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Judy Says:
in Clonazepam Accord

I wish that I could get one of my local pharmacies to supply the TEVA generic. My pharmacy switched to the ACCORD generic. I am going through hell! The ACCORD brand has virtually NO positive effect. I have a chronic back pain issue. Ever since using the ACCORD brand, my pain has increased monumentally. Do you know of a franchise pharmacy that carries and dispenses the TEVA brand, e.g., Walmart, CVS, Walgreens? If you do, please let me know! Many thanks!

Kat Says:
in aurobindo pharma complaints

I am violently ill as a result of Aurobindo sertraline. I took Greenstone for 7 years with no issue. Shortly after taking Aurobindo I developed hot flashes, and then episodes of racing heart and uncontrollable shaking. Then came the tremors and twitches. I fought my insurance to get name brand Zoloft, paying hundreds. I have improved slightly but am nowhere near the person I once was. My autonomic nervous system is broken and I have POTS and IST (forms of dyautonomia). I’m weak, unable to work, and spent months bedridden. Did I mention I’m 22? Aurobindo sertraline stole my life, and doctors don’t seem to believe me.

Cperry4499 Says:
in Teva vs Actavis - are they the same?

Thank you for responding. I’m just now feeling better. It took a couple of months to adjust. Still say Teva is better. If they started making it again I would switch back
Hope you feel better soon !!!
For me a few things help with my anxiety
1. Try to relax not stress out (not easy)
2. Keep positive. The mind is a powerful thing
3. Exercise
4. Clonazepam

Byrjun Says:
in Clonazepam 0.5 mg

Sadly TEVA is no longer even making their clonazepam, they bought out Actavis and are using Actavis' formulation. I suggest you all call TEVA and complain if Actavis doesn't work for you, I've heard mixed reviews but mostly negative.
I'm currently trying the name brand because I'm all out of ideas. Its still not as good as TEVA...

byrjun Says:
in Transition from Teva to Actavis not going well...

that long?! You poor thing! I'm really scared about all of this. I did great of TEVA...I called and complained to them multiple times telling them how many people need their old brand. I'm currently on name brand but still am having breakthrough anxiety, only been on it for one day though.
Tried wafers, didnt last long, but they made my mind feel like the teva pills. I had an allergic reaction though. I'd say they're worth a shot if you can get maybe a few days worth to see how things work for you.

EDDY Says:
in Xanax pharmacies that carry Dava brand

I am my final bottle of bars and its the S 90 3 bars. Sadly soon I will only have Mylan 1 mg, so many bottles of Mylan

Byrjun Says:
in Teva clonazepam wafer as substitute for the tablet.

I tried the teva wafers and they come on very fast. Sadly I had an allergic reaction to them. I am an outlier, so don't expect to have an allergic reaction yourself, I tend to be very odd with changes in medication. I didn't get sleep that night cause I was scared of the reaction getting more severe, but I do believe they would have put me to sleep. I'm not sure if I would've slept through the night though, they wore off a bit fast.

I will say my brain felt better on them though, like how I felt on the TEVA pills. And my anxiety seemed mostly at bay all day long. I have called and complained to TEVA at least 4 times telling them if they look on the internet they can see how many people are having problems and how many people need their old brand. I almost committed suicide on the Actavis brand. I seem to still be experiencing anxiety throughout the day and not sleeping well on the name brand, but I'm hoping its because I've only tried it for one night.

I also have other medicine changes going on at the moment though, so there may be many different things happening with me right now. I would at least give the wafers a try!

Meme Says:
in increased shortness of breath after vocal cord medialization

I had paralysis of left vocal cord after having a thyroidectomy. I had hoarseness and shortness of breath, which is common with the paralysis. I have since had vocal cord medialization with injection. I still have hoarseness and the shortness of breath is now worse than ever. ENT kind of brushed it aside and told me I should see a Pulmonologist to make sure Asthma is under control. For the last week shortness of breath has been REALLY bad. Saw Pulmonologist today ALL clear with my lungs. I am scheduled for a Pulmonary Function Test, so I can take results to ENT to show him at my next visit. Anyone who can relate? I am SO frustrated!

Byrjun Says:
in Teva vs Actavis - are they the same?

