0078-1077 : Votrient 200 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated

Labeler: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Product Type: Human Prescription Drug
Drug Name:  Votrient
Dosage Form: Oral Tablet, Film Coated
Application #: NDA022465
Rev. Date: 

NDC Package Codes:

  • 0078-1077-66: 120 TABLET, FILM COATED IN 1 BOTTLE (0078‑1077‑66)

Active Ingredients:

  • Pazopanib Hydrochloride

Dosage Strength:

  • 200 mg

Pharmaceutical Classes:

  • Cytochrome P450 2C8 Inhibitors [MoA]
  • Cytochrome P450 2D6 Inhibitors [MoA]
  • Cytochrome P450 3A4 Inhibitors [MoA]
  • Kinase Inhibitor [EPC]
  • Protein Kinase Inhibitors [MoA]

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  • 0173-0804 Votrient 200 mg Oral Tablet by Glaxosmithkline LLC


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