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pomopsyche Says:
in Adderall manufactured by Teva not working

I have been complaining about the same issue to my doc for awhile now, and he said that I am not alone, and he hears that from a lot of patients. Some months the TEVA (peach, 30mg) work "right on" and some months they are "duds" and immediately make me sleepy and lethargic and spacey and give me a car sick feeling (if that makes sense). Seriously, the duds make me want to go right back to bed. It is a batch deal, because the effects can change drastically with a new batch, not because of anything I am doing or not doing.

I kept some from each month to compare, and the colors are very slightly different and so is the taste.

I used to get generics at Walmart who listed BARR as the manufacturer. They were a darker color and too potent - brought on some aggressiveness. Then I started getting them at Walgreens - a little lighter in color and listed as TEVA manufacturer. But those vary from month to month. I am always a little frantic when I realize I have a dud month. (I thought BARR and TEVA were the same, but maybe not?)

If they are "right on", I typically have a few left at the end of the month, because I don't need them as much to get through my day AND night classes - typically I'm good if I do the regular day schedule - and one a day of the "right on" works fine on weekends. If they are duds, however, I'll run out way ahead of schedule because I need an extra to get through the longer hours, and I'm falling asleep on weekends if I take one a day. It shouldn't be that way.

I also notice that I am not as able to write during the dud months, even though I love to write and do so quite a bit for work. It just feels too confusing and hard. During the right on months, I'm fine and everything flows.

It took me a long time to figure out it was the medicine and not me. Man, I miss the real Adderall. No generic has ever worked as well or as consistently (and I've taken some different ones in last 10 years)

GSH Says:
in clonazepam ingredients mylan brand vs Teva vs Accord

Like ive said in other threads, the name brand klonopin is trash and is not worth the money. It left me foggy minded and depressed. In my opinion the Actavis or the Mylan generics were better but no where near Teva. I have stockpiled about 175 Teva pills after thinking something like this would happen. (I constantly worry about stuff like this happening) I only take one .5 mg at night so that should keep me happy for about 6 months until I can find another pill option or just give me time to come off this. I'm tired of these generic companies selling out to other companies and stopping production. This should not be allowed.

Gemini Says:
in How many clonidine pills would be considered an overdose?

My son is autisc and he takes half a clonidine during the day whole 0.01 at night to help him sleep, today was a rough day for me and I accidentally gave him a lot 0.01 dose of clonidine and he has been in and out of sleep. Is that considered a overdose or do he just needs to sleep it off??

Raechel Says:
in What Is The Best Generic Of Lamictal

Hey there. Listen, I appreciate what I think and hope was well-intentioned contribution to this strand.
I am not sure it's relevant to our purposes here, however. I'm not sure your info was an answer to a current question or solving a current quandry of anyone.

We are here as a group of individuals working together and collaborating... sharing information as people who are dealing with the same or similar disorders.

As you can tell, most of us are in the process and pursuit of finding the best support for our treatment and diagnosis. Most recently, a main topic has been the pursuit of the best replacement generic brand for Lamictal now that Teva has discontinued production of lamotrigine. Your information did not help us with that.

I can honestly say that, for me, it's frustrating when people hop on and share info like that, preaching to us, schooling us, and educating us, without giving us info that actually gives us the direction we need.

Now, if you've got some info on the best replacement for Teva, we'd LOVE to hear it.

Kruz Says:
in T 194 yellow pill

Sounds like you shouldn't be taking Percocet at all if you keep getting side effects from all the different brands. Try getting straight oxycodone with no Tylenol in it. I have been on all the different kinds of percocet and yes some are a little stronger than others. I find Rhodes to be weak, IP one's are weak, T194 are pretty good, but the best ones of the genetics seem to be the uello, round with 230 on one side and a weird symbol on the I side, those rock! You should really just switch to something else besidesbpercocet because obviously you have bad effects to the fillers used. The little oxycodone with nothing but oxy are great amd come in many different MG strengths and then you can take an ibuprofen with it and maybe you will react much better to that! Or maybe try 10mg Vicoden because they aren't as strong as the oxy and you might feel better

