived through my bodies toxicicity of infection when my bowel r... ...
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Mon, Jul 17 '17, 7:38 PM
Buprenorphine and naloxone
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It is supposed to be generic for suboxan its In a little plastic container. Its square in shape 1 inch by 1 inch the color is red ...
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Sat, Apr 16 '16, 1:14 AM
Buprenorphine And Naoaxone
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Thu, Jun 29 '17, 10:33 PM
Methadone and Buprenorphine
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I've been taking 30mg of Methadone for a few months. I've had 3 severe back surgeries and started taking the Methadone until I could get into pain management. I had a medial nerve block yesterday and I also only took 10mgs of Methadone yesterday, too. The pain Dr. wrote me the Butrans 5mcg/hr patch. It's Buprenorphine, i suppose like Subutex without Naloxone. I'm in a lot of pain today, but scared that if I apply the patch i will go into withdrawal. Please help if anyone truly knows what's best. ## Well, i took 10 mg the day of my medial nerve block, they gave me some xanax for future cervical blocks. It had been 30hrs no methadone, so I applied the 5mcg/hr block along with a flexeril and 2mg xanax and slept. Got some sweats, don't feel the greatest this morning,... ...
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Thu, May 11 '17, 2:18 AM
Buprenorphine and FL Medicaid
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Are there any FL Medicaid managed care groups that cover Buprenorphine, either for addiction or chronic pain? After becoming disabled, I can not work, depend on SSI, to survive, but end up spending 70% of that supplement, meant to cover living expenses, on out of network office visits and Rx. Unfortunately, thanks to the rx drug abusers and greedy (dr's) pill mills that once operated like candy stores, the only opioid available, legally in FL is Bup. Thank God I don't have cancer pain, but I do have multiple conditions that cause intolerable pain. I recently went to the ER with a kidney stone and had to pass it with Motrin! Anyone else in my situation? I realize other states do pay for Bup., but one can not up and move when broke. Believe me, if there was a way, I'd pack up wha ...
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Sun, Jul 12 '15, 8:29 AM
buprenorphine Naloxone an 415
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I have been on suboxone treatment program for 7 years and I have been on the Amneal AN 415 generic tablets ever since they removes the name brand. I live in Clarke county Alabama. I have recently been switched to the Actavis white 155 round pills and I hate them. I am not able to find the AN 415 Amneal tablets anywhere that I have found???? Anyone know a place that has them around me?? I'll even travel for them cause I work construction already and usually am traveling alot anyway??? Any info will be greatly appreciated ## I had the same problem when my pharmacy switched manufacturers. Because Actavis brand contains a filler ingredient which Amneal does not, I became so sick. I had to switch to the film/strips and they were much better. Maybe you can ask dr to write for films? Good ... ...
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Thu, Jun 29 '17, 10:55 PM
white buprenorphine round 460
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So I went to the pharmacy yesterday to get my script and they told me they were out but they would have more tomorrow. When I picked my script up it wasn't what I normally get. They told me it was a generic but I have never seen them before and I have been in treatment for years now. I have tried looking them up but can't find any reviews or anything really on them. Has anyone ever gotten these? And do they work as good as the 54 411? Also it is kind of minty which reminded me of suboxone and I'm not prescribed suboxone. ## I just got them too. Ive never seen these before either but i dont notice the difference in how they work. They pretty much work the same. ## This tablet is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 8mgs of Buprenorphine. The FDA ... ...
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Thu, Nov 09 '17, 11:31 AM
Buprenorphine after percocets
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I have been on buprenorphine for 5 years. I have upcoming surgery so both of my doctors want me to stay on percocets that my doctor prescribed. I don't like how it makes me feel anymore and want to go back on my sub. I have only been taking the percs for one week. How long should I wait before I take a sub without getting sick? Thanks to anyone who might respond! ## The procedure is really the same as when you first started it, you have to be in full withdrawal. Otherwise, you may go into dangerous precipitated withdrawals, which could include seizures, according to FDA reports. However, it may not be safe for you to switch back, before surgery, so it is best to follow the instructions you have been provided. When will you be having the surgery? ...
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Sat, Jul 22 '17, 9:55 PM
buprenorphine vs buprenorphin
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I am dreaming out. I have been on buprenorphine/naloxone for a few years. A brief interlude with the "Roxanne" brand (doctor said it was b/c of the surgery I had last year). Found myself in the east coast due to a family emergency and my script ran out. The doctor here prescribed buprenorphine and was fully aware I needed suboxone. Went to fill it at CVS and instead of the orange tablets which I quite like and works very well I was given as mentioned and the pill is white with an M and underneath that it has (I think) 924. Is this suboxone? Unlike everyone on here I liked the Orange tablets which they still give in California. The films did not work as well for me. I hope I am freaking out for nothing. The 2 seemed to be spelled the same exact for the buprenorphine has an e on t... ...
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Mon, Dec 21 '15, 2:15 AM
mississippi buprenorphine drs
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Anyone know of any buprenorphine drs in Mississippi accepting Medicaid patients ## I live in Monticello,Mississippi in south Mississippi and desperate for any help ...
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Mon, Aug 11 '14, 7:33 AM

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