48102-009 : Garamycin 3 mg/g Ophthalmic Ointment

Labeler: Fera Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Product Type: Human Prescription Drug
Drug Name:  Garamycin
Dosage Form: Ophthalmic Ointment
Application #: ANDA065024
Rev. Date: 

NDC Package Codes:

  • 48102-009-35: 1 TUBE IN 1 CARTON (48102‑009‑35) > 3.5 G IN 1 TUBE

Active Ingredients:

  • Gentamicin Sulfate

Dosage Strength:

  • 3 mg/g

Pharmaceutical Classes:

  • Aminoglycoside Antibacterial [EPC]
  • Aminoglycosides [Chemical/Ingredient]

Related Products:

Based on records with the same trade name.
  • 48102-022 Garamycin 3 mg/ml Ophthalmic Solution/ Drops by Fera Pharmaceuticals, LLC


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