Buprenorphine Seeker Says:
in Rhodes/Purdue buprenorphine hcl 8mg RP b8 vs Roxanne 54 411

Rhodes Pharmaceuticals can be ordered by any pharmacy just build a relationship with the head pharmacist and tell him that the ones that you are currently taking the fillers that they put in it or causing you to have an adverse reaction and they will order the Rhodes pharmaceutical ones for you they have RP and B 8 on the back and they are by far seven to eight times better than the west ward X Roxanne brand 8mg buprenorphine

Hope Says:
in What Is The Best Generic Of Lamictal

Nevertheless, if generic #1 is 95% lamotrigine, and generic #2 is 80% lamotrigine, when you switch from generic #1 to generic #2, you are taking 15% less lamotrigine, (no matter your weight), which for some people, can create a real problem. If I am wrong in this thinking, please explain to me.

Is there any way to find out exactly what percentage of lamotrigine the different generics contain? If there was a way to find out that information, it would be very helpful.

The problem is patients being forced to switch from lamotrigine manufactured by Teva to a different generic, and the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are having problems with lamotrigine manufactured by other companies.

Liz Says:
in Lyrica Side Effects results in loss of 13 teeth

That’s interesting that they don’t expect anyone to help? Let’s check into this further. Hope you’re feeling better.

LadyM Says:
in Elequis and shortness of breath

Why do doctors not believe this shortness of breath is a side effect of Elequis. I was on this med for almost a month. With shortness of breath getting worse. They suggested that it might be a blockage as I have two stents. No problem there so went back on Elequis. As expect the shortness of breath started again. I was On Coumadin for over seven years with no issues. Elequis was supposed to make my life easier. NOT. PK

sam Says:
in round white pill with j 18

J 18 is modafinil in the 100mg configuration. Cheers.

in Cumurit oral

A quoi sert le cumurit inj.? Quels sont les effects?

Belinda Says:
in Lyrica Side Effects results in loss of 13 teeth

I totally agree with you in regard to having Physer pay for our dental work as I also expressed. I did a lot of research and there are many law offices stating that they were excepting customers for the side effects of Lyrica. Upon calling or emailing them they all claimed that they were not excepting people in regard to helping us. Why the ad?

If anyone finds an attorney that is willing to help us. Please let us know!

Tina Says:
in Generic Buprenorphine 54 411 vs M 924

I'm so sorry for you. One thing that may help you with your Hepatitis is a multivitamin with iron. Take it everyday. It can help a lot. My ex-husband got Hepatitis C the same way you did. My ex husband didn't take a multivitamin for his and his Hepayitis C got really bad. He had to go through treatment twice before he got better. It almost killed him. My sister does take a multivitamin and she hasn't had hardly any problems with her Hepatitis C. She got hers from accidently sticking herself from a patient be wouldn't be still while putting in a IV, in the hospital. I felt bad for her. That's why I didn't go into the nursing field for a career. I hope this helps you. Tina S.

w john Says:
in Watson hydrocodone pills - Which pharmacy carries them?

Cathy bauer (# 85) --I don’t know where you live but, according to the information that I have read on the internet, the Watson brand is no longer being manufactured and that is why you were given the Actavis brand if you went to Walgreens. That is all they carry. At least that is what I was told by the pharmacist at the local Walgreen’s I use to go to. I had to move to another Pharmacy to get another brand. That, and the fact that the pharmacy personnel treated me like I was a junkie when I asked why they changed manufacturers.i have been doing business with Walgreens for over 20 years and in two different States and I thought they knew me and I knew them. When I broached the subject of the hydrocodone manufacturers they immediately changed their attitude from affable to annoyed. This was completely I called for. It felt as if the Corporate Office instructed all of the local personnel to intentionally offend anyone getting opioid prescriptions so they would take their business elsewhere.