You're not the only one who has had problems. I hope things are going a little better for you now. There's a theory that somehow the povidone k90 helped the medicine to last longer, almost like an XR version. Not sure if this is true, but I've seen it on other forums talking about how people are having trouble without the TEVA brand. I am currently on the name brand after trying Actavis, Solco, and Teva wafers. All made me sick in one way or another, but I am very very sensitive to medication and ingredients so it doesn't surprise me at all. I've only been on the brand name for one day but I still don't feel like I would if I had had the TEVA brand.

Gavaldo Says:
in Neliz diazepam 10mg

M8, I got them from the uksp and they just ignored everything I said, so that tells me everything I need to know. When I first got bensedin they emailed and kept in touch, now it doesn't exist unless wanting to purchase more of them again, and they are completely nothing to them. Strangely, they have turned up in other pharmacies, which makes me think they've planned to make a fortune from them and then blaming it on someone's tolerance. When my friend took one of the same prescription (which normally sends him in a new place), it had no effect on him either. Says everything when they don't answer or call back. G

BL Says:
in Diazepam 10mg CDC

The only way to be sure you are getting the medication you were prescribed. Is to get your prescriptions filled at a legitimate pharmacy.

They still make Valium (Diazepam) There are no plans to stop making this drug. It can be addicting. It can be dangerous, But it is a good drug. It is up to your doctor to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Gavaldo Says:
in Neliz diazepam 10mg

I got them for ages from a vendor who has now changed to direct money transfer only. A month or so ago they took cards or PayPal, so if you can give me a clue which pharmacy you got your refill from mine was {edited for policy reasons}.

BL Says:
in why are some drs afraid to perscribe Fioricet?

Butabarbital can be addicting. If the Fioricet you are prescribed also contains contain Codeine. That increases the risk of addiction. Other medications you are prescribed may or may not add to your doctors concern.

Openminded Says:
in Clonazepam ingredients Mylan brand vs Teva vs Accord

Rowdy green, you are absolutely 100% correct IMO. I couldn't have put it better. You took the words right out of my mouth. 4 days ago I was given 2 mg. clonazepam Accord Healthcare brand. When I picked up my clonazepam, from the outside of the orange bottle, the tablets looked just like the Teva brand ones. But when I got home and opened the bottle and looked at them carefully, they had a different letter and number imprint on them. I found out it was the Accord Healthcare generic clonazepam brand. When I took my first tablet, it seemed like a placebo pill. I really didn't feel much of anything the way clonazepam normally would make me feel. However, my withdrawal symptoms were completely gone by the second day. Obviously it had clonazepam and had as close to 2mgs. of it, or 2mgs., what it's supposed to have. Pretty much absolutely no sedation, warm fuzzy feeling, or euphoria at all. Yet my anxiety and withdrawal symptoms were completely gone. I believe this Accord Healthcare generic brand of clonazepam has very little, if any, addictive qualities, which is great. However, I'm sure when I run out of them, if I don't pick up a refill of them, I will probably surely get the same horrible withdrawal symptoms one gets from other clonazepam brands, brand name or generic.

Dan Says:
in Watson brand Soma Salt Lake City UT

Are there any pharmacies around Salt Lake City Utah that carry the Watson brand Soma 350 mg?

Openminded Says:
in Clonazepam ingredients Mylan brand vs Teva vs Accord

My Walmart here in South Texas gave me Accord Healthcare this last time I picked up my prescription. But through the outside of the orange bottle, it looked just like the Teva brand. I take 2mg tablets of Teva normally. But when I got home and looked at them closely, which I always do to make sure they give me the right medication, I noticed the different letter and number imprints. I checked on a pill identifier app, and it turned out to be Accord Healthcare, which got me really upset because I knew there was a chance it would not work well with me. Sure enough, it turned out to be more like a placebo. Well, the pharmacist at Walmart told me that on my next refill I can call about 5 days before I run out and request that they specifically order the 2mg Clonazepam Teva brand for me and they'll do it. I don't know about up north. But the Walmarts down here will do that.

Openminded Says:
in Clonazepam by Accord

Vee, I am having the exact same issue as you. I have been on clonazepam 2 to 8mgs a day for over 25 years. I've always gotten the brand name Klonipin, or the generic Teva brand. I prefer the genetic Teva brand because of its lower price. And I think they both work identically. But this last time I filled my prescription, I didn't specifically request the Teva brand like I normally do since they always seem to have the Teva brand in stock. Or at least that's the generic clonazepam brand they order when they're out.

