0280-1200 : Aleve PM Oral Tablet, Film Coated

Labeler: Bayer Healthcare Consumer Care
Product Type: Human OTC Drug
Drug Name:  Aleve PM
Dosage Form: Oral Tablet, Film Coated
Application #: NDA205352
Rev. Date: 


Markings: ALEVE;PM
Shapes:  Oval
Colors:  Blue
Size (mm): 14
Segments: * 1

* Segments = the number of equally sized pieces which the pill can be broken into. In this case, a value of 1 indicates a solid pill with no score lines.

NDC Package Codes:

  • 0280-1200-01: 1 BOTTLE IN 1 CARTON (0280‑1200‑01) > 120 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE
  • 0280-1200-02: 2 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 POUCH (0280‑1200‑02)
  • 0280-1200-03: 150 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE (0280‑1200‑03)
  • 0280-1200-04: 1 BOTTLE IN 1 CARTON (0280‑1200‑04) > 40 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE
  • 0280-1200-05: 80 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE (0280‑1200‑05)
  • 0280-1200-08: 1 BOTTLE IN 1 CARTON (0280‑1200‑08) > 250 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE
  • 0280-1200-20: 1 BOTTLE IN 1 CARTON (0280‑1200‑20) > 20 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE
  • 0280-1200-40: 1 BOTTLE IN 1 CARTON (0280‑1200‑40) > 40 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE
  • 0280-1200-80: 1 BOTTLE IN 1 CARTON (0280‑1200‑80) > 80 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE

Active Ingredients:

  • Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride
  • Naproxen Sodium

Dosage Strength:

  • 25 mg
  • 220 mg

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Carnauba Wax
  • Fd&c Blue No. 2
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Hypromelloses
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Cellulose, Microcrystalline
  • Polyethylene Glycols
  • Povidones
  • Water
  • Talc
  • Titanium Dioxide


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