Tylor Says:
in Roxane Subutex (westward/hikma)

What do the pills look like? I've been on subutex and suboxone for 8 years now. I was on suboxone when they still made the orange stop sign shaped ones and then i was still on them when they quit making them and they came out with round orange ones with an imprint of a half moon. Now i got switched to subutex which i only know 3 kinds. They make the round 54 411 white pills, the orange football shaped ones with an imprinted half moon and they got these little white ones which i wont take, i hate them as they dont feel like 8mg. They say there's no cut in them. That's why they're so tiny but i gotta take 2 to compare to a regular white 54 411 subutex.

Janeway Says:
in Roxane Subutex (westward/hikma)

I got taken off my morphine timed release meds because of all the hype about the opiate crisis. I have serious very painful illnesses. Multiple sclerosis, failed spinal surgery, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, just to name a few of the things wrong with me. There are eight people I know all of them taking Suboxone. Buprenorphine has been used as a pain medication for a long time. However nobody wants to except me as a new patient in order to get on the Suboxone for chronic pain. I am not a drug attic, I am physically dependent on opiates for my very quality of life. I have now been suffering almost 2 years trying to find a clinic or a doctor that will put me on Suboxone. I am not one of those people that are red flagged in their medical chart or anything like that. However I am a Medicare patient. One Pain Clinic here in my town who is supposed to be one of the leading Pain Clinic’s for miles and miles around actually told me that they could not except me as a patient because they didn’t think that I would be a good fit for their program. However a very close friend of mine in her early 20s has been jumping around from clinic to clinic staying on her Suboxone. When one drug treatment program runs out she switches to another. I see all these people taking Suboxone, some do to opioid One Pain Clinic here in my town who is supposed to be one of the leading Pain Clinic’s for miles and miles around actually told me that they could not except me as a patient because they didn’t think that I would be a good fit for their program. However a very close friend of mine in her early 20s has been jumping around from clinic to clinic staying on her Suboxone. When one drug treatment program runs out she switches to another. I see all these people taking Suboxone, some due to opioid abuse or abuse of other street drugs. And I literally have not been able to get a Suboxone clinic to open their doors to me and welcome me as a patient. The other reason I was given was you have too many medical illnesses and medical problems. It seems the only way I am going to be able to get into a Suboxone clinic is if I pretend I am a street drug attic. This causes me such huge anxiety and depression because I’m in so much pain I can barely get through the day. I’m suffering and I need someone to help me find a place to treat this horrible chronic pain. I have tried three Pain Clinic, One told me that because I had fibromyalgia nothing else mattered and all I needed was an antidepressant and all my pain would disappear. God. Another told me their program consisted only of yoga and exercise and cardio stuff all which I cannot do. Somebody could you please just give me some advice or just say a prayer that somebody will take me in. This opioid crisis me literally forced me to just end things myself and I don’t want to do that. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you

Hop63 Says:
in Im 15 weeks pregnant and I want to abort it with tablets - can u please suggest the tablet

Please do not take anything not prescribed by a doctor. I understand your situation. A partial abortion or failure to miscarry could result in the birth a baby with severe physical and mental disabilities. You need a doctor if the over the counter pill failed. I wouldn’t want you to get sick or be unable to conceive in the future. I say this with concern for you and any woman that might read this. You may need a traditional procedure.

Cathy bauer Says:
in Watson hydrocodone pills - Which pharmacy carries them?

W john (# 33) --
Wealgreens has treated me like a junckie...i hope they are in physical pain more watsons from this pharmacy..and the told me walgreens arent carrying them any.ore...the others they carry are worthless

Hop63 Says:
in tablets to get pregnant

Folic acid is important for women in their childbearing years. I never heard it helped with fertility. It definitely won’t hurt to take it.

Sylvia Says:
in clonazepam ingredients mylan brand vs Teva vs Accord

No, it is not close to TEVA. I don't want to pay the big bucks for Klonopin, so I'm hoping these will work eventually. My prescription says 3 to 4 tablets per day as directed. That means I can take another half one at 5 p.m., because that's when the panic seems to set in. I take two at about 10 p.m., but they don't make me sleepy like TEVA did, so I will probably take another half one at night now. I have a hard time falling asleep and wake up frequently. Big Pharma is determined to get rid of generics and make everyone pay through the nose or go without. They don't have a clue what they are doing to us.

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