But this last time, they gave me Accord Healthcare brand. I just got it 4 days ago and don't like it at all. It tastes like flour instead of that minty taste that's attributed to clonazepam. And it feels flat when it takes effect. It feels weak, like watered down. I don't like it at all. If you have Walmarts in your area, you can call and request that they order you the Teva brand about 5 days before you're going to run out. And they can order it specifically for you. At least the Walmarts do this here in South Texas, U.S.A.

And look around in doctors' offices or pharmacies to see if you can find a GoodRx prescription Drug Savings Card (in case you don't have insurance). I don't, and you'll save about 75% on your clonazepam - At least I do with 2mg. generic clonazepam. Those cards are free, they don't expire, and you don't have to fill anything out on them or fill or sign any papers at all. You just submit the card with your prescription, they put it in your file, return the card to you, and you will get your clonazepam at about that same discount price from now on. The card doesn't expire. But if you're using insurance for your medication, then they won't allow you to use that card. Best of luck!

Openminded Says:
in Clonazepam Accord

I agree with you 110% Bryan. I've been on 2 to 8mgs. of clonazepam a day for over 25 years. My favorite has always been Teva, as far as the generics are concerned. It's just as great as the brand name Klonopin to me. The last time I filled my clonazepam 2mg. prescription, they gave me that Accord Healthcare generic brand and first of all, if you take it sublingually, it dissolves very quickly under your tongue and tastes like flower, not medicine-like, and especially not minty like- how a normal clonazepam tablet tastes like. Plus, it feels flat when it takes effect. You don't feel much of anything like if it's extremely weak. Teva makes the best generic brand of clonazepam to me, at least of the generics that I've tried.

Openminded Says:
in Clonazepam by Accord

Hi John. I have been on clonazepam for 25 years, anywhere from 0.5 to 8mgs. a day. I found that taking the full daily dose in 1 single dose in the morning works best for me. I have taken the brand name Klonopin, and the generics Teva and Mylan. To me, the brand name Klonopin and the generic Teva both worked the same, great. The Mylan was okay but I felt was just slightly less potent. But insignificantly less potent, if at all. Now what I didn't like about the Mylan was that the tablets were more difficult to split, even with a pill splitter, which I always use, especially when splitting a tablet in 1/4ths or 1/8ths. Splitting the Mylan tablets in 8 pieces is pretty much impossible. It will crumble into pieces. But with the brand name Klonopin and generic Teva, it could be done, which is important when someone is trying to wean off the medication. A week ago I went to the pharmacy to fill a new prescription for my 2mg clonazepam. Now I always get a generic brand because of the price difference. And normally I request the Teva brand, which is my favorite generic brand. But because every time I request it, the pharmacy tells me that's the generic 2mg. brand they have in stock, this last time I didn't request the Teva brand. I just requested generic. Well, it was a big mistake. They gave me the generic Accord Healthcare. The medication was horrible. It seemed like a placebo pill. I didn't notice any of the tell tale effects that are normally felt as the medication is taking effect. It felt extremely weak. In fact, I really didn't feel anything much at all. However, my withdrawal symptoms that I was going through DID go away. So I figure it must be clonazepam, and it must be at least close to the normal 2mgs. it's supposed to have. But it feels weak, weird, and not like clonazepam. So next time I refill my clonazepam, ,I'm going to specifically request the Teva brand. Walmart can actually order a certain brand for you if they don't have the brand you want. The pharmacist told me. It's important to request it about 5 days before you're going to run out to make sure you can get it on time. So as for me, I'm not happy with the generic Accord Healthcare brand. Best of luck.

Chris Says:
in Methadone and morphine for end of life care

When I deal with this issue I try to offer my patients a variety of opiate pain medications, especially in hospice. In my professional medical opinion, I think that you would benefit from a different mixture of pain meds. For breakthrough pain I would recommend Dilaudid 4mg tablet to take every 4 hrs as needed. For your long acting pain med I would recommend either Fentanyl patches 50mcg-100mcg and each patch lasts for 72hrs. I really hope this helps, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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